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Water Bottle that won't leach toxins
9 years ago
I've been reading about how it's bad to use recycled plastic for water bottles (for people) becaue the plastic actually leaches into your water - you're drinking plastic! And then I thought, well heck, the only water bottles you can get for your ratties are those recycled plastic ones or tiny glass ones that are too hard for rats to effectively drink from (or they just leak all over).

So I began my search for a decent glass water bottle. And no one makes them.

But now, I've found a great work-around. If you live near a Container Store or if you can order online, they have a screw-top glass bottle that just fits into the threads of those screw-on spouts that come on the plastic bottles. You get the best of both worlds - the good spout that are easy for your rattie to drink from and no leaching of carcinogenic chemicals into their water.  And because it's glass it's dishwasher safe.

You can check out the bottles online at
They're super cheap too
9 years ago
The link is for a slightly smaller bottle.  If you order, get the next size up or it won't fit the nozzle.  Sorry!

snopes urban legends
8 years ago

This link says the re-use of plastic bottles is a myth.  I am not sure of the validity of this but you can read it if you want.  I would think that glass bottles would be a better choice.  It looks like the biggest reason they don't want people reusing plastic bottles is because they dont want people especially children ingesting harmful bacteria that my be on the mouth part of the bottle.

8 years ago
Yeah, the RE-use of plastic is about bacteria. I think the things that had me concerned were the studies they've been doing lately in the UK that showed that chemicals were leaching into bottled water from the recycled plastic bottles and that a lot of it was less healthy than tap water because of that. Specifically, carcinogenic chemicals used in the molding of most plastic items, including bottles, (make it easy to come out of its mold) were found in the water the bottles contained. This is not a practice limited to the UK, it's a common industrial practice. Maybe this wears off after some vigorous washing, maybe it gets mixed in permanently from previous incarnations during the recycling process, I don't know. I'd just really rather not take the chance. We have enough cancer in our furry little family, no sense in increasing our odds more than we have to.

And also, you know, the dish washable thing is nice with the glass ones.  I hated scrubbing those things all the time!
and also....
8 years ago
The snopes article relied heavily on research by the the FDA.....who is supposed to be the authority on all things food and drug, but who lets us have incompletely-tested drugs that are later found to be deadly on a fairly regular basis. Soooo....although it's right with the party line it's not truly the most reassuring source to back up their definitively "false" claim.  And also, there's the fact that the tests are still being conducted in other parts of the world that are showing results to the contrary. 

I love snopes, but I never trust any source completely, and now that I read this that certainly applies to them too! FDA my a$$...

8 years ago
I didn't know the FDA was the ones that did Snoops, not that I trust any one source one hundred percent but the FDA I really don't trust.
8 years ago
I don't think the FDA does Snopes, but the article in Snopes did reference them as their primary source of information for proving the claim was false.