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Alternative healing for rats?
11 years ago
I'm curious to hear about people's experiences with alternative healing for pets. Last night we tried something a little kooky - we had a reiki practicioner come over and give two of our very old, very sick rats reiki (a type of energy healing). I'm very skeptical, but it was a last-ditch effort to ease their discomfort before we have to put them to sleep. We figured it wouldn't hurt to try. I haven't been able to tell if there's been any effect, but she said to watch them for a couple of days.

Has anyone else tried any other alternative healing methods?
11 years ago
I have seen Jin Shin Jyutsu work on dogs. It's also for harmonizing the life energy in the body. The dog couldn't wait to lie down in front of the healer in anticipation of the touch. He had cancer and was significantly perkier after a treatment.
Our reiki experience
11 years ago
Ok, so the reiki seemed to really work, which kinda freaks me out. Mogwai's tumor totally shrank away...very strange. It was a little different than the others so maybe it was just a very firm fluid sack? Whatever the case it started to shrink directly after the first session. There are still others but that one was our "ticking time bomb". She is still having trouble walking and the tremors in her back legs are still there, but she doesn't seem to be getting worse, much to our surprise. Axl, our wheezy boy, seems to have put his descent into respiratory disease on hold for now - he's not getting any worse, and after the reiki sessions (we've done 2 now) he's way more friendly and explores more.

So I guess it really does help, if at least a little. They won't be tap dancing any time soon, but at least they're a little happier!