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What do you think? April 06, 2006 3:17 PM

Hello all!  I am new to this group and as Heather noted in her post, it looks like we all need a little boost to get things going again. 

I am a licensed Massage Therpist in CT and FL.  I am fairly new to the profession, and now that I'm getting more confident in my healing abilities, I feel I can now start to explore the more energetic side of things in my sessions.  Any advice on how to do that, I seem to get so caught up in my intentions, or find myself in the beginnings of a meditative state. 

I am interested to her any suggestions.

And Hey!!!  Start your own topics!!

Love and light


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All healing is done on a flow.... April 13, 2006 7:58 AM

When the meditative state comes...just flow with it...see where it takes the work under your hands.  Its interesting to add another dimension to the work you know on a more material level and they will have a very spiritual experience.

God bless, J

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 April 13, 2006 8:11 AM

Hi Amanda--I'm new here (just joined) but I have a suggestion.  Next time you work on someone who you think might need more than massage, visualize a beam of light (white or gold) coming down thru your head, into your arms & hands, then out your palms.   [ send green star]  [ accepted]
 April 13, 2006 9:46 AM

Thank you, I will try it today!!   [ send green star]  [ accepted]
WoW April 13, 2006 11:20 AM

I need a massage therapist like that!  

There's a medical massage place around the corner from us and I was considering making an appointment there to see what they're like.  I need someone who is not afraid to get in to the deep tissue.  I also need to meditate or get into that type of "mode" as to get the maximum results.

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Working with the Healing April 14, 2006 7:32 AM

no matter which modality, adds to the effectiveness of the process.

God bless, J

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 April 16, 2006 8:42 AM

Hi All,

    I am new to the group here, as of today Easter Sunday! One thing I love to do is find places that I am called to. I would like to respond to your question AJ about bringing in a higher level to your massage work. I am also a massage therapist and spiritual worker. It has been a wonderous journey and I have to say I never would have thought that my work would have taken the turn that it did. Working with the energy of another is always a challenge and sometimes not welcome, so it is a fine line when we take that venture. When I meet people that say they want to add this dimension to the work my first question is, what is your intention? It certainly won't make the money better, that has been my experience anyway. I also bring in that intention when I add some energywork, be it the extra time I may spend and knowing that I am not going to charge for it.

I have been doing massage for 8 years now and when I first started I would just let love flow from my heart. There has to be a lot of faith when we do this since you never know what your going to get in return. The first intention I would have to say is to not have any expectations when we open ourselves to this degree. I have no doubt that I am protected when I allow this to happen and know that I will not be harmed in the process. Yes it is a big fear of many that they feel they might open themselves to others energy and take it on. Also the fear goes the other way, with the client who doesnt want to open themselves to the healing energy either, so this is a barrier that needs to be seen and helped to remove before you can continue. Sometimes it just happens in a flash and you don't even intelectualize it, and off you go!

It is a gift we are giving and a good friend of mine told me once,

A Gift isn't a Gift unless we give it away, otherwise it becomes a possesion.

I hope this helped some and I will share more if you like,



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GLoria April 17, 2006 7:56 AM

Thanks so much for your post.

My intention at the moment, is to explore and let flow what comes to me when healing another.  I have a different experiance with different clientele as they bring thier own energy to the table.  I only incorporate this into my hands on work and there is no mention to the cliente of energetic work.  I find that the body I'm working with allows and asks of me what it needs.  This doesn't happen with most clientes.  But sometimes I see things, or am struck by a feeling of peace and stillness in which I feel the client is allowing themselves to heal.  I feel my intention is to be a vehicle to bring awanreness to ones own self.

I am very new with this. 

I saw numbers on a clientes back once.  When I asked her what she did, she said she was an accountant.  I didn't tell her what I saw, becuase quite frankly i thought it strange.  But I want to embrace this kind of thing and try to be open to what comes to me, my intuition. 


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What do you think April 29, 2006 8:55 AM

I do admire you Amanda for your work and to see you are young and willing to make a difference is a wonderful thing. When I was in my 20's I had a young son and was single for a time. I was on my Spirit path but didn't have an idea that I would be called to work in the healing profession until much later. I don't like calling myself a healer but am willing to say that I allow healing to come through me. I like to keep a low profile, yet there are moments I feel I have to speak up when I see someone in pain and know I can help. It is frustrating when you know you cant help everyone and its definitely only when someone is ready can they accept the help anyway. I don't always ask out loud for permission to do Energy work...but for the most part I do. It is only when I can sense they want it, or when I am at my work at a spa I have a few treatments where I have put it "out" there that it does include this and those who end up with me have already given permission, on a subconscious level. If anyone has a certain opinion on this please feel free to voice your feelings about it. Recently at my work I have become a little more recognized for what I do, and then people tend to expect something really special from you, and then we are challenged with our ego and they might not get what they expect in return. Oh my. life is so amazing if we just look and let it be.



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 May 01, 2006 6:20 AM

Thank you Gloria for you post and compliments. 

The reasoning behind why I haven't felt the need to "ask permission" thus far is that I feel there is an energy exchange wether we intend it or not.  As a healer, or as a stranger who converses with you on the street, there is an energy exchange.  I don't know if my opinion of this will change as I learn more, it may. 

Alos, I agree with you that I am mearly a channel of healing, but that's what a healer is to me.   

Does anyone have any techniques they would like to share?

Again I thank you Gloria, I enjoyed your post.


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For spiritual healing May 01, 2006 7:24 AM

an attunement process is important.  Spiritual healing is spirit directed with God as the source of the energies.  The rest is ethics and/or standard practices and beliefs.

An attunement process is better understood when you return to normal and know you have been 'altered' in consciousness during a point in time.  It is an opening of our consciousness to accept spirit input.  It is not a trance state, but an attuned to state of being.

God bless, J
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 May 01, 2006 7:22 PM

Thank you for your additions. 

From what you have said, I think it is important for me to receive some more energy work in trying to find my way.  I like that you pointed out it is not a "trance like state".  But I feel that I am in a "trance like state", in which I am not doing anything....helpful.  Like I'm stuck and mixed up in my own energies. 

I don't know if that makes sense.....

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 May 01, 2006 7:32 PM

yes it makes sense...and the best thing I can say about that is...we do have to learn how to step out of our own way. Judy has said it very well...thank you so much for your input. Attunment is appropriate when it comes to this...and one reason Reiki is so valid at this time.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
Amanda May 03, 2006 9:44 AM

If you are going into a trance like state, you are relinquishing your own consciousness.  That is a kind of deep state of non-participation.  When we do any kind of spirit work, we can be a willing participant without losing our own God-given consciousness to the purpose.

Attunement then is a finer state, before trance, where you can let go of your pre-conceived notions, without relinquishing your consciousness.  It is still in your interests to listen and learn from what is transpiring in the healing, without letting the mind be unconscious.

God bless, J
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 May 03, 2006 1:04 PM


Thank you for the information.  I have another question for you then...what would being in a meditative state during a healing session as practitioner consist of? 

Basically I want to tap into my healing abilities and be a channel, and since I don't know yet how to do that, I am wondering what is the best approach. 

I don't want to be in a trance like state because then I'm not present with the client.  So we know what is happening isn't working. 

My clients have no complaints, but I am always looking to learn more and be my best.



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 May 03, 2006 1:05 PM

Judy , How do I reach a state of attunment?  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
Meditation May 04, 2006 2:05 PM

Many people say they cannot mediate but it is just a function of our own body, mind, spirit.  So using visualization, music, or whatever can put you into a calm, peaceful place is the important ingredient.

Sit in a slightly darkened room on a straight chair with your feet on the floor and your hands gently in your lap.  Pick a peaceful place you are going to visit in your mind.  This can be a scene you already know or one of your own making.  (I like a garden) Being of nature is kind of important because as human nature we resonnate very nicely with anything in nature...plants, flowers, water, sand, trees, rocks or stones, etc. etc.

When you have found your place, go there in your mind and keep your mind focusing on the place of peace.  When random thoughts come (and they will) blow a gentle breeze through your scene and allow them to come and then go.  In this way, you can remain at peace even in the thought process.

Once you are there, you can open your eyes and work on clients while remaining at peace and in your space at any given thought.  In this way, you are attuned to your own spirit. 

Attunement is a state not easy to describe.  It has no symptoms to describe.  It is best understood when you return to normal consciousness, realizing you have been attuned.

God bless, J
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 May 05, 2006 5:53 AM


Thank you for you explanation.  I have some experimenting to do!!!

Much love


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