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REMOTE HEALINGS: Beautiful Excerpt from February 07, 2005 12:54 PM

Seeking online a healing resource for my love's father about a week ago - the following site found me: The founder of this site is truly a harmonious spirit of the light - in touch with spirit & acting of service. He?/She? offers vicarious gratuitous spirit healings - via the Healing Tree Spirit which contacted her one day... I though you'd all appreciate it, resonate with it, benefit from it & serve as ambassadors for these loving energies & generous tree spirits. So here's paying it forward ! P.S. Here's a lovely autobiographical excerpt from her site: One bright day in fall i saw this beautiful tree when i drove along. I got out of the car to take a picture when i heard the tree talking to me: " Can you use my powers?" " What powers do you have, tree?" i asked. " I can love and i can love so hard that the people around me feel much better and even heal." " ALL of them?" i asked " No, not ALL of them, the tree replied, looking a little sad for a short moment." But then she returned to her usual shiny self and continued: " You know, healing doesn't always mean the healing of the body. Sometimes healing is like the story of the caterpillar and the butterfly. Do you happen to know this story?" "Not really, tree, tell me about it please," i said. There was this caterpillar and all the other caterpillars loved this one, because it was so gentle and loving. But after a while the caterpillar didn't move any longer, didn't respond any more, didn't eat, didn't laugh, didn't play and the other caterpillars were so sad. They got together and prayed and wished and did everything they could to make the caterpillar feel better again. One night the sick caterpillar all of a sudden saw a very bright light shining through its skin and it decided to find out what going on out there. It just slipped out of its skin and found out, it had beautiful shiny wings and could fly. And, full of joy, it soared into the light. Unfortunately the other caterpillars couldn't see that. They only found the rest of its old body the next morning and were terribly upset. " It's gone", they cried. " It's dead". "That's terribly sad, you know", the tree told me, " since they believed that all of their prayers and wishes and love was in vain and it was not. The best thing DID happen to this sick caterpillar. "And this is how it also is with my power and helping people heal. Sometimes healing them means to give them wings. " " So how does it work, healing tree?" i asked. " Since i'm living far up here in the vast Canadian countryside, the tree said, people cannot possibly come to me. And i'm not always visible anyway. But i want you to take my picture and put it up on the Internet. This picture holds the healing power that comes from love and compassion. You then will invite children and adults who are not feeling well to sit under me and listen to the wind in my leaves, and the love that goes through me will fill them up and help them heal. " " I can certainly do that, healing tree" i replied. Is there something those people need to do or to know to receive your healing energy?" " Tell them to open up their hearts really wide and enjoy every day, this is the most important thing", the tree said. " This web site is my heart, the tree said, and you are invited to come in, lean against my trunk and feel the love that flows through me into every cell of your body."  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
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