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7 years ago
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I thought after reading Chapter 4 in Craft of the WIld Witch that it just might be a good idea to start a thread about protection and why it is a must.
I have a spirit of fear
5 years ago

Okay, at a young age, I was exposed to movies of demons. And now one in genral has got me scared, to the point of not sleeping at night. I was wondering how to get rid of this spirit and if normal sage purication would work with spirits of worry. I ask this for me and my friend. He is scared of death, an abnormal fear of death I mean. And for me, I see and hear things that I do not tell anyone. For fear of a demon. If someone could help me to get rid of this unwanted spirit, I would be very very greatfull.

Bless Your Little Cotton Socks
4 years ago

I believe in My Lord and My Lady, as behind every great man there is a great lady; in my eyes they both deserve a mention. I live the life, totally on my own as I am on my own with a family whom live in another world, they are entitled to this. I have to live my life as I am there for them, but I have also to look after my inner self too. Not always wise to disclose ones inner self to selfish folk. Especially ones whom talk behind your back, as they cannot cope with looking eye-to-eye and talking sense and open. I find happiness in the real nature around and the enjoyment of making others happy and content. I know I am not alone, and My guardian angel does answer from time to time. May you find peace in your hearts in the peace you are comfortable with and if you find a friend whom you can connect and talk to you are very lucky indeed.

Words should work,
4 years ago

Is this reply ended as that's my bit and nothing you need to concern ?
'I believe in my lorn and my lady.' sure it's what they need to live with. But how it had situated made you too, it's all tiring path of our lives. I mean they still taking it as a funny thing to do.

I had decided to take it as the mind intrusion, crime.