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Hedge witchery/ Green witchery
7 years ago
| Blue Label

I wanted to start this thread so we can add information on this subject here.

7 years ago

Does anyone have anything to add here?

7 years ago

I would consider myself a green or hedge witch. I am very interested in oils and herbs.

7 years ago

I would say I am 50% hedge witch and 50% kitchen with. I love working with plants and growing herbs and my own veggies and fruits. Having dirt under my nails makes me grin like a fool
I also love being in the kitchen, mixing up body lotions, or experimenting with new teas, or even just throwing together a batch of cookies. I like to grow and to make.

What makes a hedge witch?

7 years ago

I am a Green witch I love being outside I protect the life that Mother offers us....I plant a tree everychance I get If walking thru our woods I see a sprout that needs help I am there to help it. on our land there is a pipe line coming thru wich they are going to cut out 5 acers of our woods boy I tried everything to find a reason to stop it but they have the gov backing them and its better not to fight cause in the long run the gov will over ride it and they will just take the land. so everyday this summer I have been finding sprouts and replanting in a safe place where they can live. now for the trees that are coming down We are taking a peice of them and making staves and wands and other things so they can continue to live on I could go on with this forever...remember a tree that is planted is a new friend and a bridge from on generation to the next...go hug a tree today It will be a good happy experiance trees will absorb our neg energy and deperse it in the ground and make it good energy..