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Question regarding petition
5 years ago

Could someone please tell me, whether this petition is discriminating? I have the feeling it is, but maybe I´m wrong :


Thank you.

Yes it is.
5 years ago

The young woman was not hurting anyone until she was most likely confronted by others in the women's restroom.

This is a very discriminatory petition and I'm glad to report that only one person has signed it.

5 years ago

It´s not really a reason to be glad, because the petition is quite new. Maybe therefore only on eperson signed it.

Virginia was being sarcastic
5 years ago

Small minded girls have nothing better than to gossip and be busy bodies. No doubt, the females instigated some kind of abusive behavior to show off in front of their friends. How rude.

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Petition is transphobic.
5 years ago

Someone needs to enlighten the petitioner.  A boy is not using the girl's restroom.  A girl, who happens to be in transition from M to F, is using the restroom.  Is she going to stand up to pee?  Not likely.  The petitioner is freaking out because there might be a penis in the ladies room.  Sensitivity and awareness will go farther than a petition.  

5 years ago

Hi Evelyn, I wasn't glad and am sorry if that's how it came across.


However, I was serious at the time I posted my reply. At that time there was only 1 signature on the petition and to me that was enlightening. They wanted to discriminate against this young woman, M2F preoperatives are still women if not physically then is every other way that matters. I also don't see any reason for her to attack those other women when visiting the girl's room other than her defending herself against those other women attacking her.


Sorry if it came across as sarcastic.

Hi again Evelyn
5 years ago

I was only glad that the petition had only gotten one person to sign it, am still glad to report that there is still only one signature on this petition.  The person who posted the petition is likely the only one to have signed it.


I hope this clears up the glad comment in my first post.

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We can send feedback on the petition.
5 years ago

If you click on Kim Jackson you can send her feedback on her petition. Just remember that they only allow 1000 characters or they won't send your feedback.


I sent her this feedback:


A M2F transgender is a girl, she hasn't had the operation yet and she no threat to the others using the restrooms at your high school. If the other girls have a problem with her using the restroom, there are many informative books out there on this topic that will ease their fears, here are a few that are enlightening:


Sex Changes: The Politics of Transgenderism by Pat Califia, Trans-Gendered By Vanessa Sheridan, and Theology, Ministry, and Communities of Faith by Justin Tanis.


Now as to the charge that she attacked the other girl/girls without provocation, I highly doubt that is what happened. I'm thinking that she was confronted by another girl/girls in the restroom, and was defending herself. Were you there when this happened? Did you ask her for her side of the story or did you only talk to the others involved in the incident? You can only know the full story by talking to both sides of the issue and then you'll have all the information to decide what really happened.

Showing Off Would Urge More Signatures
5 years ago

If the petitioner presented her petition to the other girls, they would have signed it. However, they must feel guilty for their actions. Years ago, I would have imagined they were thinking it over and feel contrite.

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