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ALL Pope Candidates are Homophobic Misogynist Conservatives
5 years ago

[Partly] from Seattle Gay News:

"Papabili" or "Pope-ables" include:

Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana, who has defended Uganda's notorious anti-gay "Kill the Gays" Bill;

Cardinal Francis Arinze of Nigeria, "Provoked a protest demonstration at Georgetown University in 2003, when he suggested that same-sex relations were morally equivalent to adultery, fornication, and pornography. A similar protest followed in London when Cardinal Arinze insisted that alter girls should remain immobile during Mass." {HUH?}

Cardinal Marc Ouellet of Quebec {Canada} "has asserted that the Catholic Church is persecuted in modern Quebec for trying to maintain its religious traditions." "In a May 2010 statement, Ouellet confirmed he opposed abortion even in case of rape..."

Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga of Honduras, has a reputation as a "moderate" but he has stated publicly that pro-choice politicians may not receive Holy Communion. "Rodriguez also denounced singer Ricky Martin for employing a surrogate mother to have children."

Cardinal Angelo Scola of Milan {Italy}, "one of the few Italians who are thought to have a chance at election, worked closely with Benedict when the Pope was still merely Joseph Ratzinger on the traditionalist theological journal 'Communio'. The publication was founded in 1972 to compete with the modernist 'Concilium' journal,which promoted Pope John XXIII's Vatican II reforms."

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila {Phillippines}, "told bishops gathered for a ... synod in Rome last October, that the Church should listen more and admit its mistakes". [Hmmmm... that guy HASN'T A CHANCE...]


Any Americans are out of the running, as Europeans all think America has too much power anyway; and that, to sum up, an American Pope would work for American interests rather than the interests of the Church.


My bet is on Cardinal Angelo Scola of Milan, as the NEXT POPE!
After a "bad press" with a German, the first German Pope since the eleventh century, I think they will go back to the "safety" of an Italian Pope, as usual.
Also, as far as I know, Cardinal Scola's hands are as clean as anyone in the Roman Catholic Church's hands can be - with regard to the CHILD RAPE COVERUP.


Fact from Opinion:

My GUESS is as to who is going to be the next Pope.

There are actually SEVERAL groups moving forward, or trying to, with cases against the entire Catholic Church, and the Pope, for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. That includes the Child Rape Coverup; and, insisting Catholics not use Condoms and thus spreading the epidemic of AIDS. These cases would be tried at The Hague, an International Court.

Info as tho how far along these cases actually are, has "not been released yet".




My GUESS, is, that it will be the Italian guy.

The REASON, is, that as far as I KNOW, the Pedophile Priest can-o-worms, seems to be LESS prominent in Italy. In Italy, the Big Scandal was and is, Gay Priests having Sex WITH EACH OTHER. People THEIR OWN AGE. And male prostitutes, and Gay Bars where Priests hang out. And having Gay Sex RIGHT IN THE VATICAN! Oooooooooh! Which is nothing for the Public to get incensed about, just a good laff at the HYPOCRISY...

So, the Italian might be the guy whose hands are CLEANEST...


In the Third World, CATHOLIC PRIESTS RAPE NUNS - considering them as the Priests' "property" - this is a NEW SCANDAL just WAITING to hit the Internet and Public Awareness... waiting in the wings...

That's why I don't think it will be a "Third World" candidate...


I think the ex-Pope will be OFFED, if he doesn't die CONVENIENTLY before that, because  THAT'S THE WAY RUTHLESS POWER ALWAYS WORKS..... think of the BORGIAS, they were Popes too!!!

That is MY OPINION; I do think the ex-Pope will be DEAD WITHIN A YEAR, and it will LOOK "natural"... He IS really old and frail...

The Pope is totally implicated in the Child Rape Coverup, with his actual SIGNATURE ON DOCUMENTS providing IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE good in ANY Court...

So, by making the Pople RESIGN, the Catholic Hierarchy are thinking maybe to AVOID THE WORST of the revelations.... He won't be Pope anymore, and, we all know, DEAD WITNESSES CAN'T TESTIFY.....!


YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST! I am interested in seeing if these Predictions WHICH ARE ENTIRELY MINE, I did NOT get them from any other source.... come true...

5 years ago

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