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New Group Mobilizes on C2 for Sochi Olympics Showdown
5 years ago

Hello! I'm the Host of a new Care2 group, BloodyOlympics.
For Gays and their Allies.
[Any and all Trolls will be summarily executed.]

Less than 6 months is all we have.
There'll be NO International Boycott of the Winter Olympics; and the IOC, the International Olympic Committee, HAS SOLD OUT to the Russians. LGBT people INTERNATIONALLY are PROTESTING; and we WILL be heard. Gay or Gay Ally, BE THEIR VOICE TOO!

This is a group for ACTIVISTS who will spread Information, participate in Petitioning and in Boycotts of Sponsors and of Russian travel and products; and whatever else comes up such as the International Protests in front of Russian Consulates on Sept.3; or the protests in front of the San Francisco Opera on Sept. 6.
It is to EXCHANGE INFORMATION across all International borders and in spite of censorship, persecution, and all that repressive governments can do - including jail, beat and kill you.
And to show the Russian rulers who these days, are NO LONGER COMMUNIST, but are working with the MOST REACTIONARY elements of the Russian Orthodox Church - to show President Putin and the Russians that INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS NEW HOLOCAUST AND GENOCIDE {in its ultimate intent!} of LGBT people. {I believe that these "loaded" words, Holocaust and Genocide, are in fact being used correctly in this instance - and that some in-depth research will bear this out.}

This is a group for RESEARCH, INFORMATION-GATHERING, leading to ORGANIZED ACTION in whatever Community you live in - including the Internet, Cyberspace Community.

Everybody can do SOMETHING, no matter how SEEMINGLY small it is!

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5 years ago

Question and Answer:

Why Dump Russian Vodka?

Queer Nation, author Dan Savage, activist Cleve Jones and other leading LGBT activists worldwide have called for the Dump Russian Vodka campaign in response to Russia's recent passage of repressive, anti-gay legislation. The laws prevent LGBT people - or anyone else - from saying anything about being gay. They have already subjected LGBT Russians to fines, arrest, and imprisonment; the threat of losing their children; the suspension of their rights guaranteed under the Russian constitution; and government-sanctioned physical brutality.

Do boycotts really work?

The Dump Russian Vodka campaign has already been successful, and it is has only just begun. The tactic has launched the discourse around Russia's oppression of its LGBT community to another level entirely.

Will boycotting Russian vodka make a difference in Russia?

In less than a week, people who had no idea that anti-LGBT laws had been enacted in Russia now know. Those who knew already are taking action across North America and around the globe. Those who were already taking action know that their ranks are swelling. And most importantly, our LGBT brothers and sisters in Russia know they are not alone, and that the global LGBT community is standing with them.

Do LGBT Russians support this boycott?

Yes! Three dozen well-known Russian LGBT activists have signed a statement - at great risk to their own safety - asking the world to boycott Russian goods. More are signing on to this statement every day.

What has this boycott accomplished?

The entire world is talking how to help our LGBT Russians.

It is no longer possible for President Obama's press secretary to claim, as he did prior to the boycott, that he'd not heard about the growing demand for a U.S. response to Russia's anti-gay laws.

It is no longer possible for the International Olympic Committee to claim that those laws will be suspended in Sochi for two weeks, or to do so without others understanding what an offensive, self-serving goal that would be.

The president of the United States has cancelled his upcoming summit meeting with Vladimir Putin in Moscow citing, in part, human rights issues.

John Baird, the Canadian foreign affairs minister, has denounced the Russian laws.

And that's just after a week or so.

The sort of thing you can expect to find in this new group, BloodyOlympics
5 years ago

What can I do to help?
Don't drink Russian vodka. Tell your liquor store not to sell Russian vodka. Tell your bartender not to serve Russian vodka. Tell the restaurants where you eat not to purchase Russian vodka.

And ask your bar to stage a "Dump Russian Vodka" event.
Visit the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and at to learn more and to get involved.
The boycott is currently targeting ALL Russian vodkas available outside of Russia:

Green Mark
Russian Standard


Hey, if you want to do MORE...
You could PRINT THIS UP [or the longer form] and pass it around Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Cabarets, Nightclubs, Gay Venues, on the Street... at Music Events, Street Fairs, Shopping Malls, outside Liquor Stores... Family Reunions... wherever your Imagination takes you!!!


5 years ago

This is really a HUGE thing - and it's INTERNATIONAL.

Just now saw a Video on how the British bars are joining in the International Protest.

This is not that Video: this is a Q and A of the Basic Facts one needs to know:

Friday, Sept 6, Vigil at San Francisco Opera for Russian Gays
5 years ago

San Francisco Opera "Informational Vigil" by coalition of Gay Groups, including DumpRussianVodka: Link to Care2 News Item to Note:

An Appeal to Companies Doing Business in Russia
5 years ago

From; a Care2 News Item and also a Petition.
This petition will be delivered to the following Companies [Companies which have inclusive and progressive policies on LGBT people "on the books"]:

3M, Accenture, Akin Gump, American Express, Apple, Avon, Baker & McKenzie, Boeing, Booz Allen Hamilton, Boston Consulting Group, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Cargill, Chevron, Cisco, Citi, Coca-Cola, Dell, Deloitte, Deutsche Bank, Diageo, Eli Lilly & Company, Ernst & Young, GlaxoSmithKline, Goldman Sachs, Google, HP, IBM, ING, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, KPMG, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Oracle, PepsiCo, PwC, Procter & Gamble, Qualcomm, and Xerox.

These companies have influence. Their leadership on this issue is essential. Please help us let these CEOs know how passionately you care about this issue.

Asking Metropolitan Opera to dedicate its 9/23 Gala Opening to Gays in Russia
5 years ago

Care2 News Item and Petition:

Metropolitan Opera: Dedicate 9/23 Opening Gala to LGBT People in Russia

Society & Culture (tags: Gays, LGBT, Putin, homophobia, MetropolitanOpera, EugeneOnegin, opera, artistsagainsthomophobia )

BMutiny -

Peter Illyich Tchaikowsky is the beloved composer most widely known to have been homosexual and to have suffered for it in his lifetime. For America's leading opera house to open its season with one of his works, performed by 2 artists who support Putin???

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This post was modified from its original form on 10 Sep, 3:02
To Russia With Love: Postcard-Writing Campaign
5 years ago

Care2 News Item - and ADDRESS to write to!
Write President Putin in Moscow! Postage costs a little over a Dollar - a Dollar well spent!
Be POSITIVE, being nasty is not helpful.

Please join us in our letter writing campaign to Russia. We are sending postcards to President Vladimir Putin in a campaign to protest Russia's Anti-LGBT laws and show support and solidarity to the Russian people.
We ask of you to share your love while doing this. Please be specific and offer suggestions. We're angry and sad, but let's keep this action positive. We don't want to reinforce the negative opinions, stereotypes and inaccuracies that are being spread about the LGBTQ community. Please tweet and post photos of your letters/cards so our Russian family can see them, use #LoveLettersToRussia. This is for them!
We are specifically and sincerely asking President Putin to help put an end to the violence and discrimination against LGBTQ people. Please rescind this law and stop this attack on human rights.

Mailing address: Mr. Vladimir Putin,
President of the Russian Federation
23, Ilyinka Street,
103132, Moscow, Russia

It only takes a few minutes to send a postcard. Remember that Russia has very harsh penalties against GLBTQ " propaganda" and you should avoid using the names of your Russian friends and family so we do not cause them any additional hardship. Also, check your postage rates. It's $1.10 to send a standard sized international postcard or letter from the U.S.

Bloody Olympics group expands:includes WorldCupSoccer in Qatar, Paralympics in Sochi
5 years ago

"Bloody Olympics" is an open group, and EVERYone is invited to join.

We particularly extend invitations to LGBT people AND THEIR ALLIES.
In this Group, we are so far covering three separate-but-related topics:
The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, in February 2014;
The 2014 Paralympics, also to be held in Sochi in 2014;
The 2022 World Soccer Cup in Qatar.
[So far, we'd like to restrict most comments and postings to the appropriate threads for each.]
Do check us out!

I posted this in the above Care2 Causes. I am inviting MORE people to join our group! So far, we only have 20, and I think this group's subject is VERY IMPORTANT and there should be more Outreach on Care2!
Our ACTIVISM: Petitions, Letter-writing and e-mail campaigns, International Demos, Boycotts, etc. More Ideas and Actions as they come up. Spreading the word, any way we can.
Links also to Books and articles and to relevant Care2 News Sites.

BMutiny TheCorporationsAreEvil [Including Big Sports and their Huge Sponsors!!!]

Go to Group for THREE Petitions to Coca-Cola, Olympics Sponsor
4 years ago
Here's a FORCECHANGE Petition / Please NOTE!

Coca-Cola:Condemn Russia's Anti-Gay Legislation
Society & Culture  (tags: Gayrights, LGBTrights, WinterOlympics, Coca-Cola, OlympicsSponsors, Sochi2014, Russia, Anti-GayLegislation, BoycottOlympics, BoycottOlympicSponsors )
BMutiny  -

Please consider using Coca Cola's vast influence over the Winter Olympics to condemn these terrible laws & encourage Russian parliament to re-think its stance on the gay community. We need this backward way of thinking to become financially unsustainable.
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