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Please note and open article to sign petition...
6 years ago

1st Nations leaders jailed because they do not want their land and water polluted by uranium!

Please help save the internet and democracy!
7 years ago

Subject: Save the Internet -- Support Net Neutrality

Dear Friend,

Did you know that powerful cable and phone companies want to censor the information we can get over the internet...and slow down or block web content that they don't agree with? If you go to the URL below you can learn about the principle of "Net Neutrality" and why it's important that we speak up now.

Please have a look and take action.



Please tell Hilton not to hold Al-Awda hate fest at their hotels!
7 years ago

Here is the petition to sign. Although freedom of speech is precious, places do not need to support hate fests of any kind.

Also here is a video so you can see what they are like.



Save The Internet!
7 years ago

Please sign this again even if you have before as long as it will let you!  Thanks!

7 years ago
Nice to see you are still with us! How you guys doing?
I really didn't know where to put this, we're gay but this is an everybody topic
7 years ago
we don't sell anything and we don't collect money or dues, we do provide employment for people in stressful situations primarily artists and musicians, but not limited to, if you have a job vacancy, would you let us know about it.

when you see a street person begging how many time's did you think " why don't you get a job " well we're trying all we need is a litle help, not spare change, a "job"

odd jobs, fulltime anything....

if you help somebody today, it might stop that person from doing something stupid tomorrow.

URGENT!!!! Please ACT NOW!!!!
7 years ago

Sentenced to death: Afghan who dared to read about women's rights

A young man, a student of journalism, is sentenced to death by an Islamic court for downloading a report from the internet. The sentence is then upheld by the country's rulers. This is Afghanistan – not in Taliban times but six years after "liberation" and under the democratic rule of the West's ally Hamid Karzai. The fate of Sayed Pervez Kambaksh has led to domestic and international protests, and deepening concern about erosion of civil liberties in Afghanistan. He was accused of blasphemy after he downloaded a report from a Farsi website which stated that Muslim fundamentalists who claimed the Koran justified the oppression of women had misrepresented the views of the prophet Mohamed.


Full article:


7 years ago
Signed and passed on! I think we should put the human abusers in the place of the animals they are abusing so they can experience the abuse 1st hand!
7 years ago

Please go to this site:

Watch the videos, And please sign the petition. If it doesn't piss you off then you aren't paying attention...

Thank you for your time and consideration...

7 years ago




Original Message:


There is no reason for this petition to have such low number of signatures (only 432), when the goal is 10.000.
Let's show we care, let's show we cannot aprove the inhumane treatment China and Vietnam apply to the moon bears.
Please, sign this petition and forward to as many as possible.

My dear friends,
I can't understand, we are over 8 million people on this site.
Then how important issues like this - the fate of moon bears - have a few signatures - mine and yours and other's few who really care.
I see the "click to donate" which is always on the screen (so very available), still, for every cause I see hundreds, in the best cases thousands of clicks...from 8 milions people...

I'm totally dissapointed.

Let's do something at least with these petitions.

Thank you, my friends, for all you're doing.

Same as ever,


Original Message:


Original Message:


Animals  (tags: CHINA, BEAR, BILE, abuse, HORRIBLE, CRUELTY, AnimalWelfare, animals, cruelty, sadness, suffering )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 4 minutes ago -
PLZ SIGN: rs-being-abused-treated-and-help-stop-bile-farming In China there are about 7,000 moon bears kept in tiny cages for twenty years with painful catheters inserted into their gull bladders to extra

a San Francisco event
7 years ago
This is just an announcement for my school. I posted it here because I figure some of you are in SF, and because this school has been remarkably loving and accepting of me as a non-transitioned transguy. Plus, our communities need some non-biased, not expensive healthcare! You're Invited! The Institute of Classical Homoeopathy Tuesday, March 11th, 7pm 2325 Third Street, Suite 426 San Francisco CA, 94107 Hear about the astounding homeopathic results our students obtained while travelling in Central and South America. Learn about our programs in classical homeopathic training. Join us for a fascinating evening that will captivate your mind and catapult you into a new vision of health, disease, and cure! The ICH is the leader in comprehensive homeopathic education and is the founder of the first free homeopathic clinic in the country. RSVP/More info: 415-551-1020
7 years ago
your graphic is great!     I signed!
7 years ago
I love the "Impeach Cheney" graphic! Signed.
7 years ago
Went to sign the impeach Cheney one but I guess I already signed it at some point, lol! Thanks again though!
7 years ago
Great petition for taking back the media! Signed and passing it on! Thanks!
candidates eliminated from national television debates
7 years ago
We must not allow weapons maker GE (parent of NBC), corporate media (ABC/Disney, CNN, The Des Moines Register) or the insurance industry (AARP) to choose the next President of the United States. Each of these corporations has chosen to eliminate candidates from national television debates to protect their interests and limit our choices. By 'blacking out' dissenting opinion from the debates they are deliberately interfering with our Constitutional voting rights.

Please Sign:
Help save Elephant quickly PLEASE!
7 years ago   He will be shot on the 7th for just being an elephant and for people ignoring signs and feeding him. Please help!



Care2 link -

Beasts in Blue Berets...
7 years ago

Read the article if you want and then in the 1st comment, Mark provides a petition if you want to sign it.

Support the rule of law in Pakistan.
7 years ago  Visit the site and sign the Code Pink petition there. Thanks!
7 years ago
I sure understand about your situation but I am not sure what you are asking for? What kind of help?
life before death, not for poor people
7 years ago

life before death, not for poor people 12:31 PM
We are a HIV positive same sex couple living in Canada because our marriage is legal in Canada - one of us suffers from schizophrenia as well.

We both suffer from poverty. At the moment we are in a life and death struggle with our landlord - he feels we should build and renovate his property and pay him for that priviledge.

We are trying to establish an art gallery/coffee house - space, and we live illegally in the back, our rent is 1,700$ per month plus....yes we are mad we must be.

The area that we live in is not that far from the US border - the home prices are, on average $300 000 for a modest two bedroom home - if you can find it.
statistics Canada has just given our area a 0% vacancy rate. There are people sleeping in Vans and cars, some even in the bush to avoid the one faith-based shelter here. A faith-based shelter that is supported by the government, I might add.

It seems that without money, and lots of it, you are doomed to an existence of misery and hardship. I'm reminded of a book written by George Orwell, i forget the title, but it was the one where he predicted that the government would sponsor lotteries wherin the winners would gain a sense of freedom and this would placate the masses there is only 1 , 2, or 3 winners per draw and sometimes none.

It is very odd that we should have to live an entire lifetime most likely doing something we really don't enjoy until we are 65, and possibly near death. I don't know if it has always been as it is - or if we have created a society of torture. It astounds me sometimes when I drive around town and I see the varying degrees of wealth - on the one hand you have someone living in a trailer with barely a door attached and a few miles away you have a huge mansion on several acres of land. And it would make you wonder how this sort of polarization can even exist in a fair society.

In any case, we publish the urban survivor, and we run a website,, we need creative people to help us build a non-partisan,ecumenical organization that will actually do something other than pay lip service and administrator's salaries.

We are determined to do this. In 2005 I was admitted to a local hospital with a ruptured appendix. The doctors kept asking us if we were HIV positive, at the time we did not know. We were asked if we wanted to be tested and we said no. They tested us anyway but that's another story.

As I was recoving in ICU, the nurse said to me that my "life was a sin and abomination to God" and she proceeded to prostelytize and minister to me to a point that I actually was agreeing to her. You see they had to know that we were gay because my partner suffers from schizophrenia and I didn't want him to leave the hospital alone and I was too sick to make up a grand story. We/I did lodge a complaint with the human rights tribunal. It is online to this day.

During this ordeal we/i approached many of the organizations that i thought would be able to help us as the health authority had retained a high-priced law firm to defend this nurse and themselves. In this quest we found most organizations to be self-indulgent in their own agendas if not over-extended and a lot of them having faith-based agendas which would have contradicted their biblical beliefs had they assisted us, we are the Urban Survivor, we are at

We would also publically like to thank Lonnie Gordon for her offer of support. Ms. Gordon is a successful Black American singer/dancer/artist

but we need all the help we can get, thankyou for your time...

7 years ago
Thanks for the graphics! I really like the world being stitched up!
Tell them to go On the Record!
7 years ago
I've just signed a petition to the 2008 presidential candidates asking them to go on the record and tell us exactly where they stand on fighting extreme poverty and global disease.

You can take action on this important cause too by visiting
Help hold contractors accountable
7 years ago
Jamie Leigh Jones was working in Iraq for a subsidiary of Halliburton when she was drugged and brutally gang-raped by several coworkers.

For the last two years, she's been asking the US government to hold the perpetrators accountable, but the men who raped her may never be brought to justice because Halliburton and other contractors in Iraq aren't subject to US or Iraqi laws.

I just signed a petition urging Congress to investigate the rape of Jamie Leigh Jones, hold those involved accountable, and bring US contractors under the jurisdiction of US law. Can you join me at the link below?

RE: If you believe in choices concerning your health care
7 years ago
Re: Redefine Christmas
7 years ago
I've chosen for all my holiday gift giving! They can send a paper card to recipients or (even better) an e-card!

Please watch the video about our wild buffalo and injustice.
7 years ago

For more info go to

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7 years ago

Meant to include the home page for convenience.


If you believe in choices concerning your health care.
7 years ago

You do not have to be from WA to sign this. Many people from many states have already signed on. This takes you to the sign page but investigate the home page and see what is happening.

7 years ago
Signed and thanks for the heads up again!
emergency petition!!
7 years ago


I just signed an emergency petition trying to  save the crucial climate change talks in Bali, Indonesia right now by telling the US, Canada and Japan to stop blocking an agreement. You can sign it here:

Almost all countries have agreed to cut rich country carbon emissions by 2020--which scientists say is crucial to stop catastrophic global warming, and will also help bring China and the developing world onboard. But with just 24 hours left in the conference, the US and its close allies Canada and Japan have rejected any mention of such cuts.

We can't let three governments hold the world hostage and block agreement on this desperate issue.

There's still 24 hours left to turn this around -  click below to sign the petition - it will be delivered direct to summit delegates, through stunts and in media advertisements, so our voices will actually be heard. But we need a lot of us, fast, to join in if we're going to make a difference. Just click on the link to add your name:


7 years ago
All petitions signed, thanks a lot.
7 years ago
Signed that petition and passed it on! Hope we don't all end up in rendition camps, lol! Thanks!
Dear World, please ignore Bush
7 years ago
The Bush administration is trying to block progress at crucial negotiations for the next global climate treaty (I know, SHOCKING) -- the successor to the Kyoto Protocol. This petition sends a message to other countries that Bush's actions don't match Americans' wishes. (The petition just says: "Dear World, please ignore Bush.") Please join me in signing the petition--we need to make sure the world doesn't let Bush block a strong agreement on climate change!


redifine Christmas
7 years ago
thanks timothy! i am sending this link to all of my friends!
Condsider joining the Microcredit movement...
7 years ago
Not a handout, but a hand as the saying goes: (Click on the image below) ChangingThePresent
Support Writers!
7 years ago

Here is an easy way to show support for striking entertainment writers who want their fair share of entertainment profits that they create!

Redefine Your Holiday!
7 years ago

Redefine Christmas or any other holiday that encourages spending beyond one's means, crass consumerism, & unnecessary stress!

A great way to find many charities you might not have known about & to ask friends and families to forgo getting you another overpriced gift and instead give the gift of kindness and compassion!

Stop big media from taking over!
7 years ago  Here is another example of more control!
Adopt a needy family for christmas...
7 years ago an action that currently needs help from anybody who can provide it. There are many families in need and we can help them. Check out this link:
I like
7 years ago
words, too.  It's good to know that I am not the only one- everyone around me seems to think that little-known words are too unpopular to be worth knowing (seems to be a logical conclusion). 

I wonder, does anyone know if there are other types of games that donate needed resources based on scores?
But Diane...
7 years ago
Didn't get them all right though, lol! I do like words though!
Okay then Marty!
7 years ago
I'm going back to the rice game.  Over 5000?  Jeez.  You know more useless words than I do.  Good for you! 
7 years ago
Every website that uwe belong to (Yahoo,, MySpace, etc.) use "us for "promoting advertising" by giving information about what we purchase to big business?"... That's what cookies are all about, or mostly, anyway. How else do you think these sites can exist for free?
7 years ago
1st time I ever played it and noticed I was well over 5000 grains of rice and I was wondering if it would ever stop too!
7 years ago
Freerice was a really great idea. Sadly for those of us who are not native speakers we often go by instinct about which word should we choose next. It's like ' Hmmm... I think it has a positive meaning, does it? *click* Oh, not again! Well 14th time's a charm...'
So okey, maybe not to that extend but you get my drift.

I also signed the petition with deadline at 13th December.

Here are other petitions coming:  -click to stop aerial hunting for wolves.
There are couple more about protecting dolphins and whales in Japan:
And this ones goal is to help giraffes:

Hope I didn't put too much and you will still sign them.
7 years ago

Copied from another site:

"An easy way to help any organization or any other cause you care about is through a new Yahoo!-powered search engine and online shopping mall and called GoodSearch will make a donation to your favorite charity or school every time you search the internet and every time you purchase something at one of their partner merchants (including Target, Gap, ebay, Macy’s, BestBuy, Barnes & Noble and hundreds more)! It doesn't cost you a thing — the money comes from the advertisers and the stores.

The more people who use this site, the more money will go to those in need. So please spread the word to your friends and family.

Here's the web site — You can also read about GoodSearch in the NY Times, Oprah Magazine, CNN, ABC News and the Wall Street Journal."

Hey, Terry
7 years ago
I'm kind of concerned about Facebook these days.  I'm thinking of getting out.  Have you read about Facebook using us for "promoting advertising" by giving information about what we purchase to big business?
I had no idea
7 years ago
I knew so many erudite, obtuse, completely vacuous vocabulary words.
7 years ago
I didn't mean to break it.  Does anyone know how high it goes?
7 years ago
you broke it.  Great.

The free rice game
7 years ago
I got to Level 48 and 4500 grains of rice. Then the screen went white and I couldn't get it back. Was that a good thing or a bad thing? Or did they just kick my vocabulary-soaked butt out?
Petition to Stop Development of a Cunned Hunting Facility
7 years ago
The Seneca County Industrial Development Agency in Upstate New York is planning to build a $1.3 million canned hunting facility on 2,300 acres of currently vacant land that used to be the Seneca Army Depot. It is inhumane to hunt animals in the first place, but putting them behind fences so that they have absolutel y no chance of escaping with their lives is not even hunting: it's slaughter. Please Take Action before the next meeting on December 13th to urge the Agency to reject the canned hunting proposal.
7 years ago
Bastienne, the rice one is fun, have been playing that one for a bit, it gets addictive LOL
Reposted for Terry here
7 years ago

Terry L. StarsButterflieswv food stamps 8:29 AM

facebook at:

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Free rice game
7 years ago

This is a little weird but apparently legit.  You take a word test and 20 grains of rice will be sent for each correct answer.

Join me and stand with injured U.S. veterans
7 years ago
Some of our injured troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are facing a ridiculous and unnecessary obstacle. Because they have been discharged early, they are not receiving their full enlistment bonuses. Some are even be asked to return payments they have already received.

A new bill that would ensure this does not continue is gaining momentum in Congress, and lawmakers need to hear from civilians who support it. We can help our nations' veterans on this critical issue.

Please take a minute to send a message to your representatives, and tell them you support this bill. Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America has made it easy - just visit
Alicia and tim...
7 years ago
Alicia, signed for whales. Tim, signed that one on Sept. 9th. Thanks to both of you!
Signatures needed by 12/6
7 years ago

Great idea to have a seperate place for petitions!

This link leads to a link to the petition and other background info regarding the prosecution/persecution of Tammy Grimes for rescuing a clearly dying dog:

Petition for animal wellfare
7 years ago
Some of you may have noticed already but some surely did not. There is a new petition concerning whale hunting in Japan. Those of you that feel like spending a minute of their precious time signing it please do so.
7 years ago
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This thread is for the posting and notification of GLBT Rights Global members of petitions other than those pertaining to GLBT Rights.  Many of us has many other passions and issues besides GLBT Rights and this is the place to post them without flooding the group with petition threads.  As it grows, these petition threads will be flipped so the most recent will be displayed first.  Petitions posted elsewhere will most likely be deleted with a request they be posted in the appropriate threads.  Thanks and bless ya'll!