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The Green Ribbon project
11 years ago
This idea is still in it's formative stages:

The Green Ribbon project is intended as a model for a sustainable future. It involves the planting of useful plants (food/medicine/fibers) in publicly accessible areas ( with appropriate permission granted ). These resources can provide a healthy snack for a passerby. Provide a natural food source in times of disaster or infrastructure breakdown. Or be periodically harvested for local food banks. They will also provide a lineage for future propagation.

This can be done in city, suburban, or rural locations. Located at a site that already has automated irrigation, (a public park or greenway) or near a reliable ground water source. You can even plant on the street side of your yard, close enough that people don't have to invade "your space" in order to make use of the resource you are providing (and hopefully making use of yourself). Plantings should be marked with a green ribbon ( tied from green plastic "flagging tape" available at your local garden/nursery supply store ) to signify that this resource is being made available to any that wish to partake.

One consideration that officials for public (city/county/state) lands may have is fallen and rotting fruits attracting pests and breeding flies. If you intend to ask for permission to plant on lands other than your own, coordinate efforts with your local food bank volunteers to periodically harvest ripened fruits ( leaving underdeveloped ones for future harvests) and burying (composting) rotting or seriously damaged produce, to prevent infestations and fertilize the surrounding soil. This can be done even if you are growing them on your own lands.

It is my belief that food is not something that should be held hostage for a profit. A child that goes hungry over a wealthy persons greed is an atrocity. And would we not feel better telling a homeless and hungry person where to find free food, rather than giving them money? Hoping they eat, rather than buying alcohol or drugs with your donation?

This appears to be a good idea. Even when looked at from a variety different positions. What do the rest of you think? Any more alternatives you can add?
11 years ago

This seems like a great and viable project for all of the reasons and benefits you listed especially as a bank for plant materials, to be able to direct hungry people toward, and to combat those who would hold food hostage for a profit...which is evil, in my estimation.

I'll be looking forward to progress reports, pictures or the like!

Best of luck to those involved!

11 years ago
Here are some people with the same basic idea, working in other communities. We can look to them for guidance and information on how to start similar projects in your community. Tree People's, fruit trees to combat hunger Common Vision is planting the future University of California, Common Ground Garden Program

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