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Beware of Rich Friends
10 years ago

Aloha friends of the Eco-Ark Project. I will be heading back to the Eco-Ark soon, and will again enjoy the peace and serenity that only being cut off from civilization can provide. I would like to thank all of you who have supported our efforts over the last few years, and especially those who have been
inspired to carry a part of our vision into your own local communities. Our work will never truly be completed until the world comes together in re-establishing sustainable resource developments around the globe.


I am happy to announce the publication of two new E-book downloads that are now available. They chronicle the development of the vision that led to the establishing of the Eco-Ark in the Puna Rain Forest on the island of Hawaii. "Beware of Rich Friends",  is a long, strange, and mystical journey that began on The Great Peace March
from Los Angeles, CA. to Washington D.C. in 1986. Sharing the inspiration I received at the '86 national Gathering of the Rainbow Family in Pennsylvania.
And the mysterious happenings in the vortex region of Sedona AZ. Where I was recruited as a bodyguard for an heiress to one of America's Wealthiest families. They are full of tales of Mysterious, Humorous, and sometimes horrific occurrences and the people we met along the way.


The sequel "With Friends Like This" continues the adventure five years later. With remembrances from the '95 gathering in Taos N.M. Living in an Earthship there. Then carrying the vision to the tropical island of Maui. And further struggles and victories in our attempt to create Sustainable Eco-communities in our island paradise. Culminating in the a final battle between the powers of light and darkness, and the grounding of the Eco-Ark vision.


Article from The Great Peace March 21st reunion


You can find the downloads as well as links to sample pages at:




3 years ago

After a year at the Eco-Ark, I have returned to civilization. So it is time to bring things back to cyber-life. I have cancelled the e-books on Lulu for now and moved the project over to the createspace division of Amazon. You can now find real solid hardcopy versions of Beware Of Rich Friends. I have renamed the sequel to BORF. It is now called "It's How The Rich Stay Rich". I feel it is a better title because it does actually come from the experiences that inspired the books. The Actual qoute was..."Why pay someone to do something, when you can get them to do it for free. It's how the rich stay rich."

Anywhoo, here are some excerpts from "Beware Of Rich Friends" for anyone who wants to check it out for free. You can find it here... Beware Of Rich Friends

For the sequel, the excerpts are here... It's How The Rich Stay Rich

These are the true stories of how the Eco-Ark came into being and the struggles endured in order to make it manifest.


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