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5 years ago
Volcano Erupting!!! Just In!!! Thousands Fleeing Philapines!!! 50,000 to Be Moved!

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- 2 minutes ago -

Philippine authorities have started evacuating about 50,000 people from around the country's most active volcano as it spewed burning mud and rocks.
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Stop Bush from delisting the wolves!
7 years ago



Sneak Attack on Wolves!
Less than a month after abandoning its disastrous delisting of gray wolves in the Rocky Mountains, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has announced new plans to take them off the endangered species list!

Unfortunately, we can expect more such last-minute attacks on wild places and creatures during the waning days of the Bush administration.

A 30-day comment period starts today.

Take action now to put a stop to this madness!

This will open the door to the aerial wolf hunts, like they do in Alaska, that Idaho wants to imitate.  This must be stopped!

7 years ago

Cathedral Grove being logged by Island Timberlands!! Speak up!

Yesterday, logging began by Island Timberlands in Canada's most
famous old-growth forest, Cathedral Grove, near Port Alberni.
Millions of tourists from around the world have visited Cathedral
Grove within the 300 hectare MacMillan Provincial Park while
driving along the highway on the way to Port Alberni and Tofino.
However, significant stands of giant Douglas firs and redcedars
remain outside the park boundaries on lands owned by Island
Timberlands. Incredibly, the company began greedily logging in
these unprotected parts of the Grove yesterday and plans to
continue until it logs 7500 cubic meters - over 200 logging truck
loads - of old-growth forests in the Grove. The logging will even
be visible from the highway.

Island Timberlands is a logging company owned by a Bermuda-based
corporation, Brookfield Infrastructure Partners, which was
created recently by its parent company Brookfield Asset
as an offshore investment firm that would be exempt
from Canadian taxes and the enforcement of Canadian civil

There will be two protests for Cathedral Grove:

This Sunday, Oct.5, at 11:00 am at the Cathedral Grove parking
lot in the provincial park.

And Monday, Oct.6, at 11:00 am in front of Island Timberland's
Northwest Bay Division office on the Island Highway in Nanoose
Bay at teh corner of the highway and Northwest Bay Rd.

Where is Premier Gordon Campbell in all of this? Where is the
federal Harper government and the other politicians when it comes
to logging in the most famous ancient forest in Canada?

Please speak up! Write and phone your opinion to:

Premier Gordon Campbell
Phone: 250-387-1715

Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Parliament Buildings
, Ottawa, ONT K1A 0A7
Phone: 613-992-4211

Other federal politicians -
NDP Leader Jack
Green Party Leader Elizabeth
Liberal Leader Stephan Dion:

Also let Brookfield Asset Management know what you think about
their plans at:
Leigh Tang - Brookfield Timber Portfolio Manager
Phone: 604-661-9143

For more information on the campaign contact:
Annette Tanner, Wilderness Committee, Mid-Island chairwoman at or phone (250)752-6585
Check out  for updates soon!

7 years ago

The Bush Administration’s last assault on Utah’s public lands is underway as the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) releases final “Resource Management Plans” intended to determine the fate of 11 million acres of Utah’s spectacular redrock country for years to come.  Final plans for the Moab, Kanab and Richfield BLM Field Offices have been released, impacting iconic places such as Labyrinth Canyon, Fisher Towers, Vermilion Cliffs, Dirty Devil, Henry Mountains, Coral Pink Sand Dunes and Factory Butte.  The final plans for public lands managed by the Monticello, Price and Vernal BLM offices are expected by the end this month.  The plans that have been released are uniformly rotten, and if implemented will cause tremendous harm. The BLM's Utah State Director - Selma Sierra - has publicly said that she intends to finalize all the plans by mid-October. Today, with regard to the Richfield plan, the Salt Lake Tribune's editorial writers said:

"The mountains, rivers and forests comprising 2 million acres will be taken over by noisy, exhaust-spewing OHVs and greedy energy developers, eliminating the possibility that their wilderness qualities could be preserved for future generations. To them, we'll be known as the idiot generation."   Salt Lake Tribune, 8/12/08

In addition, The Salt Lake Tribune characterizes the Richfield plan as: " off-roader's dream: a federal management plan making nearly 2 million acres of public land a playground for off-highway vehicles" and, "...a gift tied with a big red ribbon and handed to oil and gas developers." None of the plans released thus far address the devastating consequences of climate change in the west, including the need to avoid soil disruption caused by energy development and motorized recreation, which effect not only the local ecosystems, but also snowmelt, lakes and streams in the Rocky Mountains.

  • The Moab plan fails to protect 90% of the lands that the BLM itself determined have wilderness character; designates nearly 4,000 miles of off-road vehicle routes, many of which are in BLM wilderness character roadless lands; and allows oil and gas development on over 1.4 million acres.
  • The Kanab plan designates 1,401 miles of ORV routes, 118 miles of which are in BLM roadless lands with wilderness character and in fragile streams, such as the East Fork of the Virgin River just outside of Zion National Park.
  • The Richfield plan  opens thousands of acres around Factory Butte to cross country off-road vehicle use, (previously closed to protect endangered cacti species), and only provides protection for 78,600 of the 682,600 acres or roadless land identified by BLM as having wilderness character.

It has taken the BLM almost the entirety of the Bush Administration’s tenure to develop these plans, catering to the interests of the oil and gas industry and motorized recreation. Now, our task at SUWA is to ensure that the Bush Administration’s attempt to leave a legacy of destruction and reckless development is not fulfilled. The staff at SUWA are reviewing these voluminous document and drafting comprehensive protests for each of the plans. You can help support this work by making a donation to SUWA today.  Click here to join SUWA or click here to renew your membership.

Working together we can protect America 's redrock wilderness heritage!

7 years ago

There are over 40 ocean fish stocks in the United States that are currently being overfished. The National Marines Fisheries Service (NMF is responsible for overseeing fishery management decisions to protect our ocean's ecosystems, yet they are turning a blind eye to the destruction the fishing industries are wreaking on our oceans.

Despite this responsibility, the NMFS has proposed a new rule which would transfer fishery management decisions to regional management councils. These organizations–often dominated by fishing industry interests–have little regard for the environmental impact of their actions.

We have an opportunity to fight back, but we have to speak up now. Send a message to the Fisheries Service and tell them to live up to THEIR responsibility to protect our oceans. The deadline for comments is TODAY!

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) — the law that guarantees the public has a voice in federal decisions that impact the environment — is in danger.

Changes to NEPA take power away from the public and places it in the hands of government agencies. Agencies like NMFS have proposed rules that would:

  • Allow fishery managers to make decisions without considering the impacts on other marine life such as seals, corals, and endangered sea turtles;
  • Severely limit the public's ability to participate in decisions about the future of our oceans; and
  • Transfer responsibility for conducting environmental review into the hands of regional fishery management councils — the same groups who have mismanaged our ocean fish for decades.

The National Marines Fisheries Service is charged with protecting the oceans, not the special interests. Click here to demand that NMFS withdraws these new rules and re-writes them to better protect our waters, not industry's bottom line.

Thank you for your help and dedication, it's up to us to protect the future of our oceans.


Michael Town
Campaign Director,

7 years ago

In the coming days, Congress is considering a historic resolution on the Great Lakes Compact, an agreement entered into by the states and provinces of the Great Lakes Basin.  This lays out guidelines for diversions from the Great Lakes, lakes and streams and groundwater in the Basin to protect the waters from large scale diversion projects and private expropriation. Generally, the Compact bans all diversions unless covered by an exception.  While the Compact could be a great step forward to protect the Great Lakes, there are serious concerns with the exceptions laid out in the compact - such as that allowing the packaging and sale of Great Lakes water as a "product" for private gain and explicitly exempting bottled water from the ban. Further, the Compact fails to incorporate the Public Trust doctrine that protects Great Lakes basin waters from private export and sale and protects these waters from claims to the water as a product under international trade laws.

The Compact cannot become law without the approval of Congress, who will consider this very soon. Congress has broad constitutional powers to add conditions to make sure the Compact conforms to principles like public trust, so it is uniformly respected by the states in managing the Compact and Great Lakes waters.

Take action NOW. to ensure conditions to the Compact protect the waters against being defined as a product, which could allow bottled-water companies to exploit the waters and sets a dangerous precedent for exporting water, and protect the largest body of freshwater in the U.S. as a public trust


Sam Finkelstein
Great Lakes Organizer

Food & Water Watch

Food & Water Watch is a nonprofit consumer organization that works to ensure clean water and safe food. We challenge the corporate control and abuse of our food and water resources by empowering people to take action and by transforming the public consciousness about what we eat and drink.

7 years ago
Oxfam's Climate Change Program - You Can Help! 

Oxfam America is campaigning to reduce greenhouse gas pollution, and increase funding so that poor people can survive the effects of global warming. Find out how you can help!

Please note and pass around

7 years ago

Mountaintop Removal mining is disastrous in so many ways. But some people don't realize that it not only destroys mountains, it poisons the drinking water of nearby communities.

Please tell your member of Congress to co-sponsor the Clean Water Protection Act (H.R. 2169). >>

Mining companies clearcut native forests and use explosives to blow off mountaintops to uncover seams of coal. To minimize waste disposal costs, they then dump millions of tons of the waste rock into the valleys below, permanently burying streams which flow to nearby communities.

This issue affects our environment AND our health. Please tell your member of Congress to push the Clean Water Protection Act though today.

Thank you for taking action.


Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

7 years ago

A rugged land of sparkling lakes, 10,000-foot peaks and world-class wildlife habitat, Montana's stunning Lionhead Recommended Wilderness, just west of Yellowstone National Park, is a dazzling area of tranquility. The area is so rugged that the Forest Service proposed that it be off limits to all mechanized travel, including mountain bikes.

But the proposal to protect the rugged Lionhead area is in danger.

That's why Lionhead needs your help before July 18. Tell the Forest Service to do the right thing. 

Mountain bike activists have mounted a campaign to convince the Forest Service to give in and give cyclists total access to wilderness quality lands.

Alternative trails – including many primitive roads outside recommended wilderness areas – are available for bike rides but no alternative will replace the Lionhead Wilderness.

Please urge Gallatin National Forest Supervisor Mary Erickson not to give in to proponents of mechanized trails. Tell her to stand by her proposal to fully protect traditional hiking and pack trails and the Lionhead Recommended Wilderness.

Kathy Kilmer
The Wilderness Society

7 years ago

We need your help to protect the legendary quiet and beauty of Dinosaur National Monument!  We recently discovered that the Vernal Field Office of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) approved an Environmental Assessment (EA) which would allow Parallel Petroleum to drill an exploratory gas well in an area we are working to

dinosaur split mountain good
Split Mountain, viewed from inside Dinosaur National Monument
photo by Scott Braden

protect as wilderness, called the Split Mountain Benches, about one mile west of the western boundary of Dinosaur National Monument.  The gas well and associated development, including a road, would destroy the wilderness character of the area and would seriously encroach on the solitude and quiet of Dinosaur National Monument. Click here to view a map of the proposed gas well site.

Please take a moment to send a message to Kent Hoffman, Deputy State Director; of the Division of Lands & Minerals, Utah State BLM Office, by clicking here. Ask him to send this EA back to the Vernal BLM Field Office, for further comment and review.

Thank you for helping to protect Utah's special places! 

7 years ago

We're in a major energy crisis. But did you know that technologies exist that could solve it all if they were just given funding?

There is solar ink that could revolutionize the way we think of solar energy, devices that harness the energy of waves, and a geothermal power plant that can power an entire village.

All we need now is for Congress to unleash the innovators. Sign the petition today. >>

These innovations will only do our economy and our environment good. We can be the leaders in the world energy economy and decrease our dependence on foreign oil, but we must start now. This is an amazing opportunity.

Watch the video today and sign the petition to unleash the energy future. >>

Thank you for embracing the future of energy.


Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

7 years ago

With the price of oil at an all time high, we're sure that you – and all Americans – are feeling increasingly frustrated by high gas prices.

Now oil companies are taking advantage of the situation to push for the same solution they always do: more drilling. More drilling will not bring down the price of gas, it will simply increase profits for Big Oil while it puts fragile ecosystems in danger.

Tell Congress to resist the pressure to drill and stand up for clean, renewable solutions to high energy prices.

Whether it's in the wilderness of Alaska or off the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, Big Oil's answer doesn't change. Every Monday morning in Washington, friends of Big Oil have been adding new drilling amendments to every bill they can get their hands on.

As the summer heats up and American families hit the sand to enjoy a weekend in the sun, Big Oil and some members of Congress have a different idea for how to use the coastal beaches that drive local economies in every state on our eastern and western seaboards. Their plan is to risk our summer vacation spots for a few drops of oil.

What they don't say is that more drilling won't save you money at the pump. The Department of Energy estimates that opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge would lower the cost of gas by 4 cents per gallon – twenty years from now.

Even worse, oil companies already have permission to drill on 68 million acres of land with known oil reserves and they're only using 18 percent of that land. Yet they want Congress to open up even more?

Save Our Environment has a different idea: give consumers a choice. Congress should concentrate on developing renewable alternatives, not simply increasing our dependence on oil. Investing in clean, renewable energy will actually reduce our dependence on big oil companies and create clean, good-paying jobs for Americans.

Click here to urge your members of Congress to fight back against industry pressure and say NO to offshore and Arctic drilling.

Gas prices keep going up because the world supply of oil is shrinking, and that isn't going to change. Supporting clean, renewable energy is the only effective way to combat high energy costs.

More drilling won't lower our prices, but it will damage the environment. Save Our Environment is pushing for cleaner, better alternatives. Help us make sure Congress is on our side.

Michael Town
Campaign Director,

7 years ago

Read Our Report >>

Dark Horizons MapOur interactive map shows just how close these proposed coal-fired power plants will be to our beloved national parks.

Check out our interactive map >>

7 years ago

Millions of Americans live in rural communities close to the 192 million acres of public lands that make up our National Forest System.  Since 2000, the federal government has provided consistent funding for these communities and for projects that restore water quality and wildlife habitat in the National Forests.  The Bush Administration wants to end this successful program that benefits both the people who live in rural communities and the fish and wildlife that inhabit the National Forests.  Without long-term funding, we could lose millions of dollars to educate rural school children and fund beneficial restoration projects in National Forests. 

On this Tuesday, June 3, the House of Representatives will vote on whether to continue the Secure Rural Schools program.  Please tell your Representative to support H.R. 3058, the Public Land Communities Transition Act, so rural communities and National Forests will receive the funding they urgently need.

Best wishes,

Kathy Kilmer
The Wilderness Society

7 years ago


February 11, 2008, walkers supporting the Native American cultures and traditions set out to walk two routes from California to Washington D.C. 

The Longest Walk 2 is a peaceful, spiritual effort to engage with the public about restoring harmony with the environment by leading an effort to clean up the lands surrounding our highways. They will be launching The Clean Up Mother Earth Campaign where the Longest Walk participants will work together to clean up our country's highways and roads by collecting debris found along the Longest Walk route. This monumental task will engage Walkers in a global effort at a grassroots level to promote harmony with our delicate environment. A rotating team of walkers will pick up trash along the way with trash pokers leaving a healthy trail in their path.

"We take up this task to walk in a manner befitting our nations. We shall walk for the Seventh Generation, for peace, for justice, for healing of Mother Earth, for the healing of our people suffering from diabetes, heart conditions and other diseases."

There will be two groups of people walking - one along a northern route and another on a southern route. The northern route is currently in Kansas and is traveling through Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.  The southern route is currently in New Mexico and traveling through Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Veterans For Peace members are encouraged to join these marchers along their routes, organize events in cities they are traveling through, and helping to spread the word about this historic walk.  You can also listen to their online radio broadcasts at

Petition on UN Convention on the rights of people with disabilities
7 years ago

This petition is only open to UK citizens, any sigs would be most welcome as signs are rather low sadly.   

love and huggles,


Petition on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The Convention is the first international treaty in history to create a specific legal framework to protect the human rights of disabled people across the globe and to recognise that disabled and non-disabled people share a common humanity.

20 countries need to ratify the Convention before it becomes legally binding. To date only 17 have done so. The UK is not among them.

The UK signed the Convention in March 2007. Since then 2,000 people have signed a petition on this site calling on the Government to ratify it without delay. In response to pressure from campaigners the UK has pledged to ratify the Convention by the end of 2008. However, the Convention Campaign Coalition (CCC) is increasingly concerned that the Government might try to reserve, or opt out of, certain Convention rights.

Reserving against certain Convention articles means that some parts of the Convention would not be legally binding in the UK. Human Rights are inalienable and universal. If the UK is truly committed to disabled people’s human rights it cannot pick and choose which Convention rights it is willing to support.


7 years ago

Last Chance to Improve the Food and Farm Bill!


We all want healthful, tasty food, but the Food and Farm Bill should also support modern farming practices that do not harm the foundations of our food supply. Government policy needs to address issues like healthy soil, fresh water, and the effects of some farm practices on our health, like adding antibiotics to the feed of animals that are not sick leading to antibiotic resistance in bacteria.

7 years ago

If President Bush has his way, some of the most spectacular areas in Utah will be irreversibly degraded by oil rigs and off-road vehicles (ORVs).

Eleven million acres in Utah's red rock canyon country are at immediate risk, and we have until Feb. 8 to speak out. This precious land is filled with breathtaking vistas, ancient cultural artifacts and dinosaur fossils, and a wide range of wildlife.

Concerned people like you can put a stop to the sprawling oil and gas development and ORV use. There is no time to waste.
Urge the Bush administration's Bureau of Land Management to protect this sacred land before it is sacrificed to Big Oil and ORVs!

Your comment today is so important. Unless the public speaks out now, President Bush's land management team will forge ahead aggressively, with little thought to the permanent impact on a fragile, irreplaceable ecosystem.

As the New York Times editorialized, “some of the trails would crisscross about 2.5 million acres of breathtakingly beautiful country that the Clinton administration thought worthy of permanent wilderness protection."

So many iconic national treasures are at stake:

  • In Vernal, northeastern Utah, ancient cultural artifacts and dinosaur fossils mingle with a range of wildlife and recreational opportunities.
  • Nine Mile Canyon, in the San Rafael swell, offers hiking, serenity and rock carvings over 1,000 years old.
  • In the Moab region, you'll find spectacular overlooks into nearby Canyonlands and Arches National Parks.

The damage caused by irresponsible exploration and resource exploitation would be irreversible. Once an area is riddled with roads, it will never be designated as Wilderness. We are working with members of Congress to permanently protect these areas as part of America's Red Rock Wilderness Act, but in the meantime, we need you to help us amplify our campaign.

Tell BLM Director James Caswell to stop the assault on public Utah land immediately.

Once you have sent your message, you can help us drum up support for protecting Utah's Red Rock Wilderness by spreading the word to your friends and family, encouraging them to also send a message.

The more people like you and me who take action today, the more wild places we can protect.

Kathy Kilmer
The Wilderness Society

7 years ago
as a new member bit of catching up to do, any petitons that are still open signed and action taken, letters sent etc. Sadly several campaigns were closed to all except americal and canada. Thanks so much for this thread, great to catch up!
7 years ago

In the last year, with your support, thousands of volunteers in the early voting states have asked the presidential candidates hundreds of questions on global warming - and many of the candidates have responded by making the issue a top priority.

But most of us don't get the chance to ask the presidential candidates about their commitment to solving global warming or their plan to push bold new energy policies. We have to rely on the media to ask these important questions. But what if reporters ignore the issue?

In 2007, the top five TV reporters have asked the presidential candidates nearly 2,500 questions. Of all of these questions, only three mentioned global warming! Three. All year. They asked the same number of questions about UFOs.

That's why we've launched a new effort to call these reporters to task.

We need your help in putting pressure on these reporters for ignoring the most important challenge of our generation.

In the more than 140 presidential debates and interviews these hosts have moderated, they have spent more time talking about baseball, UFOs, and Chuck Norris, while the most urgent threat facing us is ignored.

That's why we've pulled together a funny video highlighting the absurd questions that have been asked. We've also launched a petition urging these reporters to get serious about climate change.

Watch the video and sign the petition.

The head of the UN Panel on Climate Change recently stated that "if we wait until 2012 it will be too late. What we do in the next two or three years will determine our future."

The decisions made by our next president will make all the difference. So what are these reporters waiting for?

Tell them to focus on the human race not the horse race!

Thank you for your support,


Julie Waterman
Campaign Director,

8 years ago
The Bush administration is poised to approve the expansion of a
polluting phosphate mine in southeast Idaho that would seriously
jeopardize some of the state's most renowned wildlife and trout

The Smoky Canyon Mine is already listed as a Superfund site for
releasing hazardous amounts of toxic selenium into the
Caribou-Targhee National Forest. With no cleanup effort
underway, we need your urgent action to protect the
extraordinary wildlife and pristine forests of this region from
a renewed onslaught of pollution.

Go to
right now and urge the Bush administration to prohibit the
proposed 1,300-acre expansion of the Smoky Canyon Mine.

The Caribou-Targhee National Forest is home to some of the most
biologically diverse wildlands in the Greater Yellowstone

The celebrated forests and streams of this region provide a
refuge for lynx, moose, elk, mule deer and other wildlife, as
well as two species of native cutthroat trout. Anglers, hikers
and other recreationalists flock to this area from nearby
communities and from across the country.

If the Smoky Canyon Mine is expanded, even greater quantities of
toxic selenium will flow into the aquifers and streams of the
Sage Creek Roadless Area and other pristine forestlands --
threatening fish and wildlife, water quality and potentially
human health.

Go to
and tell the Bush administration to reject this disastrous
scheme and instead require the mine's owners to clean up the
existing selenium contamination.

Thank you for taking action to protect this outstanding expanse
of our national forests.


Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council
8 years ago

The unsurpassed beauty of Dinosaur National Monument, the awesome silence of Desolation and Grey Canyons, the rugged Eastern Bookcliffs, and some of the Colorado Plateau's most stunning wilderness - all of this splendor in northeastern Utah is publicly owned by you, me, and all Americans.

That makes these areas doubly precious.

Filled with ancient cultural artifacts and dinosaur fossils, critical habitat for a wide range of wildlife, and outstanding opportunities for backpacking, rafting, and other quiet recreational activities, this area merits the highest protection.

But a plan being devised by the BLM, which manages these lands for all of us, would open some of these areas to oil and gas development and increased off-road vehicle use.

Please take a moment to click through to our action page and urge the BLM to protect these areas.

We know this is a busy time for you. Thank you for taking action!

Kathy Kilmer
The Wilderness Society

8 years ago

You have an important and exciting opportunity to take part in local global warming events across the country this Saturday, November 3.

Environmental Defense is partnering with Step It Up 2007 and asking our online activists and supporters across the country to organize and participate in community rallies to demand leadership on global warming.

Please go to to learn how you can get involved.

November 3 is one year before the 2008 elections. The goal is to keep global warming at the top of the national agenda as the campaign season starts in earnest.

On the Step It Up site, you can join activists from nearly 100 grassroots advocacy organizations. Using the simple tools on the site, you can join a local event or start a new one.

This is a very exciting opportunity to coordinate with thousands of other activists in hundreds of communities across the country to keep political pressure on our national political candidates for real global warming action.

So far, every major party presidential candidate and more than 300 members of Congress have been invited to a Step It Up event.

By coordinating activities with so many other groups, we hope to turn up the heat on all of our political leaders and focus attention on their plans to fight global warming.

Please go to today to sign up and get involved.

Thanks for all you do,
Environmental Defense Action Network

8 years ago
We need your urgent action to make sure that Congress stands
firm against taxpayer subsidies for destroying America's
greatest temperate rainforest.

Please go to
right now and tell your senators and representative to protect
the Tongass, a thriving habitat for grizzly bears, salmon runs,
bald eagles and the elusive Alexander Archipelago wolf.

Thanks to pressure from you and other online activists, the
House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly in June to halt
taxpayer subsidies for destructive new logging roads in Alaska's
Tongass National Forest.

But Alaska's senior senator, Ted Stevens, is now working
feverishly behind closed doors to make sure that this
long-overdue legislation never sees the light of day. And he's
drafting his own, underhanded, amendment to restrict sharply the
public's ability to halt wasteful and devastating Tongass
logging in court.

Over the last 25 years, more than 1 billion taxpayer dollars
have been spent to clearcut and build roads through this
irreplaceable BioGem.

NRDC activists like you have spoken out again and again against
these wasteful handouts, which have enabled timber companies to
expand their reach into the unspoiled heart of America's

Please go to
and demand that House and Senate negotiators stand up to Senator
Stevens and his destructive logging-road subsidies in the

Thank you for helping to defend this priceless rainforest refuge
for imperiled Alaskan wildlife.


Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council

8 years ago

Utah's public lands belong to all of us, whether you live in New York, Chicago, California or Alaska. That's why we need your help today to stop the Bush Administration's attempt to degrade our public lands with their oil & gas and development agenda. 

For the last 6 years, the Bureau of Land Management has been revising 6 separate Resource Management Plans, or RMPs, affecting nearly 11 million acres of public land throughout Utah. These plans will dictate the specifics of how BLM will manage our public lands - including over 5 million acres of proposed wilderness - for decades to come. The Bush Administration has attempted to take full advantage of this planning process as a vehicle to firmly establish their exploitive public lands agenda for the next 15-20 years.

Today the Moab BLM field office will release its draft plan for how millions of acres in the heart of the redrock country will be managed, including which areas should be protected as wilderness, and which areas should be sacrificed for oil and gas exploration and off-road vehicle use. This planning document represents the culmination of hundreds of thousands of hours of work by career professionals at the BLM. And how long will the public have to submit comments on the document? A mere 90 days.

Please take a moment to contact the UT Bureau of Land Management, and ask for an extension to the public comment period for the RMPs. You can use SUWA's online advocacy center to send a message or log a call right now.

To take action by email, click here.

To take action by telephone, click here.

You can find out more about the statewide resource management planning process, and what you can do to help protect the heart of the Redrock country, by visiting



425 East 100 South, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84111

8 years ago

It takes total carbon dioxide emissions from most countries worldwide combined to equal just vehicle emissions in the United States, and as we consume more and more gas, pressure builds to drill in fragile and conflict-ridden areas.  Yet a quarter of the trips Americans make are within walking distance, and each American driver could keep nearly a thousand pounds of carbon dioxide out of the air by taking the Carbon Conscious Consumer pledge to find an alternative to driving only one day each week.  With gas prices so high, now is a great time to start reducing our reliance on cars.

Each month from July to December, Carbon Conscious Consumer (c3.newdream.orgwill highlight a new, simple way each individual can make an impact, plus show the difference each person makes both individually and along with the people they’ve influenced; prizes go to participants who influence the most new pledges.

This August, keep the car in the driveway one day each week.  Each gallon of gas that goes unused keeps twenty pounds of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.  In addition to benefiting the environment, participants will save money on gas, get exercise, and 39 participants will win one of four prizes like an all-expenses paid spot on the Sustainable Energy in Motion Bicycle Tour.  They can even go one step further and use information they find on to improve their gas mileage for the times they do have to drive.  Visit the website now to get started.

Sounds like the action day we did a month or so back?
8 years ago

Tell the EPA: Don't Pollute our National Parks!


Tell the Senate to Support the Massachusetts Ocean Act!
8 years ago


Urge Congress to Permanently Protect the Arctic Refuge!


Save the 120-year old Locust tree


Protect Our Coasts from Drilling

8 years ago

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is at it again. It seems as though the agency is determined to pave the way for dozens of new coal-fired power plants, including some close to our national parks!

EPA is trying to make it easier for coal-fired power plants to set up shop near our national parks. A proposed EPA rule would invite coal-fired power plants to emit more pollution into our national parks and other treasured places.

Click here to tell the EPA just what you think about this proposed rule >

8 years ago

The National Parks Conservation Association is America's only private, non profit advocacy organization dedicated solely to protecting, preserving, and enhancing the National Park System.

Current Advocacy Campaigns from NPCANew EPA Rule Means More Pollution for Parks 
June 21, 2007 Make National Parks a National Priority - Sign The Petition 
January 17, 2007Spring Cleaning for National Parks 
April 04, 2007 Sign the Fix Our Parks Pledge 
October 24, 2006
8 years ago

Off-road vehicles (ORVs) pose a major and growing threat to the integrity of our wilderness-quality public lands.  As reported recently in the Salt Lake Tribune:

A group of former public-land managers says abuse by off-highway vehicles and their riders has become a crisis. In response, Rangers for Responsible Recreation sees tougher enforcement, more funding and a congressional inquiry as solutions. "There is no greater threat to our country's public-land treasure than off-road vehicles," said Jim Baca, a former director of the Bureau of Land Management who is one of the dozen land management professionals in the newly formed group. 
                                                                                    Salt Lake Tribune 6/29/07

At the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance we have been working hard to protect Utah’s wild lands from ORV abuse. You can join this effort by becoming a member of SUWA today.  For more information about the threat posed by ORVs visit our website

8 years ago
Help us to collect 10,000 messages posted on this Tree.

Post your messages, and invite everyone to see them.
Make a difference and help us to plant 1000 Trees!

Tree-Nation will:
    * Plant 1000 trees!  A small forest to help grow our heart.
    * Give them away to YOU!  A chance to receive a Tree for Free.
    * Send the messages to the UNEP Billion Tree Campaign and Wangari Maathai 'The Mother of Trees'. An additional 10,000 voices to support their campaigns.

1000 Trees for 10,000 Messages!

Simply follow this link to post your message: 1000 Trees for 10,000 Messages!

Your message can be fun, poetic, environmental or just some passing thoughts. 

You can add an image or simply words.

Visit this link to post your message: 1000 Trees for 10,000 Messages!

Help collect the messages we need and forward this Tree to all your friends

Saludos y abrazos
reminder: protest ridiculous gas prices tomorrow
8 years ago

reminder: protest ridiculous gas prices tomorrow --- buy NO gas

if possible do not even drive tomorrow

give mother earth a break and send a clear message that our power is unlimited and our patience wears thin...BUY NO GASOLINE TOMORROW- if possible buy nothing tomorrow -  prepare today ~~~

8 years ago
Let the Forest Service know you want the National Forests in Idaho protected!

The Forest Service is accepting public comments until May 10, 2007 on a proposal to reverse protections for roadless areas on Idaho's national forests.

These roadless areas are of national and global significance. Idaho and the Northern Rockies are the last place in the lower 48 states where nearly all of the wildlife species that characterize the region can still be found. The variety of landscapes represented by these roadless lands is unmatched by any other state outside of Alaska. They represent some of the last of America's wild frontier.

Currently these areas are protected under the Roadless Area Conservation Rule but the administration's new proposed rule threatens to undermine these protections. Tell the Forest Service to keep the protection for these wild forests intact.

8 years ago

Tell the EPA to Step up and do its Job!

The Supreme Court recently ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency can regulate heat-trapping pollution.

Now it is time for the EPA to step up and do its job.

Tell the EPA to regulate Global Warming pollution!

The science says we need only reduce our emissions by about two percent a year through mid-century to avoid a dangerous tipping point in the climate system. The longer we wait, the sharper the cuts will have to be, adding not only economic strains, but reducing the likelihood that we will be successful.

In the wake of the historic Supreme Court ruling, send a message to EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson - and tell him to enact regulations on heat-trapping pollution!

8 years ago
The Time is Now for Global Warming Action
The United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)--the world's leading authority on global warming--released a report on the effects of a warming climate on wildlife and the environment.

According to the report, approximately 20-30 percent of plant and animal species are likely to be at increased risk of extinction due to global warming.

While the changing climate will impact every person on the world, we have the opportunity to reduce those impacts. It's time for America to take the lead on global warming solutions! Sign below and we'll send this pledge, which includes a summary of the report, to your representative so they can begin to act.

Great Lakes Action
8 years ago
Remember the story about King Midas? He wished everything he touched would turn to gold. Then he sat down at a banquet and his food turned to gold, his goblet of water turned to gold--he then understood his mistake. Just like King Midas, we can never sell our water for money. It is in the commons. It belongs to the eight states and two provinces--the bottom lands under the waters as well as the shores, tributaries and groundwater that feeds the Great Lakes. If we sell this water, the Great Lakes will shrink and their species will die.

We need better legislation to protect the Great Lakes. In Michigan, Annex 2001 legislation has been introduced--SB 212. The first hearing has been held. Ken DeBeaussaert, Director of the Office of the Great Lakes presented the information. All eight states must adopt identical legislation.

What you can do: write, call and e-mail your state representatives to give your support for Annex 2001. There will be more hearings this spring.
8 years ago


Hello fellow Virtual Marchers! The movement to stop global warming is building, and you are all part of one of the most important moments in human history, the moment when we all started to face the urgent issue of global warming and committed to be a part of the solution! Our collective voice is strong and growing louder by the day to force the leadership of this country to immediately freeze and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The Stop Global Warming College Tour is in full swing. Today we are at Middle Tennessee State University, in Murfreesboro, TN, then we move on to Vanderbilt University, University of Virginia, and University of Maryland, with a final stop on April 22 at George Washington University in Washington, DC, where we'll be joined by Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Larry David, Carole King, Robert Kennedy Jr. and other special guests for a celebration of Earth Day.

I am constantly amazed at how savvy, energetic and well-informed young people are today. History has proved that students have always been at the forefront of social change, and it is inspiring to see the passion and commitment to stop global warming galvanizing on America's campuses. From Liz Healy, a junior at SMU, working to get her campus to buy clean energy, to a young man named Rodrigo at Texas A&M, who is the head of the college organization "A&M Clean Energy Now," I am encouraged by the fact that there are little grass fires being started out there on this issue. Hopefully, before too long, the fire will be raging.

Campuses can set the example for their communities and the nation! The carbon footprint of higher education is significant. Most campuses are so large, they are like small cities. Imagine what could be accomplished on a campus, what the purchasing power of a university could be in compact fluorescent light bulbs, green paper products, and renewable energy.

At Texas A&M, the Dining Services are fueling their campus delivery truck with biodiesel fuel made from used cooking oils generated by the university¹s dining facilities. How cool is that? They are making productive use of what would normally be considered waste. All campuses should be doing this! This is a challenge of massive proportions, one that desperately calls for vision and leadership from students and higher education. From all the students we have met on the road, I KNOW you are ready and willing to head this challenge!

For more on the Stop Global Warming College Tour, check out

Stop Global Warming College Tour

Keep Marching!

Signing off from the road,

Sheryl Crow

8 years ago

Tell Congress to Increase Fuel Economy Standards


Global warming, air pollution, and our dependence on nuclear power, oil and coal are some of our nation’s most pressing problems. Now is a time for a bold shift from our reliance on dirty fossil fuels and unsafe nuclear power to a safer, cleaner energy future built on clean power and energy saving technology.

The biggest single step that the United States can take to curb global warming and save oil is to raise the fuel economy of our cars and light trucks. By making our cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs go farther on a gallon of gas, Americans can save billions of dollars, curb global warming pollution, and slash our dependence on oil — making our nation safer and more secure. 

The Markey (D-MA) and Platts (R-PA) fuel-economy legislation would increase fuel-economy standards four percent each year for the next ten years. If passed, this legislation would save more oil than we currently import from the entire Persian Gulf. 

The technology exists today to make any vehicle – from cars to SUVs to pickups – get better fuel economy. But instead of putting technology to work, fuel-economy standards have stagnated since they were first adopted in 1975. It is time for Congress to once again set higher fuel-economy standards to jumpstart the auto industry to build safer and more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Support increased fuel-economy standards and urge Congress to adopt the Markey and Platts fuel economy bill (H.R. 1506)!


8 years ago

The Sky Belongs To All of Us.

We've got to freeze global warming pollution immediately, and start reducing it as quickly as possible. A variety of approaches are being considered in Washington. One good option is a government auction of carbon emission permits.

But there's also talk of a giant giveaway -- allowing today's polluters to keep polluting at current levels at no cost. This would reward irresponsible companies and penalize those that have already reduced their emissions. It's just wrong. Instead, every company should be treated equally.

8 years ago
Fight Global Warming for Earth Day 2007

There's no time to waste!  Unless we address global warming now, it could cause devastating coastal flooding severe wildfires, droughts, and could kill off 50% of Earth's species.

But two new groundbreaking bills, the Sanders-Boxer Global Warming Pollution Reduction Act (S. 309) and the Waxman Safe Climate Act (HR. 1590) would fight global warming by reducing emissions and promoting energy efficiency through the use of clean, renewable energy sources.

click here To Take Action
8 years ago
Support Effective and Real Global Warming Action
Enough time has passed, and we have not seen any big steps to stop global warming. 

We need to make 2007 the year for meaningful legislation on global warming.

Senators Lieberman and McCain have reintroduced their Climate Stewardship and Innovation Act and we expect up to six additional global warming bills to come within the month.

Take action to support tough global warming legislation that meets these four main goals:
1) A real limit on pollution without loopholes or “escape hatches”

2) A trading system that allows those who can most efficiently reduce pollution to sell reductions to others
3) A standard for biofuels to ensure that they do cut global warming pollution
4) Free market competition for next generation energy sources

With the new Congress, we have a new opportunity to pass important legislation.

Take action to support new global warming legislation by sending this email to your senators today!
Support America's Red Rock Wilderness Act
8 years ago
Utah is home to some of the most striking undeveloped landscapes in the country, including the Colorado, Green, San Juan and Dolores rivers, the Kaiparowits Plateau, the Book Cliffs and many more.

But these areas are not yet permanently protected. If they disappear, future generations will never get to enjoy them.

America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act seeks to protect more than 9 million acres of wilderness-quality land in Utah by adding them to the National Wilderness Preservation System.

The bill is supported by SUWA, the Sierra Club, The Wilderness Society, the Natural Resources Defense Council and more than 200 other national and regional conservation organizations belonging to the Utah Wilderness Coalition.

Future generations should have the opportunity to experience these beautiful lands as we can. Sign this petition to encourage your members of Congress to co-sponsor America's Red Rock Wilderness Act!
8 years ago
Support the Proposed Ban on Plastic Grocery Bags 11:33 PM

Help encourage San Francisco to lead the way in reducing global warming emissions by banning plastic grocery bags - and other cities may do the same.

Plastic bags eat up fossil fuel, litter streets and choke wildlife. What's more, it is estimated that plastic bags can take between 500 and 1000 years to decompose!

The Board of Supervisors have proposed a ban on plastic bags for large grocers in San Francisco. If this law were passed, large stores would have to offer customers bags made of recycled paper, plastic that can be composted or bags that can be reused. Violators would be required to pay a fine. The city's own Mayor, Gavin Newsom, endorses this bill.

According to a study by the UK-based Ban the Bag, only 0.5% of plastic bags are recycled. This means most bags are being thrown into waste dumps, where they will remain for hundreds of years.

Show your support for San Francisco's ban on plastic bags, so that other cities may follow suit. If you are a U.S. resident, a copy of your letter will also be sent to your state Governor!
Al GOES to Congress 4 us
8 years ago
Al GOES to Congress 4 us
Photo - Al Gore

Al Gore will deliver a message with your name to Congress.

Thank you

Thank you for helping me take this crucial message to Congress.

On March 21st, I'm going to hand-deliver your messages on television when I testify at Congressional hearings on global warming.

This is an incredible opportunity to show Congress the energy behind this issue. I need your help to really make it count. Can you commit to getting 10 of your friends to sign a message to Congress before March 21st?

To get your friends involved in our effort, please forward them this note or direct them to:

Thank you,
-Al Gore

To return to the homepage, click here.

Thanks Indigo for this alert
8 years ago

"> Signatures Received : 0017 !!!Goal : 1000 With the release of An Inconvenient Truth last May, Mr. Gore and the producers have managed to raise awareness of this crisis and our part in it to a level that will hopefully be sustained enough this year to warrant some real progress. This petition will be sent by me to Mr. Gore directly to Nashville, TN, U.S.A at the end of this month to show him the amount of support people have for his work on the climate crisis, and to show their signatures pledging to help him that they will become climate messengers and begin the work necessary that must be done now to see positive change. We can all do it this year. This can be the year we finally show our Earth that we truly do care for her. Please sign this petition for your planet and make a commitment you will never regret. Post your ideas in our group!!

8 years ago

Keep Millions of Tons of Mountaintop Mining Waste Out of Our Waterways

Save the South Shore

8 years ago

Three Days To Stop Climate Change !!!

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8 years ago

Dear friend,

On Thursday March 15th, the environment ministers from the G8, the world's biggest contributors to climate change, will be meeting in Germany. The outcome of this meeting will play a critical role in determining the world's response to global warming--and the fate of the planet.

AVAAZ has been invited to attend this meeting to present our climate change petition. Help seize this opportunity to shape the G8's agenda by signing the petition here:

The G8 is a summit of world leaders from the "Group of 8" largest economies. Together, these countries account for 50% of global greenhouse gas emissions--the gasses that cause climate change. The full G8 summit is coming in June, but the agenda and outcome of this type of high-profile event is usually set far in advance--at meetings like this one of the Environment Ministers.

This year, the president of the G8 is German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Her environment minister, Sigmar Gabriel, is in charge of the ministers meetings from March 15th-17th. And at 4 pm on Thursday the 15th, we have a personal meeting with Mr. Gabriel to present our petition for binding emissions targets to stop catastrophic climate change.

Mrs. Merkel has indicated an interest in making climate change a top priority. With a significant global petition, we can make the case that the world is ready for aggressive leadership on climate change--and pave the way for truly historic commitments at the G8 summit this June.

It's a rare opportunity to have a global impact. Add your voice to the petition now:

50,000 people from 131 countries have already demanded action. Our goal is to reach 100,000. Please sign the petition, forward this email to friends and family, and post the link on your blog--we only have a few days to make this statement count.

If we add our voices together, now, 2007 can become the year we took the first step to save the world.

With hope,

Ricken, David, Iain, Lee-Sean, Galit, Graziela, and the whole AVAAZ team

8 years ago

Protect the Giant Sequoias From Logging

8 years ago

Give Up Something That Contributes to Global Warming For Lent!

This Lenten season, restore your relationship with all of God's community by giving up something in your life that contributes to global warming.

Global warming is already putting stress on humans and the rest of God's creation through rising waters, increased storm events, and severe drought. However, through individual efforts and congregational actions we can become better stewards of God's creation and stop more severe climate change from happening. Lent, a season for reflection, prayer, and preparation, is the perfect time to act to reduce global warming's impacts. You can take action in simple ways, like replacing incandescent light bulbs in your home with compact florescent light bulbs (CFLs). CFL bulbs use only a fraction of the energy used by incandescent bulbs and significantly reduce our carbon emissions.

Tell us how you are going to work to restore your relationship with God's creation and curb global warming!
8 years ago

Protect North America’s Boreal Forest

The Boreal Forest of North America is the summer breeding ground for over 300 species of birds we see regularly in urban Canada and the U.S., including sparrows, warblers, woodpeckers, and the endangered Whooping Crane. Now, these birds and our environment are under threat.

International oil companies are on a fast track to construct oil and gas pipelines through the Boreal Forest – the last unspoiled forest on Earth.

These pipelines will fuel the Alberta Tar Sands, the dirtiest oil extraction process on Earth, which produces 3 times as much greenhouse gas as conventional oil production, accelerating global warming.

We need to ensure that critical habitat is protected before these pipelines are built, or our birds and our environment will suffer greatly. We also need to put the brakes on Tar Sands pollution!

Have a Heart for God's People and Planet
8 years ago
8 years ago
Do you want to help protect Vancouver Island's endangered ancient
forests and also have a chance to win some great prizes? If so,
please take part in our petition drive competition!

>From now until 12:00 noon on March 23, we'll be asking all those
who want Vancouver Island's remaining ancient forests protected
to circulate a petition which you can download at

The petition calls on the BC government to end old-growth logging
on Vancouver Island and to ban raw log exports from BC.

The 1st place winner gets a $250 gift certificate on all items in
the Western Canada Wilderness Committee's Rainforest Store in
Victoria, while the next 9 highest signature-collectors will also
get prizes (soon TBA - check our website
soon for details). We'll send you the prizes if you can't make it
to Victoria!

Do petitions work? YES!!! Only when enough people know, care, and
speak up are governments forced to listen and do the right
things. Look at what's happening with climate change right now.
Petitions, letters, rallies, and protests all add-up together to
generate the public awareness and mobilization to force
politicians - who are worried about staying in power - to act
accordingly, or else get tossed from power.

Our goal is to collect 10 000 signatures over the next 5 weeks,
pushing our current total to over 20 000 signatures. Signatures
from anywhere on planet Earth are valid, since BC's old-growth
forest products are sold internationally, too.

Where can you collect signatures? On busy streets is quickest
("Hi, please sign our old-growth forest petition!"), as well as
in class (pass many copies up and down the aisles), door to door,
at line-ups, and among roommates, friends and neighbours.

Please return all petitions to our WCWC Victoria office at 651
Johnson St., Victoria, BC V8W 1M7
(open M-F 10-5 pm, Sat. 11-5
pm) no later than 12 pm noon on Friday, March 23. We'll be
announcing the winners at our Vancouver Island Ancient Forest
Rally on March 24 at the BC Legislature (12 noon) in Victoria.

Already 75% of Vancouver Island's original ancient forests have
been cut down, including 90% of the valley-bottom ancient
forests, and 99% of the old-growth Coastal Douglas Fir forests.

The WCWC is calling on the BC government to protect the remaining
old-growth forests on Vancouver Island and to force the timber
industry to make a full transition into second-growth logging at
a slower, more sustainable pace. Other jurisdictions, such as New
and southwestern Australia, have already banned
old-growth logging in recent years, and BC can feasibly do the
same on Vancouver Island and in southern BC where most logging
already takes place in second-growth forests. The WCWC is also
calling on the BC government to ban raw log exports (almost 5
million cubic meters exported each year from BC) in order to
protect the jobs of BC millworkers.

For more info on the campaign or to download petitions, visit:

You can also pick-up petitions at our office at our Victoria
office (250-388-9292) at 651 Johnson St. or our Vancouver office
at 341 Water St. (604-683-8220).

8 years ago
Our national parks are in need of repair due to an extreme lack
of funding. The new Congress has an opportunity to increase
funding for national parks. I just sent a message to Congress
and to the Bush Administration urging them to boost funding for
our national parks.

Can you send a message too? The more people they hear from, the
better our chances to see results and repair our parks. Click
below to send your message:

8 years ago

Global Warming: Urge Presidential Hopefuls to Take a Stand!


As candidates from all parties are throwing their hats into the ring and traveling the country in search of public support, NOW is the time to make a huge splash. We have a tremendous opportunity to make sure our next president is committed to solving global warming.

Help turn up the heat! Show that solving global warming is a priority. Sign the Heat Is On Petition below. Help us reach 50,000 signatures!

8 years ago
Save the Tongass from Destructive Logging
Time is running out to save America's rainforest from the chopping block. And this is your chance to protect it. Right now, the Forest Service is determining the fate of Alaska's Tongass National Forest.

Port Houghton, Tongass National Forest
Photo Credit: John Schoen

A new management plan proposes a devastating increase in logging levels in pristine natural areas. This plan could lead to a loss of crucial wildlife habitat in an area already scarred by decades of irresponsible, clearcut logging.

The good news is that the public can help shape this plan, but only for a limited period of time. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to demand permanent protection and influence the fate of the rainforest in Alaska!

Don't let the administration use our taxpayer dollars to feed America's rainforest to the timber industry. It's destructive and a money-losing venture!

Time is running short. Sign the petition TODAY!
8 years ago
Today I have great news for our oceans, seafood lovers and especially Louisiana residents. After receiving more than 100 phone calls, and thousands of postcards and e-mails, the Pioneer chlorine plant outside Baton Rouge announced yesterday that it will switch to mercury-free technology! Help us celebrate this victory by stepping up our efforts to get other plants to follow suit.

>> Take Action! Tell the remaining five plants to go mercury free
Oceana has been working to convince Pioneer and other chlorine companies to go mercury free since early 2005. Of the nine chlorine plants that were using outdated technology when we started the campaign, Pioneer is the fourth to stop.

Of the remaining companies, one stands out as the dirtiest of the bunch. Olin is the only company still running two plants using outdated mercury technology- in Georgia and Tennessee. It also holds the record for the chlorine company that has emitted the most mercury over the last twenty years.

We currently have a community organizer based in Georgia targeting the Olin plant there and next week we're adding one in Tennessee, where Olin operates its other mercury cell chlorine plant and its chlorine division offices. But our organizer can't do it alone. To support this work, there are two things you can do right now:
  1. Send an e-mail to the CEO of Olin and the other three remaining companies telling them to go mercury-free
  2. Make a special donation to place an ad in a local Tennessee paper
This targeted ad campaign will alert the community to the company's pollution, grab local executives' attention and help our organizer find community volunteers. If WaveMakers like you help us raise enough money, we can kick off the local campaign with an ad next week and also help our organizer shine a spotlight on the company with ads throughout the next few months. Can you help us raise $5,000 by Snorkel 
8 years ago
Support Effective and Real Global Warming Action
In the past two years there has been a lot of tough talk on global warming. But our elected leaders have yet to put forth any real or effective solutions.

With the new Congress, we have a new opportunity to pass meaningful legislation. Environmental leaders and many of this countries largest companies support passing mandatory limits on carbon emissions and with a robust trading system. And polls have shown a strong majority of Americans - including a majority of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents - favor such a plan.

We need to make 2007 the year for effective global warming action!

Tell your Member of Congress to enacting a hard cap on global warming pollution and a concrete timetable for reduction.
Stop EPA From Abandoning 30 Years of Air Quality Control
8 years ago
Lead is one of the most harmful toxins on Earth and is especially hazardous for children.

Incredibly, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is considering removing lead entirely from the list of pollutants it controls under the Clean Air Act.

Exposure to leads can pose high risks to humans. Lead poisoning damages the major organs and causes osteoporosis, high blood pressure, heart disease, anemia, memory problems and seizures. Children are at the greatest risk with lead poisoning, as low levels of lead can cause lowered IQ levels and learning deficits.

Please act now to ensure that your health isn't threatened. Tell the EPA that it must continue to use the best available science to protect the air we breathe from dangerous lead pollution.
8 years ago
It took six years but President Bush finally said "climate change" in a State of the Union speech.

Unfortunately, he left out the magic words that could save us: "mandatory limits on global warming pollution." And we can't afford to wait one more day -- much less two more years -- for this president to see the light.

Scientists are telling us loud and clear that if we don't act now to cut greenhouse gas emissions, the window of opportunity will soon shut forever, and the outcome will be devastating.

Allowing temperatures to rise more than another 2 degrees Fahrenheit could mean the irreversible melting of the Greenland ice sheet, a 20-foot rise in sea levels, and the extinction of innumerable species, including the polar bear.

It's way too late for talk and half measures. We know what has to be done. Now we've got to get the new Congress to do it.

Send a message telling your Senators and Representative to pass tough global warming legislation now.

That legislation must cut our nation's global warming pollution 25 percent by 2020 and 80 percent by 2050 if we are to have a real chance of stabilizing the world's climate. That is the reality according to science.

And while the White House may still be in denial about that science, corporate America is not. The day before the State of the Union speech, ten of the most influential companies in the world joined with NRDC (our sister organization) and other leading environmental groups to call on Congress for an immediate and mandatory approach to cutting global warming pollution!

Now, I don't need to tell you that NRDC has protected the environment by fighting tooth and nail with some of America's biggest companies. So when corporate giants line up with us to ask for pollution controls, you better believe the reality of global warming is hitting home.

We are witnessing history in the making. The president has said the words. Corporate America sees the writing on the wall. And the leadership of a new Congress has vowed to tackle the problem.

But it's going to take overwhelming public support to pass the kind of bold legislation that our planet so desperately needs.

Make your voice heard. Tell your Senators and Representative to cut global warming pollution 25 percent by 2020 and 80 percent by 2050.

Let's make 2007 the year America stops talking and starts taking action.

Frances Beinecke
NRDC Action Fund

8 years ago

Catman has received 195 new, 762 total stars from Care2 membersCatman has been awarded 1087 butterflies for taking action at Care2Catman has 2 Golden Notes. Catman P.

EPA Set to Abandon 30 Years of Air Quality Control

Lead is one of the most harmful toxins on Earth and is especially hazardous for children. Incredibly, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is considering removing lead entirely from the list of pollutants it controls under the Clean Air Act. Tell the EPA that it must continue to use the best available science to protect the air we breathe from dangerous lead pollution.

Please Sign And Forward
Bless You All
Catman P.
8 years ago
The Cline Mining Corporation wants to gouge a heavily polluting
coal mine out of the Flathead River Valley, a thriving Rocky
Mountain habitat for grizzly bears that straddles the border of
Montana and British Columbia.

We need your immediate action to block this dangerous open-pit
mining scheme, which would poison the headwaters of the Flathead
River and jeopardize the survival of downstream populations of
imperiled grizzly bears, wolves, cutthroat trout and other

Please go to
and urge the British Columbia government to protect the
spectacular wildlands and wildlife of the Flathead basin by
rejecting the Cline Mining Corporation's reckless plan.

Cline's mining proposal calls for removing mountain tops and
building waste dumps and settling ponds right on top of the
headwaters of the Flathead River in British Columbia.

Hazardous pollution from the mine would travel downriver into
Montana, putting the endangered grizzlies and other wildlife of
Glacier National Park at even greater risk.

Please go to
and join Governor Brian Schweitzer and Senator Max Bauchus of
Montana in speaking out against this scheme.

Thank you for helping to protect grizzly bears and other
imperiled Rocky Mountain wildlife.


Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council
9 years ago

I have good news to share with you today! In an amazing victory for our new energy future, the House of Representatives passed the C.L.E.A.N. Energy Act of 2007, taking billions of dollars in subsidies away from oil companies and investing it into renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. 

I want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in this campaign!

This is an important step toward a better, cleaner energy future for all of us and an excellent start to the new Congress.

We could not have done this without your help.

  • More than 26,000 activists sent messages to their Representatives in support of the bill, and
  • Generous donations from activists helped us raise more than $10,000 to support our highly effective grassroots phone banking campaign. Thanks to them, we were able to make over 2,100 calls to 30 key decision-makers in the House with strong messages of support from their constituents in the final days leading up to the vote.

Despite earning record-breaking profits, Big Oil companies have been unfairly benefiting from billions of dollars in taxpayer-sponsored government hand-outs.

But now Congress has voted to put a stop to this unfair, short-sighted behavior and to work towards a cleaner energy future, thanks to thousands of activists like you.

Give yourself a big pat on the back!

Thank you again for your dedication.

All the best,

Julie Waterman
Campaign Director,

9 years ago

We have a chance this week to promote clean energy.

On Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on H.R. 6, the Clean Energy Act of 2007.

This bill would fund clean energy projects by rolling back billions of dollars worth of oil drilling incentives and raising billions more through federal royalties paid by oil and gas companies for offshore production from taxpayer-owned oil and gas fields.

Send an email today. Ask your representative to vote "YES" on H.R. 6 to end these tax subsidies and channel the funds to a clean energy future.

The Clean Energy Act of 2007 would:

Raise fees on offshore oil and natural gas leases as well as other leases on extractive activities on public lands, resulting in $6.3 billion over ten years;

Reduce tax subsidies on income derived from the sale of oil, natural gas, or any associated primary products, resulting in $7.6 billion over ten years;

Use these additional fees and tax receipts to create a Strategic Energy Efficiency and Renewables Reserve to promote clean energy and energy efficiency.

The House is scheduled to vote on this bill this Thursday as part of the first 100 hours of the 110th Congress.

While the Clean Energy Act of 2007 is no substitute for a bill to cap America's global warming pollution, its passage will give a shot in the arm to America's development of clean and renewable energy.

Help send a clear and powerful message in support of clean energy.

Take action today.

Thanks for all you do!


The Environmental Defense Action Network Team

9 years ago
Urgent: Congress to Vote on Energy, Show Them Where You Stand!

During the first 100 legislative hours of the new Congress, House leaders have pledged to pass key bills affecting the everyday lives of all Americans.

One of these bills, which Congress is slated to vote on soon, would increase investment in renewable energy and begin the path to energy independence.

9 years ago
Tell Congress to Protect Our Oceans

Our oceans are in serious decline. Overfishing, marine habitat destruction, coastal development, and pollution are pushing our ocean systems to the brink of collapse.

9 years ago
Thank Representative Sam Farr for his dedication to the oceans!

9 years ago
Tell Congress to Reject ExxonMobil's Tactics and Take Real Action on Global Warming!

9 years ago

Just weeks after the American people voted resoundingly for change and a new direction on energy - not for the failed energy policies of the past – the Republican leadership in the House has scheduled a vote on an offshore drilling bill.  Did they learn nothing from the recent elections?

The U.S. House is expected to vote this Tuesday on a bill to open eight million acres off of Florida's west coast to new offshore drilling. 

Demand a better energy future – write your Representative today!

The House is poised to vote on a Senate-passed bill, in order to give one last gift to the oil industry before people like defeated Rep. Richard Pombo leave Congress.  Soon to be Speaker Pelosi has already announced plans to repeal subsidies to oil companies as part of the first 100 hours of the 110th Congress, and Big Oil is desperate to have Congress pass this bill now.

Starting in January, Congress is poised to stand up for real solutions to our energy crisis – ones that embrace innovative new energy-efficient technologies, create jobs, cut pollution, and reduce our dependence on oil.  Let's make sure Congress doesn't give one last handout to Big Oil.

Why should your representative vote against the offshore oil drilling bill?
o  America should focus on developing new technologies, slowing oil consumption, and reducing the global warming pollution it causes.
o  This bill opens eight million acres off of Florida's west coast to new offshore drilling.

With pro-environment members about to assume control of Congress and of environmental committees, there's no reason to allow the current House leadership to ram this bill through on their way out of town.

We have better energy solutions right at our fingertips; we do not need to drill off our pristine coasts. It's time for Congress to embrace a cleaner energy future!

Tell your representative to stand up for clean energy and coastal protections.

Tell your representative there is no reason to sacrifice our sensitive shorelines. Not when we can take the faster, cleaner, cheaper, and longer-term energy route.

Thanks for your support,

Gene Karpinski


League of Conservation Voters

9 years ago
Tell Texas Utility Company: Don't Barbeque Our Planet!

Texas utility giant TXU has announced plans to build eleven massive
new power plants that will use outdated, pulverized-coal-burning
technology. Texas Governor Rick Perry -- who's taken hundreds of
thousands of dollars in contributions from utility companies in recent
years -- has now fast-tracked the permitting process for these plants
and limited public input.

If built, these plants will lock in 78 million tons of carbon dioxide
emissions per year -- the equivalent of 10 million Cadillac Escalade
SUVs -- for decades to come. Texas' energy needs can easily and
quickly be met through conservation and energy efficiency measures
that won't trash our climate.

Tell TXU C.E.O. John Wilder and Texas Governor Rick Perry not to
barbeque our planet. Click here:
9 years ago

Today the Supreme Court takes up a landmark case that could change the current US policy on Global Warming. In total, twelve states, three major cities, and American Samoa are filing suit against the EPA for not regulating emissions for new motor vehicles, in direct violation of the Clean Air Act. As people of faith, we are called to protect all of God’s creation. There is now a consensus among faith leaders, scientists, and government officials that global warming is real and that creation is in jeopardy. But we have an opportunity to do something about it!


While many agree that it is a major concern, we need action by Congress to assure that God’s creation will be preserved for future generations.


Take a moment NOW to urge your lawmakers to take action to protect creation.


Why write today?  Because leaders in Congress are setting their agendas, and our earth is simply too important to be treated as a political item for trade.  Let's begin today - as the Supreme Court begins its case and before the new Congress convenes - to let lawmakers know that the earth is NOT a Washington poker chip, NOT big oil's ATM, and decidedly NOT for sale. 


Blessings to you for all you do - for others and for your mother (earth!)



Vince Isner and the FaithfulAmerica Team

9 years ago

Election Day just got much tougher for five more Dirty Dozen candidates who consistently vote against the environment.

Watch out, Senator George Allen (VA) and Representatives Dan Boren (OK), J.D. Hayworth (AZ) and Deborah Pryce (OH)! Also added is Rep. Bob Beauprez, candidate for governor in Colorado, the first gubernatorial candidate ever added to the Dirty Dozen list.

These candidates, joining 8 others to make a baker's Dirty Dozen, have sided with Big Oil and ignored America's energy needs – far too often.

The other Dirty Dozen members are Senators Conrad Burns (MT), Rick Santorum (PA), Jim Talent (MO) and Representatives Henry Cuellar (TX), Katherine Harris (FL), Richard Pombo (CA), Charles Taylor (NC), and Heather Wilson (NM).

The full Dirty Dozen -- anti-environmentalists in Congress that LCV Action Fund has slated for defeat in November -- prioritize Big Oil campaign contributions over a clean energy future for America. With your help, LCV Action Fund will take them down on Election Day next month!
Many of the Dirty Dozen are vulnerable this election, poll numbers suggest. Some, like Big Oil buddies Richard Pombo and Conrad Burns, are running neck-and-neck or even slightly behind their challengers.

We have the momentum - now is the time to ramp it up. That's why LCV Action Fund's field staff and volunteers are working day and night, knocking on doors, speaking to community groups, and calling voters to educate them about the Dirty Dozen's horrendous environmental voting record.

Since we launched Dirty Dozen campaigns a decade ago, we've succeeded in voting out of office over half of our targets. If we can do the same this fall, we will change the face of Congress!

Even though Election Day is only 5 weeks away, we still have a long road ahead. But, with your vote, we believe we can secure a new Congress – and we cannot wait!


Gene Karpinski

League of Conservation Voters
9 years ago

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore on Monday suggested taxing carbon dioxide emissions instead of employees' pay in a bid to stem global warming.

"Penalizing pollution instead of penalizing employment will work to reduce that pollution," Gore said in a speech at New York University School of Law.

The pollution tax would replace all payroll taxes, including those for Social Security and unemployment compensation, Gore said. He said the overall level of taxation, would remain the same.

"Instead of discouraging businesses from hiring more employees it would discourage business from producing more pollution," Gore said.

Gore, a longtime environmentalist, also proposed that the United States re-join any successor to the U.N. Kyoto Protocol for curbing global warming beyond 2012.

Scientists believe global warming is caused by the trapping of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, in Earth's atmosphere. The consequences of this climate change include rising seas, stronger storms and intense heat waves.

Under the Kyoto global warming treaty, 35 industrialized nations -- but not the United States -- have agreed to cut carbon dioxide emissions to below 1990 levels. withdrew from the Kyoto pact in 2001, saying its caps on greenhouse gases would cost jobs.

President George W. Bush

"The absence of the United States from the treaty means that 25 percent of the world economy is now missing. It is like filling a bucket with a large hole in the bottom," Gore said.

Gore's proposals may be too radical to gain much support and are likely to be opposed by some business interests.

Many power companies are watching the U.S. government's every step on global warming. Any future national plan in the United States, the world's top emitter of greenhouse gases, to regulate such gases could force many companies to shut down coal-fired generation or add expensive carbon-capturing devices to their equipment.

9 years ago

Ask Your Senators To Protect Our National Forests From Excessive And Inappropriate Logging

This week, the Senate Agriculture Committee will review and vote on a bill, HR 4200, (HR 4200 is the bill in the Senate) that could cause serious harm to the long-term health of our public forests. The Senate is considering linking HR 4200 with funding for the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self Determination Act (County Payments Act) and including this combination in the Department of Defense bill. The Senate needs to know that this is not OK.

The bill would exclude the public from decisions regarding the management of our public lands. It also ignores important scientific research, threatens the Endangered Species Act, and leaves roadless areas, ancient forests, and other special areas unprotected. Additionally, attaching this bill to rural schools does not create a reliable and source of funding.

Please ask your Senator to OPPOSE HR 4200 and OPPOSE any action that would lead to a rider that combines HR 4200 to rural schools; our natural heritage and schools deserve better.

You can deliver this message now by clicking here and sending a letter to your Senator.

What's at Stake

Our public forests, when left to their natural cycles, are a thriving and diverse home to an endless array of wildlife, fish, and spectacular old growth stands. We treasure these roadless wildlands as places to camp, hunt, fish and hike, and we depend on these places for fresh water and clean air.

Almost 600 renowned scientists have stated that after events such as wildfire, nature knows best about how forests should recover. View a copy of a letter from scientists here [pdf].

H.R. 4200 would permit aggressive salvage logging operations on federal lands that would degrade valuable fish and wildlife habitats. Logging after fires and other natural disturbances can be harmful to recovering forests, damaging water quality and the fish and wildlife that depend on them.

What's the Threat?

HR 4200 will change the way our public forests are managed. These national forests should be managed to benefit all of us -- for clean water, wildlife habitat, and recreation for our families. Instead, HR 4200 would make it easier to implement harmful logging after fires and other natural events. Science clearly shows that forests recover best after such events when left alone, and that logging and other related activities hurt, rather help, this recovery.

The legislation would also exclude the public from decisions regarding the management of our public lands, would remove protections for roadless areas and old growth forests, and would waive the Endangered Species Act for logging on an unlimited number of acres across the country.

Unfortunately, HR 4200 passed the House in May. However, with your help, the vote margin was narrow, indicating the controversy surrounding this bill. It is critically important that we now stop this legislation in the Senate.

Finally, promising schools that they will receive funding from HR 4200 is insincere. Based on a Congressional Budget Office's Cost Estimate, it is estimated that HR 4200 may generate approximately $3.4 million per year. This is negligible compared to what these schools require; for example, rural schools received a total of $394 million last year. The proponents of HR4200 are attempting to gain more support by creating an unfair link between logging our forests and funding rural schools. In the end, they can neither ensure that HR 4200 will generate nor meet anywhere close to the needs of rural schools.

9 years ago

We've heard you loud and clear -- energy prices are sky-high and you want a practical energy plan. You want alternative energy sources, and you want your elected officials to address global warming.

Today, Public Citizen unveiled that plan, and we are delivering it to you with your action guide to attain it.  Our goals are lofty, yet the steps to achieve them are manageable.  Here's what it takes:

  • Enacting a windfall profits tax and repealing all existing oil company tax breaks and loopholes;
  • Dedicating the revenue from the windfall profits tax to financing such things as mass transit, renewable energy and energy efficiency; 
  • Re-regulating energy trading exchanges to restore transparency;
  • Strengthening anti-trust laws to crack down on oil companies’ anti-competitive actions;
  • Improving vehicle fuel economy standards; and
  • Halting nuclear energy expansion.

We support you in your goals to create a sustainable future. Please support us by taking three easy steps:

  • Get more details in Public Citizen's report, "Hot Profits and Global Warming: How Oil Companies Hurt Consumers and the Environment;
  • Write your elected officials in support of Public Citizen's plan;
  • Make a generous donation to Public Citizen so we can continue this important work on your behalf.

Thank you for all you do. Your efforts benefit us all, and together we will create a sustainable future.


Tyson Slocum
Director of Public Citizen's Energy Program

9 years ago
The cars we drive every day are responsible for almost a quarter of America's annual carbon dioxide emissions, the primary cause of global warming. And motor vehicle emissions will only continue to increase as more vehicles hit our roads and the number of miles driven grows. Take action!

The most effective strategy to immediately reduce America's CO2 emissions and its dependence on oil is to use existing, cost-effective technologies to increase the fuel economy of today's vehicles.

Unfortunately, the Ford Motor Company recently took a step backward in that effort, announcing that it will abandon its commitment to produce 250,000 hybrid vehicles a year by 2010. This is the second time Ford has failed to follow through on a major fuel economy commitment.

Global warming pollution and auto oil use is one of our most pressing national, economic, and environmental security problems, but it is also one of the most solvable. The technology already exists. Let's use it!

Ford's shift away from hybrids is a shift away from a genuine attempt to address America's oil use.

Please tell CEO and Chairman Bill Ford Jr. that consumers want and deserve more fuel efficient vehicle choices--not more greenwashing rhetoric.

Agata G., Care2 Campaign TeamThanks for making a difference today,

Agata G.
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team
9 years ago

Clean water is one of our most important resources. The Clean Water Act was written to ensure that all of the nation’s lakes, rivers, coastal waters, streams, and wetlands are safe for people to drink, swim and fish in, and to provide clean, healthy habitats for fish and wildlife.

All of this depends on keeping the water free of pollution. But now the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – the federal agency charged with keeping the water clean – is proposing a rule that would do just the opposite!

The new EPA rule threatens the health and safety of all of the nation’s lakes, rivers, coastal waters, streams, and wetlands. Click here to urge the EPA to withdraw its proposal for this harmful rule before the August 7th deadline.

The proposed rule would threaten our health and the health of fish and other wildlife by exempting projects that pump polluted water into cleaner water sources from the Clean Water Act. For example, under this new rule, polluted run-off could be pumped from a canal system into a drinking water source without a permit or any restrictions. This kind of activity is currently prohibited by the Clean Water Act. Instead of preventing pollution, the EPA's new plan would spread it from one body of water to another.

The EPA is only accepting public comments on this dangerous proposal until August 7, so click here to share your two cents on this today!

Toxic chemicals, harmful algae, sewage and bacteria, fish-killing sediment, invasive species – all of these pollutants could be legally pumped from dirty water into clean water under this proposed rule without any federal permit or restrictions.

Under the Clean Water Act, the EPA is charged with making our waters cleaner, NOT dirtier. Pumping polluted water into clean water without a permit is dangerous and unacceptable and must remain illegal under the Clean Water Act—click here to submit your comments to the EPA now.

Watering down (no pun intended) the laws that protect our environment is an insidious practice and is a direct route to a public health and environmental disaster.

Once you’ve contacted the EPA, please click here to tell at least three friends, family members or co-workers about this urgent issue and encourage them to join you in submitting their comments before the EPA stops accepting public input on August 7th.

Thank you for your help on this issue.


Julie Waterman
Campaign Director,

9 years ago

This month, the Exxpose Exxon campaign celebrates its one year anniversary, and you've helped us accomplish so much!

On our anniversary, we're very close to another milestone – mobilizing half a million people to take action to stop ExxonMobil's dirty tactics! We are just a few thousand activists from our goal so please celebrate our anniversary by helping us reach our goal of 500,000 Exxpose Exxon activists. With your help, we can reach 500,000 Exxpose Exxon activists by the end of July!

Click here now to spread the word about the Exxpose Exxon campaign to at least three friends, family members, or co-workers, and encourage them to sign up!

Thanks to you, the campaign has already been a great success. We've mobilized consumers against ExxonMobil, and are actively exposing them for what they really are – a short-sighted, profit-hungry company with little regard for America's citizens or its environment.

The campaign is pressuring ExxonMobil to do the following:

  • Stop blocking progress on the reduction of global warming pollution;
  • Stop funding global warming skeptics;
  • Invest in alternative renewable energy
  • Pull out of Arctic Power, the lobby group trying to open the Arctic Refuge; and
  • Pay the punitive damages owed to the victims of the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill.

Most of all, we demand that ExxonMobil start helping our nation secure a renewable energy future that will strengthen our economy, create jobs, and protect our health and our environment.

Please help us reach half a million activists by the end of July!

Click here to forward a message to your friends asking them to stand up to ExxonMobil and demand a secure and sustainable energy future.

We never expected victory overnight, but our progress has surpassed all our expectations - see the list of accomplishments below.

We need just a little more of your help to push us over the top and set a new precedent as the fastest growing environmentally-focused corporate campaign ever. Click here to tell three friends to join the campaign to Exxpose Exxon!

Thank you again for your dedicated support and your commitment to demanding a clean energy future for this and future generations.

Shawnee Hoover
Campaign Director

9 years ago

Wow! The Environmental Defense community has really stepped up. Already, 50,000 light bulb swaps have been pledged, preventing more than 50 million of pounds of global warming pollution.

But it's just the beginning of our Make the Switch Campaign to reduce global warming pollution through the use of energy-saving compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs).

Join the effort and switch a light bulb in your home.

Our goal for the Environmental Defense community is to switch ONE MILLION light bulbs over the next year. This will cut global warming pollution by more than ONE BILLION pounds.

Swapping out just one standard 100w bulb for a just-as-bright CFL reduces global warming pollution by more than 1,300 pounds!

Here's what you need to know:

  • Changing a light bulb makes a difference. If every US household replaced three 60-watt incandescent bulbs with CFLs, it would be like taking 3.5 million cars off the roads!

  • CFLs save you money. A 20-watt CFL, which screws into an ordinary light socket, is just as bright as a 60-watt incandescent.

  • Today's CFLs are dramatically better than a few years ago. You won't miss your incandescent bulbs.

We're asking every member of the Environmental Defense community to pledge to switch at least one bulb in the coming year.

But don't just stop at one bulb! If you and two friends pledge to change out all the bulbs in your homes, we'll easily beat our million-bulb goal!

Please take the first step today. Pledge to switch at least one bulb in the coming year.


The Global Warming Team at Environmental Defense

9 years ago
Hi to all.  Thank you for the info.  I have signed all of them.  Blessings~~Joanne
9 years ago

CALL YOUR SENATORS NOW AT 888-355-3588 or 800-828-0498, and while you're at it, tell them to censure Bush too

Like an undisciplined five year old child who is always trying to get
away with something the instant you aren't paying attention, AGAIN they are trying to sneak ANWR drilling into ANOTHER Senate bill.

On Thursday, March 16, the Senate will be confronted with an amendment to the Senate budget bill to allow invasion of the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge.  Again we must tell them, NO MEANS NO!


While they muzzle their own scientists who warn that we may already be past the tipping point of a planetary climate catastrophe, the latest news is that the Arctic sea ice pack has failed to re-form for the second year in a row.  The latest report is that carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have hit another new record.  And at the same time just this week was the most massive pipeline oil spill ever, covering two acres of fragile tundra, which is not what we would call a "small" footprint.


They is absolutely NO way we can respond to these kind of sneak tactics in the most effective possible way without better lines of
communication. We get constant complaints from you, our participants, that you did not receive a particular alert or that you think your internet service provider might be blocking your access to our pages for political reasons.  And in many cases already, they ARE!!

We created the Desktop Action program so that we can alert our entire participant base in a matter of hours on the most urgent matters.  It puts a resident icon in the system tray of your computer desktop that you can use to send your personal messages to Congress without even having to visit a web site at all.  If have not gotten your copy, or if you had one of the earlier versions and let it lapse, get the latest update
(v. 1.08) at


We have made MANY improvements in the program since its initial
release. You don't start and stop it, you just LEAVE it.  When there is a short notice action, the icon will gently flash with a color change.  It's like an electronic Paul Revere.  The American revolution could not have happened without his midnight ride.  And the Desktop Action is critically essential to bringing about REAL political policy change today


Here is a perfect real life example of why you MUST HAVE the Desktop Action Program.  There is an amendment in the House to try to cut off funding for the construction of permanent military bases in Iraq.  The vote will take place either tonight or tomorrow, so by the time you open up this email (assuming you even get it), the vote may have already have taken place.

The Bush regime never cared about WMDs, mass graves, the Iraqi people, or freedom.  The only thing on the march is Halliburton's construction of 14 enduring thorns in the heart of the Middle East which can ONLY lead to an endless and growing insurgency.


You have heard the president say, "When the Iraqis step up, we will
step down."  You don't believe that and neither do the Iraqi people.  And when they DO step up, as the are doing even now with roadside IED bombs, it will be to do one thing and one thing only, to tell us to finally get OUT of their country.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know
Earth to Bush - Global Warming is Real
10 years ago

Earth to Bush - Global Warming is Real!

We can't afford to wait. Already the Arctic has lost over 386,100 square miles of sea ice - an area larger than Texas - due to climate change. This fragile ecosystem, while inhospitable to human life, supports polar bears, walrus and numerous other creatures. 

Solutions are in sight: We know where most heat-trapping gasses come from: power plants and vehicles. And we know how to curb their emissions: modern technologies and stronger laws. 

10 years ago

Action Alert: Panama Power Line Plan to Destroy Darien Gap Rainforest Wilderness Short sighted energy policy threatens regional ecosystem, security and indigenous rights By Rainforest Portal, a project of Ecological Internet - December 29, 2005 Large, Intact Ancient Rainforests Are a Requirement for Global Ecological Sustainability (link) Panama and Colombia are planning to construct an electricity transmission line to link their power grids through the remote Darien Gap rainforest - a 10,000-square-mile swath of until now largely impenetrable jungle on the border of Central and South America. This will require cutting a path at least 130 feet wide through virgin rainforest largely within Panama. The plan will open this large, contiguous and mostly intact rainforest ecosystem to explosive deforestation as the area is made accessible to loggers and rebel militias.

to read more and sign petition go to :
Environmental Actions or Petitions
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