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First investment made by a END POVERTY member
8 years ago
| Blue Label

Soren jut made the first investment via the END POVERTY fund:

8 years ago
So who's next
Just read the instructions in the announcement on how to log in, and give it a try - remember to add a comment with your name in it, so we can see who's been adding a stream.. as we say in Denmark, "many small streams make a big river"

this ooportunity still needs funding:
8 years ago

Hi, The fnd just increased it capital wih 25% as oneof you have paid in 50 MyCredits y'day - wauuuw.

Maybe its Soren??? or?? you do not need to tell, yet open source is kind of great. MADS

8 years ago
Yep it was me - "guilty as charged" hehe
Did say so in another thread, too - so now dear members of the group, read the announcement on how to log in, and give it a try... There's 190 MyCredits to place on opportunities...
2 more members have invested today
8 years ago

Would be great if the END POVERTY group members would leave a smal comment when the invest... smile --- it can inspire others

Bid AmountDate 

Yet an investment made by group
8 years ago
Horizon Cyber Cafe
bid 10.00 at interest rate 15% - no comment
Status 30 dec. 2007
7 years ago
Available on MyAccount: 130.81MyCredits
Pending bids: 10.00MyCredits
Outstanding principal: 109.22MyCredits
Outstanding interest: 8.65MyCredits
Interest earned:
Late repayment: 0.00%
7 years ago

Hi Søren or Mads

where do i find the announcement on how to contribute to the End poverty account?


7 years ago

Thanks for your IM Søren.

I have uploadet 50 credits and made an investment in Mukago Herbal Sanitarium


7 years ago

Hi! I do hope C4 will be able to sort out my sign-in/up problem soon.


Susan's login issue
7 years ago

Dear Susan,

You wrote: "Hi! I do hope C4 will be able to sort out my sign-in/up problem soon.


I have activated your account today. The problem was that the confirmation email send out by our system was not verified. The process of having new users verifying their email adresses is a necessity for us as well as the users.

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Have a nice weekend!

the train is moving
7 years ago

Hi Peer and Susan, Great to see that you take action and all the best wishes for 2008 and many investments in Africa.


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7 years ago
Dear Mads or Søren, I have tried my best to find the information on how to upload funds to the group on MyC4 but I can't find this information. I can see you helped the guy above, can you help me out too? Thanks.

Søren Thoning
7 years ago
The information used to be in a host announcement, but as the group is public and it's against the terms to disclose login and password to ones account ( to others than those concerned ) the information have been removed... the procedure by now is to ask the hosts of the group and be trusted with the information that way....
7 years ago
Yup, got it! Thanks again! Found a good opp. that I already yesterday invested 20euros in! Great idea with the fund! 
Status July 2007
7 years ago

Amount uploaded: €411.00
Available on: MyAccount         €30.57
Pending bids: €0.00
Outstanding principal: €390.79
Outstanding Interest: €17.32
Interest earned: €10.34
Late repayment: 9.12% Defaulted principal: 0.00%