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alternative gardening
9 years ago
| aspects of community

i would think it a good idea to have someone in your community trained in permacultur which began with gardening. dick is considering having this as a part of his community. the intentional community, stelle,il has a program: and a number of other communities have workshops and classes. i think the community that chrystal is looking at, heathcoate does also.

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9 years ago

if you enjoyed that little video as much as i do, you will want to see the rest and be inspired!

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9 years ago

this is why i like to go directly to a link sometimes...i just found this video:


9 years ago


i think you can use the worms they sell to fishermen.



9 years ago

not sure i should put this here! oh well...


9 years ago

real life is hard to separate into catagories because it all is related. here is a website that could be put in many different subject threads:



movie: "food, inc."
9 years ago

if you get a chance to see this movie, i highly recommend it. living in a community would make it much easier to avoid the very bad effects of using products  from the monopoly food companies that are indangering our health, the environment and abusing  their workers and last, but certainly not least making life and death miserable for farm animals. growing organic food, buying locally from known producers and being part of a conciencious food coop would be much easier in a community than done individually.

8 years ago

A gold mine here Rosemary.  Thanks so much - literally food for thought.

8 years ago

Here is one on beekeeping.



8 years ago

ok, it started out with bees, but was so much more. i'm not so sure about using human urine on edibles plants...just a little squimish, i guess. the theunderbox video talks about that to and then there is the compost toilet thread...some really good videos there. it is sometimes hard to know which thread to put something in. your video talks mostly about permaculture from a gardening point of view, which is what i thought was all permaculture was at first. it's really a way of life that only includes gardening which is why i have a separate thread for permaculture. the more i hear about it, the more i wish i could take a really good course in the subject...not just the gardening aspect.


as an aside: i've been told that people are more likely to look at a video if it is embeded, but if you go directly to youtube, there are so many wonderful related videos listed! like: that one wouldn't see. i thought it was the one on forrests that i have posted earlier in this thread, but it isn't and it has 2 parts. these people are so knowledgable, i feel like a real dummy!


it is so nice to have someone else in these gets lonely in here sometimes!

8 years ago

the toilet thread is actually called water conservation and reuse and there is more about the thunderbox there and it isn't JUST about toilets.


life is all interconnected in such amazing ways!

8 years ago

So many crossovers for sure.  The information available is amazing.  I must admit to feeling somewhat like a dullard myself at times.


Sites like Youtube to me are like looking up a word in a dictionarry.  I tend to get sidetracked viewing other fascinating words.


By the by have you ever watched TedIdeas worth spreading?  This is another example of a site in which you can become pleasantly lost.






8 years ago

no, i'll look at it...thanks!

since this is the
8 years ago

for all you who live in Med Pot states;

But have No place to Grow safely...

due to landlords, security, Kids in the Home, City inspections, inability to get the permits for major electrical changes to support your lighting Etc...


Mobille Grows...


People around here GIVE Away Old CamperTrailers and motor homes;

So What if they need alittle work you can Gut them Cover the walls with Mylar or White Paint;

of course Plug in devices Do not need Permit..

 Do Your own Wireing; and if it is registered as a motor home/Trailer it has the same entry rights/protections as a Home.

People can Form Associations and Buy or lease property or an underfunded Campground.and Group there Growmobiles into Secured Gated access Areas. While still maintaining the Indepenance That is required by most states


I could go on about alcohol fermintaion, Propane Refrigeration/heat and light for boosting C02.


LED lighting systems for reduced costs and increased fire safety.

But there is plenty of research on most of that..


Likewise the water and holding tanks and Pumping systems could work for Hydro systems...


and of course these Growmobiles could provide low cost space for Vegies and other herbs as well

Just think a Salad vegie delivery service where the Chef Cuts his own Stock at the Peak of freshness....


more later 


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8 years ago

Great way to get around the regs and restrictions Rod. 

8 years ago

valerie has a campground. she is trying to start an intentional community there in california. i have no idea if she would be open to anything like that.

How About Michigan or Indiana or Ohio
8 years ago

Yup Folks, I'm coming Back to Indiana For Marks Sake;

(so he will have Family Nearby; and it's ALL Not on Me;)


so That I will have a Chance to reconect with My Indiana and MidWest Crafts Circuits and Extended Family Support System;


The Rurmers of The Seattle Freeze are True and it's Spreading; We have had Few Friendly and Even when Mark Makes Friends They don't Come Back..


Well one Pattern Remains;

 Most who come back are Ripping me Off;

 or otherwise trying to take advantage of my desperation..


I'm going to have to Sell or Trade Most of My big tools;

 or Ship or Haul Them..

and I realy Don't have the $ to even leave yet; But Marks Aunt is coming to get him on the 16th; and I am going to Sell at Auction to Clear myself of all but the Haulable

and following towing my Toyota camper;

Behind My Wheelchair Van; It Can Carry more than a Ton Easily; and the Camper Will hold some weight; To Just gotta leave room for 2 dogs 1 Puppy; and any hitchiker that is Crazy enough to ride with that Pack drooling on him... Don't Know Where I'm going to Land,

 But Marks Aunt will help how she can; She Understands That Some fests are TOO Adult; (and her husband was a teacher and so were his parents so they can help Mark catchup in homeschool;)

 the Gramma  Says He's alway's Welcome there;


And I've Reconnected with a Highschool Sweetheart That is Helping me Get The Right Styles and colours of Bead Production;

Which in turn will help her with her beaded Jewelry Line;

 So For Now an Old friend and Promising Partnership;

 With Flirty humour & Foolish romantic hope Still allowed;)


But Back to alt gardening;

The Laws in Michigan allow medical use;

 but I havn't researched the Supply Side Laws?



 Maybe Soon?

Oh And I'm on a Virgin mobile $40 a mo unlimited Broadband card;

 so I will Chronical;) My Journey Back Home...

"Indiana Wants Me


 I Can't go Back There"


8 years ago

well, you have been very busy!!!

i hope you don't mind if i move your post over to the backyard fence...i think it will fit there much better,  since there isn't much on gardening alternatives in this post. good to hear from you!


please respond there:


anyone with a gardening post, continue here...

6 years ago

out in the garden now mpst days as i suppose most of you are also.


does anyone use green manure on their garden. my little worm farm is very busy.

i was thinking about getting a leaf vacuum/mulcher...i have so many leaves. someone told me that one can use too many oak leaves, i think because they would bve too acidic.

6 years ago

Can't say that I do green manure anymore, I don't have the equipment to turn over the earth except for my shovel and the equipment that powers it isn't as robust as it used to be.

I still have the tractor with a big mower so I planted a 75X50 foot patch of alfalfa a few years ago to use in composting, mostly though it ends up as mulch.

I collect decomposed leaf soil to add more organic material to my garden beds, some of that material is from oak but my soil tends towards alkaline so I think it's okay. One of today's chores is to gather 6 wheel barrows of that soil and dig it into the two new garden beds I made last week. I'm using more beds this year due to growing seed, carrots and onions were pulled out of the root cellar last week and planted so they grow the seed for next years crop. I would like to eventually get to the point where I grow most of my own garden seed.

6 years ago

i have very sandy soil with little humus or anything else. i  doesn't hold moisture and it needs more nutrients also. i'm thinking of getting big bags of soil to plant in. i also don't get a lot of sun with all the trees...thats what happens when one lives in the woods! i should have my soil analyzed.

6 years ago

if you are interested in gardening of any sort you might want to discuss your concerns here or post any helpful links you know of.


i have found a few favorite links:

6 years ago

the weather here in morthern indiana has been so hot and DRY! i can't transplant anything and everything is suffering. it is all ;ooking very crispy and i expect cactus to stort popping up from the ground. anyone know a good rain dance. i am afraid to water much because i have a well and am trying to be careful of water usage. my poor strawberries...they got lots of flowers, but the fruit shriveled up and now the plants are dying off...will a plague of locust be next? i've killed off a lot of japanese beetles.


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