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9 years ago
| aspects of community

this sounds like a good idea as part of a community or outside of a community...a way of bartering skills and time. i wonder if this would include resources also.


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This post was modified from its original form on 15 Jul, 15:43
9 years ago

if it disappears again, i give up


i meant by resources, a place to live, use of tools, equipment in exchange for skills/time.

9 years ago

this time bank thing sounds like a good idea. does anyone have a group in their area or have any experience with them?

7 years ago

this seemed such a great idea when i posted about this 2 years seems like even a better idea today.

6 years ago

here is a map of where these banks ar located at present:


there aren't any near me unfortunately and i'm not good organizinng something like that.


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