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Drilling for oil off the Florida coast
7 years ago
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Oil Drilling off the coast 3:47 PM

of the eastern and southern US.

Opening up new oil drilling in the coastal areas not already degraded by offshore drilling is not the answer to our energy crisis.

No matter how much those who tell us it will not pollute our beaches and oceans, that is just not so.  No matter how efficient and safe the drilling rigs are, there are going to be accidents.  And with these accidents comes problems for ecosystems that are nearby and as far away as the currents carry the slime of oil.  Check out the beaches of California where there is offshore drilling.  Try and find one that is the white sand it once was. 

Say no to more offshore drilling.

Find alternative fuels that are proven and available.  Water is a good example.  The H of the H2 O compound, or water as it is commonly known, can be used to power autos and other engines and it only gives off water vapor which is not a pollutant.

Here is what Senator McCain wants to do