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The Cheetah Web
11 years ago
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If you have any websites that you wish to let us know about that are to do with cheetahs then place the link here. They can be anything (except petitions which should go in the specific topic made for them) to do with the spotted animal we love. Websites about how you can help them, links to art or writing you loved, to sites that you feel are disgusting such as hunting sites that you want to discuss. Absolutely anything as long as it is to do with our sprinter.

Cheetah Conservation Fund
11 years ago

Contains facts, how you can help, a place to sponsor the cheetah as well as lots more. Definatly recommended, good site for those that love cheetahs.

Cheetah Wiki
11 years ago Cheetah Wikipedia, full of information about cheetahs. Great for researching. Good references at the bottom of the page like nice books. Pictures and wonderful.

Big Cats Online
11 years ago

Discusses the animals' vocalizations, hunting habits and habitats. Explains the threatened nature of this unique cat and specie variations.

AWF wildlife: cheetah
11 years ago

Includes information on habitat, life span, predators of cheetahs as well as headline links to cheetah news stories. Plus more.

Cheetah Outreach Facts
11 years ago Good website full of facts on the cheetah, worth checking out

cheetah outreach
11 years ago

Good website generally for the cheetahs. Definatly recommended to visit for anyone who likes cheetahs.


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