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Tribute: to our Lost Loved Ones
13 years ago
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  Facts about the quilt

13 years ago

I stood over the bed
His lover by the bed
And he in the bed
In a feverish fit.

His eyes opened
And he stared up at me
As I lifted him to his feet.
And together we walked
I'm taking him home.

A Light
Brighter than a thousand suns
Harsh at first
Then warming, loving, comforting, embracing
Everything in sight.
And from the light they came
Old friends, lost family, loves no longer with us
Everyone joyful and celebrating their return
But then the light faded
And everyone with it.
I stood once more
On the field of death alone.

by Jason Crocket

13 years ago

Steven B 

Birth Date
8/19/1960 12:00:00 AM
Date Of Passing
Saturday, November 19, 2005', '
A husband, father, brother and friend who shared his love and spirit with us all!

Tribute Created By: Barbara L     18.gif

13 years ago

So often

we take for granted

life's little pleasures.

We forget

that sometimes

a hug, a kind word,

a phone call from family or friends,

can mean the world to one

who is feeling down.

The loss of a loved one

often reminds us

of what we should have done,

but didn't.

No matter what the reason

if you haven't stopped in to say hello

sent a card

or even called...

take just a moment

to tell someone you love them!

For tomorrow may never come

and your loved one may be gone.



13 years ago

Barb this is a wonderful and beautiful tribute you have brings tears to my eyes....

I have pinned it to the group, and discussions.

I hope everyone will contribute to this wonderful thread of everlasting life.

love, A'isha

To The Ones I have Loved and Lost...
13 years ago

Leo- your soul so beautiful

John-your wisdom

Jackie-your humor

Chris-your spirit of love 

Danny-your determination

Vanessa-your quest to love and be loved

 Nadia-your gifted voice

Derrick-your dedication to your family

Lydia-your love of life

Barry-your smile

Barbara-your love for all

Darrel-your gentleness

Kim-your love for your children

Vincent-your quiet ways and love for all

Betty-the fight in you

Carmen-your spunk

Willie-your kindness & compassion

Will-your opptimistic attitude

Henry-your advocacy

...i cannot go further...(tears) you are all missed gave so much light, love and  happiness -each in your own special way...i love you all, honor you and light a candle, to keep your beautiful spirits illuminating forever..

love, A'isha

for Heinz I miss you
13 years ago

Heinz had a wonderful sense of humor..we used to sit in his little kitchen and laughted about lifes folly.he ws slight built like a boy with brown curls and handsome features. Let me tell you how he came into my life. A friend from Barcelona made  a visit and  brought Heinz home from a Gay bar in his very first night out.In the  morning we all had breakfast together and in the evening they  both fixed my hair...We became fast friends.. Heinz moved into my appartment three month later and then  into another flat in my building. I want to remember Heinz how he used to, kind open minded and sweet...he had a way with flowers and  he could decorate with simple things and made it look so nice where ever he was..When I moved to America he was standing in the hallway crying his eyes out  wavig good by

 Then one October in 1989 he came to visit me in New York and stayed with a male friend in Manhattan. They has sex and that's how he got Aids..everyone of my Gay friends had Aids then,Heinz's Lover Harald, their close friends Ingo and Pete, my Ex Room mate friend Rudi from Hawaii and all their friends. and their  friends ..I want to remember Heinz the way he was..before he got deadly ill and could hardly walk and talk to me on the phone...Heinz who sang while making sandwiches, Heinz who could tell a story and make you laugh tears...Heinz  who took tango lessons seven month before he died and that's when I saw him the last time..a fan in his hand and his head on someones shoulder dancing Argentinian tango.Heinz my friend I miss touched my life . I still own books he gave me with little things written into "thanks for your visit when you are not here something is missing..." 

That's exactly the way I feel about you Heinz.



13 years ago

What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful man..I could see him so vividly thru your remembrances..dancing! smiling! in the kitchen! full of goodness and life..that is how i know him thru you..thank you Agnes and bless you for sharing such a special person with us...and letting us capture a divine glimpse of Heinz....and...thank you for sharing your light in Leo's Angels...and oh what a wonderful light you are!

Love, A'isha

Kahlil ...
13 years ago

Feed the lamp with oil and let it not dim, and
Place it by you, so I can read with tears what
Your life with me has written upon your face.
Bring Autumn's wine. Let us drink and sing the
Song of remembrance to Springs carefree sowing,
And Summers watchful tending, and Autumn's
Reward in harvest.
Come close to me, oh beloved of my soul; the
Fire is cooling and fleeing under the ashes.
Embrace me, for I feel loneliness; the lamp is
Dim, and the wine which we pressed is closing
Our eyes. Let us look upon each other before
They are shut.

From Tears and Laughter
[not sure why the prints small]

13 years ago

In loving memorial to:

and Lisa 

13 years ago

My Beautiful Dear Richard,I hope I never let a day go by that I am not thankful for you! You continue to make my life better and richer,the gift of knowing you is life's great present to me.

 Your spirit,kindness,tolerance,caring loving nature.I think your time here on earth too short but that is selfish of me.I adore you and I thank you! For brunch,the theatre,getting me through many days at work! For your compassion, understanding,and perhaps most of all  your great humour! For all the laughter,I can't thank you enough.I hope somehow you know that when something is special or wicked funny I still want to share it with you!  Ever and always,sweet special man!This and so much more!! Amore!

13 years ago
Agnes,What a beautiful tribute,I think your friend like so many of our dear ones would want to be remembered for the Tango lessons,the drives to the ocean,trips to a favorite bookstore.I think that is our tribute to remember them as they would want to be remembered! Sure we have our sad moments but I want to be grateful everyday for the love and the joy the tough and difficult times the success that mark our lives.Through all the ugly pain of loss I try and l be a better person to tell people how I feel,let them know they matter that I love them! I don't want anyone else in my life to die and I haven't loved them well enough or as best I can,Yes I will fall short but I intend to try.That is a pretty good legacy don't you think?
13 years ago

We sailed up a river wide as a sea
And slept on the banks
On the leaves of a banyan tree
And all of these spirit voices rule the night

Some stories are magical, meant to be sung
Songs from the mouth of the river
When the world was young
And all of these spirit voices rule the night

By moon
We walk
To the brujo's door
Along a path of river stone
Women with their nursing children
Seated on the floor
We join the fevers
And the broken bones

The candlelight flickers
The falcon calls
A lime-green lizard scuttles down the cabin wall
And all of these spirit voices
Sing rainwater, sea water
River water, holy water
Wrap this child in mercy – heal her
Heaven's only daughter
All of these spirit voices rule the night

My hands are numb
My feet were lead
I drank a cup of herbal brew
The sweetness in the air
Combined with the lightness in my head
And I heard the jungle breathing in the bamboo

Saudocoes -- Greetings!
Da licenca um momento -- Excuse me, one moment
Te lembro -- I remind you
Que amanha -- That tomorrow
Sera tudo ou sera naoa -- It will be all or it will be nothing
Depende coracao -- It depends, heart
Sera breve ou sera grande -- It will be brief or it will be great
Depende da paixao -- It depends on the passion
Sera sujo, sera sonho -- It will be dirty, it will be a dream
Cuidado, coracao -- Be careful, heart
Sera util, sera tarde -- It will be useful, it will be late
Se esmera, coracao -- Do your best, heart
E confia -- And have trust
Na forca do amanha -- In the power of tomorrow

Lord of the earthquake
My trembling bed
The spider resumes the rhythm
Of his golden tread
And all of these spirit voices rule the night

by Paul Simon 
The Rhythm of the Saints


13 years ago

salaam Angel spirit of radiant ight..what beauty you brought here tonite with Gibran and Paul Simon...Gibran brought back painful but tender memories, and Paul took me into another magical land...Thank you for your precious you...


13 years ago
To the spirits of those who are no longer in pain,
and to those left behind who weep.



13 years ago




                        ALWAYS WITH ME

                              JIM GAMBLE

Michael's Tribute To Lost Friends & Loved Ones To AIDS/HIV
13 years ago
Michael's Tribute To Lost Friends & Loved Ones To AIDS/HIV (1) Wayne (Colly) C. (Ex-Boyfriend) (2) Allen S. (3) Michael J. (4) Ron G. (5) Noble D. (6) Rick L. (7) Phil C.
13 years ago

Salaam Michael-so glad your honoring your loved ones heart is with you....

Love & blessings, A'isha

13 years ago

You are far,
When I could have been your star,
You listened to people,
Who scared you to death, and from my heart,
Strange that you were strong enough,
To even make a start,
But you’ll never find
Peace of mind,
Til you listen to your heart,

You can never change the way they feel,
Better let them do just what they will,
For they will,
If you let them,
Steal your heart from you,
Will always make a lover feel a fool,
But you knew I loved you,
We could have shown them all,
We should have seen love through,

Fooled me with the tears in your eyes,
Covered me with kisses and lies,
So goodbye,
But please don’t take my heart,

You are far,
I’m never gonna be your star,
I’ll pick up the pieces
And mend my heart,
Maybe I’ll be strong enough,
I don’t know where to start,
But I’ll never find
Peace of mind,
While I listen to my heart,

You can never change the way they feel,
Better let them do just what they will,
For they will,
If you let them,
Steal your heart,

And people,
Will always make a lover feel a fool,
But you knew I loved you,
We could have shown them all,

But remember this,
Every other kiss,
That you ever give
Long as we both live
When you need the hand of another man,
One you really can surrender with,
I will wait for you,
Like I always do,
There’s something there,
That can’t compare with any other,

You are far,
When I could have been your star,
You listened to people,
Who scared you to death, and from my heart,
Strange that I was wrong enough,
To think you’d love me too.
I guess you were kissing a fool,
You must have been kissing a fool.

_George Michael
              -Kissing a fool

13 years ago

Salaam Sis..that was beautiful...soooo beautiful...

love A'isha


Mr J
13 years ago

i got a call on my birthday..yes i did..they said you were found along the road side in the hood..with your precious face, and head beated in with a crowbar...they said you fought back, as your hands and knuckels were bloodied and bruised...they said they hit your precious face and head, bashing it in repeatedly even after you had passed out...

they said you were in a coma - the hospital, waiting for your loving heart, to stop beating..

i cried, i wept..

i just talked to you last week-3000 miles away-you still called me all the time to tell me you loved me-to make sure i was ok, to check on your nieces...your funny jokes, your laughter, your beautiful soul-i felt with every phone call, even 3000 miles away...

it has been three days, and i still cant focus thinking of you...the tears wont stop..i cant imagine life without your free spirit, your funny jokes, your strength, your independence and determination, your upfront in the face truth to those who mistreated you, your smile, your hugs, your warm eyes.....

and the horrific violent act..i cant hlp but see your face with every blow..what kind of evil shaitanic creatures roam this earth...astafallah but i hope they get precious brother, friend, my family..i pray for miracle for you..i called my son Yahya, he will come to you for me, and hold your hand, and pray...and tell you how much the girls, me & him love sure you feel my spirit -3000 miles away- even tho you are in a coma minutes maybe from the angels of death...i pray...i will not have to post to this thread again for you..i pray for a miracle..i cry and i pray..

love A'isha

Mr J
12 years ago

A'isha, I cry with you. For your brother, your friend, your family. I can only imagine your pain...

And I do imagine it, with great fear... for my brother, Jeff, so dear to my heart. Knowing, on any given day...

My thoughts are with you. 

salaam Janet!
12 years ago

My dear sweet friend..thank you so much for your sentiments and truly loving caring heart...your such a gift...much needed...

your bother hun...hes in my prayers, as well as you too...if you ever need to talk, or need anything..please consider us your family...all of us here have been affected greatly by HIV/AIDS....or, you can write me personally if youd wish...just want you to know you are not alone...and...your loved..and we understand......

much love and warm hugs,


12 years ago

A'isha, thank you, thank you. This truly means so very much to me! I'm so happy that I found this group (thanks Barb). It's good to have people that understand and care.

My very best to everyone.... A'isha,


salaam Janet!
12 years ago

and you are such a blesssing amongst us..please know your valued and loved here, and i hope you feel you can share anything here and know youll get love and support and many hugs!!

love A'isha

To Leo....
12 years ago

I MISS You, Friend
Wet tears
fail to wash away dry tear pain
wordless fury smolders in a long held
fight to free the freedomless.
shattered mind
seeking increments of sanity
to sodder fleeting particles of sense into
one whole thought.

Ah, my dear dear friend,
you gave life and limb in many ways
to heal from    
 Loveless times,
 clear messages
drawn in living words
by all your inner selves
defying the, "No talk" rule

I have your gifts,
and letters full of
love, doubt and fear,
unanwered questions,
longing just to sit beside me
while I type,
lean against me quietly, simply

Dry tear Pain
beneath wet tears
mingles with the
silent echo of your
weeping unheard child

Your passing
robs me of a friend beloved
our sharing
mutual loves and interests
Nature, beauty, music, reading
Art and colors,
Soul musings

but so much more, it deepens
my desire to
seek a
future restoration
for others known, unknown,
who live in Hope
one step after another
built upon the
strivings of your victories
and every
breath of faith exhaled
from past and present
seekers of their

I miss, you friend,
more than heart could ever show,
or would,
but Rainbow colors were our
backdrop 'gainst

Today they shimmer through
dark cloud.
we see clearly.

(modified-Author Unknown)
Love A'isha
very touching Aisha
12 years ago

Salaam Agnes!!
12 years ago


love A'isha

For all of us
12 years ago
((((((((((HUGS )))))))))))))))) to all of you .
salaam Grace!!
12 years ago

salaam Grace!!  blessings and hugs to you!!  !!!!

love A'isha

12 years ago


My dear, sweet A'isha ~ I am so sad (and angry) for what happened to your brother, and for your pain. How I wish I could remove it. It is my belief that he comes around you, and watches over you. It is also my belief that justice will be done, one way or another.

I send my love and prayers, A'isha, and for all of you who suffer.

Love and light, 


12 years ago

 Beautiful Friend You Know how I feel about this post, and now I feel such personal healing in reguard to this entire thread so far.
"Never give up before the miricle happens" we always say.
I love you.

salaam Cheryl and Angel!
12 years ago

thank you Cheryl for you oh so loving post and so strong and powerfully beautiful picture...bless you always my blessed to have your love and compassion here...hugs.. love you girl...

Angel...there is always hope and i believe in miracles...i personally have experienced miracles in my life that you would not believe...i have seen thus i believe that angels surround those with HIV (and others of course) but these angels...they are something a beautiful entity that came attached with the virus as a counter effect of the illness..u know what i mean..ive seen them streaming around people -my friends-clients-like colors..most vivid i saw was  yellows, reds, whites, browns and lavendars swirling...dont know what the colors represent..but i saw them several times..i think  that with any hing that has the potential to harm, comes the potential of the divine and humans however we must embrace and tap into that force which longs to love and heal us..

i feel the most deadly threat to one who has HIV--is other humans....people who judge, condem, reject and accuse..they are the killers..they try to break the spirit-which often happens--especially if it is family or a loved one...humans can be the biggest obstacle to healing...period...thats why,places like this and others are created where like minded people who truly love, care, and desire to heal-can come to join hearts and souls...thats why i call us a family-for wherever love and compassion and support  exists-it is family...some of us dont have that--thats why it is so vital to reach out to everyone, you never know whose life you may change or touch....even with a smile...Angel, smile..that beautiful smile....alhamduliah..

love you both very much

hugs, A'isha

12 years ago

Dear A'isha ~ I could not ever have described those entities or angels as well as you have done! Some describe them in their paintings, as many artists have done in one way or another. This painting is called "Spirit" or "Spirit of Flight." I don't know who did it, but I believe he or she has seen what you have seen.


It is said, and believed by many, that these colours are healing, that there are powerful, loving healers (angels) using the colours. There was a time long ago when I knew what each colour represented and how it is used in visualization / meditation healing (by self and by others).  Thank you for reminding me of this, as I had forgotten. And yet I seek out pictures like this one. (Must be my personal Guardian saying, "Get back to it!").

I do use the white light of protection (God's) to circle those I love (their families, cars, homes, etc.) and I am going to do that with this site and everyone who comes to it.  You are so right, A'isha... such love for one another is far reaching and whether we appear to be a bird, lion, dolphin, bear, etc. in C2, we can still touch one another's soul.

My deepest love to all of you beautiful, courageous, loving souls.

~ Cheryl

12 years ago

Barb ~ You have chosen green and (forest, leaves) for your own site, and that's one of Mother Nature's most natural and healing colours!  It's "funny" how we can choose what we need without even really being conscious of it. Well done, my friend!! 

Coming here has given me new strength! Thanks to you all for giving me such a  special, unexpected gift!

Love you, Barb



salaam Cheryl!
12 years ago

wow..that is dep..i knew it was of angels and of love and haling..but not sure what each color represented...i often pick up various auras on people...just thought i was strange...lolol...but my spririt is intune with that i guess..its so beautiful to see that with people, you know...sometimes tho i pick up not so nice things...and leave those people alone...kinda like a danger signal to me with me...has only happened a couple times in my life...but i knew it was not good...but yes, the colors i see with my peeps who are HIV positive are truly amazing and oh so just pulls you to them!  you just want to bath in their beauty and spirit....some are more developed than others as they spiritually connect to their higher power and realize theyrealize it-it becomes more vibrant ive found...ooooh Cherly, if u could find out more info on this and the artist who did painting id be most grateful!!!  wishing you a beautiful day!! hugs!! 

love A'isha

p.s. Cheryl
12 years ago
the painting is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12 years ago

By Howard David Johnson

Dear Brad,
I look for you in all things, I miss you and I listen for you. The world does have the tiniest of holes since you moved on to that beautiful place. You visited me many times in many ways after and I will be forever grateful.  We had many inexplicable experiences before and after.  Thanks eternal for showing me that world.

I miss you still and selfishly pray for a visit again yet it seems you have now moved on to higher planes after healing & loving so many hearts and souls here on earth. I believe like the Phoenix (where you lived for so long) you have risen again in some form. Are you already here? I've seen you in my son now and again.

Love you forever. Robin W

salaam Robin...
12 years ago

oooh Robin...your tribute was so beautiful..tears are still running down my face...your friend Brad sounds like a beautiful, wonderful person who brought you and so many-much love, happiness and beauty...bless you my friend for posting this most touching tribute...sending up much love to Brad, and sending many hugs and prayers to you..

love A'isha

12 years ago
Thank You!!
12 years ago

Yes... Brad was indescribable.  One could be in his presence, know him for moments, know him for years and you would say the same thing:           .   <That's it... you would say nothing because the words do not exist in our language.  I've 'painted' him, I've made jewelry, clothing, poetry, seen many things that are him... but in no way could I or anyone describe him.  Is that not beautiful.

Now a tribute to MICHAEL O'GRADY...

Sweet child yet like Goliath~ the strongest one while wrapped in the cocoon of AIDS as it sucked, ravaged and tore at you.  You were amazing.  Unable to blink/ shut your eyes for over 2 weeks, in such pain and yet you giggled and told me so many 'Queenie' stories.  You called me your 'lovely blue~eyed hetro' and we slept side by side many nights listening to Dianah Ross over and over and over ~ :o) 

    And then you pulled the biggie:  You bid me quickly to the hospice as you too were on your way to the peaceful, all loving joy awaiting you.  How dare you as I was not ready.  And you did not wait.  Dear God was I upset with you.  My God.  They were coming down the hallway w/ the gurney and large black zipper bag just for you.  I was thinkin "no."  I then started talking to you... it really did not matter to me that you were not in your bod anymore.  That was not the point as I was pissed.  I clearly told you through tears streaming down my face how it is not polite to 'ask a girl over and then not show up."  That this is very bad manners... 

   As you may recall from whatever place you were watching from, numerous individuals were just in the door way or in the room (w/ that horrid bag that did not have your name on it anywhere.  They were watching me like I was totally insane.  Whatever.

   I reminded you that you had invited me down and I now expected you to be here.  Remember I whispered to your body how "fine, you @$$whole, if you wanna go to God and just leave me here to be pissed off, you $#!thead, then fine!!!"  More were gathered by now and they had rechecked your vitals for the 7th time in 25 minutes and I would not have any part of it.

   And finally you listened.  Michael, you came back in your bod for 3 more days... I know every Dianah Ross song forward and backwards and I love you.  Thanks for not being as mad as I was.

   I love, love, love you...    "Some day we'll be together.... oh, yes we will."

salaam Robin!!
12 years ago

Bless you for another beautiful have such a divine and lovely way of writing your feelings, and conveying the essence of those you love...they too...were blessed to know you my friend....this is not an easy thread..but many beautiful souls lives on here....

love A'isha

12 years ago

Oh A'isha... I will try very hard to think of where I got these two pictures. This one is called "Spirit Elements"; isn't it beautiful? All the colours you spoke of!  I will also look for my 'aura' books. It's time I come back to those things I loved to do and read years ago. 


12 years ago
Thank you so very, very much.

Sitting Pretty Living on Pennies: Surviving AIDS Living on Pennies: AIDS
Swimmer  aids1.gif - 5.2 K

12 years ago
The face of Aids

"Photography has a very important role to play when it comes to showing the world what is going on. One picture can have more impact than a thousand statistics." And that's what the organisers of the Pan African Photo Encounters exhibition, focusing on ethics and Aids, had in mind, writes Ellen Hollemans
PanAfrican Photo Encounters in Johannesburg.

"I felt that we as photographers did not do enough about Aids, showing the people what the disease really meant. "I followed their lives for the last eight, nine months." "When taking these pictures, I made sure that the women knew who I was, why I took this picture and what the purpose of the image was.

"When Joyce was dying in a hospice, she called for me. When I came, she was drifting into a coma. I could not talk to her in English, I knew she would not understand me. So I asked the nurse if she wanted to translate, and Joyce agreed on a picture being taken. Two hours later, she had passed away.

"That picture [the one with the tear] was the most difficult picture in my career. I could not take it. This was my friend, and she was dying.


An impressive display of iridescent clouds

12 years ago
salaam Robin!
12 years ago

thank you my dear friend...these photos/art...they are SO POWERFUL....are they in a gallery somewhere??  wow....EVERYONE needs to see these...

much love & hugs to you Robin!

love A'isha

Above/ Below photos by Gregory Thompson
12 years ago
salaam Robin..
12 years ago

i think we are posting at same time girl, these others came up as i posted response...YOU TOOK THEM!!  oh my speechless...and when i saw what you wrote about the photo of your friend with the tear...a shiver went thru speechless...but not really the tears are just cant see them...

love, hope,and a cure,


12 years ago

how beautiful...i see glimpses of heaven Robin...with our loved ones interfaced in the tapestry...and the rainbow...oh so lovely---our hope to reach towards, and hold on to....

bless you always Rovin...

love A'isha


12 years ago

lolol..i dont know what those symbolls are at the bottomof my lasty post-they were supposed to be x's--hugs..seems like this thread is mal functioning--some pics i see are overlapped?  maybew start "tribute11....

love A.

NO, no...
12 years ago
I did not take them. And if I forgot credit for the first one's I will get them.

I do have some yet am not healed enough to post them yet even tho it's been over 12 years for the two above and I received their permission. What's really sad is that my storage facility was ripped off in entirity and if those photos were included I will first mourn, then paint them and load them here. They remain vivid in my mind as do Brad and Michael. Thank you so much for your thinking that I could! Wow. ~Let's pray I do reach those heights one day. It would be an honor, eh?

Bless you and love infinite to all of us still here.

salaam Robin!!
12 years ago

Dont worry hun about getting authors names...and i know the pain is deep..thats how this group started...from my brotha Leo's passing..if you ever feel you can...and want to...would be  most honored to have them posted tribute...and i am are a very gifted artist my friend....peace and blessings be upon you you very much...

A'isha (((HUGS)))

my son will allways remenber you.
12 years ago

My son is doing life in prison, a young man 3 years ago started writing my boy, he has been so kind to him we all fell in love with him,Last week his mom sent a letter to my son and tooled us he died of aids, he sent back all the pics my boy sent but one he said he was keeping it to look at as he went, we will miss him so, there is a hole in my sons heart know. BRIAN sleep with the angels we will never forget you. The Shanks Family

salaam Joann..
12 years ago

  am praying for all, especially your son..who, must be really hurt and well you both families involved...please accept our love, condolences, and hugs..please tell your son, he has a group home here, praying for him and sending lots of love to him, and the whole family...we love you all...

hugs, A'isha

thanks for your prayers
12 years ago

thanks for your prayers, I will tell my son you are praying, Not many people wright him any more after you have been in prison for awhile people for get you, so he will be greatly missed  by my boy God Bless J.

Queen from "goodsearch"
12 years ago

Queen from "goodsearch"

We Are The Champions

I've paid my dues -
Time after time -
I've done my sentence
But committed no crime -
And bad mistakes
I've made a few
I've had my share of sand
kicked in my face -
But I've come through

We are the champions - my friends
And we'll keep on fighting -
till the end -
We are the champions -
We are the champions,
No time for losers
'cause we are the champions -
of the world

I've taken my bows
And my curtain calls -
You brought me fame and fortune
and everything that goes with it -
I thank you all -
But it's been no bed of roses
No pleasure cruise -
I consider it a challenge before
the whole human race -
And I ain't gonna lose -

We are the champions - my friends
And we'll keep on fighting -
till the end -
We are the champions -
We are the champions,
No time for losers
'cause we are the champions -
of the world!

Joann , To you and your Son and  his friend and all included here - in tribute!

salaam Angel!
12 years ago

What a perfect song as the group anthem!!  ..thank you for sharing this well known's so empowering!!

love you Angel!!

love & hugs, A'isha


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