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Disclosure in the work place. From The Body.
12 years ago
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Must I disclose my status to my employer?
Jul 5, 2006

I work for an organisation that provides services to persons with developmental disabilities in Indiana. Am I legally bound to disclose my status because I provide direct care for my clients: including assisting with bathing, toileting and administering medications?

Response from Ms. Breuer

No, no, no. If you were a health care worker performing invasive procedures, you would need to follow the disclosure policy of the hospital that employed you, but in your position, you are not putting clients at risk. I urge you to keep your diagnosis confidential. If you read other letters in this forum for a while, you'll see why.

I'm so glad you asked first.

I thought this point of view Q and A would be
interesting to LEOS ANGELS. Here is the [Enclosed Forum]
web link for as [Breuer] said more disscussion; related
.     Click on: SEARCH THE FORUM!

Salaam Angel!!
12 years ago

salaam Angel-what a great site and most important subject.  I am pinning it to group.  Personally I feel DO NOT DISCLOSE in the workplace...there is toomuch ignorance, hatred, judgemental people wholove to attach and work stigmas...additionally one may end upin the unemployment office-or worse-as hate crimes, alienation, harrassment is commonplace in the workfield for any issue those who lack sense and compassion can drum up...I say--protect thyself and others..assess your job tasks and act the healthcare field-those who are HIV positive are at more risk than those whom they care for (universal precautions!!) as they are exposed to an array of viruses, bacteria and illnesses from patients/clients...and with a weakened immune system, HIV positive individuals are at greater protect thyself...

A friend of mine was considering telling his boss his status due to doctors appointments (time)...but decided not to as he is a chef...while he wears gloves, he knew he would be fired-they would have found a way to get rid of him..due to ignorance and lack of he found a way around it,and saved his much needed job.  Additionally, we do not know what lies in the hearts of those we work girl in my dept. was HIV one knew but our supervisor , myself and one other close friend...this was an HIV day, she overheard her co-workers talking in the hallways, saying how disqusting HIV was and if anyone in their famly got it-they would not be around them, or associate with them....hmmm...makes me wonder why they were working there to begin friend ran to her office and cried...

so-I say---protect thy self...mind body and spirit...and assess risk-on both poles...ignorance, hatred, stupidity, lack of compassion and concern-IS ALIVE AND WELL IN THE WORKPLACE!!

love A'isha

QUESTION!!  please post your views on the above topic!!


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