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I changed (fliped the thread) +
11 years ago

Changed to a womens HIV thread instead of exclusively Kaiser. After all we ain't no add for K.P.!

I hope you Love It!  *blonde*

12 years ago

I love these Kaiser reports!!    thank sweet Angel for sharing such uplifting and wonderful news!!   I think we are heaing into a new phase of managable disease concerning HIV...I feel decades will be added to lives of those with the virus, and it will be a virus that once under contrl..will be something less of a threat to health somedy-very soon.  This report points to this as well as very high survival rates currently for those in compliance with healthy lifestyles and following meds...This article is such a bright candle..Thank you Angel!   Love You!!

big hugs, A'isha

12 years ago

"Pregnant Women With HIV Infection Can Expect Healthy Survival: Three-Year Follow-Up," Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes: Fabiola Martin of St. Mary's NHS Trust in London and colleagues followed up with 311 HIV-positive pregnant women who had given birth to assess their long-term health, Reuters Health reports (Reuters Health, 10/30). The researchers divided the women into three groups depending on their immune status. One group was treated with zidovudine monotherapy, the second group received highly active antiretroviral therapy during and after pregnancy, and a third group received short-term HAART during pregnancy only (Martin et al., JAIDS, 10/1). The average follow-up time was 33 months, according to Reuters Health. The study found that 98% of all the women survived through the last follow-up visit without progressing to AIDS. The study also found that three of the 85 women who received zidovudine monotherapy had disease progression; two of the 154 women who were treated with HAART during and after pregnancy had disease progression; and one of the 71 women who were treated with short-term HAART during pregnancy had disease progression. Researchers concluded that with access to HAART, teh progression to AIDS for women giving birth is uncommon, and it is possible to achieve a frequency of mother-to-child HIV transmission that is less than 1% (Reuters Health, 10/30).

    ___ !!!

12 years ago

I Love you Angel!!!

hugs, light, appreciation, admiration, LOVE


O Aisha ! You make me blush!
12 years ago
Well.. I really didn't see it on the tube.. but it was like serendipity ; see at home in the evening I have my timer wake up my TV, to Ellen. Somehow t'day I stumbled across the last five mins of The Oprah show. I don't know how it happened! But it turned out just perfect for sharing!
Its about time too - I mean that the U.S. has an open discussion about our cause! HIV/AIDS
 Then i found the link I searched and searched for on the net in my Inbox from K. P. !
Alright! ! ! !
Its a banner day!
salaam Angel!!
12 years ago

This is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


a must see..thank you Angel for posting this...all eyes on the tube!!!

love you!


12 years ago
  'Oprah Winfrey Show' To Discuss HIV/AIDS in U.S.

     The nationally syndicated "Oprah" on Thursday is scheduled to air a program focusing on HIV/AIDS in the U.S. and the experiences of former NBA star Magic Johnson. Guests on the program are scheduled to include:

  • CDC Director Julie Gerberding;
  • Regan Hofmann, editor in chief of the monthly HIV/AIDS magazine POZ;
  • Johnson and his wife, Cookie;
  • Rev. Eugene Rivers, pastor of the Azusa Christian Church in Boston;
  • Kim Smith, an infectious disease specialist at Rush University Medical Center; and
  • HIV-positive U.S. residents.

The program's Web site includes a slideshow of the "new faces" of HIV/AIDS, information on the risks of HIV transmission for women and blacks and statistics on the HIV/AIDS epidemic ("Oprah Winfrey Show," 10/26). Check local listings for show times.

~From Kaiser Permanenty Daily News letter

Salaam Angel!!
12 years ago

Salaam Angel!!

 lolol...your such a sweetheart!!  ssters will have to do!!  but sistas take care of each other too!! 

No, no comment from you love-not even your name/profile showed up on comments page--care2 has lots of problems-glitches-I know I cant change my picture-i have x's where profile should be, its CRAZY!!  Hope they work it out soon!!  love you Angel!

love A'isha  

12 years ago
Great feedback! Aisha! I know your a good good Mommy! You know I want to be one of your little children! lol. But Sister wil do nicely as well! Yep! Yep!
 Oh yeah looks like everything is in full operation on this page.
Although i knoiw what you mean .. the other day i went to your page (profile) and I couldnt add a comment! I was just going to say "Aisha,Your more beautiful every day!" ( I like the new picture too) and then put in some balloons. But it wouldn't show that it had the balloons right??
I'll try again some other time.
K, ya!
12 years ago

it finally came up...Angel..please let me know if your host options are working...

also...based on the article..they said they test about 2200 a year thu their clinics---would love to see this number triple..its kinda low...

Salaam Angel!
12 years ago

Salaam sis-great, great topic--In fact I passed this website along to collegues as well--what a good message--You know him. But you can't know everything. Get a free HIV test."  I think the fact that one DOESNT know for 100% if someone has or ever will contract HIV is a big message women need to hear and keep in mind...AND we need to reach our female children with this message as well..My six year old has begun her lessons..too young-no--Last week she came how and asked me if Gay meant happy--I said "yes"..she said no mommy it means two people kiss like two boys"!!  I was kinda surprised, but asked her where she learned this--apparently someone at school called another student "Gay" and the teacher said it was wrong & was an "ism" that could hurt certain people..and explained in basic terms what it meant, and how it could hurt...I thought she handled it very well, age appropriate & tactful...she is teaching the children at a young age-as we all are (some of us I shall say) about respecting each other and loving one  another despite differences.  I applaud her efforts to educate children towards a peaceful, nonjudgemental growth pattern.... never too early to begin teaching--we really need to push this message with our very young children, because while a six year old is not at risk per say--they will be later and the earlier we "program" their minds into healthy lifestyles, educating them on risk factors, teaching them to value their bodies & health, how to keep healthy, respecting all peoples-the better the outcome may be as far as reducing the numbers of HIV infection. 

Thank you so much for posting this Angel...Im going to attempt to pin this---dont see an option!!  I think care2 is messed up some groups as the editor was off when I clicked on your post....hmmm..did you see an option to pin it hun??  If so--in future-just pin things girl..

ok-let me figure this out and write care2 if i need to!

love you! 

love & hugs, A'isha

Women- HIV network daily report.
12 years ago
| Blue Label

Heres something of value ,I think, from Kaiser. I thought when one sees something related to Women from Kaiser one could put 'er down here in this dedicated thread.

Cleveland Health Department Launches HIV Prevention Campaign Aimed at Black Women

     The Cleveland Department of Public Health this week launched a citywide campaign aimed at curbing the spread of HIV among black women, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports. The $750,000 campaign, which is financed by CDC, is using billboards, buses and radio ads to promote the message: "You know him. But you can't know everything. Get a free HIV test." David Merriman, acting AIDS director for the city's health department, said data show that black women ages 18 to 34 are at the highest risk of contracting HIV, primarily through unprotected sex. "These women really need to know their status," Merriman said. The health department has said HIV prevention efforts in black communities are important, with nearly 40% of HIV-positive black men reporting sexual behavior that puts their female partners at risk of HIV transmission. Merriman said that the city currently performs about 2,200 HIV tests annually at its clinics and that the health department aims to increase the number of HIV tests preformed among black women. The city will monitor the progress of the campaign for a year, according to Merriman. A similar campaign also was launched this week in Philadelphia, the Plain Dealer reports (McEnery, Cleveland Plain Dealer, 10/19).

From Kaisernetwork Daily Report
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