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South Carolina dog nearly dies after consuming rawhide
5 years ago

Sir Dutch


The recent, life-threatening health scare of one handsome, blue-eyed pit bull named "Sir Dutch," serves as the backdrop for an important dog health warning about rawhide treats.

Sir Dutch belonged to a Charleston, S.C. couple who noticed that he was not feeling well for several days. In fact, the 3-year-old dog appeared to be in distress, with worsening symptoms which included vomiting and obvious discomfort.

The veterinary clinic suspected that the dog had a bowel obstruction, but the couple did not have the funds to address the problem and chose instead, to have their dog euthanized.

Thankfully for Sir Dutch, Noah's Arks Rescue was contacted by the veterinarian, and ownership of the ailing dog was signed over to the rescue organization.

The distressed dog was quickly rushed into surgery where the problem was quickly discovered - Sir Dutch did have a bowel obstruction, caused by a piece of rawhide which he had consumed.

Sir Dutch is fortunate - help was found in time for him to survive.

He does, however, have complications from the obstruction, including swelling and cellulitis thanks to the length of time that his symptoms were not addressed.

Noah's Arks Rescue implores all dog owners to avoid rawhide treats, stating:

Too many animals die each year because of this. This was not a large piece. This is one more example of a sweet dog that was going to be PTS because he was given something that he shouldn't have had. Any large breed dog should be closely monitored with anything they are chewing on that could be swallowed whole or bit off into a chunk big enough to become obstructed. If you care about your animals, DO NOT feed them any form of rawhide. I have done so many of these operations that it is not about if it will happen but more about when it will happen.

Rawhide treats for dogs are sold almost everywhere, and many owners give them to their pets, not realizing the danger which may follow.

Please take a moment to share Sir Dutch's story with others as an important warning about what could happen if your dog encounters similar complications from these treats.

Donations for Sir Dutch's care can be made at this link to the rescue organization.

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