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Altering petitions? Other petition sites/replies
5 years ago
We do have an urgent question:
is it possible for the petitioners to alter their petitions IN ANY WAY after the collection of signatures?
We would appreciate an answer, thank you
1) Thank you for writing.
No, unfortunately, we are unable to make any changes once a petition has been signed.
I apologize for any inconvenience.
Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.
Thank you for your support and have a great day.

Lacy L. Durnil
Customer Relations Specialist
GreaterGood Network Stores
“Shop Where It Matters”®  (AnimalRescueSite, RainforestSite etc.)
Phone 888-355-4321 (USA & Canada)
2)Customer Support, Dec 10 04:49 pm (PST): 

Thanks for writing in! Petitions can be edited if they are still open and collecting signatures. Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any questions.   Thanks,  Dwan Help Desk    (I asked for a new reply from the Legal Department....)


Rocky B (Help Desk)

Dec 10 04:55 pm (PST)

Thanks for getting in touch. We answer this and other questions in our FAQs and Forums at There is a wealth of information in our FAQs which includes videos and webinars.

 If a cause leader makes a mistake in their petition title (misspelling, bad grammar, etc.) we help them make the needed adjustment.  
Thank you for making a difference with Causes!   Best,  Rocky  Causes Support Learn more tips at
Share your campaign and get advice at

4) Hi Anneke, thank you for contacting us! Unfortunately there is no way for us to change a petition for specific signatories. I am sorry for any inconvenience this causes you. If there is anything else I can do for you, please don't hesitate to ask.

Sincerely,  Liz

---------------------------------------will continue, I hope----

Maybe copying the title of the petition to sign into the remarks field, before signing, will give more guarantees that a signature is used for the petition as mentioned only...(   At it is possible to click on the petitioners name and see what kind of person it concerns (other petitions signed, f.e.), to continue
5 years ago

Next reply: Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on this. We realize this issue is complex, with many people who feel strongly about – and disagree on – the best way to improve things.

As an open platform that enables individuals and organizations to promote causes to people around the world, doesn't take a position on the means or tactics that individuals or organizations use to achieve their goals, provided they do not violate our Terms of Service ( while doing so.  **((I personally cannot find any guarantee against the possibility of altering a petition without the signers knowing about it...))

If you spot content on our site that is in violation of our Terms of Service, notify our moderators by clicking the "X" on the top right of the content if it is a comment, or clicking "Flag as Inappropriate" at the bottom of the petition if you would like to flag the entire petition. Our moderation team will review and take action as needed.  Thank you,   Maxine Help Desk  

Anybody having experience with this? 'EDITING YOUR PETITION.."How far can this go????

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