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Hi Mary, I joined the blog, I think I did it right. When you get on there next can you tell me if I did it correctly please. If not I may call you and see about how to do it. I really am grateful to you for helping me and my husband out. There needs to be more people like you out there. We are very grateful to you! Thank you! I will be in touch

I made this comment before, but it is gone.  I signed your petition at no. 40 for Assistance to the Incarcertated Mentally Ill, and I ask all AIMI members and online guests to support your petition by signing and sharing it widely - Petition link is


Signed 19:15, Nov 22, Ms. Mary Neal, GA
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill supports this petition for justice for Hercules Metcalfe, and we ask that others do the same. Everyone deserves a fair trial before an unbiased judge and jury and representation by qualified, ethical counsel. All inmates deserve medical and psychiatric care according to their needs. Please treat every person with human compassion and render justice. - Mary Neal, director.

Please use several petition sites. Denial of service (DoS), which prevents signatures, is common at yours. Join the new DOG JUSTICE FOR MENTALLY ILL blog at this link and I will help you tell your story and launch more petitions. It is hard for me to help you here. I cannot even reopen AIMI's petitions and update AIMI's billboard. Thanks.

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I don't understand where are all the members that care. I thank you again for signing my petition, it means a great deal to me and my husband! I am stuck at 98 signatures and keep adding my petition to groups. I've tryed alot! I just found out from the lawyer that he may be sentenced 15-20 yrs for crimes he didn't commit. I'm so scared and need my husband here with me. Thank you for listening!

Thanks for allowing us to help you and your husband. I signed your petition months ago with significant interference from cyberstalkers who did not want my comment to post. Unfortunately, advocacy for prisoner rights has opposition from persons who benefit because America has the world's largest prison population. Some prisons contain costs by denying health care and decent meals. Petitions are sometimes attacked with a DoS virus to prevent support, particularly petitions for inmates with strong innocence claims and death row inmates. Each prisoner brings income to prisons whether or not guilt is proved, and death penalty cases net more than interning other prisoners. Stalkers attacked my PC to limit my effectiveness in reaching the public to help suffering families like yours and mine, but God will bless us to overcome. Keep fighting for humane incarceration and justice. Use AIMI for your public billboard often. You are welcome here. 




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Please Help With The Innocents Of My Husband

Hercules Metcalfe has been wrongfully charged of crimes he did not commit. These charges are from back in 2007. During the trial period, all the trial cases were one day after another. No time to prepare for any defense on each case. Before the jury got selected for the trials, the people selected for jury trial selection, they were talking with the witnesses, before jury selection had started. Hercules had a court appointed lawyer and had asked the lawyer to ask for a change of venue. Change of venue due to the small town people talking among themselves along with the jury selection people. The change of venue was denied twice by the judge. The people that got selected for the trials knew the witnesses, alot of them were close friends. So Hercules had no fair trials. The court appointed lawyer had physical evidence and witnesses that was never brought forth into the trials, that could have shown the innocence of Hercules. That lawyer was relieved of council. There has been new evidence recently brought forward to Hercules new court appointed lawyer and to our attention. This new evidence proves Hercules innocence. Michael T that had confessed commiting these crimes, walks the streets today and has no charges at all against him. While Hercules is sitting in county jail awaiting to be sentenced to Prison. Please Help keep my husband out of going to Prison! While my husband has been in the county jail, he has been recently diagnosed with a severe liver disease. Hercules was given his results on paper which stated there is nothing that warrents medical procedures at this time. Hercules is having symptoms of Jaundice and it gets worse as the days pass. No medical treatment has been given to look further into liver damage. He deals with this pain of being in jail and being sentenced soon to go to prison along with the pains of this liver disease. Please help save an Innocent man's life!


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