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5 years ago

Hercules Metcalfe has been wrongfully charged of crimes he did not commit. These charges are from back in 2007. During the trial period, all the trial cases were one day after another. No time to prepare for any defense on each case. Before the jury got selected for the trials, the people selected for jury trial selection, they were talking with the witnesses, before jury selection had started. Hercules had a court appointed lawyer and had asked the lawyer to ask for a change of venue. Change of venue due to the small town people talking among themselves along with the jury selection people. The change of venue was denied twice by the judge. The people that got selected for the trials knew the witnesses, alot of them were close friends. So Hercules had no fair trials. The court appointed lawyer had physical evidence and witnesses that was never brought forth into the trials, that could have shown the innocence of Hercules. That lawyer was relieved of council. There has been new evidence recently brought forward to Hercules new court appointed lawyer and to our attention. This new evidence proves Hercules innocence. Michael T that had confessed commiting these crimes, walks the streets today and has no charges at all against him. While Hercules is sitting in county jail awaiting to be sentenced to Prison. Please Help keep my husband out of going to Prison! While my husband has been in the county jail, he has been recently diagnosed with a severe liver disease. Hercules was given his results on paper which stated there is nothing that warrents medical procedures at this time. Hercules is having symptoms of Jaundice and it gets worse as the days pass. No medical treatment has been given to look further into liver damage. He deals with this pain of being in jail and being sentenced soon to go to prison along with the pains of this liver disease. Please help save an Innocent man's life! Update: My husbands sentencing was in August of 2012 and one week after sentencing was sent to Department of Corrections. He has been sentenced to 6 years. He has been contacted by appeals office and they have now started on the appeal process. A docketing statement has been made and docketed. The docket statement from the appellete office stated that there was not enough evidence to convict him beyond a reasonable doubt, errors in sentencing and errors in probation revocation. We are hopeful that once it goes before a judge that he will get released. We all know that the appeal process is anywheres from 6 months to years. He is trying to get an appeal bond, as for the fleeing charges were dropped to misdemeanors. We are trying to get as many people to help support the innocence of my husband so he can come home to me. I have now spent going on 2yrs without him here but being incarcerated for someone else's wrong doing. Please help support us and help set a innocent man free! Thank You.

5 years ago

Patricia, I am sorry you and your husband still have these problems. I pray that everything improves in 2013.

5 years ago

Mary, I pray that things change for us in the new year of 2013 as well, thanks. We have faith in the lord that he will bring him home to me with the appeals. The brief is being made now so now we do alot of waiting and pray. I am trying again to get more signatures and letters of recommendation to send to the govenor to help him. Hope all is going well with you.

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