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Oh my God. How utterly tragic.

What sad news. Thank you, Mary.

Mitrice Richardson's Remains Found
Malibu remains identified as Mitrice Richardson, source says
August 12, 2010 |  8:43 am


Excerpts from LA Times article:

The skeletal remains found in Malibu Canyon on Monday afternoon have been identified by authorities as those of Mitrice Richardson, the young woman who vanished nearly a year ago after being released from the Lost Hills/Malibu Sheriff's Station, according to a source familiar with the investigation.

The identification of the remains, found deep in a ravine by park rangers checking for marijuana plants, apparently brings to a grim close the much-publicized mystery over the whereabouts of the Cal State Fullerton graduate who would have celebrated her 25th birthday this past April.

Her arrest for being unable to pay an $89 dinner tab at a Malibu restaurant and her subsequent release in the dark hours of the early morning last Sept. 17 without a car, cellphone or purse sparked widespread criticism of Sheriff's Department personnel and triggered two lawsuits accusing the department of negligence.

"If you knew how many buses I've chased down," Ronda Hampton, a psychologist who was friends with Richardson, said recently.


Condolences to Mitrice Richardson's family and friends from Mary Neal.  I agree with a Twitter post by  
FindMitrice - "Mitrice Richardson's death was AVOIDABLE. She deserves JUSTICE and we will work as hard as possible to do so."


MORE PHOTOS - Thanks for your comment, Carol.  IF Mitrice was released in her mental state and without transportation, money, or any means to call for help, it was irresponsible of the police.  I say "if" because of what happened to my brother.  Police denied having Larry Neal for weeks while they kept him from his vital heart meds and did not admit his secret arrest until he was dead.  Sometimes, people who are having a psychotic episode say things or act in ways that infuriate police.  Besides that, Mitrice is a beautiful young woman, and it would be dangerous for any young woman to be alone and on foot at 1:30 a.m.

So disgusting to release her in her mental state & especially at that time of night

PLEASE continue to pray for Mitrice Richardson's safe return. She is still missing after having been arrested and reportedly released alone after 1:30 a.m. in California during a mental health crisis. If you have any information, please use the contact info in this discussion strand to contact her supporters. Thank you! Mary

Mitrice Richardson is still missing.  I spoke with Dr. Rhonda Hampton who is spearheading the effort to find the young woman who is her intern.  Mitrice is a recent college graduate who was arrested while suffering a mental health crisis.  Since she was reportedly released from Lost Hills Jail in California at around 1:30 a.m. on September 17, after only 3.5 hours internment, her whereabouts are unknown.  There were several unsubstantiated sightings, but every one of them was too far from the jail for Mitrice to have gotten on foot.  WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO MITRICE?  See this website for more information:

As I asked on Twitter, where I am KoffieTime, do you know where your loved ones are who suffer from depression, Autism, Alzheimer's, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or PTSD?  Check the jails.  People exhibiting signs of mental illness are frequently arrested for public displays of their symptoms, unfortunately.  Once incarcerated, sometimes things happen.  Mitrice was reportedly released without her car, cell phone, any money, water, food, and in an unfamiliar area after 1:30 a.m.  What do you think about that?  See an excerpt from an LA news source below. 


The father of a woman missing since Friday believes his daughter is being held against her will.
Michael Richardson says he's been conducting his own investigation into the disappearance of his daughter Mitrice, 24. He says her friends told him she's been acting strangely ever since she met a female friend who's been supplying Mitrice with marijuana. Richardson says he's trying to track that friend down in an effort to locate his daughter. Richardson continues to blame the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department for releasing his daughter after sheriff's deputies affested her Thursday night.

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It is indeed distressing to have a family member missing.  Our hearts go out to Mitrice's family.  We hope that your loved one is found soon and that posting her "missing" notice at AIMI will be of service to you.  We are pleased to see the support you have across the country and wish you all the best.  We urge everyone to study Mitrice's photograph and to contact the authorities if you see this lovely young woman who needs help reuniting with her family.  See website:  

This is the link to sign the petition for a federal investigation into the disappearance of Mitrice Richardson.

Unfortunately, many families know what it is to have a missing loved one.  America's Most Wanted's host lost his son.  My family searched in vain for Larry Neal for three weeks only to have him returned dead - police had him the whole while .  Hopefully, Mitrice will be found and all will be well with her.  But her family needs our help to locate her or ascertain information about her disappearance.  Please join almost 2,000 petitioners for a federal investigation today.  In Larry's case, the petition for an investigation has not been met with investigative effort; however, it helps promote justice who show support and concern in these cases.  Mitrice showed signs of mental distrubance.  

      See website:
$10,000 reward

Mitrice was said to be acting erratically and suffering depression before being arrested and was reportedly released shortly after arrest without standing charges for 1) disturbing the peace in a restaurant - talking about Martians; 2) possession of a small amount of marijuana; and 3) running an $89.00 tab at the restaurant that she did not have funds to pay.  She was reportedly arrested around 10pm and released after 1:30am from the Lost Hills Jail in Calif.  She was reportedly released without funds, cell phone, food, or water in an unfamiliar area.  Police had her car, so she was on foot.  She was reportedly sited in the backyard of a home many miles from the police station hours later.  Luckily, the media and many people are helping to look for Mitrice.  Please join 2000 people who signed her petition for an investigation.

What Happened to Mitrice Richardson?

Nancy Lockhart launched a petition for a federal investigation into the disappearance of a gifted young woman who suffers from depression. Mitrice Richardson was arrested in Lost Hills, CA Jail on September 16 at 10 p.m., then reportedly released after midnight with no money, I.D., food, water, or cell phone. Join petitioners in asking for federal help resolving this mystery. WHAT HAPPENED TO MITRICE RICHARDSON? 

Mitrice Richardson is a college graduate from California State University of Fullerton, in Psychology, with a 4.00 GPA. Ms. Richardson has begun the process of acceptance into the Psychology Professional College, Alliant, to pursue her Ph.D. as a Clinical Psychologist.  She is an African American who is openly gay.

Mitrice Richardson is in a crisis and is in danger.  Support is needed to find her. Use the widget below to join petitioners asking for a federal investigation into the whereabouts of Mitrice Richardson to bring her home and to ensure that this does not happen to more people. 


People who are experiencing a mental health crisis should not be released from jail after midnight in unfamiliar territory to fend for themselves without money or a means to call for assistance, if that is really what happened.  No woman should.

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill



JAIL IS THE LAST THING THAT MENTAL PATIENTS NEED, AND TOO OFTEN, IT IS THE VERY LAST THING THEY EXPERIENCE. Please join our effort to decriminalize mental illness. No one deserves to be punished for having a health crisis.



Thanks for your interest. God bless you!



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