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Welcome New AIMI Members #5

Thank you for joining us in giving Assistance for the Incarcerated Mentally Ill ("AIMI"). Mental health care is a vast area. To be most effective, we will limit our advocacy on this group to issues related to incarcerated mentally ill persons in America and those likely to suffer imprisonment due to their mental disorders. You are already helping the incarcerated mentally ill merely by joining this group!

Most chronically mentally ill persons do not vote or engage in America's political process, yet our legislators determine the direction of their lives. Your participation in this group demonstrates that voters are concerned about mentally ill prisoners. We welcome everyone who is interested in decriminalizing mental illness.

We hope AIMI attracts diffable person who have suffered incarceration. First person accounts are very valuable! Families of mentally ill persons, please share your input. Too often, the family members of mental patients have little voice in policy decisions that impact their lives and the lives of their sick loved ones. Psychiatrists, psychologists, and other mental health care professionals, we welcome you. Law enforcement officers, attorneys, and others who work in the criminal justice system, thank you for joining us.

We will use this group to share our experiences, seek assistance on specific cases, offer and receive advice and encouragement, and to impact public policy by denouncing criminalizing mental illness. We will discuss treatment options and impediments thereto, along with a wide range of topics having to do with mental illness.

We will at all times observe the rules governing Care2 groups.

It is not necessary for all members of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill to agree on every topic of discussion, and neither is it likely. However, we will respect and value each other and the rights of each member to express differing views.

We believe prisons have become America's mental institutions in large part because of restrictions against enforced treatment and hospitalization of chronically mentally ill persons.  There is a serious lack of short-term inpatient care and community care for mental health crises that frequently lead to avoidable tragedies.  Long-term hospitalization is frequently needed for patients who require constant monitoring and treatment.  Imprisoning mentally ill Americans is financially wasteful, discriminatory, and inhumane.  No one can be punished into a state of mental health. 

Most diffable people are capable of functioning well in society without enforced treatment or confinement. However, our advocacy in this group concentrates on providing humane options for the care of patients who are incarcerated precisely because they require either hospitalization or enforced treatment in their communities.  In this group, we acknowledge that the decision to put chronically ill patients in charge of their own treatment options (to treat or not to treat) contributed to the criminalization of mental illness. Enforced psychiatric treatment is often necessary for acute mental patients’ safety. These patients are usually expected to make major health decisions while in a demented mental state. We believe someone other than the acute mental patient must be allowed to make their treatment decisions before any tragedy occurs, or mental patients face the likelihood of repeated arrests for crimes committed while in a mental crisis.

AIMI's goal is to gain release from prison for the estimated 1.25 million incarcerated mentally ill Americans in order that they may be treated in their communities or hospitals, depending on the severity of their crimes. AIMI seeks to reverse the trend to imprison rather than treat our mental patients. We believe the laws restricting enforced hospitalization or outpatient therapy for diffable persons often hinder chronically mentally ill persons from receiving needed treatment.

We acknowledge that chronically mentally ill prisoners have a higher rate of return to jail than other inmates precisely because of their tendency to discontinue therapy and lapse back into psychosis. We assert that prison release for the nonviolent offenders should include mandatory treatment, at least during their parole or probationary periods. Inmates who are incarcerated for violent acts should be hospitalized for the duration of their criminal sentences or until their psychiatrists recommend release. Such psychiatric recommendations should be reviewed by the sentencing court. If the court agrees with the psychiatrists’ recommendation for prison release, the court should then order the patients' continued psychiatric monitoring and care as outpatients for the duration of their parole or probationary period. Mental patients who are required to receive court ordered treatment should be zealously sought and remanded back to hospitals if they disobey the court and discontinue their treatment at any point while on probation or parole.

Decriminalizing mental illness will not occur unless and until sensible alternatives to prison are available for diffable persons in crisis. We believe that mental hospitalization in extreme cases, and community care under enforced treatment will provide the alternatives that our most severely ill citizens need in order to regain and to retain their freedom from our nation’s correctional institutions.

Please do not join the group unless you agree to all of the above. Welcome to our quest for justice for the incarcerated mentally ill! Thank you for your involvement in this human rights

                    Dorothea Dix quotes

Dorothea Lynde Dix (April 4, 1802 - July 17, 1887)

ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL ("AIMI") WORKS IN THE TRADITION OF DOROTHEA DIX, a highly effective human rights advocate on behalf of the indigent mentally ill during the 19th century.  Dix was the daughter of a mentally ill man, and she had compassion for sick people.  She went to a prison to give Sunday school lessons and was appalled at the inhumane conditions under which mentally ill detainees were kept, similar to today's abusive incarceration.  Dix was singularly responsible for delivering the mentally ill out of prisons and into treatment during her lifetime.  Now they are back in prison, frequently suffering abuse and neglect - even wrongful death.  What one dedicated woman did before the women's suffrage movement, surely we can do again!  

You and I theoretically have more citizenship rights than Ms. Dix did.  Furthermore, we have use of technology to inform the public about the cruel and unusual punishment our most vulnerable neighbors and family members suffer for being sick.  We have the capacity to use the Internet to lobby legislators that Ms. Dix did not have. However, during Ms. Dix's lifetime, wealthy, powerful people were not determined to keep mentally ill inmates incarcerated for prison profits.  It will take even more determination and dedication to deliver the mentally ill out of prison and into treatment in 21st century America.  Thank you for coming to help!

Dorothea Dix quotes:

"In a world where thre is so much to be done, I felt strongly impressed that there must be something for me to do."

"If I am cold, they are cold; if I am weary, they are distressed; if I am alone, they are abandoned."

HELLO, NEW AIMI MEMBER!  You have already help incarcerated mental patients just by joining AIMI.  Your membership helps legislators see that many people want to decriminalize mental illness in America!

Will you please donate a few minutes a week to working on one of AIMI's committees?  You are sure to find a committee that suits your interests and skills under the blue PETITIONS, CALL TO ACTION tab. Even if you only have time to CHECK THE BLUE TABS to sign petitions and see what others are doing to help incarcerated sick people, please do.


Our quest
 is to decriminalize mental illness, discontinue gassing sick people in jail, Tasering them, and using restraint chairs and tables.  Just by discussing mental illness, we hope to also help remove the stigma associated with this common, treatable health condition.  Thank you for joining our quest to promote greater respect for the humanity and civil rights of psychiatric patients.  Diffabled citizens are now commodities in this nation's burgeoning prison system.  The prison industry costs taxpayers $50 BILLION per year, without counting costs for police services for arrests, court, and lawyers' fees for the indigent.  

Of the 2.3 million inmates in America, 1.25 million inmates have mental disorders.  Assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) programs like Kendra's Law that combine mandatory psychiatric treatment with subsistence assistance have proved to reduce homelessness, incarcerations and recidivism, as well as hospitalizations of chronic mental patients by better than 80%.  AOT is less expensive for taxpayers and certainly more humane for mental patients than prison.  See NY's results from the first five years with AOT at this link 

As is true with every battle for human rights, AIMI has opposition.  If you ever encounter problems posting your news and views or inviting your friends to AIMI, please get in touch with one of the hosts or with me as soon as possible, and don't hesitate to contact Care2's technical staff.  We are happy to facilitate your involvement in decriminalizing mental illness in America and delivering psychiatric patients to a more humane existence.

 Welcome to AIMI.  We are so glad you came!


Please start rendering Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill immediately by contacting your representatives and letting them know you favor AOT for nonviolent diffabled people imprisoned in your state, and hospitalization for the violent offenders.


Bridge to Springtime

Welcome and many thanks to our latest AIMI members! 

We are dusting off the welcome mat just for you.

Friendship Comments & Graphics

WELCOME!  Thanks for joining AIMI, Lisa M.  Your help to end the victimization of mentally challenged people is needed and appreciated. 

Thank you, Lisa, for agreeing that no one should be criminalized for being sick, and neither should treatment be withheld until after avoidable crimes in order to use sick people to boost prison investments.  Please notify your representatives that you joined our effort to decriminalize mental illness and invite your friends!

WELCOME! Thanks for joining AIMI, Veronica A., and welcome to Care2.  You and Lisa M. are AIMI's latest members among those listed below.  Every new member helps just by joining, because your membership says to decision makers that you agree that mentally ill Americans should be treated in hospitals or community care, depending on their ability to function outside of a controlled environment.  Treatment, not prison!  Thanks for helping us call America out of the Dark Ages when mentally ill people were kept in dungeons.  Today, they comprise over 60% of inmates enduring solitary confinement torture.  Cruelty to people with psychiatric issues is a historic problem.  Over 300,000 mentally ill citizens were isolated and exterminated in Nazi Germany BEFORE Hitler started killing Jews.  Thanks for voicing your objection to discrimination against mentally challenged neighbors, family members, and fellow citizens.   

WELCOME, Marilyn Torrie!  Thanks so much for joining our efforts to raise awareness about a problem that is well within our ability to fix while actually reducing Americans' tax burden and increasing safety in our communities.  We can decriminalize mental illness by (1) making inpatient and outpatient care more accessible by supporting federal bill H.R.619 to resume Medicaid for inpatient psychiatric treatment and (2) using assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) programs for community care.  Please feel comfortable here at AIMI.  Write your opinions about mental health care in America in comments to the discussion items on AIMI's home page or start a new discussion strand at any time.  Your input is very valuable and will help decrease the stigma attached to mental illness, one of America's most common health problems, affecting 1 in 5.


Blessings, and thanks for coming!


Mary, hosts, members


Thank you for joining your voice with AIMI members' to say to legislators that mental illness must cease to be a health condition that is treated legally instead of medically.  Please invite your friends to help support H.R.619, the federal bill to resume Medicaid for inpatient psychiatric treatment for crisis patients (instead of jails).  Also, learn about and support assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) programs for mentally challenged people exiting jails and hospitals:  subsistence assistance and continued psychiatric care that acute patients need to avoid re-hospitalization or re-arrest.
Thanks for joining us, New AIMI Member!



Joined 10/10

WELCOME to AIMI Andi D.   We appreciate your coming to help give ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL.  Please start by notifying your elected officials that you support H.R.619 - the congressional bill to resume Medicaid for inpatient psychiatric treatment.  If America had more psychiatric hospital beds, people in crisis could be treated rather than imprisoned, and lives would be saved.  Use this link, and please share it with your friends and groups:  


Hi, thanks for the welcome!



Thanks, new AIMI members!  Just by joining, you tell our representatives that you care about acute mental patients being incarcerated as criminals for behavior that arose out of a health condition.  In case I miss receiving or responding to your Care2 friend requests, please know that I consider every AIMI member and all people everywhere who care about human rights to be my friends!


 Like any chronic disease, mental illness should be treated, not punished.  Discrimination against mentally ill Americans happens in large part because each prisoner is financially profitable to the private prison industry.  Privately owned facilities do not get inmates until public correctional facilities are at or above capacity.  Some municipalities have contracts with private prison owners guranteeing them a certain number of inmates.  Unfortunately, crime and punishment is a business in America now, and 1.25 million sick people are caught in the revolving door in and out of prisons - until some few of them do a crime worthy of life sentences. 


Over 11,000 of my tweets were deleted from Twitter by the censorship force on 12/6/10, and it is challenging for me to use all of Care2's features as our advocacy to give Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill gains support.  I have not tried to publish in my Care2 Sharebook for months because I was given a tiny html screen for input.  Then when I hit "submit," I was getting a DoS.  My Care2 email box has no "reply all" button, and some messages are impeded.  My eCards are frequently delivered to addressees void of the data I input, and many AIMI discussion strands regarding mentally ill people who were Tasered, jailed, or killed and some of our discussion strands against the death penalty have been attacked and deleted.  Although censorship is irritating, we should expect sabotage because successful human rights advocacy always suffered attacks from unscrupulous, powerful opponents from the slavery abolitionists and the women's suffrage movement of the 1800's and throughout the civil rights movement. So we'll look on the bright side and count the interference as evidence of progress.  Welcome aboard, and blessings!

Welcome to new members!   Please check AIMI from time to time to ensure your membership remains active.  Sometimes AIMI members are surreptitiously removed to make it appear that people don't care about mental illness being criminalized. Invite your friends, please.  Sick inmates and their families need our help replacing prison bars with hospital or community care, depending on their offenses and functionality.  This will also increase public safety and save money on the $50 billion/yr prison budget.  Thanks for supporting humane treatment for America's most vulnerable citizens.




WELCOME   Thank you for joining ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL (AIMI).  Just by joining AIMI, you told decision makers that you believe mentally ill Americans and immigrants should be treated, not punished for a common, treatable health condition.  Please feel free to share your news and viewpoints with AIMI members and the world through posting discussion points or commenting on them at our home page.  My personal email box is - Please add me to your mailing list.  If I receive your emails, I will respond.  Follow me at Twitter where I am @koffietime.  All of us at AIMI and 1.25 million incarcerated mental patients and their families and friends thank you, Dan and Prae.



Welcome, AIMI members and online guests!  Thank you for helping give ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL.  Mental illness is a common, treatable health condition affecting 1 in 5 people in America.  Decriminalizing mental illness would end decades of discrimination in the justice system against a large class of Americans and immigrants, save billions off the nation's prison costs (presently over $50 billion annually), and improve safety in our communities.  Punishing people for mental illness instead of providing adequate care means awaiting crimes before intervention.  That is unfair and dangerous for psychiatric patients, their families, and neighbors. On the 9th of every month, AIMI members and everyone who cares about improving justice for mentally ill people, workers, and others who are negatively impacted by corporate greed and government indifference are asked to BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE: NO shopping.  Use the link on AIMI's billboard to learn about the shopping moratorium or use this link:    

WELCOME to new members of ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL (AIMI), a/k/a, The Dorothea Dix Group. In the tradition of Dorothea Dix, we alert our decision makers and the general public about the circumstances of acute mental patients who need and deserve treatment, not prison. Thanks, AIMI members and online guests, for caring about this issue. Please contact federal and state officials to let them know you do. AIMI is like every other human rights effort throughout American history: We have opposition. Please check periodically to ensure that you are still listed among AIMI members. Check the Discussion forum on our home page now and then to make sure you receive emails when new posts are made (usually several a week). feel free to post relevant news and comment on discussion posts. Forward AIMI's news to your email list and online networks. These are easy ways you can help give ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL and prevent more sick people from becoming prison inmates when they should be hospital inpatients or outpatients.  Blessings, and many thanks for joining!


Thanks, AIMI member and online guests, for joining in this effort to give ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL!


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URL of my topic

This is the last topic adress of my work on the Human Rigths and the psychiatric criminality
on human lifes, the totalitarism of some medical decisions make that medical sciences are in a wrong way, anybody can see that, but many people prefer to not see this capitalisation of medecin, since the 1930 years and the actual radical politic.
I hope you will can read the videos on this topic, and send to you, Mary, my betters hopes of justice

Line L., I understand that some mental patients have suffered abuse in mental hospitals and object to psychiatric treatment and meds. However, for most acute mental patients, continuing treatment is the only way they can enjoy wholesome lives and remain out of prisons and hospitals. Thankfully, the United States Department of Justice certified Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) programs, which are needed to help acute mental patients survive outside a restrained environment. AOT programs provide mandated psychiatric treatment plus subsistence assistance. Kendra's Law participants in New York experienced 85% reduction in rates of arrests, imprisonment, homelessness, and re-hospitalization compared to their experiences three years prior. Therefore, the "self determination" route does not work for people who already proved they lack the ability to make rational decisions about their treatment needs. Mandated treatment plus housing and food assistance proved to restore many people to wholesome lives while reducing tax expenditure on imprisoning people for having a common, treatable health condition. Furthermore, the reduction in arrests among AOT program participants indicates that communities were made safer by treating mental patients timely to AVOID tragedies. We all shop at the same malls.


Many mentally ill people never go to prison for inappropriate behavior, but 1.25 million are there. Withholding care from persons who have not proved (yet) to be a danger to self and others is logic that led to their imprisonment to the benefit of prison investors. Medicaid was withdrawn from mental hospital inpatients in the 1970s, and many mental hospitals closed without providing any suitable alternative to homelessness, prison and death for acute mental patients in America. Please read the mission statement for Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI) again  - i) mandated psychiatric treatment and subsistence assistance for community care and 2) increased mental hospital beds for crisis intervention and for long-term commitment for mentally ill people who are violent or incapable of functioning outside a controlled environment are our two objectives.


Thanks for re-joining us at AIMI. We are here to give ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL and prevent more mental patients from joining the 1.25 million sick people already incarcerated in America.







Thanks for stopping by, online guests! 

Hello and WELCOME to Kathy S., our newest member at ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL! Please begin giving assistance by contacting your representatives and proposing that Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) programs be used for all mentally ill persons exiting prisons and hospitals. AOT programs provide continuing treatment and subsistence assistance to reduce recidivism. Here is a handy link to contact U.S. reps

YOUR OPINIONS AND NEWS ARE WELCOME AT THIS GROUP, AS FAR AS MEMBERS AND HOSTS ARE CONCERNED. Please introduce yourself at this welcome strand, and post news, petitions, and viewpoints on the home page.
Thanks for joining our quest to decriminalize mental illness in America!

WELCOME to Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill! We appreciate your joining our effort to decriminalize mental illness and petition government for easier access to inpatient and out patient treatment. Thank you for agreeing that mentally ill Americans deserve treatment, not prison.

Kim F.

Missing photos - I have never removed any photos from any of my Care2 pages (including AIMI), and I never used Photobucket, so that company should not remove my photographs either.

They say a good picture is worth a thousand words. I suppose that is why my photos and graphics are continually removed. Here is one I commissioned from an artist especially for our advocacy for justice. See the associated article, "Justice Mountain," at HubPages link


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A warm WELCOME to AIMI's new members! We are so glad you joined AIMI to help give Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill. Call me anytime at 678.531.0262. Email me at . If I receive your call or email, you will have a response within 48 hours. If not, please email me at Facebook, comment at my articles or contact me through Google+. ALL effective human rights advocacies have/had opposition, but together, we shall overcome.  It is time to decriminalize mental illness in America. Blessings!

"Any time is the right time to do the right thing" ~MLK.

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Welcome to AIMI! Thanks for joining our effort to decriminalize mental illness. We're sweeping off our doormat just for you. At AIMI, we advocate for inpatient mental hospital insurance to again cover sick people for short term or long-term stays, depending on their offenses and functionality, and we believe most hospitalizations and incarcerations of the mentally ill could be avoided with better community care. Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) programs were certified by the United States Department of Justice in 2012. AOTs provide basic subsistence assistance and mandated psychiatric treatment. Recent tragedies emphasized how important it is to improve treatment options BEFORE avoidable injuries and deaths rather than awaiting a crisis situation. Thank you for joining your voice to ours to say, "Homelessness, prison, and death can no longer be America's response to acute mental illness." Blessings!


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WELCOME TO AIMI, new members! You help just by joining, because you demonstrate your interest in decriminalizing mental illness, opening more hospitals for inpatients, reinstating insurance coverage for mental inpatients which was deleted in the 1970s for the sake of prison profits, and establishing assisted outpatient treatment community care programs for continuous treatment and subsistence assistance for acute mental patients. You also demonstrate your agreement that nobody should be penalized, brutalized, or executed for crimes done as a result of a health disability. We hope your concern motivates you to do more. Please invite your friends, read, comment on and share links to posts at AIMI, and write to your represetatives on behalf of our most vulnerable citizens. 


Each one, please recruit one! With 1.25 million mentally challenged people behind bars in America and comprising 60% of the inmates in solitary confinement, this is urgent human rights work. Thanks for joining us, and welcome!

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Yes, welcome. Mary is a good lady who has been through a lot. She is a tireless activist for the victims of abuse from any system.

Welcome to AIMI, Dianne! We are so happy to have you join us in the quest to give Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill. As your first act as a new member of this activist group, we ask you to please contact your representatives and request that treatment replace imprisonment for the mentally ill in your state. Thanks so much for joining! Here is a handy link to contact your reps

AIMI, please greet our new member, Dianne!

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New Bedford, MA, USA
female, age 59
Joined Jun 22, 2012
What I Want to Do:


WELCOME new members! Thank you for coming to give Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill. Our work is paying off! Rep. Tim Murphy introduced a new mental health care bill that, if passed, will address many areas of need: H.R.3717 "Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act." Among other things, it provides for (a) Medicaid insurance in certain facilities for inpatient treatment, (b) special training for police officers in crisis intervention, (c) public awareness to remove the stigma associated with acute mental illness, and (d) assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) programs, mandating continuous psychiatric treatment and giving subsistance assistance!

Discuss H.R.3717 with us on "Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill" Blogtalkradio show on February 19, 2014, at 9pm PST. Call (818)572.2947 at 9pm Pacific. Hear our first broadcast on H.R.3717 at this url: Information about the mental health care bill is in this article

We are so glad you came to join us! You can begin helping right away by sharing the links above that have information about H.R.3717. The congressional bill had 34 co-sponsors last week. I believe if we all give support, it has a good chance of passing. It is a matter of informing the public, and we can do that! Thanks so much for giving Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, AIMI members and guests!

WELCOME to AIMI! Thank you for coming to help give Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill. Many exciting changes are underway regarding keeping people with serious mental illness out of prisons and jails and improving conditions for those who are presently incarcerated. Our officials are listening to us. We must take full advantage of this election year to push our agenda to decriminalize mental illness in America. Never has so much attention been focused on the plight of our mentally challenged citizens. Make Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill a campaign issue this election cycle.

Wise candidates for elected offices focus on prison reform and treatment for mentally ill constituents and people with substance abuse problems in order to improve community safety and reduce America's huge prison budget. Look for your representatives among the co-sponsors of H.R.3717 - "Helping People in Mental Health Crisis Act," a U.S. Congressional bill that would provide assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) programs, resume Medicaid insurance for psychiatric inpatients in certain facilities, and train our police officers and prison guards in how to apprehend and contain mentally ill people without excessive violence. If your representative is not among the bill's co-sponsors, please urge him/her to join the effort to give Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill and prevent more incarcerations of our most vulnerable citizens: 

That is your first request from AIMI, new members. WELCOME!

someone told me care 2 is getting rid of groups that hasn't been used in a year

We continue to give Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, although we work most often now at our Facebook and Google+ groups as well as our blog, "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill." We are also on Blogtalkradio. Please google "Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill" for more information. Thanks for the tip, Lone W. I added an invitation here at Care2 for members and friends to please purchase a copy of "Bloody Toombs," which is a great book by a lifelong human rights advocate and a gifted writer who is bipolar. Read a sneak preview at at the invitation to "look inside."

Continue to give Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill. Please also join us at other Internet sites named above.

Welcome, new members! We appreciate your coming to help give Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill. Please begin by asking your congressional reps to support H.R.2646 "Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act." This is an active group, and we rely on you to actually get involved in speaking to politicians about the plight of mentally ill people who are wrongfully incarcerated when they should be treated either in hospitals or in community care programs, depending on their offenses and their ability to function in society without restraints. A whopping 1.25 million mentally ill prisoners and their families are counting on you. Please read and share articles about some of them in our "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill" blog at -- Mention AIMI whenever you comment online about crime and punishment. We're less active at Care2 than at Blogger, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, under my @koffietime account. Nevertheless, there are some interesting articles here at Care2's AIMI group that you should read and share. My phone number and email address are easily accessible online. Call or email me, if you need assistance publicizing your plight or your advocacy work. Much love. One love.


WELCOME, NEW MEMBERS! We have excellent news! Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced the "Justice Is Not For Sale Act" on September 17, 2015, which will stop the federal government from entering contracts with private prison companies. AIMI members believe that criminalizing mental illness was done in order for unscrupulous business persons to earn prison profits. It costs substantially less to treat people in their communities than to await crimes to incarcerate them and treat them in an abusive prison environment. Community treatment under assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) programs makes patients, families and communities safer and substantially reduces taxpayers' prison budget. The first order of business is to eliminate the CAUSE of denial of treatment - prison profiteering. Thank you, Sen. Sanders!

Please also join Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI) at Google+ and Facebook ~ Change is happening; however, private prison and jail companies have lobbyists, big budgets to finance political compaigns, and mouthpieces among so-called human rights orgs who fight for the right to refuse treatment, even when experiencing mental health crises. NONE of these people render assistance when someone with serious mental illness stands before a judge and jury or is locked in solitary confinement or killed by police during lunacy arrests, so disregard them, please.  

Welcome, new members and friends of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill! We hope you are ready for work, because this is a working group. See "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill at . With 1.25 million mentally ill persons incarcerated in the USA, comprising 60 percent of the inmates in solitary confinement torture, we at AIMI always have much to do. Presently, we are advocating to SAVE JEFF WOOD, who is scheduled for execution in Texas on August 24, 2016, although Jeff never killed anyone and Texas does not say he did. Jeff was convicted under the "law of parties." When Jeff was an intellectually challenged teenager, he was induced to go with a guy to the store and told to wait in the truck. That is all Jeff did. He is pictured below and needs people who care to rescue him from lethal injection.

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