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Welcome New members and Introduction
13 years ago
| Hot!

to all new members that may have recently joined our Starseed group! It is good to see our membership growing and our members posting.

If you are recently new and haven't had a chance to post ,or introduce yourself.Please post a little hello and let us know a little bit about you and your interest in Starseeds.

Love,light and Blessings


me too
13 years ago
Amazing, well I guess I am, this was something I was afraid to reveal, but as I age and claim my power , inner gold. My world is expanding ,thankyou friends. I had the stars connect to my head , I was very depressed one night after my divorce many years ago, I knew it was better intellectually , but I was still feeling a void,. I was on a hilltop in Conejo valley Calif and i was trying to cut my wrists with a rusty pocket knife, I was not good at this and the blade was dull. I got out of the car and just stood there crying , it was clear and a million stars, all of a sudden a lot of these stars light connected to my head I could feel it , the light coming from them was like strings and they attached all over my skull, I felt like a puppet, then some voice said "you have work to do and people to connnect to here on earth, you can't leave" I also have a son he was 7 at the time,anyway so the path, I am on sometimes foggy, and sometimes fall off and forget. But I feel we are in an urgent alert I am getting clearer signals again, I have also taken steps to raise my conciousness (I was told, the voice again, to do yoga, quit meat, and transmission meditation) to raise my vibration. Anyone know about the essenes? Jesus was supposed to have been schooled in mystery schools that knew how to raise vibrations.Hey do you remeber the rennaisance paintings with space ships in them? I can't find them either, looks like something is trying to cover our tracks. Oh! wondering where crop circles are coming from and why, has a pretty good idea. I am grateful and feel such joy at the re- discovery of our divine gifts , we are greater than we appear to be. I welcome you all to check out the gallery at my profile, pictures of drawings from Chaco Canyon, they may help you recall some things, they came from a web site called Wingkeepers,(I can't find it now) a very bizarre site , with art music poetry those drawings, crystals. Cheryl W. the hosts of this site said the US Gov didn't want people to know about it/ The artifacts came from a chip, or something star people , aliens ,I don't know all the details. Embrace your difference, You are powerful, you are inherently good, just the way you are. these were from star seeds I believe,
13 years ago

Cheryl to our Starseed group and thank you for sharing your thoughts,suggestions,insights,feelings and life experiences with us. We are very glad to have you with us!

It sounds like you had some very difficult and painful life/spiritual challenges and times. Glad to know you overcame those challenges and are on a spiritual path that gives you strength,while at the same time discovering your spiritual identity and mission.I think it also helps when you know there are others that understand what you have gone through, and can offer support,comfort and sharing of their experiences and challenges.

Many Starseeds  have had their struggles with being on the earth,as they are so sensitive to the negative vibrations and not used to negative emotions; or all the violence and cruelty in the world. Having said that,this is part of the contract of what we accept when incarnating during this lifetime. We are here to raise the vibration of others and this planet, and we were told it would not be easy.

Something you can try that is very simple and effective is to smudge yourself and your home.Spiritual cleansing via smudging with desert sage or cedar is very cleansing.Also,you can make a desert sage tea to cleanse internally as well. Bathing in desert sage and or Rosemary will also help to cleanse and purify negative thoughts,energy,spirits and emotions. Cleansing your life and person of negative influences will help to raise your vibration.

Perhaps Tommy or some of the other members might also have some suggestions about raising one's vibrations.If I come across anything that might be helpful;I will post it in the group.

Cheryl,have a look at the list of the groups topics, as we have a lot of good links and information that you may find very helpful.

Love,light and blessings


13 years ago
Since I'm still a little tired and groggy from just waking up, I'm going to copy paste my introduction from a starseed messageboard, so if any of you recognize it...yeah.

I lived a relatively normal childhood filled with much pretending to be an animal. Teenage years, I discovered the wide world of otherkin and therianthropy. I have a gryphon in me somewhere, as well as a dragon. Kind of strange. I realize I'm going fast but my wrist hurts!

For a couple of years growing up, I would look into the sky and see a cylinder shaped ufo of sorts. Wasn't a plane, I knew what planes looked like that far away.
I would see this ufo nearly every day.

For the longest time as a child (skipping around) I've wanted to be an astronaught. That has changed due to my dislike of big clunky spacesuits and a strange fear I have of loosing air and suffrocation. I tend to feel in the back of my mind that there must be a better way! I want to be out there!

I have a strong passion for flying (and I have, even before I've been in a plane. Took my first flight about 2 years ago!).

And I have a bad longing to travel. Though with money problems and pets, we haven't been able to go anywhere...

Okay, back to present. About a month or so ago, my father and I happend to look into the sky and see a space station moving across the sky! What are the chances of that?

One night I had a miserable urge to draw, write, or something. It was making me really upset. So I took my tablet pen, a nice program, and begin to let my hand move freely.
I looked at what I had wrote/drew, and there was the name Jones. In cursive. I don't write cursive! I had to look up a couple of the letters in order for me to find out the name as well.
Last night I tried to do some more auto writing, and the same name was written again! Still have yet to find out his relation to me.

Often I'd get deppressed because I feel like there is something more to me that I'm missing, and that I can't figure out where I belong. Beyond my gryphon/dragon, there seems to be something else. I went looking around and came across starseed information. That filled only a portion of that void, but I still long to know from where I came, and what I was...

It's a little jumpy because my wrist seriously hurt at the time. LOL

13 years ago


Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us. There is a lot of information about Starseeds,their origins,their traits ,informative links and lots of of other info that you might find intersting and helpful. We hope that you will enjoy being a part of the Starseed group, and feel free to post or ask questions.

Love,light and blessings


13 years ago

A nice big warm welcome for Sandie!

So glad to see you here and I hope that you will enjoy being a part of this group of Starseeds! There is a lot of info here and we are  happy to share our knowledge and experiences with you.Feel free to join in and post or ask questions.

Love,light and blessings


13 years ago
Wow! Now, because you shared your experiences, I can remember some from my chilhood... When I was about 7 years old, I used to gaze at the stars, the sky and say I want to become an astronomer... Later I had the feeling I am not from this world, I am not attached to this world that we all know and I felt so strange watching people feeling "at home" or "in their element" and not understanding why I don't feel the same way? I wander, how I landed here? And not the first time? Hm...
13 years ago


I am glad that you have found this group and share some of the similiarities in memories.thoughts,feelings and experiences of other group members. Many Starseeds feel like they don't fit in here,especially in the mainstream of society.There is a feeling of being like a foreign visitor here and sometimes feeling awkward and uncomfortable in living in the 3d earth world. I hope you will read through the starseed traits and some other information threads and that this will help you.Please feel to post and ask questions!

Love,light and blessings

13 years ago

Thank you so much, Rose, it is very kind of you!

I would be curious what o you mean by 3rd Earth? Is it the 3 dymensional plane of exitence, or the visible, tangible world? 


13 years ago

You are most welcome,Mihaela!

3d is the 3rd dimension,that which we live in. It is the world that you experience through the 5 senses, see,smell,touch,hear and taste.

Love,light and blessings


13 years ago
I too spent my childhood lying outside gazing at the stars. Somehow then, I new that "home" was out there somewhere. I used to see spaceships alot and see light beams from other stars, planets forming patterns in the sky. I would watch for hours at a time. I never seemed to fit in with other kids and was pretty much a loner. I hung out with adults all of my childhood. As I got older, my scientific side of me took over .. and I asked myself too many questions , especially while taking philosophy and psychology. This was also after a near fatal car crash , when I flatlined and came back. It took me a few years to really realize that I DID have a reason to be here. I suppose the internet was what really help send me in the right direction. I came across a website talking about starseeds ..and I immediately knew ..that was it .. that is me ..why I'm here ..explains how I've always felt. I got involved in some grid work for Mother Gaia and meditated alot with crystals and even took some classes on ascension. I since have moved on from the group that I was with. Maybe I outgrew them ..they served the purpose for what I needed at the time. Something inside just told me to go on and find my truth. So here I am winging it now. About a year ago, I started corresponding with Dr.Richard Boylen, Ph.D., LLC who is over the new starkids workshops. I purchased his new book " Star Kids : THe Emerging Cosmic Generation ". Has anyone read it yet? I got it before publish date but it has now been released for publication to Amazon. I haven't had time to sit down and read it yet I can't make a reccomendation.. Just wondering if anyone else knew about it. Anyway thanks for having me in your group                                                   
13 years ago


 So glad that you have joined us! Thank you for sharing some of your life story and Starseed journey with us. I think as you read the posts in the group; that you will find that many of the members have had similiar life experiences,thoughts,feelings and spiritual/self discovery journeys. Feel free to post and share any thoughts,questions or information with the group.Someone in the group may have an answer or be able to point you to the information you might need or be looking for.

When I first came to care2 I had no idea that there were other Starseeds here. Now ,I look at this group and there is over 50 + members.

I have been to Dr.Richard Boylen's website, but I haven't read any of his books yet.Maybe once you've read the book perhaps you could give us a little synopsis?

Love,light and blessings


Hello I am new
13 years ago

Hello everyone and what a wonderful group!

I was reading some of the posts, some hit home,some opened up something in me that I have been pushing down inside me since I was a little girl.  I will continue to read, and hopefully I will smile! Because I now know we are not all crazy!  I hope I can learn to accept that which I knew all along.  whew!  What a beautiful thing!!!!   Thank you so much for creating this site and hope to get to know  you all as we share and learn!

Peach, love and light


Hi to all the newbies...and update on my Journey
13 years ago

Hi all...I'm Kat...Kathryn WingedLioness is what I call myself as regards my spiritual path. According to a channeled being I talked with via another person in a live chat room, I'm apparently from the Pleiades and Sirius B. That would certainly explain my love of cats and the number 7, wouldn't it?

Also, according to a friend of mine from Sweden, I'm connected somehow with the old Elven race(s). The proof of this was made clear to me about a couple weeks ago when I came across this site called There was a primer there called "Wizardry in the Alferic Tradition." I thought this was some way-off-kilter fantastical reference to Tolkien, but something inside me said that Tolkien wasn't that far off when it came to describing the Elven race(s) in his books.

I have no real words for the connection I felt when reading that primer. I caught myself looking at my hands, and thinking I perceived what seemed to be golden "gloves" around them.  I pray that perception wasn't "just my imagination." And I couldn't help thinking, "Who the heck am I? WHAT the heck am I?"

All I can say is that I have been drawn further along my Pagan path. That is, if you want to call it Pagan for convenience's sake. I don't particularly believe in the whole Jesus as savior deal, despite my being brought up as a pastor's kid in the Methodist church.

Anyway...that's my lil story right there...feel free to check out the link I posted within my's a beautiful site...and the guy who wrote that magickal primer also makes handcrafted wands and is a founder of the Avalon College of Druidry.


Kat ^.^

13 years ago

I believe, as they say, that we are not humans living a spiritual experience but spiritual beings living a terrestrial experience!             


I also believe that our planet is undergoing a deep transformation that will end with a vibrational jump and we need to be prepared not to bounce off during the bound!!!. How to prepare oneself?

Letting go of the past, letting go of the future and keeping our own vibrations high here and now.

There are many ways to help us keeping high vibrations: crystals, smudging, healing therapies…  and the most effective and always handy way is to smile!         



Greetings Earthlings ... and Starseeds ...
11 years ago

SR here. I'm on assignment here from my home planet which is in the star-system of Mintaka, one of the belt stars in the Earth-oriented constellation Orion. Essentially, I feel that if I fulfill my Earthly assignment well, I may receive another one. At any rate ... in this tumultuous world here upon planet Earth, I am surviving, but things sure could be a lot better all around. I am looking forward to seeing what this group has to offer. Several of my closest friends are here, but have not checked in at this thread yet. All in its own timing, of course. Thanks Rose and  Tommy for having this site. E Ma Ho ... how wonderful! Sapan Rinpoche / Lyons, Colorado, USA, North America ... just another part of a small blue planet. 

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Thank you, Rinpoche ... your Inner Starseed shines for us all :)
11 years ago
Thank you, Rinpoche ... your Inner Starseed shines for us all
11 years ago

Hello Friends,

I joined this group awhile ago to learn more about Starseeds.  The only reason I know this name was from a Akashic Reader who didn't know herself what a "Starseed" is and told me I'm one of the first Starseeds.  What this means to me I'm not sure and still confused if I really am a starseed, if anyone can shine some light on this let me know.  If you want to check out what I'm up to look at my website and tell me what you think and feel and feel free to let me know.  Sending you all peace, light and ALOHA.


11 years ago
I would like to welcome all new members.

Thank you,Sapan R. Randy E., Sam for
joining the Starseed group and introducing
yourselves here.It is really nice to see the
group expand it's membership. Hope you will
find the information here helpful.

Peace,love and light to all.
11 years ago


Sam & Kat thanks for the links.  (Sam, you are too young to be one of the first wave of starseeds, but it all depends on definitions).  I found a quiz a long time ago (the 3rd one on Rose's links thread) and found it fascinating.  I scored pretty high.  Had a nice visit with the guy who put it on the web.  He has moved to Roswell since.  I find that I do need interaction with people who find the daily programming that we are supposed to live in off kilter.  I can hold a job, I enjoy my job and the people I work with even though I don't feel like I belong to their pictures of reality.  It has been a fun ride for me for the most part.  I knew things I don't know as a kid and would get in trouble if I said anything.  I had a hard time with adults, never understanding why they lied so much.  They were trying to 'fit in' where they didn't fit. 

I have not read any books on starseeds, seems like all the lists are similar.  And even though I identify I cringe to put labels on anyone for any reason.  I use the labels to find the people I am comfortable with but I don't use them to define myself.

Cheryl mentioned a wingkeepers site that she was looking for, it is; and they used to have a forum where I made a lot of good friends that I am still in touch with and visit as often as I can in person.  Some of those people went to a forum or another one called

About me, I grew up knowing there were ships in orbit around the planet (1960's) and I knew about experiments to change weather.  I knew when people were lying (still am amazed when people think no one will notice a lie).  I am telepathic (out of practice as my siblings out grew it for their own protection).  I tend to hang out with artists and psychics.  The artists are usually more fun than the psychics but sometimes the psychics can have some stimulating conversations.  But, it still amazes me that people will pay them to get information they already know.  Most psychics doing it to earn money have no more insight into anything than anyone else.  They just spend more time in the astral, pay attention to different information.

This has gotten longer than I intended.  You all have a great day.


hellooooooooooooooo!! *sneeze* me has a cold
10 years ago

Hey! i'm so glad to have found this group!! I'm so gald we starseeds are finally meeting with each other and raising our power this way *giggles*
There are great yantra chant vids on youtube and healing frequency-vids, for help with vibration raising xD
my coming and going flu symtomps, i read here they happened cuz of vib raising! :p this is the stranger cold ever; i have this fever which comes and goes; when i least expect i feel sick again, well i'm not complaining :p just this had never happened to me before...
*waves* see ya all around!! xD

i wanna know EVERYTHING!!
10 years ago

Hey, me again! i wanna know everything about alien races; specially non-humanoid; by the way; after reading some of the post above i started wondering:
-what's the realtionship between connection with cats and pleiades? I love all animals, but my twin soul is a cat lover and he has cat features as well, i feel more drawn to lions but you can't have them as pets
-I feel also very drawn to unicorns; i even can communicate with them; and there is one whom i actually call "my unicorn dad" cuz he's actually who healed me from feeling like a real orphan (you know, my earth parents don't feel like parents to me)
-This human body has always felt strange to me; when i was growing up i did feel the shape of the human body was very curious and even felt like i was like learning to get used to it
-well, i can also talk to trees (I looooooooooooooooooooove them!!! xD ), angels and Mother Earth
I'm mentioning all this cuz i really wanna know where i come from and what is my real species; HELP ME, PLEASE!!

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10 years ago

The only reason I have any interest in this site is beacuse my Akashic reading revealed that I'm a starseed. She also, told me that I go to the grid to teach children before they get here. Otherwise, how does one know you are a starseed. I just know since I was a child that there were many beings on the otherside that were around me all the time. I knew things no one else did and I seem like a very old soul in that sense. Otherwise I have no clue what this really means. Any suggestions?

thanx for your answer
10 years ago

at least i know it, and many others do too; the more i find out the more i start remembering who i am and the more everything in my past makes sense.

but if you can't find out why you feel and are different from the average human; don't discourage yourself and don't let yourself be led by the arrogance of this society; if the blind person cannot see any colors; does it mean they don't exist? or if our science is not advanced enough to have proves of certain things; does it mean they don't exist either?; there are way too many problems in this world to believe in our science (in this planet) is even a little advanced. I'm sure not many decades ago computers were still unthinkable; did that mean they would never happen??
I was posting some of my traits to find help, as some people here seem to know more about the subject; what possible place in this galaxy i come from.

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10 years ago
Ever since I was a child I felt something wasn't right, and I was different from everyone else. I couldn't explane it and didn't find anyone to help me with my feelings. as I grow older my sense of not belonging was growing deeper and deeper, and even been told by my family that I am different, what made me feel really bad, and always ask my self why I am different. but couldn't find an answer...
I felt there is a purpose of me being here a mission maybe and that I am not a human always called my self an alien within myself. and went looking for my true being unfortunatly I wasn't lucky at all I felt like I'm evil  and shouldn't be existed at all . but same time felt like I need to save the world and protect veryone around me since I was 7. cats always scared from all my siblings and run away but when I'm alone they come to me and jump and playing with me in thier own. was kind of strange. even small children they feel safe around me smile at me all the time , and always have dreams of flying and also spaceships and other planets saw a spaceship crash near where I live, wars from old times and very braight light. I got divorced 3 years ago I was 17, he wasn't been able to accept me because I was different. I also have dreams and sometimes even just thought come true scared me alot specially my gradmother death. I dreamed of her death and it came true felt so bad and felt like i killed her. hear and see my family convorstaion and work also in my dreams and when I wake up it exactly what I saw. at the end of last year I had enough and looked at the sky for the last time as I tended to end my life I asked a help and declration of who I am at that moment or I won't live for another minute then I heard a voice telling me to go and check my e mail I saw a friend of mine we hardly speak and told me he was been sent to help me even tho I never told him anything about me was so scared. he knew alot about me since I was a child. he made me understand who I am and helped me in blanacing my energies and walk me through my phases, just a week ago he showed me this site and I finally knew who I am. A starseed. the trial you mentioned was very accurate. and I thank you very much and so glade I'm not alone.
Hey Eman! :)
10 years ago

i'm so glad you have posted! i thought this site was dead; for some reason you remind me of a friend i love very much and i'm glad we met! we might even come from the same planet! :p i must say we have a few experiences in common; my family wasn't very pleased with me being unusual either :/ you are still very young and you'll see that with the years you'll heal more and more; and just in case this site remains as unactive as it is, we can keep in touch because i also need contact with other starseeds
love and light to you!, Pamela.

10 years ago

Hello there

I am glad i have stumbled across this group! I hope to find kindred spirits here and perhaps a little understanding for this perplexing thing that i am.

I have recently felt more compelled than ever to find “the others” my little term for people who i theorised perhaps shared a common “affliction”. I have always felt different, a little out of place and time, as if I were alien to this world. I have ALWAYS had this nagging unresolved desire to complete some sort of unknown task. Initially I thought I was suffering from some sort of mental disorder … there were episodes of depression, feelings of alienation (no pun intended), anger, and confusion as I struggled to repress this 'other' me.

I have always been on a spiritual path and have “known” certain things even as a small child. There is a little anecdotal evidence of this difference throughout the years, yet nothing earth shattering. I know that we have to change the way we think and therefore what we are in order to be liberated and my studies have brought me to a point where I realize that I need to find the 'others'. Fortunately I had NOT read nor was aware of any “STARPEOPLE” literature before I had embarked on my search. I think this fact lends a little credence to the fact that something strange is going on and not merely some sort of wish fulfillment or a mental aberration. I am fortunate enough to have a friend who is a clinical psychologist with whom I speak about this “alienation”, he assures me that I am not mad J nor am I a candidate for a personality disorder. With respect I think we need to be careful however before we blindly label ourselves as this or that.


I am a little uncomfortable with the “star person” label. I am not convinced that we know enough about this condition to make these claims nor cling to a label that might appeal to our particular mindset, but this is just my opinion. What we do know is that there are certain 'people' who are “different”, who share certain commonalities and who seem to be driven to complete an urgent upcoming task of global importance. If there is indeed something to this “difference” we seem to display, then we need to approach this unknown task with level heads and not fire off at tangents. Unity is strength and we will all need to be on the same page to really be constructive. Your thoughts?


Kind regards


hey Paul!
10 years ago


Starseed is one single definition among many which could explain your sense of having a mission in this lifetime; i mean there aren't only starseeds; but also incarnated elementals; incarnated angels; other kinds of evolved spiritual beings actually in this plane trying to accomplish something; if ”starseed” does not explain it all to you; then it means your journey does not end with this definition and there's much more for you to learn and search about what happens to you; it would be absurd to think just one definition can explain it all to everyone when just this one planet is so incredibly diverse, listen to your gut feeling; if this it not it; then keep searching; your inner self is telling you there is much more you need to know and is indeed leading you somewhere significant.

Unfortunately in these societies are teaching us to grow with the idea that if one can not see and/or experience something it means it does not exist, but that kind of thinking is not really intelligent but arrogant instead; i myself can't get to solve algebra equations; which does not mean nobody else can't either only cuz i lack the capacity and/or ability to do it. We can not reduce the rest of the world to your personal limitations; while scientists do that every single day; i'm very sure nobody can get to know everything in just 1 lifetime; the journey toward knowledge is never over; and actually quite fascinating as well

Hope it all goes well for you and luck on your journey! Much Love and Light

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new to the group
9 years ago

Hi! My name is gayattri ,
I joined just a few minutes back ...I've been in Alternate healing for eleven years now currently studying Ascension mechanics .
I have all the symptoms mentioned on the activation & symptoms page.
I learnt I'm a starseed two years ago when getting a healing session for grounding as I was too spaced out to heal myself ...we got talking about ascension ,healing etc & then he mentioned that I am from the Andromeda god world ...anyone on board from where I come ? as I'm not able to relate to anyone around me & keep to myself most of the time ..would be great connect with souls I can communicate with ....words don't come easy to me ...for I feel that telepaty is so much easier & faster ....kinda lost here .
look forward to sharing & learning more as our journey unfolds ...
Blessings !!

9 years ago

Greetings! My human name is Lynn. I have known that I was "from the stars" from a very young age (3 or 4?). I also learned or "remembered" information about the evolution/devolution (creation/distruction) process. I have almost all traits listed and question my posession of the remaining few.
The word starseed sort of came into my brain (as an adult) and I thought, yes, "seeded" by a star. Human names are unimportant to me and often forgotten quickly. On the other hand, naming entities in my environment often occurs "naturally".
I spent my preteen years through my professional life with (and teaching about) children. Babies and children seem to naturally reach out to me. I'm known as a child "magnet". A collegue had a child who didn't talk until his was 5. His mother was amazed that he would run in my office and sit and "chat" with me for half an hour.
I agree with other posters here that I have never understood lying, politics, religion, social interaction "games" or other conventions of our society. The most painful is the cruelty -- to others, to children, to animals. I was dreaming of a community of like-minded people and was told that it was not for me. Some of us need to stay separate and anchor energy/light and spread it in that place. Our missions require separation in physicality.
For those of you who are young, as earth time progresses, you will learn more. I know that we each have extremely important missions, yet must not invision ourselves in any particular way, except our own purpose. My mission is to spread the light subtly. For me that is passing love and light (and peace) to all. It's like I have a pocket of pennies and give one to every person I see, but when they receive it, it has become "greater" (maybe a dime or quarter). Many of them will pass it on numerous times and each time, the amount increases. You can imagine the impact exponentially over time and generations of passing it on.
I envision the idea that if I could pass on a piece of peace that increased on giving and was passed on, increasing each time -- so much peace would result!!! We don't need to see the results of our work, just know that we are doing our mission.
I have tried to express my visions of evolution/devolution in ink work. I refuse to sell or even display my work as it is not "art", it is an expression of visions. (I started doing this work as a preteen.)
Like some of you, I have anxiety disorders due to the over-stimulating nature of this world and society and depression from not fitting in and not being comfortable with my body.
One more thing, anyone else have memory of being in an avian or bird species on another planet? I've thought that maybe this is why I have dreams of flying or almost feeling that I can when awake. I've never read of a bird alien or planet with bird-type civilization. Any information would be very welcome!!!
Namaste (I honor each of you for being who you are!), Lila

9 years ago



i always feel so different.  When i was young, i never feel well at school, even if i loved to learned new things, i was so different than this other child. . I'm practice Yoga, Channeling and reiki. And try tohelp people. I like to be on my own, but don't like to go to restaurant or cinema....  


Take care

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Hi starseed siblings
9 years ago

I have visions and insights from lives in other planets and dimensions since I was a child, I express them through drawing/images and cosmic stories. My code of conduct and energy pattern feels magnetic and uplifting to others. I realized since my teen years that I was meant to bring hope into this planet and help in whatever way I can, I am a happy and strong person, have been blessed and taken care of by the Universe at every single step of the way... my life has been marked by magical events, places, and people.

It's so nice to come across this board, I read your words here siblings and I feel I share so many similarities with many of you. Yes, yes, yes... I resonate with number 7, I have a white cat (which I call my unicorn because I think that's his essential soul), I have a huge affinity with color blue, and Pleiades... also native americans, vegetarianism, environmentalistm. Since I was very young I feel that I roam the earth lonely in search of others like me, I do have nice caring people in my life but it's not the same as gathering with your galactic ones. I had a great synchronicity reassuring me of my cosmic loving connection, my birth godfather was a TM meditation teacher called Richard Boyland... when I grew up and got so curious about my starseed origins I found that the "father" of starseeds shared an almost identical name to that of my birth godfather. This uncanny synchronicity made me realize that there is indeed a galactic purpose marked in my life. I respect Dr. Richard Boylan's work since he's a sort of professor Xavier for us starseeds if you know what i mean and are familiar with the x-men movies. This spring I read Dr. Richard Boylan's book Star Kids : THe Emerging Cosmic Generation. Everything clicked as I was reading... well enough for now but there's so much I still need to express!

Stay strong, you have never lost your connection to your galactic family, in moments of deep silence and gratitude you can feel them loving you and guiding you as you are on a mission here.


hi :)
8 years ago

hi my name is lauren

i have not had any experiances that many of you had. i have never had a near death experiance or have memories of differant lifetimes/planets. i also have never been visited by any ufo's or aliens

i always loved the stars when i was little. i read from a semi early age and one of my first books was a book on the solar system. i loved it soooo much. but then i grew older and got involved in other things and forgot about my love of the stars.

however i have always been interested in ufo's and watched things about crop circles along with any other psychic/paranomal/unknown information.(when i was around 7 my parents went on a trip to arizona and the first thing i asked when they got back is if they saw any UFOs) my family has no idea where this even comes from because they do not beleive in it at all.

a two years ago in my sophomore year of high school i had come out of a long depression. i went back to my ways of being fascinated with the occult, but this time became more interested in the spiritual perspective of it.

last year i joined and to create a name i just looked up solar system into google and clicked on the first page and scrolled down that page and clicked on the first term that i thought was interesting. (it was intrinsic luminosity, which is the true brightness of a star) i never really payed attention to what it meant but later i got a sample birth chart reading and it said that there were many indications of me being a starseed. i had no idea what this meant so i told a friend what the results were and looked up a list of traits to find that i fit most of them. she laughed and said "well it makes sense i mean look at your screename." i was surprised and had to look at the definition again. since then i have been experiancing almost nothing but synchronicity.

so i guess what i really mean is.... its time to truly find out if i am a starseed

6 years ago

I am new here but not new to the notion that I am a starseed .... am wondering how active this group is anymore? Seems like the post are all old ones here, has everyone left??? Would love to have conversations with you all about my experiences and yours and see what we know now verses 7 yrs. ago...

6 years ago

This group is not very active anymore. I registered some years ago but not much has happened since then. Let me recommend you some communities online which reunite many starseeds.

There is, and a few others.

Take care of yourself.

6 years ago

hey everyone my name is amy. i live in utah but im from north dakota. i had my whole crazy awakening expierence and found i am a starseed. i understand what a starseed is and their purpose, and i also understand my own purpose. i have been noticing that in my soul group i have many starseeds. i know that i am supposed to work with people, but not in the current system that surpresses them. i know ill find what im supposed to do in further detail when the time is right.

i have learned to use my gifts such as telepathy, channeling, healing, and astral travel. i am passing the knowledge onto friends who need help further developing their gifts. i also have a gift where it can be an object or a person, and most of the time, not always i can figure out more about it, and how to fix it. without studying or taking classes on it. i have fixed dryers that dry clothing, vaccumes, and other house hold electronics. the last grade i completed was 9th, so i didnt take any classes on electronics.

with people i have repaired nerve damage, opened their hearts, repaired abnormallities in bone structures, and removed toxins or things that are not good for the body out. i have been taught vaguely on the healing art.

so i know im a starseed, but im wondering if anyone has any advice as to find out where i came from. because i think knowing that will help me in a way. in this life time my mom is a starseed, my dad was from earth, i am friends with people who were my brother and sister in a pastlife on a different planet. and i met my life partner who comes from the same place.

i dont know if the gifts that i do have say anything about what planet i come from? i dont know if anyone has any advice to help me pin point what planet i came from im open to suggestions

5 years ago

Well I kind of have to agree with Pamela C...this site is not very active and I am a member at Ashtar Command Crew but want to take every opportunity to branch out to others like myself right now. I was a member here at Care2 10 years ago and this is where I met my husband who is still by my side! I have just begun awakening and learning but have known all my life of a voice inside guiding me. I am a Blue Ray and have 3 Indigo children all in their teens. These are Starseeds. I have just learned of Arcturus where I believe at least 2 of us are from...a good site to learn about this is: ...for a start of course...u must follow your intuitions like all good Starseeds do
Now my journey is not like a typical Starseed...I grew up in the south in a very religious family who shunned my little voice on many occasions. It took me a long time to reprogram from all of this but can actually use my upbringing to my benefit now to help bring those to the light as well I believe. I am not highly empathic but do feel things, I do have quite a few traits but not some that many feel strongly about ( I do not have memories of being abducted, no overly profound experiences in childhood, not being able to remember parts of my childhood, no imaginary friends or obsession with stars (which I suppose could be due to my upbringing(, I am starting to fine tune some things and am becoming more starseed-like which has led me to feeling the need to become a healer through crystals and environments. My voice is becoming stronger and more fine tuned as well which is my reason for joining here! The more of like-minded starseeds I find the faster I feel like I can progress.
Please feel free to comment or contact me through email or facebook...which is full of wonderful information to help with our ascension by the way!

4 years ago

Hi, Sending hope, and blessings your way. Be patient about the Ascension.
I'm still working on it. I can explain what it is if you'll believe me.


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