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Starseed traits continued
14 years ago
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Please feel free to post any info you might have regarding star seed traits in this thread!

Starseed Profile

Note: You do not need to have all the traits listed here, just many of them
1. Compelling eyes
2. Personal charisma
3. Lower than normal body temperature
4. Unusual blood type - or even a combination of types (Type O neg, is typical of Starseeds.)
5. Transitional, extra, or fused vertebrae
6. Extra or "misplaced" vertabre
7. Hypersensitivity
8. Lower than normal blood pressure
9. Chronic sinusitis
10. Thrive on little sleep and do their best work at night
11. Was an unexpected child
12. Although generally expressing love for their parents feel that thier mother and father are not their real parents
13. Paternity may be in doubt. Father who raised them, not the biological father.
14. Sense that their true ancestors came from another world, another dimension, another level of consciousness, and yearn for their real home "beyond the stars."

Starseed profile part 2
14 years ago
15. Feel great urgency, a short time to complete important goals, a special mission.
16. Experiences a buzzing or a clicking sound or a high pitched mechanical whine in the ears prior to, or during, some psychic event or warning of danger.
17. Most have asthma
18. Had unseen companions as a child
19. Had a dramatic awakening experience around the age of five which often took the form of a white light and/or a visitiation by human-appearing beings who gave information, guidance, or comfort.
20. Have since maintained a continuing contact with beings which they consider to be angels, masters, elves, spiritual teachers or openly declared UFO intelligences. Are probably contactees.
21. Had a serious accident, illness, or traumatic experience around the age of eleven or twelve which encouraged them to turn inward.
22. Appear to have unusual abilities which are considered paranormal by their peers and family - they are psychic and people, whether they scoff or not, know to listen to them when they speak of having seen something
23. Many have red hair
24. Appear to have unusual abilities far above average in specialized areas, such as art, music, mathematics, drama, the natural sciences, healing, etc.
25. Often express an alien planetary environment in their art work, fantasies, dreams. May have spoken of their "other" home during childhood.
26. Find that children and animals appear strongly attracted to them - includig wild animals who seem to have no fear of them.
27. May have "mystic crosses" on their palms
28. Experience an unsual attraction to natural crystals and certain rocks
29. May have frequent nose bleeds
30. May have hemophilia (along with the ability to control it)
Starseed profile part 3
14 years ago

31. Often have "flying dreams"
32. Have a strong affinity to the eras of anceint Egypt and Israel, when contact with multidimensional beings was conducted on a more open basis by the entities themselves.
33. Suffer from swollen or painful joints
34. 93% are Empathic - experiencing the pain and ailments of others physically
35. Adversely affected by high humidity
36. Have hypersensitivity to sound, light, touch, colors and emotions around them
37. Hypersensitivity to alcohol and most drugs
38. 97% are Empathic - experiencing the pain and ailments of others physically
39. 87% are night people and remain so throughout life
40. The words, "Now is the time." are extremely important to them
41. They are catalysts - often spurring others on to accomplish great things and never really needing the recognition for having helped.
42. They are listeners
43. Many are often quiet people, seeming introverts.
44. They are highly intelligent and are often over educated
45. They remember past lives from this planet as well as others
46. Often show wisdom and knowledge far beyond their years
47. Have experienced out of body states since early childhood
48. Have memories of birth and infancy
49. Share a knowing, an awarenessthat their ancestors - or, perhaps, their true consciousness, their Souls - came from another dimension
50. Have memories of a Starship that came to this planet thousands of years ago
51. They were born during a cluster of Starseed births, usually every ten years: 1934-1938, 1944-1948, 1945-1958, etc.
52. They are telepathic from birth and may be unaware of it
53. They are usually taller than average, maybe not by much, but they are taller
54. Have a sense of "mission" or purpose.
55. They are givers, rather than receivers, they build up, rather than tear down, create rather than destroy.
56. They speak with plants and animals.
57. They may see and communicate with fairies and elves (not only during childhood)
58. They are usually loving and kind
59. They know they are not human.
60. They frequently see lights in the sky which are not stars

Starseed profile part 4 (conclusion)
14 years ago

61. Learn from an early age not to talk about certain things as other people are not like them
62. Feel as though they are waiting for "something" to happen
63. They do not have racial or sexual prejudices.
64. They know that no cause is "holy" enough to justify holocaust and annihilation; they value life more than others
65. Exhibit an aura of kindness and gentleness. However, they are not driven to proselytize for what they believe in, knowing that those who will eventually feel the same as they, will come to do so on their own.
66. They are interested in life and people find them fascinating
67. They see and talk to "ghosts" and aren't necessarily frightened by them
Rilla,Psychic & Author

14 years ago


Starry Names
Our Star Language names which are in deeper alignment with our Core Selves than our earthly names. They also denote our star lineages. A new level of Starry Name is now being discovered. These new names are very short, pure sounds which emanate from the Greater Reality.
Those who originate from the stars. Earth was originally colonized by volunteers from numerous star systems. Each system sent representatives of their finest to this planet. This is who we are. We are all Star-Borne. There are simply those who remember, those who are in the process of remembering, and those who choose not to remember at this time

Star Language
Languages which come from the stars. There are myriad dialects as there are myriad star systems. Star Language is understood with the heart, rather than the mind. It is the language of the Invisible as well as the root source of the ancient Earth languages. In religions it has been referred to as "glossolalia" or "speaking in tongues".

Star Lineage
Our genealogical linkage to the stars which reflect our inborn, natural affinities and key harmonics. Star lineages are denoted in our Starry Names.


The new generation of children being born with their memories and awareness intact. Some Starchildren are now in their early twenties; others are still being born. They come to aid us in our transition from duality to Oneness and will be the leaders of the future.

Starry Family
Those of us who have awakened and are now reuniting in the One Heart throughout the world. The Maori of New Zealand speak of the return of the Star Tribe. This Star Tribe comes from all races of mankind, all countries of the world. They are returning to conscious Oneness. The Star Tribe is our Starry Family
Starseeds quiz
14 years ago

There are two distinctive types of people upon planet Earth, at this time – Starseeds and Star Terrans. Which one are You?

If You don't know the answer to these questions, read on and be amazed by what You'll read. Try our interactive quiz and learn what You are, where You are from and how these facts effect every part of Your life!

As a quick introduction to the subject of Starseeds and Star Terrans, answer the following question:

 Question 1.

Which of the two following lists, most accurately describes my personality and attitudes towards life?

List A.

1. I'm relaxed and easy going.

2. I have a strong interest in highly creative activities, e.g. art, music, painting, sculpture and writing.

3. I have a dislike of time keeping.

4. I have a strong dislike of structure and repetition within my life.

5. I have a dislike of conventional work and work practices, e.g. jobs with little variation and lack of personal self expression

List B.

1. I personally like order and structure in my life.

2. I strongly believe in self responsibility.

3, I find society easy to fit into.

4, I have a strong interest in money, career, possessions and personal power.

5. I like energetic activities.

Which list did You chose, A or B ?

If You initially chose List A, then it is most likely that You, are a Starseed. If this is the case, we recommend that You read Section 1, of this book BEFORE reading Section 2.

On the other hand, if You chose List B, then it is highly likely that You are a Star Terran. In this case, we recommend that You read Section 2, of this book BEFORE reading Section 1. Some of You may have equal Starseed and Star Terran qualities. If this applies to You, then we advise You to read both sections of this book. Then decide for Yourself, who You are most like.

staseeds quiz con'td
14 years ago

Typical physical Starseed characteristics include:

  1. Large eyes, (especially true with Starseed females).

2. Broad smile, (especially true with Starseed females).

3. Soft facial features.

4. Physical height can either be slim and tall or short and lightly boned.

5. Female Starseeds tend to have smaller busts and narrower hip measurements, in comparison to earlier generations.


Hopefully, You have recognised some or all, of the above characteristics, as major components of Your personality, personal beliefs systems and personal appearance. How many items in the two lists, did You pick for Yourself, 10, 15, 20, or more ?

By now, You may be asking Yourself, "So what, if I'm a Starseed, how does this help me?"

To answer this, we would say that with these special Starseed attitudes and abilities, You will be able to easily create for Yourself the lifestyle that You want. Also by using Your unique Starseed psychic abilities and consciously working together with other Starseeds, You can help to create a world of love, peace and harmony, within Your current lifetime! This is something that all previous generations have been unable to achieve. Achieving world peace, won't be an easy task. But by working locally with other Starseeds, You can begin the process and help to shape the society You are in, into one of equality, peace and abundance.

But before this happens, it’s important that You start developing Your dormant Starseed abilities. To do this, we encourage ALL, Starseeds to read the following section, Life on the Pleiades. This will help You, awaken Your dormant memories of lives spent within the Pleiadian constellation.

Starseed Life on Pleiades
14 years ago

Life on the Pleiades.

Please note that the following description, will be of a general nature. This is because there are over 3,000 inhabited planets within the Pleiadian constellation. Each group of planets have a slightly different way of living. This is why the Starseeds are so similar to one another, yet, so very different and unique.

From Earth, the Pleiades star system is seen in the constellation of Taurus. It is commonly known as the Seven Sisters.

Life on the Pleiades is gentle, easy going and extremely creative. The inhabitants are small, fragile boned, slim people, with large, bright eyes that radiate out serenity, harmony and inner contentment. In terms of spiritual evolution, the Pleiades is considered to be a high 5th and 6th dimensional constellation.

This means that there is NO negativity, violence or crime upon their planets. Planetary and inter-planetary peace has ensued for eons of time. During this enormous time of peace, the Pleiadians, have developed their own unique qualities of compassion, unconditional love and creativity.

To be able to live within these 5/6 th dimensions, they have developed highly evolved Lightbodies. A Lightbody is similar to a carbon based human body, except it is made of silicon and its aura vibrates at a very high rate. They survive by eating very small amounts of food and absorbing high amounts of pranic energy, which gives them energy. We also, know pranic energy as Orgone, Ki or Chi energy.

Normally they choose one sexual partner for life and usually have no more than one child per family. Children are raised with loving, gentle guidance. Each child is encouraged to explore his or her natural abilities, in order to enrich their own and other peoples’ lives. Pleiadian children, naturally dislike restriction, dictatorship and loss of personal freedom. Sounds familiar?

Colour, form, (shape) and mood are all very important aspects of their creative pursuits. Music is often expressed by sight, as well as sound, with amazing public laser light type performances. Their homes are formed from natural materials, such as stone and marble. On the Pleiades, a normal life span is equivalent to approximately 200 Earth years. They have strong spiritual and psychic gifts which are fully encouraged within society. Because of these abilities, they are very good at manipulating universal energies and manifest (bring) into their lives, all that they need. Pleiadians, tend to dress simply, in colourful, flowing robes, made of natural fibres.

All Pleiadian planets have stable weather conditions, with pleasant skies and calm seas. Pleiadians love to explore their calm seas and oceans in small, brightly coloured sailing boats. They also like to swim and enjoy other gentle water activities.


The Difference between Starseeds and Star Terrans
14 years ago

Realise that by being a Starseed You are very different from the Star Terrans of this world. You may have already noticed many Star Terrans find it very difficult to understand and relate to You in a positive and caring manner. Some Star Terrans also misinterpret Your easy going attitude. They believe You to be irresponsible and lazy. Because Star Terrans are normally the people who get into the positions of power and influence in life, e.g. the school teachers, employers, bankers, social services, personnel and politicians of this world, we encourage ALL Starseeds to try and prevent YOUR relaxed and easy going attitude from being used against YOU!

By choosing List B at the beginning of this book, it indicates that You are one most likely a Sirian an Orion an Andromedan or an Arcturan. Which one of these names, most appeals to You? By instinctively choosing one of these names, it is a good indicator that You have lived many recent lives on a planet within that particular constellation. Spiritually, You are a long way from home! But You find living here on planet Earth enjoyable stimulating and personally rewarding. Unconsciously, You like the feel and vibration of Earth's energy.Read the items on the following list and recognise for Yourself, how many of these Star Terran personality traits relate to You. Why not tick them as You go!

Here are a few typical Star Terran characteristics:
14 years ago

1. You like to be a part of a group of people, in Your daily activities e.g. You support a local sports club and You socialise strongly with Your work colleagues.

2. Star Terrans like a Time orientated lifestyle. This helps you to easily structure Your daily activities.

3. You have good personal time keeping and punctuality skills.

4. You use Your personal time and energy to good effect e.g. You like to see a physical reward for Your actions.

5. You have good organisational skills.

6. A good ability to deal with personal stress.

7. A liking of structure within Your life.

8. Some interest in the New Age movement, but You balance it with your daily activities.

9. You may have strong work ethics.

10. You tend to easily get bored when you are not working.

11. Star Terrans have a strong interest in life, money, possessions and obtaining a personal position of power and influence.

12. You have good powers of concentration.

13. Star Terrans have a high regard for personal loyalty.

14. Star Terrans believe in fighting for values which they believe to be right.

15. Many Star Terrans believe that both genders/sexes have set social duties, tasks and roles to perform in life.

16. You may have a strong sense of attachment to personal possessions and physical items e.g. a house or motor car.

17. Many Star Terrans are strongly political or have nationalistic attitudes.

18. Star Terrans usually act and dress in a manner which is appropriate to the occasion.

19. Star Terrans like dealing with other people in a friendly helpful manner.

20. Many Star Terrans have a strong dislike of illegal drugs.

21. You have respect for authority and people in positions of power.

22. Many Star Terrans set themselves high goals in business relationships and their family life.

23. Many Star Terrans have difficulty accepting the idea that U.F.O's E.T's (extra terrestrials) Angels and Ascended Masters exist. (You'd like some proof!)

24. You like watching or playing sports. You also have a strong interest in the Olympic and Commonwealth games.

25. You may like a job which gives You a sense of discipline and power. These include the armed forces, the police force, small business and commerce, the civil service and politics.

26. Star Terrans often have a strong and sometimes, rigid personality.

27. You have a high regard for the family unit.

By now You will have recognised that some or all of the above items are major components of Your personality personal belief systems and attitudes to life. How many of them related to You 10, 15, 20 or more?

more Star Terran info
14 years ago

Generally, male Star Terrans tend to have a strong yang attitude and approach towards life. That is they tend to think, feel and act in a masculine/male manner. Some male Star Terrans don't like to admit to or show personal weakness. Nor do they like to show their emotions to other people, particularly other males.

This is in direct contrast to female Star Terrans. They often tend to approach life in a very feminine/female manner. Female Star Terrans often have powerful emotions which they may express to other people. Usually Star Terrans draw to themselves a partner who is opposite to them. If You are a strong male Star Terran, You will usually attract to Yourself a soft, highly feminine Star Terran woman and vice a versa.

At this time, You have chosen to be born (incarnate) onto planet Earth for many important reasons. To help You understand this, let us explain to You, two very important spiritual facts that are the major reasons for accepting a life on Earth. They


1. You have voluntarily accepted this present life on Earth for personal and spiritual growth. To achieve this aim, You have countless personal experiences in life from which to learn. These are called Life Lessons.

2. While performing the above Fact number 1, You also unconsciously wish to help raise the spiritual vibration of humanity and the entire planet to one of unconditional love peace and harmony.

These two major life rules should clearly show You that there is more to life than just being born, growing up, working, having children, growing old and dying! Life does not have to be mundane and boring. It can be whatever You want it to be!

The Starseed and star terran quiz are part of the Abbots online ebook at:

14 years ago
Wow! Thanks for all the info, Rose. I went to the Abbotts' site and read their e-book. I'm definitely a Starseed, and I do remember lives spent on very pleasant planets - they must have been in the Pleiades. I was married to a Star Terran. Oh, my! No wonder our marriage was so hard and ended in divorce. I have some Star Terran traits, too, but less than 10. Actually, my mom is totally a Starseed and my father is totally a Star Terran. The three of us tend to be more like Mom. The Ascension pages talked about the red and white groups. My mother is Native American and Mexican-American, and my father is German and Danish. My lineage is so mixed up! Mari
14 years ago

Mari,I thought Abbot's online ebook about Starseeds and Star Terrans traits was a great find and wanted to share the info with everyone in the group. I think the information is very insightful and helpful. A lot of the things we go through on many levels; we might dimiss as an age thing or an illness thing.When really it is just part and parcel of being a Starseed!

It is interesting to note your mom is a Starseed and your dad, a Star terran! I see more Star Terran traits in my parents and family.My mom seems to be a 50/50 split. Interesting enough most of my mom's family I see as being NT's and my father's side a more even split of NF's and NT's. I apparently take after my father's mothers side. I look a lot like his maternal grandmother. This sort of co relates my theory that Starseed lineage could skip a generation,or that some have a carrier gene but don't express the traits themselves.

My father's family are from West and East Prussia,these countries and their langauge does not exist anymore.These lands were at times occupied by Danes,Swedes,Goths,Germans and the original Baltic peoples.Mother's side is German.So,my ancestry is predominatly Nordic.

You might be interested in knowing that Native American peoples believed that they came from the great Star Nation ,which was located in the Pleiades constellation.There are many legends from the various tribes that tell of their coming to earth and the return of the Star People. I will see what I can find on that for you.

14 years ago

Star Terrans unfortunately don't appreciate all the wonderful qaulities of Starseeds.They are not always tolerant of other people's differences. I hope you have found some peace,freedom and happiness in just being fully yourself and not having to live up to anyone else's expectations.

Starseeds are so eager to try and make everyone happy that they sometimes lose themselves. Good thing about getting older is that you get more comfortable being in your skin, and accepting who and what you are.(with no apologies)

14 years ago
Rose - in your profile I read that you are an INFJ. I'm an INFP. In your experience, does there seem to be a correlation between NF's and Starseeds? I appreciate so much the information that you post. As I learn more, I feel less like a stranger in a strange land. Because there are other people (Starseeds) who are similar to me. Mari
14 years ago

Mari, my observations of the "NF" personality type in correlation to "Starseeds" is purely anecdotal! It would be very interesting to see this theory tested, and see the actual results. I have just based it loosely on the people I have met and known.

I have a real interest in understanding people and studying personality types. I have some good sites that I could send you, or if others in the group are interested.I would be happy to post them in the links section.Then we could post our types here ,and see if indeed "NF's" make a strong starseed correlation!

14 years ago

Mari, the great thing about the group is that we are learning and discovering about our starseed lineage together. I think we will be able to help each other put the pieces together ,and be able to make some jumps in growth and understanding that would have taken much longer on our own.

I am glad that the information I have discovered and posted here, is helping others in their personal and cosmic spiritual journey!

14 years ago
bumping this up for our new members!
14 years ago

Rose / Tommy - just viewed this thread (missed it)

Many treats that are MOI I am 0 RH -

first off. Thanx for all those great things you let me read. AW, it feels *homy*

Lady Athena

14 years ago

WOW, the link is wonderful Rose, aw.

14 years ago

Your welcome Lady A,

also thanks to Rose for all those great links.

Lady A hope you find what you search in your heart

14 years ago

Well I fit into list 1, but the physical thing isn't as lined up, I am five seven not big boned but not slight either, I do have smaller but well formed breast...I tend to gain weight due to thyroid disorder...I have always felt different in my life apart from others, like I just don't fit five or six i saw a great white light come upon all of us a group of children...something interesting I was reading a book on line where a man recounted being taken by a star being to a couple of other plants including where the starbeing was from, reading this there were many things discribed about the plant that seemed very firmilur to me....

This is a very interesting group...thanks


14 years ago

Lei, It is possible to have some or not many of the physical characteristics,but inwardly be very Starseed. I think the authors were just giving some basic outlines and characteristics to help people identify or confirm their Star lineage or recognize it in others.

I'm so glad that you are finding the information interesting and helpful.

Love,light and blessings


thanx so much for this post
10 years ago

i've recently realized i'm a starseed; it makes so much sense now!! even my sinusitis!! LOL it's not very comfy; it's also weird how i can figure out exactly what is wrong with humanity (i'm working on explaining that nowadays) how can it be so hard for most people to realize the things i do and that are not as hard for me??; anyways do you know why the sinusitis happens? i got when i was 9 years old, then it never went away!! i'm into finding out where exactly i come from and what shape i should have (i think sometimes i might be of a non-humanoid race cuz i really think animals are much wiser than humans and i feel much closer to them) well, see ya around, the sun is already coming up so i guess it's becoming time for me to go to bed xD

10 years ago

Wow really thanks for all this information.. this explained well why i dont fit at physical traits of starseeds but fit at emotioanl/spiritual. because it was a physical traits of pleiadian starseeds which are mentioned in so many sites.

9 years ago

i am so a starseed person and how about the 11:11 phenonamon !!!

Starseed human families
9 years ago

I'm a starseed and like many here, I always new I was different. I had a huge awakening almost 2 years ago and it has truly changed my life - actually it just all made sense. But I am wondering if anyone else has experienced being blackballed from their families? My family talks a lot about spirituality but they seem to be spiritually competitive - especially with me. Fact is my mother totally hates me and resents my awakening. I don't preach, in fact I'm very quiet about this because of her anger at me. Is this common among starseeds???

I welcome all observations.

This post was modified from its original form on 21 Jan, 14:42
Hello Nuni :o)
9 years ago

Yes unfortunately I have experienced similar trauma with my family. I always felt like 'the black sheep'. My mother was a wonderful woman when she resided on the earth plain and had a lot of understanding for me, and my father was wonderful too. Others in my family though have always been very hard on me despite my efforts to love them unconditionally. I am no longer in contact with the ones that are still here, (apart from a distant cousin who is an amazing woman). I send them love as when I have physical contact with them I end up being depressed having to constantly justify myself, dispite giving them nothing but love and understanding. I also find that I am easily taken advantage of although I am becoming stronger. My paternal grandmother passed to spirit when I was very young but as far as I can remember she also had Starseed traits. Much love and light :o)

6 years ago

Where did you get these symptoms?

I have way too many of the traits nearly all, (it is scary) including being raised by my stepfather my father died when I was 4.
Here is a few.

Since a child looked up in the stars and wished my real parents would come and get me. I never said that to my mother, but have to my wife and kids, she was unhappy.

Never was good at any normal things. Bad childhood was hyperactive and have problems paying attention it is ADHD today.

Am tall and thin, large head, no interest with money or time that is why I am broke and miss appointments. Consider myself gender neutral, or more to the female side if asked. Am creative and a jack of all trades. Am not religious or care for politics. See all humans as a race. Do not like crowds loud noise, bright lights or strong odors. I live in a redwood forest. Dogs love me will walk around my wife to see me. Have over 300 college units but no degrees. Licensed electrician, computer technician at a college. Am embarrassed being human. Constant sinus problems and yearly asthma attacks. Do not drink never used illegal drugs or smoked. Sensitive to the sun, skin is very sensitive and allergic to alo vera and much more. Cannot wear scents or being around them especially artificial scents. Artificial flavorings and dies do nasty things to me. Hypersensitivity to chemicals and personally, get hurt easy and stay guilty for ever. Still feel bad about killing bugs and a blue jay when a kid. Am quite keep to me self and let people have the last word even when I am correct which is nearly all the time. I do not get even I see revenge as bad. I do not hate, (or try). I try to treat everyone the way I want to be treated.

Have days where I am sure I am picking up bad vibs from people and have to stay home. Was told I was very physic but too mess-up to be in touch with it, from someone that read my chart. I do have twinges some are scary. I told my wife it is probably So but it scares me. I have enough trouble with dealing with the past and present. I could never deal with seeing the future and not being about to do anything about it, my guilt would be unbearable.

Not interested in sports do not have any male friends, have little in common with them. Had a few female friends before getting married, but just as good friends, more the considered me a “girl friend”.

Collected rocks since a kid, love quartz crystals, especially rose quartz.

Worked grave shift for 20 years. Stay up to 12 and 1 am nearly every night and get up at 7 am with enough sleep.

A vegetarian and heath food nut, since on my own. Low blood pressure and temperature, type A+ blood type though.

Prefer spontaneity do not like planning things out, my wife does vacations.
Have a sense of humor making the kids laugh all the time but spontaneous usually without thinking about it , just happens.

Was the first child and my wife believes my parents were not married when I was conceived then quickly got married. Once I get my birth certificate, my fathers and my parents marriage certificate and my fathers mothers birth certificate (born in Ireland) I will apply for a Irish citizenship and passport.

Have felt, fanaticized, I am Celtic from thousands of years ago (most likely a very faired skin female with long red hair). But think about being an animal for some reason, no doubt the depression and need to escape reality for a rest. It is a bit delusional I know. But also lately I have been unable to get out of my mind that I am here for some reason something will soon happen. I have ideas for many stores they just come to me. But with family a house that needs constant work and not a great relationship I just cannot get it on paper. I used to see my ADHD as a disability I see it now as being different. I can do things and understand things that most cannot, but still have low self-esteem and am very critical of myself with no patience for myself but lots of patients for others. I help people when I needed help a fried once said I need to think about myself for a change.” Like to be someone else on Second Life, as for my log in if you want to Role play.

I find this very interesting
6 years ago

That ADHD symptoms are very much like starseed traits.

But worded differently.
Here is a few.

Instead of inattentive it is full of energy.
Day dreaming cannot focus, instead of a writer and creative.
Fantasies and neurotic thought becomes Feels that Does not belong in this world.
Above average intelligence on both.
Cannot keep appointments becomes Little concept or concern of time
Bad with money, Is no concerned about money.
Has difficulty waiting turn is impatient needs things done NOW.

Many of the other problems, cannot finish things, inattentive etc are related to intelligence and we get bored very easy. We can focus , hyper focus but only if we are interested in it. Most IT people are ADHD.

Anyway just wanted to point this out.

I have been saying that ADHD is not a illness but just different. If ADHD children are raised with this in mind and their weakness are worked on they will be amazing. Otherwise could end up in prison or dead or on drugs or in some religious cult. (ADHD has a tendency to become substantiate abuse and into strange religions.) I believe that is because of this "need" to find who we are since we do not see to belong here!

So is the starseed gene creating this ADHD effect and is miss-interrupted as an illness?

5 years ago

I have so many of these traits it blew my mind.

Old Starseed Quiz
3 years ago

I met a guy in Dallas, who has since moved to Roswell, that created a quiz based on research he had done for many years. The quiz is now at

He believed he was from the Pleiades. He had some great information and stories of his adventures with crop circles and blue cat beings.

3 years ago

I really do have to question the identification as a starseed using sociopathic criteria.  Starseed or Indigos or what ever you want to name them are high functioning people.  Adding things like ADHD and other low functioning symptoms is ridiculous and sociopathic.  "I am special so eveyone hates me and I am unable to function in society"  is not a high functioning attitude.

2 years ago

So Jahara W. you think that someone with ADHD is sociopath and low functioning. Got news for you The people with ADHD has higher than average intelligence, and can hyper focus unlike most people. It has been found that about 60% of those in IT are ADHD. Who is to say that ADHD is not a brain disorder but just the opposite, opening up of parts of the brain that is closed for most people, It is considered an illness because they do not know how to deal with it. If most people were ADHD then Normal people would be considered "damaged"!

I am an electronics and computer technician for IT at a college. I solve problems others just give up on. I have 300 college units. I am an artist, took my car and motorcycle apart and put it back together am a licensed electrical contractor and alarm company operator have taken geology, programming, music, Art, business, computer science and all 4 semesters of Calculus. Can fix just about anything can do locksmiths, carpentry and plumbing. Still think I am low functioning? I have been Meditating for 40 years TM to be exact and a vegetarian for longer because I care about animals. I am forgiving do not dislike anyone and hate nothing or no one even people that are nasty to me, (hate is a four letter word to me I do not use it.)

I am not upset that you called me a sociopath and low functioning, I am totally forgiving, but you need to read about ADHD. FYI: My daughter is 17 and has not missed an honor role and is ADHD with some autistic symptoms, by the way.

My point is that the star seed "symptoms" are very close to adhd and the professionals see us as being sick for thinking we are star seeds, you can find "medical" sites about it and nothing will convince them otherwise. I believe we are taping into parts of the brain that most people cannot and the side effect is that some parts of the brain are not as accessible as most people so we are considered different.

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That's my point.  ADHD is a 'diagnosis' used to give doctors an excuse to drug children and it is not an indication of higher functioning it is an excuse.  I am an IT person and I can sit still, I have extreme concentration skills, neither of those things are on the list of 'symptoms' indicating ADHD.  You are right, the label of ADHD has nothing to do with brain function.  I think there are too many people diagnosed with ADHD and autism that could have other ailments, or even just bad parents and bad doctors.  Taking on that label is the opposite of high functioning.  A high functioning person would prove the label wrong.  It sounds like you have, but have not given up on the label.  Why would you want to be identified with something that has nothing to do with who you are?

And intelligence has nothing to do with high functioning.  High functioning people are telepathic and empathic and spend effort overcoming their narcissism.  Every human on planet earth has some form of narcissism and people who like labels and decalre themselves more special than others, using that as an excuse for their inability to get along with others, are more narcissistic and immature than 'normal'.  I do not object to people adding that label to their identity, I object to using as an excuse for their inability to function in society, get along with others, hold a job or what ever else.  I have encoutered a plethora of people who do that.  I was not aiming any thing at any one person, just pointing out that the lists can be skewed to support useless attitudes.

Why do we  need a list anyway?  We are all on planet earth in human bodies and that is all that matters.  Where we were before and where we go after is irrelevant to our experience here.  There is a reason each of us chose to incarnate as we are and we need to get over the escapist attitudes and embrace the experience.

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By the way, Kevin, thank you for posting here.  It has been dead a long time and I am glad to see someone interacting again.  If you have read my other posts you will see that I support a list that has been more carefully researched.


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I have one more thing to add.  Do you watch the television show "The Big Bang Theory"?  If so, which of those characters do you identify with the most, the sociopathic Sheldon, the goofy engineer Howard, or Leonard, the one who keeps them all together?  Or do you think they are all just a little extreme?  My point is, the only one of them that thinks he's special is the sociopath.  The only reason that show works is that he gets taken down a peg at least once an episode making it a much more intelligent show than all the other so called comedys.

The star seed delusion
2 years ago

Jahara w.

QUOIT: I really do have to question the identification as a starseed using sociopath criteria. BET YOU DO! Starseed or Indigos or what ever you want to name them are high functioning people. WHO SAID THAT? Adding things like ADHD and other low functioning symptoms is ridiculous and sociopath. (YOU ARE CORRECT EVEN THOUGH MOST OF THESE STAR SEED TRAITS ARE ADHD SYMPTOMS ON ADD SITES. IN THE END US ADHD ARE JUST PSYCHOTIC and SOCIOPATHS THINKING THAT WE ARE ANYTHING OUTSIDE OF THIS WORLD. "I am special so everyone hates me and I am unable to function in society" is not a high functioning attitude. (DO NOT HAVE THIS ATTITUDE. WAS BULLIED IN SCHOOL WHIPPED BY MY STEPFATHER ,NEVER HELPED WITH HOMEWORK, BY EITHER PARENTS OR TEACHERS AND JUST PUNISHED BY TEACHERS FOR MY HYPERACTIVITY DISTURBING CLASSES AND BAD SCHOOL GRADES. I HAVE LOW SELF WORTH IF ANY NEGATIVE IS MORE LIKE IT, AND SUFFER FROM DEPRESSION AND LATELY HAVE TO MANY MORNINGS WERE I CANNOT GET OUT OF THE BED IN THE WEEKSENDS BECAUSE I DO NOT SEE ANY POINT IN GETTING OUT OF BED. I AM A LONER have no friends. I do not ask for help or expect any at work. (I work in a computer lab in a school helping students because I like helping.) I could not care less what anyone thinks of me, I am screwed up and know it. I learned decades ago not to care about what people think about me.

Lately my new delusion is I wish to leave the human race and really hope I wake up as an animal, sad is it not. I am sure I was not meant to be human.

FYI I put in in caps because there is no way to change the color to show it is a response. not because I am shouting.

You are right. I am a sociopath and not a star seed. I am not a high function person no addhd person is we are just messed up. I just realize I procrastinated my life away and now facing a "retirement" broke with two kids, wife and house falling apart, to support in expensive California. I have been for decades hoping for some sign. I have not got one and the world is on a the brink of WW3 vaccines are being pushed on us and health care costs to much. I just want to live long enough to see my children become adults. I am 64, have not had a vision or dream of being in another world. I have been meditating for 40 years and have not communicated with an ET or seen a UFO or even fairies which I am sure are around. ( learned TM in the 70's when it was getting all the attention). So It seems I am just a delusional ADHD person wishing for a better existence. Nothing happened in 2000, or December 21 2012 not a twinge! Then end of the world would be good for the animals and plants on this world but it did not happen to bad humans are still here. Thanks Jahara for straightening me out. I need to put the star seed delusion to bed and try to get on with my life for my kids sake, (13 and 17, yes I started late).

This is my last post will be deleting this account and post a similar post to this in the other two or three star seed forums and then close them. As bad as the world is it was worse in the 60's which I live thru. I suggest every see a doctor about your delusion. you need help before you get as bad and old as me waiting for something good to happen because it will not! I spent my life surviving and have nothing to show for it but my family and 1/2 million dollar debt!

Bye, Good luck everyone you will need it.

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I am not kind, I know that.  It is against my nature.  Each one of us has to figure out how to overcome our perceptions or low worth to the world.  Your description of your childhood matches mine.  My brother did not survive it and that was really hard for me.  The abuse took me out, caused me to not function for my 20's, but in my 30's I started getting over the parts that kept me crippled, I had some good friends who told me something similar to what I told you.  You give your power away when you let others determine how you feel.  Maybe getting you to think about this and talk about it will help, or maybe just push you over that last edge.  It is your choice, not mine.  People will always be cruel and it has nothing to do with you.  You have the potential, but wallowing in the past is not going to fulfill your potential.  With your experience you can transmute your pain and others in to joy.  To begin with your goal can be learning to be OK.  It is not really a hard goal to attain, but it takes mental discipline.  When you find yourself in those mental pain grooves, you use your Jedi magic to pop out of them.  Each time it gets easier.

And remember, non of us is really human, our consciouness does not reside in the brain so how ever any one chooses to belittle you by claiming your brain doesn't work properly should reveal to you that they are insecure and think you have something they don't.  Maybe your behaviour is annoying to people, so if you don't like being annoying, figure out how to change that, but don't do it to make people accept you, do it to make yourself feel better.

Consider the possibility that what others think is wrong with you, is really what is right about you.  You have a lot of energy, so figure out a way to make that work for you instead of against you. 

Here is a youtube video I think you would find interesting.

The labels have gotten a lot more numerous and we need to remember that the point of labeling people is to make them 'less than' and to convince them they need pharmacueticals.


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