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Starseed Type-Species
14 years ago
| Blue Label

Wilderness suggested a thread where we could post about the various types of Starseeds,eg,Pleiadian,Star Terrans,Reptillians etc. We hope that you will share whatever Starseed types information that you can here.

To Wilderness for another great idea!

Orb Starseeds
14 years ago

Here's a link to an article that I have published recently on Orbs and Orb starseeds.

14 years ago

First of all I would like to welcome you to this group Rachel


And thanks for sharing your great article with us.It seems like you really are into this stuff so we would be happy if you got more information about starseeds or related themes.


14 years ago

Rachel,Thanks for the link to your article. We are glad to have you with us. Please share with us any info or links that can be posted here in the group. We are all trying to learn and share together here.

8 years ago

hey everyone i just joined this site because of this group and when i came across this i thought, " i have the perfect link". i hope people still visit this site haha the last post was 5 years ago

i found this very very interesting. i cant quite decide which one i fit into but it is still very amazing

8 years ago

I have always been interested in time travel since I was a young child and I would ponder about the origins of time and I think that I am a starseed (Draco) of the Time Lords of the free angelics, the lost alpha race.


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