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January 2013 Drop-In #1
5 years ago

New Year’s Wishes


Here’s to the new year...
May it bring more joy and success
And less grief and regret.


To our dreams...
May we never stop believing in them
And taking the actions that will make them a reality.


To our friends, loved ones, associates (or colleagues)...
May we take the time to let them know
How much it means to us
To have them in our lives.


Let us encourage more and criticize less,
Give more and need less.
And whenever we can,
Let us create harmony and peace.


To new beginnings...
Let us start fresh, right now,
To make this the very best year ever.


A very Happy New Year to all of us!


By Joanna Fuchs


for the rain dances!


Vallee, Brenda, Darla, Patricia, Wula & Ella!


Love, serenity , & healing energy to each of you!

5 years ago

" New Years Wishes " Beautiful!

Did the rain dances work?

L, S, HE and hugs for you!

5 years ago

Thank you so much Sandra!

All the best to everyone here!!

5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well land with things going great. Things are good here. Not much going on. Ray and I spent a quiet New Year's Eve at home and will spend a quiet New Year's Day doing the same. We'll be eating our black-eyed peas today to make sue prosperity and good luck finds us in the new year. I'll be watering my plants under the porch today but the rain we're having is taking care of the others.


Sandra, thanks for starting us off witha new thread and for the lovely New Year's poem. Thanks also for the wishes and the same to you.


Brenda, good to see you here.


Patricia, good to see you here and all the best to you as well.


Val, hope all's well with you. Your daughter and grandkids have probably left by now and you're soaking in the quiet. I know you enjoyed their visit.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.


5 years ago

Darla it's good to see you here. Take care.

5 years ago

Hello everyone - no time to respond personally but yes the kids are gone but miss my daughter terribly - just tried to call her but she is sleeping - she has chronic pain at age 30 after a surgery - well had it before - the surgery didn't help - feel so bad for her -

Though I had posted here yestserday but spent the time after they left cleaning everything - didn't want anything that reminded me of them since I was crying as they left - though do have their photo as my desktop so I can pretend they are here -

Pray all are doing OK. 


5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Not much going on here just my usual reading and computer stuff. Our low temps are supposed to be in the upper 30's/low 40's for the next 5 days unless something drastic happens and changes that which is entirely possible. However, it does mean I don't have to wrap my plants for awhile. I was so mad yesterday as someone broke a piece off one of my ivies! grrrr No apology or anything like that.


Brenda, good to see you here.


Val, I'm sorry you miss your daughter so much and the grandkids too. Oh, your poor daughter to be so young and in chronic pain. I know what that's like as I was 19 when I broke my back. I'm so sorry that surgery didn't help her. It's nice that you have their photo as your desktop. Love the phot you posted today.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.


5 years ago

The rain dances didn't give me any rain!  Maybe I'm the one who needs to do the rain dance...


Vallee, Brenda, Darla, Patricia, Wula & Ella!


Love, serenity , & healing energy to each of you!

5 years ago

Sandra - Dance even if you don't get the rain!  LOL!  Thanks for everything that you give!  Same back to you, my favorite angel!

Val - At least you had some good time with your daughter and grand kids!  It is sad that they have to leave and I feel your pain.  Just try to think of the good times you just had!  Remember to think positive!!  Love that new photo!  I don't know how you do the border but that looks fantastic!!  Great job.  Try not to work too hard or else you'll have more reasons to be upset!!

Darla - Who the heck would break off a piece of your ivy?  Where is your plant?  Did they take a big piece?  What a poop head!!  Sorry to hear about that.  I am rather partial to my plants too.  I have quite a few indoor ones.  Still think I could use a few more.  LOL!!

Brenda - oh Brenda, Brenda, Brenda!  You talk too much!  LOL!!!  Just kidding!  And a good night to you as it is now 10:50 p.m. as I am typing.  Was very busy today so I had no time to sit at the computer this morning.

Wishing you all a great day/night!  I will be back in the moorning (mine).  Take care!


5 years ago

Val sorry to hear about your daughters pain and you are so sad that your daughter and the kids have gone home, you can still talk on the phone and you have the photo. Love the 2013 photo.

Darla shame about the Ivy, have a good day and take care.

Sandra I expect you to do a rain dance today, it will work! Sending all the usual to you!

Patricia love you even if I don't talk a lot! Sleep well, see you later.

5 years ago

Brenda - tried the rain dance - all I got was cold!  Is almost 9 AM here - sun is out and is still 8 F feeling like -1 F ( -13.3 C feeling like -18.3 C) and have to go out of errands soon.

I do talk to my daughter daily - I always have a difficult time the day she leaves -

Laptop crashed again this AM so will have too work on it this afternoon-

Glad everyone likes the photo - the frame is edited through PhotoBucket - today's photo is just playing around - hope all have a good day and Darla - thanks for joining the grup!

Sandra - maybe we can talk this weekend - have lots to do but always time for you!


5 years ago

Love this picture Val, it's great!.

5 years ago

Brenda - You're funny!!  lol  Glad to know I am not offending you and that you can take a joke!  So sorry I took your letter "T".  LOL!  Must be more carefull - NOT  - LMAO!!!!

Val - what is the background on that picture?  I can't quite figure it out?  Looks pretty cool though.  So sorry about your computer troubles.  I know what that is like.  Where is Sandra this morning?  

Does anyone know why I am having this problems here - I double space between people but when I post the reply it shows up single spaced.  Makes it hard for everyone (including me1) to read.  Don't know why it does this or how to fix it.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

Hope everyone has a good day.  Have to go to Auto-pac today to get the car checked out from the accident I had last month.  Nothing big but that'swhat we have to do here.  Hope there is no damage to my car.  

Peace & Light to you all!!  

5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. We had some sleet this morning despite it not being freezing out and it's supposed to rain tomorrow. Sunday we'll have some freezing weather so will have to wrap up my plants.


Sandra, sorry you haven't gotten any rain. I'm with Patricia, dance yourself. Even if you don't get the rain you'll feel good. Thanks for the hugs and the wonderful wishes. I wish you the same ~ love, serenity, and healing energy.


Patricia {or do you go by Pat?},  I don't know who broke my ivy but I was very ticked off. I had a nice long piece hanging down off my plant which is hanging on our front porch and has been in the same spot since we moved in 4 years ago. I suspect it was the same rude people who got sick on my sheets a couple weeks ago {I'm glad my plants were covered}. Yes, someone got sick on th esheets that I had covering my plants. It was one of my upstairs neighbors b'cuz the same stuff that was on my sheets was on the stairs {I had to go up to reach the hook to hang my ivy}. I think it's th eneighbors who are above my next door neighbor but I'm not 100% positive ~ it's just a feeling I have. I don't have any inside plants b'cuz I have 5 cats and not enough space for them anyway. I do have about 15  outside plants all in pots since I can't plant in the ground here.

I also have problems with the double spacing between paragraphs not showing up in some of my groups. It's very frusrating but I don't know what to do about it.

Sorry to hear about your accident. Hope noone was seriously injured and that there's no damage to your car.


Brenda, thanks for the sympathy for my ivy. Good to see you here.


Val,  wow, you're having some cold weather! When I complain about the cold here it's not near as bad as what you've got. Guess it's all relative.

Glad you talk to your daughter daily. I'm sure that helps in the missing her though I do understand. I've seen my daughter twice in the last 3-4 years {don't remember exactly b'cuz of memory problems} since she moved to the west coast {first California then Washington}. We talk often but it's hard knowing she's so far away. My son has been here in San Antonio for th elast 9 years since he joined the Army except for when he went to Basic and 15 months in KuWait. However, this March he's being transferred to Georgia and neither of my kids will be here.

Sorry your laptop crashed. Hope you're able to get it fixed.

Love the picture you posted!


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.


5 years ago

Pat it's my sense of humour that keeps me going, I think it's the same for all of us! The Wednesday befor Christmas I had to go to the A&E Dept. at my local hospital my foot was swollen and really painful could barely walk. I was told by the Doctor it's either Gout or Arthritus and have a blood test as soon as possible, I was given painkillers and antibiotics so when all the family were drinking Champagne Christmas I was drinking soft drinks. Anyway the result of the blood test was sent to my Doctor and she wants to see me, the earliest appointment I could get is the 9th of January. ( see I can talk a lot when I am moaning ) ! Good luck with your car, hope it's alright.

Darla it has stopped raining at last and is slightly warmer here. Elsewhere in the country the floods are terrible, I feel so sorry for all the people that had to leave their homes because they are flooded.
Take care, hugs.

5 years ago

If I have to do the rain dance, it will never rain because I have no dancing ability!  Plus my recently injured knee would make it difficult to dance.


Vallee, interesting pic, & I hope youe computer gets well soon!


Patricia, I hope your car is fine!


Darla, I hope your neighbors have a personality makeover & become nice!


Brenda, I hope your foot feels better soon!


Vallee, Brenda, Darla, Patricia, Wula & Ella!


Love, serenity , & healing energy to each of you!

5 years ago

Thanks Sandra, L, S, HE and hugs to you!

5 years ago

I call Patricia Pat - but that's me -

Idea I was told about spacing - click on shift and enter at the same time - a Care2 glitch I believe -

The photo is of snow on a fence - this next one has a full moon in the sky can you find it - laptop OK but still have to work on though other issues to resolve today - (see below)

Brenda - gout is very painful - my husband had it this past summer and couldn't walk at all - timer went off so have to go - but....

My day so far - both pair of slippers I have fell apart last night, food processor I bought for hubby for XMAS doesn't work so we chopped all by hand for the soup and furnace died this morning and just had the 2 coldest days in 2 years!  Welcome to 2013!


5 years ago

Good afternoon, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Just lost a post b'cuz the page went blank so am trying again. I just approved a new Adoption Counselor for MCRA, the Maine Coon rescue group I volunteer with! I'm the Adoption Counselor Manager and I'm so excited to have another  Adoption Counselor! Our temps here today are in the mid 40's with a low of 37 later. It just started raining too.


Brenda, a sense of humor is a good thing to have. So sorry your foot is hurting so badly, I hope it improves soon. Having just healed from a broken foot I know what it's like to have a painful foot.

Glad it finally stopped raining.


Sandra,  so you can't dance. Just suffle along, your intent will be seen! I have to use a walker so you should see me try to dance these days!

Yes, I also wish the neighbors would change. They seemed nice enough when they moved in but if it's who I think it is doing this to my plants they're not very nice at all.


Val, so sorry you're having such a rough start to 2013. I sincerely hope 2013 improves alot for you. I can always send you a pair of the 3 or 4  pair of slipper socks I have that I don't use! You seem to be having fun with your pictures. I really love this one with the moon but then I am partial to moons.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.


5 years ago

Yes having fun Darla - no heat until Monday evening!  The electrician - lent us 2 small space heaters for now - so the pipes don't freeze.  Hopefully we have some sunny days!

5 years ago

Val great photo, they just get better and better! Bad things come in threes so your ok from now on! Keep as warm as you can.

Darla Glad you have had a good day, take care.

5 years ago

Vallee, I couldn't see the moon at first, but the second time I looked at it, I saw it right away!  I hope things get better soon!  Sending you an extra


Brenda, I hope your foot is feeling better - I'm sending you extra healing energy

Thankyou for the L, S, & HE! 


Darla, how did you get involved w/ the Maine Coon rescue group?


Patricia, I hope you are okay - I miss you!


My start to 2013 doesn't seem to be going too well either...  My chiropractor adjusted my shoulder on Wed & it has been hurting more every day since.  I have appointments w/ him on Tues & Thurs next week, but I think I'll call tomorrow to change it to Mon & Wed.  I like to have treatments 2 days apart so the 2nd treatment confirms that the bones are in place.

And my knee still hurts some & my limp is still worse than usual.  Also, my latest roommate Katja (female) who moved in the first week of December has delusions of paranoia & has had the police come out twice.  It looks like my landlord is taking her to court because she is fighting eviction, & my other roommate & I may have to appear to testify about our experiences with Katja.  She ia verbally abusive & I can't wait until she is gone!  Any extra positive energy you can send me would be greatly appreciated!.


Vallee, Brenda, Darla, Patricia, Wula & Ella!


Love, serenity , & healing energy to each of you!

5 years ago

Sandra, my foot is much better now thanks for the HE it works! Hope you get your shoulder more comfortable. As for your roommate Katja the I hope she goes soon, you don't need all this going on! Sending all the posiitive energy I can, hope it works! Hugs!

5 years ago

Hello everybody!

Sounds like 2013 is off to a terrible start.  That really sucks!  Went out to go to autopac the other day and my car wouldn't start!  I had to get my son's girlfriend over to give me a boost so needless to say I missed my appointment.  Well at least my car was working.  So I thought.  ?The next morning (yesterday) G had his physio therapy session so I went out at 6:45 a.m. to warm up the car and the darm thing wouldn't start!  Again I had to rely on Liz to come over and take me to Canadian Tire to buy a new battery for the car.  I get the damn thing home and I am having a heck of a time putting it in.  Long story short.  The neighbor of ours came out and put it in.  Good thing too because I wouldn't have been able to do it.  You had to remove the whole air filter to take out the battery and the battery was bolted in too.  What a mess.  Top this off with my fibro is kicking in big time!!  Oh well, today is another day.  We'll see what somes of it.

Sandra - terribly sorry of your plight with your roommate.  Sounds like a nut job (pardon me for that name calling).  Wishing you lots of positive energy!!  Hope your chiro can help your shoulder.  Have you seen him for your knee?  

Val - only 2 days until Monday!!  Having no heat when it's cold outside sucks.  I know.  Long story short - our furnace went out (when I was with my ex) and being the abusive drunk that he was, he refused to relight the pilot light.  This was in the winter and the kids were with relatives.  He thought it would be fun to see me freeze.  What a loser!  So I know howbad  it can be.  Love the new pic.  Took me a couple of looks to find the moon but I did see it on the second look too, like Sandra.  Still can't figure out picture one.  Snow on a fence??  Would that be a chain link fence?

Darla - glad things are going well for you!  It's great that you can volunteer!  Also I wish it was raining here instead of this lousy snow.  I am so cold all the time.  Of course most of that is the fibro.  lol  I go by either Patricia or Pat so which ever one feel comfortable to you. Val likes Pat so that's what she uses.

Brenda - Glad to hear that your foot is doing better!  Pain is always rough.  Good to know that the HE works.  Positive thinking works a lot too!

Wishing everyone a better day than yesterday!  Positive energy to all because we can all use more!  Be happy!  Smile because you can!  Take care!


5 years ago

Just a short note - I DID double space.  What is going on??

5 years ago

Lots to read -

Pat - did you click shift and enter at the same time????  Yes, chain link fence!

Sounds like everyone is having a prettry bad start to the new year - except Brenda - but if things come in 3's - Sandra, Pat and I - I guessBrenda, you , are are the lucky one.  Glad you like the photos.

My back is hurting lots - heat on it all the time in the AM - foot still hurts Darla - especially if I have to take the dog out or walk in Walmart or lots of errands. 

furnace will be fixed Monday hopefully - though the 2 small space heaters and hubby's oxygen machine seem to keep the house wrm enough so we don't need to worry about the pipes - believe it or not need to water the garlic and trees today because the sun will be out - in the 40's - and haven't had enough precipitation - otherwise they may die - just don't like doing and have errands this morning. 

Hope everyone is doing well and warm - fooling around with the kitty graphic still.


5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Busy here today. We're having a mild winter day with a high of 52 and a low of 39. I'll have to water the plants under my porch today.

For those who asked about my volunteering with MCRA, here's the story. About 2-3 years ago {I have memory problems and can't remember exactly when}, my aunt called me to see if I could adopt this Maine Coon mix cat from Killeen as his owners were had a baby and didn't want him anymore. She volunteered to drive him from Killeen to San Antonio if I'd take him. The way she got involved is she was at a doctor's appointment and someone came in and had the cat in the car as she was going to take the cat to the shelter but it was full. My daughter had just moved to California and took her cat so we were down a cat and my aunt thought I might want this beauty. I spoke with Ray and we decided that yes we'd take the cat. My aunt brought him in and he was beautiful and big. He was part Maine Coon and part Ragdoll {Seal lynx point it turned out} and had the prettiest blue eyes. We named him Jasper but it quickly became just Jaz which fit him much better. We kept him 3 months but unfortunately things didn't work out. He was much bigger than our other cats and in playing he'd hurt them. He gave our oldest cat an abcess and would hold our little female down until she pooped herself! We ended up having to shut him in one bedrrom at night and close of the oldest cat and our female during the day in the other bedroom. I was beside myself in thinking I'd have to give him up but life was not fair to him in our small apartment. I contacted MCRA to see if they could take him but they didn't have room. They DID have {at the time} what they called a Courtesy Post program where they'd post his picture and information and I would be responsible for finding him a home. I found him a great home with a minister and his wife in Fredicksburg and they love Jaz to pieces {I was in contact with them for quite awhile}. Well, then MCRA asked me if I could volunteer as an Adoption Counselor. Sinc eit is all work done via th ephone or the internet I agreed and loved it. After about a year and a half of being an Adoption counselor, I moved up into the position of Adoption Counselor Manager when the previous one resigned. I love the work I'm doing , helping kitties find the purrfect homes. Then about a year ago, we rescued a kitten who was almost 4 weeks old who turned out to be a Maine Coon mix according to one of the board members of our  group so I now have my Maine Coon mix! While he is slightly bigger {he weighs about 13 pounds} than all but one of our cats {a DSH who weighs about 18 pounds!} since he grew up with them from a kitten he doesn't paly too hard as to hurt them or hold down our little female {who only weighs maybe 5 pounds} like Jaz did.


Val, glad you're having fun with the pictures. Also glad that the electrician loaned you a couple space heaters. Hopefully the weekend will pass quickly and Monday will be here before you know it. Sorry that you're back is hurting and that your foot still hurts. Hope you get your plants watered and all your other errands run.  Really like you rpicture today. How are you getting the kitty on there?


Brenda, glad your foot is doing better.


Sandra, sorry your 2013 is not oging so well. Sound slike things are bad with your roommate Katja. Hope the eviction goes well and she's out soon. Positive energy will be sent your way. Hope the chiropractor helps you out.


Pat, sorry that you're having so much trouble with your car and that you missed your appointment. Glad your neighbor was able to help you with the battery. Your son's girlfriend sounds like a blessing. I like Pat too. I wanted to shorten it to Pat from the beginning for some reason. So sorry the cold is affecting your fibro. I also have fibromyalgia {among several other things}  so I do know how you feel with the exception that we don't get snow. It's just that our weather is cold for us so I stay in the house and stay warm.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.


5 years ago

Thanks for the stroy Darla - and so glad that you are doing something you enjoy.  The cat is on PhotoBucket!

We are staying warm - and tomorrow the furnace should be fixed before night - still have heat on back - unsure why hurts so much - maybe the pilates I am doing at night but have done them before with no problem recently.  Oh well - such is life -

Sandra - so nice talking to you yesterday - hope the room-mate situation gets resolved soon.

Brenda - HELLO!


5 years ago


Val - I like the pics today!  Like the last one with all the fur.  Cute!  Sorry to hear about the pain.  Seems like we have have that in common.  I tell everyone that if I wake up one day and I don't have any pain then I must be dead!  LOL!!  As you say, such is life!  Good thing you get your heater tomorrow, things can get back to "normal" inside the house then.  Perhaps your back is sore because you caught a chill on it??

Brenda - Hi to you!  Can't believe that since you came along you stole the show on the hang man games!  LOL!!  Kudos to you!!  Guess I have to show up more often and before you somehow???  LOL!!!

Sandra - Good morning.  Hope you are feeling better today.  Perhaps that remate of yours will be gone soon and you can get some real peace & quiet that you and your other roommates deserve.

Darla - That's quite some story you have there!!  Wow!  Well so long as you like doing all that volunteering.  My Hubby G, volunteers (well not since his operation) at the hospital near us twice a week on Thursday & Friday mornings at the south entrance of the building.  He just gives out information about where to go and how to get there.  Funny, that what I tell him all the time at home!!  LMAO!!!  That's not true but is IS funny!!!  I can't do anything like that because I don't know how I will feel from minute to minute.  So you have fibro too?  Interesting.  We must talk about this sometimes.  I don't know how you cope but the pain is terrible for me sometimes but I just have to push myself because who else is going to do what needs to be done?  No use complaining because I know that there is other people worse off than myself.  But seriously, I would like to discuss this fibro businesssometime with you if you wouldn't mind.  Perhaps via email??  Let me know.

Well, wishing everyone a good day.  Take care.

Hope this is double spaced, if not, I am so. so sorry!

5 years ago

Val hope the pain isn't too bad today and your furnace gets fixed. Like the Kitty pics they are good.

Darla interesting story, tell us more.

Pat sorry to hear about all the pain. As for the Hangman games I will hang back for awhile!!

Take care.

5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hoppe this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Noooot much going on, just a lazy weekend and my usual reading and computer stuff. I've been awake since 5:00 this morning when my alarm went off for my early morning meds. I typically go back to sleep but couldn't this morning so I read, managed to finish a book I started last night and two short novellas. Our high temp today is supposed to be 63 and our low 33 ~ quite a difference  but that is Texas weather for you.


Val, love your picture today with what looks like a crescent moon. Glad your heater will be back on soon. Sorry your back is hurting and you're having to keep heat on it. Does the heat help? It might be that your body just isn't used to the Pilates anymore.


Pat, yes, I do like the volunteering as I love cats {we have 5} and I like making a difference for them. I can only do it b'cuz it's all stuff I can do from home and if I'm having a bad day then I don't have to do anything at all.

That's so funny about you and your husband. Hope he feels up to getting back to volunteering soon.

My fibro seems to be under control for the most part with all the pain meds and muscle relaxants that I'm on. I also take Lyrica for nerve pain which is also supposed to help fibro pain. I do still get those cramps in my hands and feet that end up with my fingers or toes curled in painfully. All that being said, I'd love to talk with you about it. I can't respond with my Care2 e-mail but if you send me an e-mail with your regular e-mail address I'll keep in touch with you that way if you'd like.


Brenda, what more would you like to hear about? As I said to Pat I'm a cat-lover with 5 of my own {well, mine and Ray's}. I can't post pictures but you can see pictures of my cats in my photo albums on my page.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.


5 years ago

everyone for the positive energy!  I had a nice interaction w/ Katja today, when she told me about her sister having thyroid cancer & being afraid that she would lose her sister.  I recommended that she imagine her sister having come through the surgery well & spending time together.  I also recommended that she write a letter to her sister about everything she appreciated about her sister, & also to write about her feelings.  Katja seemed to like these ideas.  From everything she's told me, she has had a very difficult life.  I feel sorry for her, but it is not my responsibility to fix her life - it is my responsibility to take care of me & my life.


Vallee, it was great talking to you yesterday, & I'm sorry to hear about your back pain, in addition to your foot pain....  Great pics!


Darla, thanks for telling us how you got involved in volunteering & it is wonderful that you love it!


Pat, I'm so sorry about your troubles w/ the car, but so thankful that you had people to help you!  And I'm sorry to hear about your fibro pain...


Brenda, I'm so glad your foot is better!


Vallee, Brenda, Darla, Patricia, Wula & Ella!


Love, serenity , & healing energy to each of you!

5 years ago

Maybe I'll nickname some of us as the fibro - family - hehe...

My back has been bad for years!  Really started in 1997 when my car was rear-ended and then worse in 2005 when a ladder fell out from under me -but ALL chiropractors tell me I have steel rods in my back and then I had a herniated disk in my neck back in 2006 and had to keep ice on it for 3-4 hours 2x daily - it went away after a month - was told neck surgery is worse than back surgery and after my husband having back surgery I will admit is true!

My foot just is - trying some of that Voltaren Gel on it now - we'll see - but I know the minute my foot hits the ground that is hurts!  But I can walk which is more than many -

Darla - yes - there is a crescent moon - I don't volunteer because if I work I need money -

Brenda - I pray the furnace gets fixed today - the electric bill with the space heaters gets expensive -

Sandra - you are always so sweet to everyone - hope you are feeling better -

Better go - hubby has appt today too - Sandra will try and get to the petitions sometime - really working on my Etsy sites and lots of appointments this week!


5 years ago

Val - Cool pic this morning.  Not sure if that's the moon or the sun though?  I like to think of it as the sun.  Am I correct.  Also I hope that your furnacae is up and running today.  I know how costly those small heaters can be.  Hope the appt geos well for Obbie.  p.s. - thanks for including me in this morning conversation....LMAO!!!!!!!!!  Just kidding!!

Sandra - Thanks for the positive energy!  Sending it right back at you!  It's good that you had a talk with your roommate and you are right that you are only responsible for yourself.  If only she can realize that now.

Brenda - Don't you dare back off from the hang man games!  Then if I ever do win I'll feel like I won because you "let" me!  lol  Besides a little competition between friends is good!

Darla - I am having a bit of trouble with my fibro.  Like a lot of us, (so I am learning) I have various other health issues too.  I am NOT on any medication at all for my fibro not even pain killers.  Makes it a little hard to get through the day sometimes, especially when I am the only one doing everything and this is a townhouse.  All the stairs!!  I swear, the next place we move to will NOT have stairs!!  I mean it!!   Anyways, will send you my email, actually here it is -

You can use it anytime and we can discuss things further.  Actually anyone can contact me if they wish to!

Must run.  I am off to get ready for my little outing to the Dollar tree for a few things and G wants to get a Booster Juice.  Take care, and again, sorry for the lack of double spacing.  I am working on that.

5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. We're at our low for the day which is 42 though we're supposed to go up to 61. So it's another mild, winter day. Not much going on, just my usual reading and computer stuff. I will be trying to ride our stationary bike today. I had been up to 30 minutes at least 4 times a week but then I broke my foot and couldn't ride it with the orthopedic boot so now I have to build back up again. It's a recumbant bike so the seat is a regular type seat which is cool.


Sandra, glad you had a nice interaction with Katja today and that she liked your ideas. You're absolutely right though in that it is not your responsibility to fix her life, you have to take care of you. She has to take responsibility for her own life.

No problem in telling y'all how I got involved in volunteering.


Val, I'm so sorry about your back. Sounds like you've really got some damage there. I got lucky in that I never had back surgery b'cuz of where and when {in 1982, I was forced off a bridge} I broke mine. I broke at T-7 which is in the upper back behind the chest cavity. I was told that to do surgery on me they'd have to go in thru the front and move the heart, the aorta artery, and my lungs to get to the damage. Needless to say, this was dangerous and my mom opted not to have it done. I think they have a better way now but back then they didn't. So, I have damage to my vertebrae and it impinges on the spianl cord but I do okay. I also have damage to my cervical vertebrae probably from a car accident in 1994 where I was rear ended while sitting at a stop light. My second ex husband drove himself off a bridge trying to commit suicide b'cuz I wanted a divorce and he had to have back surgery. I stayed with him for 6 months after the "accident" and he was not quite the same as before.

I'm also sorry that your foot is still hurting. I do hope the voltaren gel works. It worked on my foot to take the edge off the pain and make it bearable.

I hope your furnace gets fixed today.

Love the "Cat Rising" photo.


Pat and Brenda, miss y'all. Hope to see y'all here soon.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.


5 years ago

Pat, your post wasn't here when I was posting. I'm sorry you're having problems with your fibro. It must be tough going thru it without pain meds or anything. I am on 2 strong pain meds and 3 muscle relaxants one of which acts as an anti-inflammatory as well as Lyrica and I have a pain pump implanted which pumps fentanyl {?sp} and baclofen directly into my spinal column. The pain pump is for the severe, chronic pain that I suffer daily from the damage where I broke my back. I also get trigger points every 2 months for the fibro with my pain management doctor. I will e-mail you and we can talk more. It's always good to have someone to talk to. When we first moved to San Antonio we lived in a townhouse so I completely understand about the stairs. We now live in a one level, 2 bedroom apartment. We even have a fireplace that has never been used! lol I'm sorry that you're the only one doing anything. That sure does make it hard.It was like that for me in my first 2 marriages but this time around I got a man who takes care of all the housework and cooking! Ray's an awesome guy! I do clean our bathroom b'cuz I want to help and it's a small one. I also dust sometimes.

Hope you get all your errands run with no problems.


Val, meant to tell you that a fibro-family sounds great.


Take care and have a fantastic day.


5 years ago

To think I was complaining about my foot, when I see what you guys have to put up with I feel stupid. Every day I will tell myself how lucky I am and that your pain is a little easier. I feel all these troubles makes the group closer. Stay close and take care!

5 years ago

Pat - I didn't delete your e-mail - but most all these groups can be googled - so let me know if you want me to - I never put personl info like that into groups.  FYI only - this group is small so didn't worry - and yes is the sun behind the clouds - am in overdrive right now with not enought sleep - furnace part did not come in - have to turn on the small heaters again in a few moments - sun going down - Pat keep trying Shift and ENter at the same time - seems to work for me -

Darla - I am sure your back is a lot worse than mine - I just don't take pain killers and still have to do a lot - glad you have stuff that helps you - my foot pisses me off actually - always hurts now -

Brenda - never think your pain is more or less thaan another's = we all deal with our own pain in our own way - gotta go. 

5 years ago

I am sorry to hear about the pain you all are having! 


Vallee, Brenda, Darla, Patricia, Wula & Ella!


Love, serenity , & healing energy to each of you!

5 years ago

Healing energy to you too Sandra with your leg and knee - I just deal with it -

This is for all of you!


5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. It's raining today and it's supposed to continue thru tomorrow. Our temp is at 52 and we're supposed to go up to 61 so we're having a mild if wet and dreary winter day. Just doing my usual of reading and computer stuff.


Brenda, please don't think that your pain is less than what any of us deal with. As Val said, we each deal with our pain differently. Pain thresholds and level are different for each of us.


Val, sorry that the furnace part didn't come in. Do you know when it's supposed to arrive? I can't imagine not taking pain killers for my pain. You're such a strong person, I admire you greatly. I can imagine why your foot would tick you off. I'm so sorry that you suffered permanent damage from your injury. Love the picture you posted.


Sandra, great to see you here.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.


5 years ago

Vallee, gorgeous pic!


Hi Darla!


Vallee, Brenda, Darla, Patricia, Wula & Ella!


Love, serenity , & healing energy to each of you!

5 years ago

Morning everybody, can't stop have an early doctors appointment ..... see you later.

5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. We're getting more rain today. Will have to check my plants an dmake sure the pots aren't overflowing with water. Our temp is a balmy 59 with a high expected of 65 and our low was 46. So, basically, just a typical rainy, dreary, winter day in San Antonio. Not much going on, just my usual reading and computer stuff.


Sandra, great to see you here. Love, serenitiy, and healing energy right back at ya.


Brenda, hope your doctor's appointment goes well.


Val and Pat, miss you this morning. Hope to see you soon.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.


5 years ago

Darla - I m here - hubby had an early appointment as well - furnace working - yea - have lots to do for my Etsy site - and Darla - thank you!!!!!!!!!!   She knows what I am talking about!

Hello to everyone else -


5 years ago

Val - Absolutely love that pic!!  I'm not worried about putting my email up here.  First - I trust everyone on this site and second - if anyone really want to get it they can anyways.  I can always block them.  Not really hard.  No Biggie.  That's really crappy that you didn't get your furnace fixed!  Hopefully it will be done today

Hello to everyone else.  Don't have much to say today.  Was pretty sick yesterday.   Fibro was kicking in big time again.  Just hate it when that happens.  Steals away my time!

Going to see the in-laws for a visit this afternoon.  Actually will be leaving in about half an hour.  So that means I should try to finish things up here.

Wishing you all a great day!  Talk at you real soon!  Hugz and stuff to you all!!


5 years ago

Darla doctor sent me to the hospital for another blood test, she is worried about my Kidneys now!

Val great picture! So pleased that your furnace is fixed.

Pat sorry you had a bad day yesterday, hope you have a better one today. Enjoy your visit.

Hugs to everybody!

5 years ago

Just wanted you to know Pat - hackers can see it too - if they want - have heat now - enjoy your day!

5 years ago

Vallee, glad you got your heater fixed!  Impressive special effects.  (I like your nature pics w/ the cool borders the bast)


Pat, sorry for your bad day yesterday!  I hope your visit w/ the in-laws was good.


Brenda, I hope the blood test went well & came w/ a lollipop!  


Darla, I hope you had a superb day!


Vallee, Patricia, Brenda, Darla, Wula & Ella!


Love, serenity , & healing energy to each of you!

5 years ago

Sandra no lollipop! Sob. L, S, HE to you, plus hugs.

5 years ago

  here's a hug Brenda since you got no lollipop!

Pat - hope you are feeling better and

Sandra - how is your knee and leg?

I am busy creating, promoting and normal life stuff!  That last photo was actually  sunrise in the back!


5 years ago

Thanks for the hug Val appreciate it!! Like the earrings, pretty!

5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. The sun came back out today though we're supposed to have more thunderstorms/rain by this weekend. We had a pretty major leak above our living room window with all the rain. Ray reported it to management so let's hope they fix it before the weekend. Watered all myplants under the porch since the others didn't need it. Not much else going on here, just my usual reading and books.


Val, you made it yesterday after I left. Really like the picture with the stars and the critter in the middle, nice effects. You're very welcome. It was truly my pleasure. I'm glad you liked it. Love the earrings you made. You definitely need to make a pair for yourself.


Pat, sorry you had a rough day. Hope your fibro eases up soon. Also hope tha tyour visit with the in-laws went well.


Brenda, sorry to hear that you had to have another blood test and that th edoctor thinks it might be your kidneys. Hope the blood test goes well and your kidneys are fine. Will keep you in my prayers.


Sandra, great to see you here. I did have a wonderful day. Ray got off work early so we had extra time together! Love, serenity, and healing energy right back at ya.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.


5 years ago

Darla - already sold the ear-rings - thanks!

Brenda - need more hugs!!!! 

5 years ago

Darla hope you get that leak fixed soon, thanks for the kind words about my problem should have the results Friday.

Val love to get hugs, thanks!

5 years ago

Val, that is wonderful! I'm so thrilled for you. Now don't forget to make a pair for yourself.


Brenda, you're very welcome.



5 years ago

all for the love, serenity , & healing energy sent my way!


I can especially use the healing energy right now because I've had a cough for over 2 wks & the congestion has kicked in, & I'm really tired.  My knee is better, but still bothering me a little.  Shoulder pain is bothering me the most now.










Love, serenity , & healing energy to each of you!

5 years ago

Sandra sending you a double helping of Love, Serenity and Healing Energy also hugs.

5 years ago

Darla - will probably try and sell the next pair too - I really don't wear ear-rings much anymore except small ones - they get stuck in scarves etc when I take out the dog - hope the leak is fixed!

Sandra - sorry you are not feeling well - hope you get better soon! 

Brenda - thanks for playing by the rules - you made my mind think!

Darla - this is for you -

And Pat one for you too!


5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Not much going on here, just my usual reading and computer stuff. They've turned our water off today to fix a water leak somewhere. They haven't got to the leak in our window as of yet and if they don't get to it today then we'll probably have it leaking again this weekend when it rains. It's partly cloudy today with a high expected of 75, right now we're at about 50 which is our low.


Sandra, I'm sorry you're so sick and hope you get to feeling better soon. Two plus weeks is  along time to be suffering. Sorry too that your shoulder is bothering you though I'm glad your knee pain has eased up. Thanks for the hug. Love, serenity, and healing energy to you.


Brenda, great to see you here.


Val, I love dangling earrings but I can understand why you don't care for them much. I don't have to worry about them catching on a scarf. I've never even used a scarf! I hope you sell the second pair as quickly as you sold the first. I'm going to let the cat out of the bag and say I'm glad you were able to do something with those beads and charms. I'm so happy and thrilled that you liked it. On another note, the slipper socks went out yesterday by UPS so you should expect them soon. Love the hearts.


Pat, missed you.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

Hugs to each of you....

5 years ago

Hello to everyone.  Been having a rough few days.  Don't really mean to complain, just letting you know that the fibro has been really bad the last few day.  Just doin't understand how this disease works??  Sleeping a lot cause the pain is so bad, I was hardly moving at all.  Today I feel much better but the head pain is still there but in the back ground if that makes sense.

Val - those are pretty earring!  Wish I could learn how to show you mine.  Haven't figured that out yet but one day I will!  LOL!  It's no wonder they sold quickly!  Love ths soaps too!  I am also happy you have your heat on.  Heat is so important!!  duh..... What a sumb thing to type huh?  LOL!!

Darla - thanks for missing me.  I missed being here too.  This place is like my family so it's like coming back home when I am gone!  Hope you get that leak fixed soon.  What a pain in the butt that can be!

Brenda - Saying a prayer that your blood test comes back good and that your kidneys are well.  Obviously it doesn't effect your hangman game playing - lol!  Just get better, ok?

Sandra - the angel of the group!  Thank you for sending out all the hugs, healing energy, serenity, and love!  I wish you all this and more.  I swear you are sweeter than sugar!!  Speaking of sugar, I just read in a magazine the other day that a little bit of chocolate is better for a cough that cough syrup. (MY kind or article!!  LOL).  I think it was in Prevention magazine but don't quote me on that one.  Hope you are feeling better soon!

I am going to see if I can catch up on some of the work I didn't do the last few day.  Plus we are in a blizzard warning riht now.  Something about a Colorado low (thanks Val!, just kidding LOL!)  Blowing snow, last night we had ice pellets, and the roads in the city are covered with black ice.  Very dangerous right now.  Winds are gusting up to 70 km (you guys convert).  The temp right now is 10F (-12C) or -6F (-21C) with the windchill.  North wind too.  Go figure.  It sure is cold!  I am going to cancell my appointment (again) with autopac.  This will be the third time, oh well.  Better safe than sorry.

Will be wathing some movies this afternoon with G and then make homemade pizza for supper.  So far that's the plan for the day.  What's the saying??....If the good Lord willing and the creek don't rise??  lol

Wishing everyone a good day!  Catch you all tomorrow!!


5 years ago

Val like the soaps, they look good! Looking forward to the next Hangman game!

Darla how long was the water off for? Hope that leak of yours gets fixed before the rain comes.

Pat missed you, glad your back. No results of the blood test yet, it will be next week before I find out now. Thanks for the prayer. Don't like the sound of your weather, don't go out unless you really have to and then take care!

Hugs to everybody, see you tomorrow.

5 years ago

  for the love, serenity , & healing energy sent my way!


Brenda, for the double dose & the hugs!


Val, I love the heart soaps - they are so pretty!


Pat, now I feel better about all the chocolate I've been eating lately!  I'm sorry to hear about your pain & am glad it's better now!


Darla, I hope the water leaks get fixed soon!


Vallee, Patricia, Brenda, Darla, Wula & Ella!


Love, serenity , & healing energy to each of you!

5 years ago

Good morning to everyone!!

Again last night was rough but I gave in and took a couple ot T3s.  this morning is not too bad. Only have the usual headache.  Hope it doesn't get too bad.  I promised my son I would help him with his English assignment and in order to do that I have to read the book he is reading by the end of today.  Serves me right for putting it off.  The book is Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.  I used to read a lot by him when I was younger but somehow I didn't read this one.

Well, we are in the middle of this lousy blizzard.  The temp right now is -24F with the wind and it is still blowing snow & snowing.  Dangerous conditions still.  Good thing we have no plans to head out.  Better cut down on my milk consumption though!  lol

Last night G ordered in pizza for us for dinner since I was pretty sick.  Since I took some meds I was able to watch a move - The Prestige - with him and my son.  Great movie!  I am also glad I was able to get a lot of work done before I felt really bad.  Today is another day!!

Wising everyone a wonderful day!!


5 years ago

LOL!!!!!!  That was WISHING everyone a wonderful day!


5 years ago

Just lost that post and as always in a rush -

Anyway - Pat = pray you are feeling better - sorry you have been so under the weather - and speaking of weather - at 9 AM we are at 10 F (-12 C) and was colder this morning when I walked the dog but no blowing snow -

Darla - thanks for the beads - wanted you to be the one who said something - hope you get that leak fixed.

Sandra - please be careful - my daughter is sick and my therapist is in the hospital due to getting 2 different virus' and they hav no idea when whe will go home -

Brenda - hope everything came back fine with your labs -

Glad everyone likes the soaps - pray they sell.


This post was modified from its original form on 12 Jan, 8:10
5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. They never did come fix our leak so Ray put som esilicone along the crack in the plaster of the windowsill. I just hope it holds. Ray's off this mornin ghelping some friends of ours move some furniture. I've just been reading and now I'm on the computer. We're supposed to have rain today but it hasn't hit yet. Our temp is at about 70 Fwith a high expected of 76 F. Sorry I don't know what that is in C. I've been having some back pain so haven't been able to ride our recumbant, stationary bike. I usually try to get some exercise at least 3-4 times a week and th ebike is the only way I can in the winter. In the summer {as soon as th ewater is warm enough which is late April/early May} I walk in th epool for exercise and do some exercises that I can't do "on land".


Pat, I'm so sorry you're having such a rough time, words just aren't enough to tell you that I feel for you. I'm glad the T3s helped you. Sleep definitely helps you escape the pain. I remember sleeping alot before I got my pain pump implanted. A hot shower {as hot as you can stand it} may gave you some relief as well. Wow, your weather sounds horrible. Stay in if you can and as warm as possible. I find cold weather makes my pain worse. It sure is great of you to help your son with his English assignment. I remember helping my son with his. He is really smart but absolutely hated English b'cuz he didn't like writing papers. Hope you get the book read and the assignment goes well. It was nice of G to order pizza so you wouldn't have to cook. Ray does all our cooking. Sure hope you're feeling better soon. Know that you can complain all you want as your friends will listen. Thinking about you, keeping you in my prayers, and sending healing energy your way.


Brenda, our water was off from about 9:00 am to about 3:00 pm. Sorry you didn't get your blood test results. I know the wait is frustrating.


Sandra, hope you're feeling better. Love, serenity, and healing energy being sent to you.


Val, you're welcome for the beads. I wondered why you didn't just say they were from me. I'm so glad you liked them and can use them. It made my day to know how excited you were to receive them. Wow, you have some cold weather too. I almost feel guilty having such a warm day here. Well, tomorrow the low is supposed to go down to 32 and stay below freezing the next 3-4 days. Not as cold as the temps you and Pat have but darn cold for us especially after having temps in th e70's right before.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

Hugs to each of you....

5 years ago

Val, forgot to say that I really like your picture today.


5 years ago

Darla - You made me laugh this morning when you said the weather there was 70F and you were waiting for it to warm up!  LOL!!  That is our warm weather!!  Thanks for the advise about the shower.  Might try it but if I stay in the shower/tub too long I tend to get itchy.  The t3s only help for a small amount of time but it's better than nothing.  Also they cause constipation which is terrible for my stomach hernias.  There just is no win-win situation here.  I just take it one day at a time and have learned to laugh in spite of it all!  Being in pain constantly does wear me down though I must admit.  Moving on.............

Val - You seem to be into cat pics lately huh?  lol Pretty cool pic of the sunrise!  Lord only knows that is not my time of time to shine, if you know what I mean!  LOL!

Sandra - You haven't been saying much about yourself these days?  Are you doing well?  Hope things are going ok.  You have not mentioned much about your roommate lateley either.  Pray things are going your way.

Brenda - If you think the sound of the weather here is bad you should try BEING here.  The snow is up to our knees and it is cold!  Picked up the eldest from work yesterday, no biggy.  He workds at Safeway and I needed to pick up a few things anyways.  So I took my other son with me and dropped them both off at the eldest sons place.  I really hate the cold.  I have a hard time trying to keep warm.

Suppose I should start doing some work today since I was pretty slack yesterday.  lol!  Take care my friends!  Will talk to you tomorrow!!


5 years ago

Still working on my sites - yuck - have a sale going on but only domestic - sorry guys -

Darla - hope the silicone works - I use it often and reminds me of some projects I need to do - can't wait to finish this one for Etsy - glad you don't mind that I didn't mention at first the beads were from you - I am ecstatic!   Sent you an e-mail with some questions - we were 4 F (-15 C).  Glad you liked the photo - I thought it was cute -

Pat - hope you are feeling better - we are cold but could you send some snow please!!!!

Sandra - hope you are doing OK -

I'll try and be around the next few days - need to finish this project!

Hello to those that haven't been around lately!


5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Will have to water and wrap my plants today as we're supposed to get down to 31 later today and have our low temps below freezing for the next 3 days. No snow though. We didn't even get the rain we were scheduled for. Of course, the highs on those days will be in the 50's. Not much going on here today, will try to clean the bathroom later today though my back has been hurting so don't know if I can do it. I could barely move this morning when I woke up.


Pat, glad I gave you something to laugh about! Our temps go up to the 100's in the summer. I can't imagine a summer that wasn't that hot. You're welcome about the shower idea. I'm sorry you get itchy if you stay in the shower or bath too long. Does putting lotion on afterwards help? Yes, constipation is a problem when you take pain killers. I deal with it too and take Milk of Magnesia daily {or whenever I remember} b'cuz without my pain killers I'm absolutely miserable with a pain score of a 10 out of 10. I admire you completely for being able to manage like you do. Being able to take each day as it comes and have a positive attitude is commendable.


Val, well since it hasn't rained we don't know if the silicone worked or not. No, I don't mind that you didn't mention that I gave you the beads and stuff at first. I'm just so thrilled that you liked it so much. I answered your questions to the best of my ability in your e-mail. Wow, are y'all cold. Can't believe you want snow too. Love your necklace.


Brenda and Sandra, miss ya'll.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.

Hugs to each of you....

5 years ago

Pat, what did you think of Fahrenheit 451?  I'm sorry about your pain & am sending you extra healing energy! 


My roommate has been away for 4 days now & the owner put an eviction notice on her door 3 days ago.  He's shown the room 2-3x, I don't know why because her stuff is all there & he says it will be at least 2 weeks before he can actually evict her.


Vallee, great pics!  Crossing my fingers that you make lots of sales!


I'm feeling a bit better, not as congested or coughing as much.  I have an appt. w/ the doctor on Tues. because I will have had the cough for 3 weeks by then.  It has been really cold here & this is the second Sunday I haven't gone to Mugs coffee shop or Pizza Casbah for my pineapple pizza .


Darla, for the L, S, & HE!  I hope the silicone worked on the windows & wrapping your plants went ok.  Good for you for exercising on the recumbent bike!  I haven't been very good about doing my exercises & now I'm payng for it w/ my shoulder pain, because when the chiropractor puts my bones in place, my muscles aren't strong enough to keep the bones in place,  So I'm doing 25 reps of all my exercises, which only takes me 15-20 min.


Brenda, I miss you & hope everything is okay!


Vallee, Patricia, Brenda, Darla, Wula & Ella!


Love, serenity , & healing energy to each of you!



5 years ago

Hello everybody sorry I haven't been around, just too tired right now.will be back soon.

5 years ago

Good morning, all! Hope this finds y'all doing well and with things going great. Things are good here. Not much going on here. My plants are all watered and wrapped so they'll be safe from the freezing weather we're supposed to have. Right now it's 43 F on our front porch. We have a thermometer that has a wired probe that goes outside while the main part {that has the reading} stays inside. Pretty cool thermometer. We have a second one like it that Ray uses on his aquarium ~ the probe is in the water and the main part sits right next to the aquarium.


Pat, I've beenn thinking of you and your fibromyalgia and the reason why you don't like to take T3s. Has your doctor ever mentioned Lyrica? I take it for nerve pain but it is now approved for fibro as well and I believe it helps mine. You might want to talk to your doctor about it. Here's a link from WebMD about it:


Sandra, thanks for updating us on your roommate situation. Perhaps your landlord is simply trying to find someone to rent the room ahead of time. What I mean to say, is that he's showing it now for a proposed move-in date at a later time. {my memory problems and head injury sometimes make it hard for me to find the right words} We didn't get the rain we were supposed to get so I don't know if the silicone would've worked or not. As for the recumbent bike, I try to do it 3-4 times a week but there are times my back is hurting and I don't do it so don't praise me too much! I'm sorry you're having shoulder pain and that your muscles aren't strong enough to keep the adjustment. However, 15-20 minutes of exercise isn't that bad. When I do the bike I aim for 20-30 minutes. It's so much easier for me in the summer, I go to the pool almost everyday and walk for 30 minutes then do some exercises which takes about 10-15 minutes. Then I get comfortable in a chair and read for 30 minutes or so.


Brenda, sorry you're so tired. Hope to see you soon.


Val, miss you. Hope to see you soon.


Take care everyone and have a fantastic day.


5 years ago

Brenda - think tired is going around - want to finish this one project i m working on but woould rather sleep I think cold today -

yes - I want rain/snow - Wednesday should be in the 50's here and will need to water or the trees will die - especially the new ones - they need water all year long - and we only got a dusting of snow last night - is only 12 F right now at 9:30 AM - (-11C) but should warm up next several days -

Darla - glad you like the necklace - want to make more things - but have this project - yes you answered my questions - thanks.

Sandra - glad you are feeling a bit better - he is probaby showing the room since they often have to give notice before moving out of wherever they are -

Pat - if I don't put lotion on after I shower or take a bath I am miserable - I also have to take Zyrtec to keep the itching down - and I use tht moisturizing liquid soap to shower.  

having trouble keeping up with all so hope didn't miss anyone or anything here -


5 years ago

Sandra - Funny you should ask about the book.  I am on page 2!  LMAO!!!!  Must read it real soon as he is finish classes in 2 weeks.Thanks for sending healing energy.  Sending some right back at you.  Hope you will be feeling better soon!  Hate to think of you missing those pieces of pizza!  lol

Darla - I only take things day by day because that's the only way I can take them.  Laughter is the key!  Positive thinking has helped me tremendously.  Sometimes I do give in and cry a bit but that only makes things worse by giving me a headache. Then I get angry with myself for doing that.  So, only way to be is positive.  I always look at it this way - there is a lot of people out there that has it a lot worse off that I do so I have no real reason to complain.  My motto.  Also, there is ALWAYS something to laugh at!

Brenda - Hello to you too and wishing you well.  Get some sleep and come back to us soon!

Val - Lovely necklace.  Hope you can get all the work done on your site today.  Ya I know it's an on going work in progress.  Remember to take time out for yourself!!

Well, I want to try and get a few things done today before II start to feel like crap so I better get going.  Hope everyone feels better/good.  Catch you all later!  Hugz to all!


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