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~ February 2013 Grateful thread ~
3 years ago
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Vallee, I'm sending lots of healing energy to Julie!


Today I am grateful for ...


~ Patricia & Vallee listing their gratitude for the last few days when I didn't list any

~ my raincoat(which helps keep me warm even when it's Not raining!)

~ my coat w/ all its pockets (that my friend gave me)

~ gloves that keep my hands warm

~ a scarf to keep my head warm

~ coughing less, sudafed & mucas reducer

~ naps that help restore my energy

~ tv & cable, & my eyes & ears which enable me to enjoy them

~ coupons that enable me to save $

~ Subway, & my feet which carried me there

~ the Oprah magazines I am re-reading before passing them on

~ love & laughter


(If the above sounds familiar, that's because I posted it on 1/15, but they all still apply!)


Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter
everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe
that change forever how we experience life and the world.
- John Milton

3 years ago

Grateful that my daughter wasn't hurt worse - but she has to take another day off without pay - I worry aboaut her - she already is in chronic pain despite surgery on her right shoulder and arm -over a year ago.

3 years ago

I am grateful ~


for my husband who loves me and surprised me with a little gift. 


that my pain is under control.


for the friends I've made here and elsewhere on Care2.

3 years ago

I am grateful for my wonderful family & Leo - our cat,

I am grateful for my health & that of my children,

I am grateful for all my friends,

I am grateful for my home & garden,

I am grateful for my work & my colleagues,

I am grateful for all the music & laughter in my life,

I am grateful for all the tears & sorrow that help me grow,

I am grateful for learning to count all my blessings,

I am grateful, oh so very grateful for so very many things!...

3 years ago

Graca, so much for being here & listing what you are grateful for today!  I hope to see more of your comments!   


Darla, it's great to see you on this thread! 


Today I am grateful for ...


~ 40 min of overtime at work

~ the Tom Cruise movie I am watching called "The Knight & the Lady" (very action-packed)

~ the sun was shining today, so it was warmer even though the wind was blowing

~ the landlord told my roommate she has until 12pm tomorrow when he will move all of her things onto the lawn (which she agreed to), & she is staying at a hotel tonight, which makes it alot less tense here in the apt.

~ love & laughter


My only reason for not experiencing bliss at this very moment
is thinking about what I don't have.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

3 years ago

Grateful Graca is here with us -

that the sun is out -

3 years ago

Today I am thankful for.................

- another day here

- being able to read

- pizza night last night thanks to G (and Dominoes, of course!  lol)

- my long warm coat

- friends

- warm water for my shower!!

- being overweight - that actually means I have enought, actually MORE than enought to eat, now I feel guilty....

- my friends


3 years ago

Don't ever feel guilty that you have enought or more than enough to eat Pat - it is not your fault that some don't - we are blessed to have food and that is why I am grateful for it and try and eat well and always give thanks for it - I remember a time I was student teaching and only had an apple to eat for my lunches - with a PT job only, a child, divorced and student teaching where you don't get paid - couldn't afford any more -

I am grateful that you have plenty of food.

3 years ago

Pat, I'm with Val, don't feel guilty for having enough or more than enough to eat.


I'm thankful for

*my husband {yes, I'm repeating myself but Ray's the biggest part of my life}

*my children

*my animal companions {5 cats and a bearded dragon}

*my friends {yes, again I'm repeating myself but I'm really grateful for all my friends} 

3 years ago

Darla, at least you're only repeating yourself, not just copying & pasting a previous post like I did! 


Vallee, I am grateful that you made it thru that challenging time & are not in it anymore!


Patricia, I agree w/ Vallee - please don't feel guilty about having enough to eat!  You don't have that challenge, but you have other challenges.  I believe that it all balances out in the end, because We R ONE. 


Today I am grateful for ...


~ talking to Vallee on the phone 

~ the roommate being out of the apt.(though she still has alot of stuff out on the lawn)

~ the nice day & the 2 mile walk to & from the following:

~ Pizza Casbah 2-for-1 slices

~ the computer at Mugs coffee shop


3 years ago

Today I am thankful for............

- my family

- friends that care (although if you really think about it, are friends that don't care really friends at all)

- the book I am reading on my Kobo - So You're Afraid of Death (will keep you posted)

- feeling better mentally but not physically - (wish they could match up sometimes!)

- vitamin water because the lemonade one tastes sooo good

- having done 5 loads of laundry yesterday so I feel good about myself!

- today!


3 years ago

Today I am thankful for ...


~ Patricia feeling better mentally & getting 5 loads of laundry done!

~ that even tho I dropped my bus pass 3 times today (because I was wearing gloves), I realized I had dropped it & found it on the ground.  From now on, I'll pull my glove off before I take it out.

~ I got the last 2 pairs of insulated gloves at the $1 store

~ the sun coming out this afternoon & it being 51 degrees today

~ my computer


Forgiving others is a gift to yourself,
given not because the other deserves pardon,
but because you deserve the serenity and joy
that comes from releasing resentment and anger,
and from embracing universal forgiveness.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie


Letting Go of Emotional Attachment"You ARE God, an aspect and embodiment of God and offering the unique reflection and aspect of God that no one else can."
- Hemal Radia

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3 years ago

Beautiful Sandra- thanks for sharing -

Grateful for everyone here - my friends and that the chiro helped some yesterday - have to wake hubby now!

3 years ago

Today I am grateful for..................

- talking with my friend everyday

- being able to take it easy when I need to even though I don't

- friends

- finally getting the upstairs vacuumed!

- back scratchers - for those hard to reach places  

- vitamins (still wonder if they are doing any good but I take them anyways)

- the internet - so much info can be found!!!!!!!!!!             


3 years ago

Today I am grateful for....

* Ray winning some money in a football squares game ~ I was able to get some much needed sneakers

* this group and the friends I've made here ~ I've gotten so much off my chest and y'all listen

* feeling good emotionally, mentally, and physically ~ it's a challenge somedays

3 years ago

Today I'm grateful for ...


~ Vallee, who is a fantastic friend & co-host!

~ every member of this group, especially those who post!

~ Darla getting alot off her chest & feeling good!

~ Patricia taking vitamins, because I know for a fact that they do help!  (Scientists have proven that anything will help more if we believe it helps!)

~ I found the black glove I thought I lost!  (And the new gloves I bought are pink...)  I had put it in the wrong pocket! 

~ getting most of my recycling taken in

~ lunch w/ Linda

~ Subway

~ the chocolate cake I got for half-price (it's a good thing I gave slices to 2 Subway employees)

~ getting a $25 check from the Federal Trade Comission vs .Google Money Tree Settlement Fund for something I bought but never got.


He who can give thanks for little
will always find he has enough.
- Anonymous

3 years ago

Today I am thankful for................

- the quote that Sandra left above

- that the fall I had last night could have been worse but wasn't

- that I don't bruise (hardly at all)

- having my son over for dinner

- getting new ink for our printer

- cheesy garlic bread (no wonder I have put on weight!!  LOL)

- strawberry milk

- hugs


3 years ago

Grateful for the phone and being able to talk to my daughter.

3 years ago

Grateful for the peppermint mocha creamer for my coffee that Ray found at the back of the creamers {they're a holiday item and stop in December}!

3 years ago

Today I'm grateful for ...


~ Wula stopping by!

~ Pat only being bruised from her fall!

~ Pat having such a wonderful sense of humor! 

~ Darla's new shoes

~ Vallee talking to her daughter

~ Marie coming by

~ the nice weather


If you want to feel rich,
just count all of the things you have that money can't buy.
- Anonymous

3 years ago

Am grateful that my daughter is a bit better and starting to get some things done due to the divorce and the car accident.

3 years ago

Today I am thankful for......

- this site (my second home)

- taking today to be lazy (?)

- warmer weather

- my heavy green socks

3 years ago

Today I am grateful for ...


~ my friends here!!

~ sleep

~ books

~ learning

~ love  & laughter

~my self


You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe,
deserves your love and affection.
- The Buddha


3 years ago

Today I am thankful for...........

- G volunteering this morning (which gives me quiet time) lol

- talking to my friend on the phone

- catching up with my housework

- learning to live with dust (I think it likes me) lol!

- feeling better today


3 years ago

Grateful Pat is feeling better

That dust likes her - haha (told you that you are funny

that my daughter seems to be a bit better - need to call her

3 years ago

Grateful that neither I nor my daughter have fallen apart but boy was i mad at her ex last night - see drop in thread.

3 years ago

Today I am thankful for...............

- finally making it here to do my post (it is 7:14 p.m.)

- date night with G, Chinese food

- the flea market (obviously an indoor one) we went to

- the set of Dungeons & Dragons dice I bought for my sone for $1.00

- getting more work done today

3 years ago


Hello my friends. I am grateful because it is the year of the Snake lol starting tomorrow, the 10 wherever you live. 

--  I am grateful to have a friend who phoned me today to go to China Town

--  I am grateful to have a place to stay

--  I am grateful to have you all at Care2, this group especially.


3 years ago

Marie, it's great to see you!  I hope you enjoyed China Town & that everything is going well for you! 


Vallee, sending you & Julie positive energy! 


Patricia, I'm so glad you were able to post today & hope you are feeling better! 


Today I am grateful for ...


~ my Al-Anon meeting this morning

~ lunch w/ my friend Jodie

~ work was busy so time went quickly

~ feeling better

~ love & laughter

3 years ago

Today I am thankful for ..........

- good friends

- good food

- feeling better - still stiff but what the heck huh...

- Sandra feeling better

- Marie being here

- being able to help my son out (did his laundry for him without him having to ask - I offered)

- my pumpkin muffins -yummy!!!

3 years ago

Marie - love the image - am grateful for that and your presence here -

Grateful - that I am taking a break today - went back to sleep 2x this morning - 3rd time in 3 years I have done that after 5 AM.   Still tired but time to walk the dog.

Grateful for my friends here -

Grateful that I realize that I really do need to get rest - Brenda - you should appreciate that one.

3 years ago

Today I am thankful to Val, Sandra & the Group for the warm welcome.

I am grateful for Val`s fantastic puzzles

For my mum & sisters phone calls all the way from Home

For the unwavering support of my good friend Gail

For feeling  more positive after a difficult week

For being given this space to count my Blessings

and for my favourite confort food- toasted cinnamon baguels with butter

3 years ago

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