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The Chair Rule
13 years ago

If you're wondering how to make more things go your way, the secret is in the chair upon which you are sitting right now.

It starts like this:  When you walked into the room, you simply sat down in your chair, right?

You didn't think about it.  You didn't stand in the doorway, pondering about whether or not this was a good chair for you.  You didn't go over and test it to make sure it would support your weight.

You just walked over and sat down.  No worries.  No hesitation.  In fact, you probably don't even remember doing it.  It was as natural as your breathing is right now.  It just happened without any resistance at all.

You probably didn't even expect the chair to support you.   You just KNEW it would.  That's why you didn't think about it.  All your life, you've been sitting in chairs.  And all your life, they've been doing what yours is doing right now.  To you, chairs are reliable.  You can count on them to do what you know they were designed to do.

This is also true of the universal laws.  But because
we don't learn about them as we grow up,  we have to think about them and test them.  We have our doubts.  They don't fit the chair rule, which is: Whatever you don't resist, exists!

But the chair rule can also be called *The Miracle Rule,* since knowing it allows what most people call *miracles* or *coincidences* to show up.    And once you know it from your innermost gut instinct, the way you do sitting in a chair, it will work for you in wonderful ways.

In my book, *Something Wonderful is About to
Happen,* I tell the story of Dexter, a man who used
the chair rule to travel from Los Angeles to Spokane, Washington without a single dollar or a place to stay.

Before Dexter started out, he said, *A rich woman
will give me a ride, and I'll stay with her.*

*I experienced it as a pleasant fantasy,* he said.
*I just knew it would come true.*

And it did.  He set out on the road.  Car after car
passed him by.  He didn't worry about it, doubting,
*What if I don't get a ride?* or *What if someone
picks me up who isn't rich?*  Or, *Should I make
contingency plans?*

Instead, his knowing said, *I just knew that all was
well and that the cars that passed me by SHOULD
pass me by.  That was the only way I'd be there for
the one who was supposed to give me the
experience that had flashed into my mind.*

And sure enough, a short while later, a large
midnight-blue Buick pulled over and offered
Dexter a ride.  A beautiful woman was driving.
There were two others in the car, and the four
of them struck up a lively conversation.

After three hours, everyone was relaxed and
comfortable.  That's when the woman turned to
Dexter and asked if he'd like to stay at her
vacation home on the coast before continuing
his journey. Dexter stayed for three days
before moving on.

If you'd like to practice the chair rule, try this:
1) Decide what you want, as long as your desire
to receive it is not entirely selfish.  Ask yourself,
*Will anyone else benefit from this?*

2) Remind yourself that thought mixed with
feeling influences the subatomic movement of
particles in the quantum field.  In other words,
what you desire exists, and will appear soon.

3) Affirm your assurance out loud.  If no one
is around, say it anyway so you can hear it
*from the horse's mouth.*

4) Relax and expect the best, knowing
(not believing, thinking or wondering) that
it is coming towards you right now.

If doubts arise, remember the chair rule:
Whatever you don't resist, exists.  Or,
to say it in Fullistic(TM) terms:  Take a
load off your mind, and new forms of
energy will appear in your life!

Thanks Sandra
13 years ago
It is the best way I have ever heard the Hamlet theory stated...and at a time I really needed to read it. 
Terrific !
13 years ago

Thankyou soooo much for posting this !!

I'm in the middle of reading the book 'Excuse me your life is waiting ' by Lynn Grabbhorn - and this article just explains perfectly how one can manifest ones dreams !!!


13 years ago
Thankyou, this was great!! It made great sense.
Much Appreciated!
13 years ago

I am so thankful for this post! I find myself in a challenging new situation that I've obviously created for a reason. Working in an outdoor camp, being in situations I am not really comfortable with. During the experiences I find myself feeling nervous and timid but now as I think confidently that I am creating my reality there is some relief.

My question is how do I sustain this comfortableness within the element or situation which is challenging. To give more detail I am quiete and being around alot of people makes me nervous. With 16 camp co-workers I've found it very difficult to open-up or relate with anyone and feel very self-conscious of my silence....

I would really like to be comfortable with myself and around them.

Persisit not resist is what comes to mind. Any other feedback?

Thanks for reading. Blessings & Love,


Thankyou everyone for your responses!
13 years ago


I am also quiet and I fade into the background if I am around more than 1 person.  What I try to do in a group is find something I can complement someone on, and/or ask them a question about something and then tell them what I think.

I hope this helps, and bravo for you for trusting yourself enough to put yourself in that situation at camp!

Peace & Love,


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