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4 years ago

Hi, Karlyn. to the group. Thanks for joining us!

Hello from Riverside
4 years ago

Hi! I was happy to find this group today and just joined. As the subject eludes; I'm from Riverside California and reside here with my husband and two grown kids (18 & 21). I teach computer workshops and enjoy computer design (websites, logos, etc..) work at home. - for more about me.

I look forward to sharing and learning with this group of socal greenies.
Thanks! ~ Karlyn

7 years ago

Happy Earth Day!


And in honour of the day, I'm about to turn off the computer & go out to buy some herbs to start a herb garden on the balcony of my new apartment!

Happy Earth Day to my SoCal Green Friends from Mendoland!
7 years ago

all this lies in a most amazing green
arc through constant trees
pulse the myriad heart great heart
beat of trees & river sun rain far
distant wind deer bear woman man light
& vines orchid heron shrew owls dogs &
red red roots of dark madrone moonlight rocks
a great heart great burst great heart burst
heart birth of light song & green green

-Mary Norbert Korte, from "Prothalamion"
Mendocino County Poet

7 years ago

Hi, Mongi! to the group - nice to see we're attracting members from so far afield. I'm sure we'll have many green ideas to share with one another though.

7 years ago

Hi Linda and Larry,

am new to the group and like what it is about. Hit upon you surfing Care2...Share as it says in the introduction, has a positive effect on the psyche, as it´s an exchange between people, a positive effect on the psyche like on a flower that´s just been sprinkled with water...

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7 years ago

Thanks, Linda! To be able to plant more than 230 trees has been to us such a priviledge! We lived in the city suburbs for 16 years in the same neighborhood, and watched tree after tree after tree be chopped down, and it was so heartbreaking! We felt so helpless! So when we moved here, we just had such a drive to tap into the power of our little 160 by 300 foot piece of earth and make up for all the loss! It has been such a priviledge!

I go out there everyday and work on it some more. Im heat intolerant so I can only go out late in the day unless its very cool.) it has been incredible watching the trees grow. My oldest son, our best expert, chose many of the non-fruiting trees for their ability to grow fast, and some of them grew 20 feet in a year and a half. In 4 years its like a forest! Yes, it really does look good. It is a feast to the eyes and spirit after 16 years renting in the city.

Our landlord at the old place hated things that grow. He kept saying to cut this or that down, or cut it back. Sometimes he would send his gardeners early in the morning and wed wake up to the sound of chainsaws cutting trees and hedges. He chopped down the kids favorite climbing tree. And when he saw our herbs, he said, "I want you to pull all these weeds!" My oldest son works at a restaurant in the area and once served our old landlord (who did not recognize him. I told him, "Next time, dont put any herbs or spices in his food because he woudlnt want to find himself eating "weeds" now, would he?"

Yeah, its great to have a clothesline. SoCal is so dry, it only takes an hour to dry clothes most days. My husband wants to buy a dryer, but I want to leave things as they are. I grew up with clotheslines and love them. I love coming back from my work among the trees and see my clothes flapping in the breeze! Its like old times again!

Hi Marie!
7 years ago

and thanks for joining us here! Wow - 230 trees! That's pretty impressive, and I imagine quite an impressive sight. It sounds like we can learn a lot from you too.

"hang our clothing on a clothesline to dry" - that's one of my pet peeves. We live in Southern California, for crying out loud! Who needs a drier?! I've lived in apartments since I got here, & not always with a balcony - I just hang my clothes on a folding rack & they're dry in no time.

My introduction: Growing food organically on one acre...
7 years ago

Hi! My name's Marie. I grew up in the jungle, returning to the US, my birthplace & citizenship for college and stayed ever since. Trees were so plentiful where I grew up it took me awhile to realize how important they are.

Over the years I grew more and more horrified at the ugly western practice of chopping down tree after tree, to lay endless miles of concrete and aspalt in its place. I am also repulsed by a society to enthralled with material goods that they can't appreciate LIFE anymore.

Finally got my dream-come-true when we were able to buy a house on one acre in a country area, in the San Jacinto Valley, next to miles of wheatfields.

Our new acre was almost all bare ground, but when we moved here I had my teens and twenties kids to help plant trees. We had already been experimenting with growing things and read tons of books on gardening and orcharding organically so we knew what to do.

Our first order of business was to plant trees. We planted over 230 trees in 3 years, doing all the work by hand ourselves. It was a wonderful experience after seeing so many trees chopped down in the city suburbs! We planted cottonwoods, elms, willows, three kinds of pines, and 70 fruit trees.

Once the trees were established we planted grape vines, berries, herbs for culinary and medicinal use, native wildflowers to combat weeds without chemicals, and then built 100 feet by 10 feet of raised vegetable gardens. (I'm in a wheelchair so raised is important! I like to do all the outdoor work I can, myself.)

I LOVE the life I live here on our acre. An acre is very small in farm terms, but a luxury after the city and enough to feel like it's your own private park! I love listening to birds and crickets, watching for new growth, working with trees, growing wildflowers, and seeing 100 skies a day (the sky is always changing.)

We have an indefinite number of cats. We only bought one kitten- the rest came to us either adult or as kittens born to strays or stray's children. Yesterday one stray who walked into our lives 2 years ago gave birth beside me. Now she is nursing 3 kittens. Cats are needed here because there are a lot of rodents, which we don't like to kill, ourselves. (I will kill tiny plant pests like borers that can wipe out an orchard- with organic methods, but I hate killing, and feel much better about cats keeping down the rodent population.)

My family and I are committed to green living to any extent we possibly can. We recycle, have a solar water heater, ride bikes and walk wherever possible, hang our clothing on a clothesline to dry, garden with only organic, ecologically sound methods, compost, use herbal medecine, use CFL light bulbs, eat at home as naturally as possible, grow our own food, reuse materials that others throw away, and do anything that we can do to live green.

Our dream now is to go solar for all our power needs and dig a well. Right now, though, it's all we can do to keep the house in this crazy market with gouging lenders. Love to meet all of you and chat. I am so in love with the incredible earth and nature!

7 years ago

Guess I'll go next. This is an intro I did for another new group (which I like a lot also),
Earth College, started and hosted by Lyra

Lyra J.

I'll do a more relavant to SoCal Green bio/intro soon...I'm just lazy today...LOL

Hi from Mendoland, Redwood North Coast, Cali
You can see by my subject line that I identify pretty heavily with this place where I live, this bioregion, in what I call "Southern Ecotopia."

I'm glad to be a member of your group, as I've been a Earth Steward for a good part of my blessed adult life, and am lokking forward to connecting with other good, green folks who identify as Earth Stewards here.

I was introduced to the whole environmental movement in 1970, the year Earth Day was created (and the year my good friend and Ecopalooza creator, Ida in ON, Canada, was born), but it wasn't until years later that I got involved in green information networking, which is now pretty much what I do with my life (well, along with my father/grand dad responsibilities, my intentional community life, etc.,you know, the other things we do when off-line...LOL)

That green info networking I refer to is my work with the website that I created and Ida designed and helps me with, Ecopalooza Green Events Network. I also share a lot of green info of all kinds all over the web, and here at Care2 mainly via the News Network (Help! I may be addicted!) I also have two green-related groups here, Ecopalooza Green Events Network, and Ontario Canada / Northern California Green Events Network, neither of which I'm maintaining very well (that darn News Network...LOL). I actully have hopes that one day the Canada/No Cal group will become an actual physical organization to promote an exchange between green/eco folks from both bioregions, and even have annual eco-tours in both areas. I was fortunate in that I got to live in the Niagara Region of ON in 2003, and since then have maintained many if the connections I made then. I loved being a Canadian, if at least for a short time. Still a Canadian in my heart!

Well, I've rambled on far too long. Thanks for getting me to open up about me for a change. Peace, Larry (in Southern Ecotopia)

Note: The word Ecotopia refers to the word coined by Ernest Callenbach in his classic book "Ecotopia." Here's a synopsis of it at his website:

Ecotopia, a novel, portrays a future ecologically sustainable society established through the secession of Northern California, Oregon, and Washington. In Ecotopia Callenbach offers a detailed, practical vision of a human-scale, self-supporting future society. The book captures the imagination of readers yearning for alternatives to the accepted outlook of exponential growth and degradation of the natural and social environment. It is also a love story with a happy ending, and it has become an underground classic. Issued in mass-market paperback by Bantam, and used in college and high-school classrooms from Washington State to Florida, Ecotopia has sold almost a million copies. It has been translated into nine languages and is still influential in Germany, where it appeared just at the time the Green Party was being formed. A 30th-anniversary edition, with an Author’s Afterword, is being published through Heyday Books.

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7 years ago

OK, I'll go first.

I've been living in Pasadena now for three years, & didn't get around to setting up this group before, since I didn't know how long I'd end up being here. But now it looks like it'll be quite a few years yet before we head back to Europe, so, here we are...

I'm vegan, mostly organic (as much as I can be really, but some things it's still not possible to buy organic versions of), recycle as much as I can, also I don't drive (which makes the recycling a challenge!), and I'm trying to eat more raw food.

7 years ago
| Important stuff!

Hi folks! And welcome to our brand new group!

This is the outcome of an idea by my friend Larry from about two years ago (finally!). We realised it'd be great if there was a place where we could all share our resources & info on living green in SoCal. There are a couple of other smaller groups around (like The Los Angeles Healthy Living Alliance, but they seem pretty dead, & are fairly specialised). This is a group for pretty much anything and everything green, veggie, vegan, alternative...

Please, feel free to introduce yourselves here.