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MANDATORY National Animal Identification System PETITION
10 years ago

"These standards will apply to all animals ... regardless of their intended use as seedstock, commercial, pets or other personal uses." It's past time to wake up and fight the control juggernaut -- how well publicized has this 'program' been? How many people understand that this applies to 'pets or other personal uses'? How about reference to the 'national herd'? Does that not sound like the government owns the livestock/animals? This is not Soviet Russia, but the resemblance grows greater with each passing day! The Control Trap is springing shut -- and you'd be strongly advised to share this with everyone you know that has a cat or dog, or fish, bird, or pleasure horse, and so on -- because the days of carefree travel with any animals will soon be over, unless a nationwide OUTCRY is heard, and heard loudly and SOON! Write Letters to the Editors! Speak to everyone you can! Tell any club/group you belong to! Do Something and Do It NOW!!"

Why You Should Oppose the USDA's Mandatory Propert

This is very troubling to me. You might be interested in signing this petition and forwarding it to EVERYONE you know

More information
10 years ago

Perhaps you have heard that a National Animal Identification System, often referred to simply as NAIS, is planned. This system, as currently proposed, will affect most livestock animals: horses, cattle, goats, sheep, swine, poultry, bison, llamas, deer, elk, and alpacas, and some fish will also be included. Despite assertions to the contrary, this program, as currently planned, will be mandatory by January of 2009, for all those who keep even one of the livestock animal species included and take them off their property for *ANY REASON*

The program, as planned, has three major components: premises
identification, animal identification, and animal tracking. Premises identification, the first step in implementing NAIS, requires that all locations where animals are kept, whether for the purpose of breeding, exhibition, marketing, maintenance, or some other, are registered. This registration will require that several pieces of information about the location are given: the location's name; the name of the owner or of the person to be contacted; the street address, city, and zip code of the location; the appropriate phone number to call, if necessary; the type of operation; the date the location was registered; and the date the location closed or stopped working with animals, as well as the reason. All of this information will be kept in a database where government officials, particularly those working in animal health and public health departments, can access it. According to the current plan, this component will be mandatory in January of 2008.

The second part of NAIS is animal identification, which requires that each animal of an included livestock species, or, in the case of those animals that stay together for their entire lifespan, each group of animals, has a unique identification number. Although there are currently exemptions for animals that never leave their farm, and only certain livestock species are included in the program, the National Agricultural Law Center reports of it:

"The plan will eventually encompass ALL livestock and poultry in the United States." This portion of NAIS will also be required by January of 2008

The final step to implement NAIS is animal tracking. This step will require that animals' movements be reported at certain times, such as during a change of ownership, travel over state lines, and the commingling of animals that are owned by different people. The last, for example, might include visits to a veterinarian, stays at an animal hospital, participation in trail rides, and attendance at shows. Reports would include: the animals' or animal groups' identification number, the premises (or location) identification number, the date of the movement, and the type of movement (such as the slaughter of an animal at a slaughter house, or the movement of an animal into a feed lot). This final step will become mandatory, if all goes as planned, in January of 2009. Thus, by that date, the National Animal Identification System will be mandatory in all aspects.

10 years ago
What is Wrong with the NAIS?

The reason given for the establishment of the NAIS is the following:

"A national animal identification system is needed to help protect American animal agriculture from foreign or domestic disease threats. Finding potentially sick or exposed animals early in a disease outbreak is essential to containing or eradicating the disease quickly. The NAIS would allow for rapid tracing of animals in the event of an outbreak, helping to limit the scope and expense of the outbreak and allowing us to minimize impact on domestic and foreign markets. The NAIS will also be critical as USDA, States, and industry work to complete the disease eradication programs in which we have invested many years and millions of dollars. The NAIS may have merit for producers for other reasons as well, including providing additional marketing opportunities. The NAIS will also help uphold
the reputation of the United States as having healthy animals and
will promote continued confidence in American agricultural and animal products."

However, there are already systems in place that allow this, as the official NAIS website itself admits:

"Already, many species in U.S. animals industries can be identified through some sort of identifications system, but these systems are not consistent across the country. Tracing an animal's movements can therefore be a time-consuming endeavor during a disease investigation, especially if the animal has moved across State lines."

Despite the claim that "tracing an animal's movements can therefore be a time-consuming endeavor", the Western Organization of Resource Councils asserts that the existing programs are adequate to trace a diseased animal:

"The brucellosis vaccination and brand inspection programs are both existing, effective methods of traceback; the NAIS would only be an unnecessary, expensive burden on producers."

Therefore, there is little reason to think that the real reason for the NAIS is disease control. Rather, it would seem to benefit major producers, the "factory farmers," while giving small farmers major disadvantages. There appears to be little or no benefit to the consumer, but the costs of the program will, inevitably, be passed along to him through higher costs and possibly higher taxes as well.

Besides the costs, NAIS will infringe upon the freedom that has
hitherto been largely enjoyed by farmers. Although there have been regulations and required registrations, these have never been so invasive. The requirement that all premises and animals be registered with the government is essentially a license to own and raise stock.

In a nutshell, farmers will need the government's permission to own livestock, even if it NEVER enters the public food supply.

What You Can Do
More info
10 years ago

Found a few more websites with addition info on NAIS you might be interested in. 

This one is a short audio discussion by Derry Brownfield: (click the Audio related to this story link on that page for the discussion)

Boy, whats next? They are trying to control our raising animals, will humans be tagged next so they can follow our EXACT movements, know where, when and what we say and do?? the National ID card just the beginning of a much larger sinister plan to eventually link us all to a Global Positioning System? Will we be next to get a microchip implanted in our hand? 

National ID card

From tracking animals to tracking man

 You may not know this, but they are already trying to eliminate our right to treat our own health with 'natural' remedies. (if you take therapeutic dose vitamins or use herbs or any natural health treatment/remedy, just google Codex health threat to learn more)

 I don't know. i am not one to believe conspiracy theories, but it sure seems we're heading in George Orwell's 1984 direction. One World Government or New World Order doesn't sound so unbelievable anymore

Some Anti-NAIS yahoo groups you can join (some listed by state)
10 years ago

New Lists

General Lists

State/Area Lists (New Hampshire) (Washington State)


10 years ago

I signed the petition.
10 years ago
Thanks for posting all the informatiion and links.
Another way to fight NAIS
10 years ago
I got this off another forum:

"This is from my daughter, a Congressional Assistant in DC-
NAIS is NOT a federal law, it's a USDA ruling, therefore Congress can
NOT undo it. BUT- Congress IS in charge of all appropriations, so if
they vote to give $0,000,000.00 to NAIS there will be no money for
enforcement and it'll die. The BEST way to go about a protest is to
find your state congressman/woman who is the most ag-friendly. You
can look up on the internet each congressman's campaign contributor
and when you find the one backed by the individual livestock
growers- you've found the one you need.

DO NOT write letters fuming about personal rights and 'mark of the
Beast' stuff, even though that's exactly what we are all
feeling. Use words like 'redundant' ,since all auction houses, Vets,
and small business-farmers already keep plenty of records,
'appropriations' since that's what we want the USDA to get NONE of
for this rule, and 'fiscal responsibility' since this is
going to be a hugely expensive monster to enforce, and if your
congressman/woman of choice is also a conservative (of any
flavor) these 2 words mean the world to them.

If we go in with goats in our arms, eyes blazing and hay straggling
in our hair (even though that's how I personally always
look), we will NOT be taken seriously. If we are calm, but sincere
and firm in OUR money not being spent in such a debacle
of false national security there will be a much bigger chance of this
not coming to full fruition.

Hurricane Katrina roared onto land and sucked New Orleans and the
surrounding area off of the map and it was horrifying.
The Colorado River calmly and methodically ran it's course and carved
the Grand Canyon which is amazing."
10 years ago

Got this off another forum. Tell your congress 'person' you oppose NAIS, why, and tell them any or all of your concerns. Just enter your zip code, write your letter and send.

I'm writing thm my thoughts right now!

tag in ear now. Safe to remove it?
9 years ago

I recently acquired 2 new young goats. Would others recommend leaving the plastic tags that have numbers on them in their ears? They just "scream", we were meant for meat, as they were headed to the auction .... 


9 years ago

Any goats I have that had a tag at one poiint, I removed the tags. Don't know if i was supposed to...don't really care. I don't believe NAIS has been implemented here in my state yet anyway. If it were me, I would remove the tags but keep them just in case.