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11 years ago
| Blue Label

Many of you  have does who are pregnant, may have already started to deliver or will soon deliver. Feel free to post the new kids photos here. Try to edit the photos so they are a nice size, but not too large!!

If you don't know how to post images, read "How to insert images in your posts" thread (red pin)


I'll go first!!!
11 years ago

This photo is actually from the year 2000.  It was our herd's only 3 kid birth.  Unfortunately, we lost one of them at a week old (Bless her little heart) She was our =only= loss, too. The mother was one of our first 2 goats. Her name should have been: "Spoiled Rotten"!

Three Kids

11 years ago

this is my new lamancha doe we got two days ago. she was a bottle fed baby and LOVES attention! and giveing it!

11 years ago
its a pleather jacket, not leather lol so don't jump on me please? lol
11 years ago
I can't see any of the photos you have posted in any of the threads!! Are you trying to upload them from your Document files off your computer??? Have you read How to insert images in your posts thread?? I would love to see the can you upload them to an album and repost???
Canned, computer hunts
11 years ago
Folks, please watch CBS news this evening.  It is going to expose the Canned, Computer Hunts.  Not only are exotic animals being used, but goats are too.  We all must be heard if we want this kind of activity to stop.
11 years ago

The Virginia legislature has passed the first bill banning Internet hunting (HB 2273 and SB 1083), which awaits the Governor's signature, and similar bills are pending in Alabama (SB 302 and HB 557), California (SB 1028), Hawaii (SB 1424), Maine (LD 50), Michigan (HB 4465), New York (S 2822), Oregon (HB 2528, SB 389), Tennessee (HB 1268, SB 1505, and SB 1895), Texas (HB 391), and West Virginia (HB 2890).  The HSUS is pushing the introduction of bills in other states, too. So watch your state and write your state legislators to pass into law any Senate/House bill banning computer assisted remote canned hunting!

Come on everyone!! Baby pics....and webrings!!
11 years ago

By now some of you have had new additions to your herd!! We all LOVE babies!!! We are dying to see some new precious faces, so please feel free to post your new baby pics here! If unsure how to insert a photo/image read this thread

The easiest way is to put photos in your Care2 albums, open a post dialogue field ("reply to topic"), and drag/drop them in the window


Hope to see your newest kids!!


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love these pictures
11 years ago
The pictures are just wonderful. 
These are the girls seeing if Gracie Lu can come out and play
11 years ago
can gracie come out and play
Skippy & Bucky!!
8 years ago

Skippy was born 5/13/07 (Mother's day) not to us but given to us when mom rejected him first day.

SKIPPY!!  CUTIE!!Yes - Skippy is on the couch sleepin all twisted up!

Bucky was born 5/30/07 - stuck in momma with his head out only & did we ever have to pull!!  We tried to get a hoof out but he started having blood come from his nose so we pulled thinking he was a goner, he just swallowed some of his fluids we had to suck out & He's a miracle!  But after about a week mom rejected him - so 2 bottle babies for us!  Both doing great!!

Bucky!!Bucky!  Looks like a football player to me!!

8 years ago
Emily and boysThis is Emily and her boys.
Benny and Bailey
8 years ago

Bailey and little Ben

the new bobies
8 years ago
Emily is a rather over-weight pigmy goat and Bailey and Benny are Nigerian.
NEW KID 7-7-07! Woody!!
8 years ago

Our Spice gave birth to Woody 7-7-07!