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7 years ago
| Devotional, Temples etc

A temple-space for ISIS worship


This thread is hereby dedicated to the devotion of ISIS.


Prayer and praise
7 years ago
Dua Aset!

Queen of Heaven
Mother of God
Star of my Heart

I beseech you, Blessed Lady, to inspire my mind
And inform my words and deeds
With your most loving mercy,
That I may please you
By my loyal service In Love, In Truth & In Beauty
To thee I pledge my eternal devotion.
Forever my heart, soul, body and mind are yours.
Great and golden goddess Aset;
Hail to thee!, Praise to thee Aset! for all time, forever
ankh - key of connection

7 years ago



7 years ago

ISIS and Osiris (Aset and Ausar)

Oh Mighty ISIS, Thy love has shown us all what it means to love.  Neither birth nor death hold sway over Your desire.  Your divine decree that I must seek our truth, beauty and love, to reveal
Your royal majesties, is forever etched upon my thoughts.
Oh Mighty Queen, I kneel before Your Stellar presence, in all humility, to serve Your Creation, and honor Your Precious King.  May my duties strengthen my resolve to serve You, by my devotion to Love, Beauty, and Truth.
Em Hotep
Em Ma'at
Ankh - keys of life
7 years ago



Thy Son Guides my way, Oh Queen...


7 years ago

Blessed Queen Mother,

I ask humbly You for Your gracious blessings of good health during this coming weekend of devotion and revelry in honor of Your immense fertility.  I promise to sing out your names, and adorn Your sacred altars with beauty and abundance.


your faithful servant,


7 years ago



"The real voyage of discovery is not in seeking in landscapes but in having new eyes." - Marcel Proust


Blissings, Ani 

7 years ago

These are beautiful!