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7 years ago
| Devotional, Temples etc



This thread is hereby dedicated to the worship, devotion and attentions of Goddess DIANA.  Great Roman Diety of lunar wisdom and concentration.

All Devotions, Prayers, and Celebrations in Her honor are welcome here.

7 years ago

Oh Great Goddess Diana!

Thy self-sufficient ways are a boon to my spirit!  Thy truths are as efficient as Thine arrows are accurate!  Great Huntress of Truth and Sustenance!  Please visit my mind and conscience with Thy most merciful strengths!

Blessed art thou amongst the Divinely Female! 


7 years ago



Great and Wise Goddess Diana

Please accept my gratitude for Your immense generosity over this past year of my life.  Your wisdom and mercy are poignant and sublime.  The pains of healing and recognition of the fear-love connection are lessons I will honor for the rest of my days (and nights).

7 years ago


I am again humbled by thy attentions to my path of healing.  I will concentrate more on my body's needs, so that they do not interfere with my soul's.  I will seek out the healing substances and practices, please aid my search...

your humble child,

Parvati ~*~ Sidhe

7 years ago

Great Goddess

Thankyou for your attention and wisdom this past month.  My relationship with my husband has now come front and center for my attentions.  Your wisdom has helped me cope with much anger and stress, and I humbly thank you...

For more specific advice and wisdom concerning my marriage relationship, I will consult your sister, as you have requested.

Your humble child,


Parvati ~*~ Sidhe

7 years ago

This is great thank you~