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Lesson 4 Fonts and Font Viewers September 24, 2005 8:12 AM

If you already have a font viewer that you use, you don't have to follow the instructions for installing and setting up Fontloader. I included it in the lesson just in case you wanted to use it. We also recommend The Font Thing - you can find it here - and a tutorial on how to use it here - The default folder for fonts is C/Windows/Fonts. However, it's not a good idea to load all the fonts you want there because it bogs Windows down and slows down your computer. For some reason, Windows just doesn't like having 13,000 fonts stored there - go figure! (grins) FYI - If you find a font that you love and want to have access to all the time, then you should go ahead and save it to the C/Windows/Fonts folder. If you just want to be able to use the font for creating tags or stats, then store it in a folder you've made, or put it in a folder that is accessible by your font Viewer/Loader. That way it doesn't take up a lot of space on your hard drive. Another neat little trick is that PSP can use any font that is not installed. Open the font file you wish to use, by double clicking on the font icon or opening it if it's an attachment, and minimize it on your desktop. That font will now show up in PSP - in the font list in the 'Text' dialogue box. ________________________________________________________________________________ To save a font to your hard drive: If it is attached to an email, Click on the attachment (which usually looks like a paper clip). Click on Save Attachment(s). In the Save To area, click on Browse and go to C/Windows/Fonts (or wherever yours are stored). Make sure the font(s) that you want are highlighted in the top part of the box that you're working in. Click on Save. ________________________________________________________________________________ Now, on to the Fontloader info! Remember, this is just a font loader program, it doesn't have all the bells and whistles that The Font Thing does. The main difference between the two programs is that you can see a preview of the font in The Font Thing. I use this neat little freeware program called Fontloader. It is not a viewer - only a loader. You can find it at at the bottom of the page in the last paragraph. Click on the Fontloader link, then on the next page click on the Fontloader 110.exe link. Make sure you catch the part about the password, and you do have to make sure to include the exclamation mark. Important! This program requires the following installation password (it is case sensitive and does include the exclamation mark at the end): FreeStuffIsCool! Download it to your desktop and then open it. It installs itself and puts it's icon in the tray at the bottom right of your screen. The icon looks like a manila folder with an "A" on it. Now, go to My Documents. File New Folder Name it Fonts Double click on the new folder you just made and open it up. You want to make some specific subfolders for the types of fonts you're going to put here - for example, I have: Frilly (or Script) Oriental Dings AL Fonts 2 Peas Fonts I hope that gives you an idea? And you don't have to put all the new folders in there right now, you can put them in as you get the fonts. But you do need to put in at least one subfolder. So to make the folders for the types of fonts you're going to keep here, click on: File New Folder Name as needed ________________________________________________________________________________ Next, you need to tell Fontloader where to look for the fonts that you're going to store, so go down to the tray where the icon is - left click on it - choose: Settings Browse My Documents Fonts (the first new folder that you made - remember?) Click on OK Apply OK Now if you left click on the Fontloader icon you should see your subfolder(s). ________________________________________________________________________________ If you want to save a new font to Fontloader, you will browse to: My Documents Fonts And then the name of the subfolder that you want to put the new font in. Save.  [ send green star]
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