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Five things per day: Join me?
6 years ago

My husband and I are embarking on a new challenge. Every day we will find five things to get rid of. Even the tiniest things count, but not things that we would immediately replace ("Can we count beer?" asked my husband). So today, I have found three books so far. I'll let him fins the other two. I figure, after days, weeks, months, it must really all add up. Will you accept this challenge too?

6 years ago

I do something similar as I try to go through two cupboards or shelves or lockers each month and get rid of whatever I don't use or need there. Sometimes I don't find anything, but very often I do. Mostly I give it to a second hand shop unless it's so broken I just have to toss it - which I should have done long ago. But your idea of finding 5 things a day is great. Maybe I should try for a while. How's it going by the way? Have you managed to find something every day? How long do you plan to do this? 

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6 years ago

We have just sorted through an apartment, had a 2 hr craigslist sale of a living room filled with unnecessary items and donated the rest. We are in the process of doing the same for two homes that were in desperate need of "pruning". There are so many people, especially, the slowly becoming housebound elderly who need assistance in clearing out the clutter from their surroundings. It brightens their lives by lessening their burdens of constant dusting and sorting, allows room for a more spatial and focused display of their cherished items, and provides them with a well deserved fresh start to engage in more rewarding activities than household upkeep.

It is amazing how many items have been retained that have no sentimental value much less a usefulness.

6 years ago

This sounds really good - and a win-win for everyone and the planet.

I think a key thing also is to ensure that, once simplified, a home stays that way!  For me, the main thing about simplicity is consuming less - buying relatively little. 


When we don't bring anything into the house, there isn't anything needing to be cleared away - the home stays simplified, relaxing, and easy to clean and enjoy.

6 years ago

This year I reorganized 2 flats and summer house...lot`s of boxes to give away to those in need...and feel so tired...and happy



6 years ago

Good to hear from like minded people!!I am at the stage in life where I want more and more space and less and less stuff. I am fortunate to live in an area that has very good recycling. Also, several other places that can use things. For instance, or florist takes vases and small baskets for her business and gives back flowers. I despise plastic bags and water bottles!!!and finally, the rule for our house is , if the object has no current or future use or no emotional value, find it another home

6 years ago

My husband and I have been downsizing for several years. We started when it looked like I would be laid off and we knew we would have to sell our house and move somewhere cheaper to live. We started with photographs and books. I donated all the expensive foreign language art books I had to the state universtiy and general books to the local library which holds book sales every 3 or 4 months. We gave away a motor home and a truck (both 1978 but running). And that was just a beginning....but it did get rid of several tons (literally) of stuff. There is a Salvation Army clothes bin in the swap shop at our local landfill (dump) and every week we take at least one box of various items there. In the last few months we have given away 2 china closets, a coffee table, a vintage radio/record player, a filing cabinet, a chest of drawers, bookcase, and several chairs. The house is breathing easier now...and so are we.

Ongoing battle
6 years ago

We're still working on it . . . Today we took a load of "too late to save" to the dump and placed each item in its proper disposal unit - Metal, Wood, Paint. The metal will be sorted and reused. The wood will be mulched and composted. The paint cans are the terror of our times. We were happy to see that next to the dump a concrete recycling center was extracting rebar from the concrete to be melted down and recast. I love reuse, don't you? Tomorrow (which will be available in just six more hours) will be enjoyed with separating the garage sale from the Good Will and the Put it in its Proper Place items.

6 years ago

My wife and I just got rid of 50+ books, 1 dishwasher, 1 refrigerator, bag of old plastic Tupperware, old cloths, and many other articles that we no longer need.  So we have given away at least 80 items and more to come in the near future. 

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