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A Brazilian "Campolina" lovely Horse!
5 years ago

Thank you, dear K*i*n*d*l*e*, for this so warm invitation!

I live in Sao Paulo, in the southeast of Brazil, but...unfortunatelly,

here is a central city...I have great and honey memories from my infancy

in interior cities...where the grass & trees were my "living room" everydays!

I Have appreciated a lot all these postings!! Great friends, lovely horses!!


5 years ago


IMG_7488.jpg picture by John_Olexa


Peek-a-boo cat

Ok I know this is not a horse image, but this is one of the barn cats.I had just enough time to aim and fire off one frame, so It's not tack sharp but still pretty cool.

IMG_7494.jpg peek-a-boo cat picture by John_Olexa


5 years ago

All the horses here are beautiful, but for some reason I especially am drawn to Lillia, she looks so kind and regal.

Lillia & Bengie
5 years ago

This is my horse Lillia, she has helped my life in so many ways (read my page) and for that i owe her my life.

My horse

She is a 16.2Hh Gelderland mare and her love her to little mint balls. the next picture is of my rescue colt, Bengie...he was off to slaughter when i saw him and saved him. He is quite the little character and has just turned 1 year old.

Me & Bengie

5 years ago

hey lady friend nice pictures!!!!!!!mp

5 years ago

Ok Trying again!

Picture 012.jpgThis Is Grace!!! We believe her mom is full arab but we have no idea who her daddy is.  I think I have finally convinced my mom that a trainers help would make training go MUCH smother.  All it took was putting her in the round pen with her and telling her to try and lunger her. Mwahaha after she realized how hard it was to put what you read and see on training videos into action she is now considering a trainer YAY.

Mike and GraceThis is Mike and Grace and Candy is hiding behind them. Candy is the beautiful little mustang and Mike is her son. Mustang and part again we have no idea! See a pattern starting?

CPicture 274.jpg


Mike has a little bit of a respect problem I am currently working on his kicking and bucking problems -.-.  He is actually very sweet and runs to the gate to meet you.  But if you ask him to do anything hes like PFFT make me. 

Beau edit.jpg

BEAU The kids pony! He is part Shetland and again part we don't know what!  He is now out and able to eat grass during the day.  When we got him he was in a mud lot / small tree grove.  When the person we got him from got him he was delivered in a small uhaul instead of a trailer....Oi

Picture 249.jpg


Candy Our mustang mare!CCopy of Picture 017.jpg

Jasmine our poor Arab.  She was extremely thin and wormy when we got her. So wormy that the vet assumed she was pregnant and ready to burst.  She wasn't. The vet said on the emaciated scale she was one point up from being the worst emaciated on their scale. She is estimated to be almost 20 years old now.  We believe she was abused, when we first got her you had to move extremely slowly if you pat or pet her she would jump out of her skin.  She is much better now and will stay here forever as a pasture pal.

5 years ago

I LOVE the Leopard Appaloosa! She is gorgeous I have always wanted one! Awe

And Please imagine my pictures here cause Care2 won't let me post them for some insane reason -.- Ive tried like 6 times now and am to frustrated to try again right now

Camargue ponies
5 years ago


awww...lynn, that is just to cute!
5 years ago

OMG! look at that tiny little mini horse! that is just the cutest picture! thank you lynn...

5 years ago

Nothing to do with me...........just thought this was the cutest picture!!






Adat ... Noordtegedacht..
5 years ago



Adat is a South African breed of horse.. this stallion is registered... The Appaloosa came of of th US????   Adat is stabled at my sisters place and is  a real gentle giant.. anyone can ride him which makes this breed so versatile...

5 years ago

Hi Chaz ~


I'm a newbie to the horse scene and I will say that they are all beautiful to me,  but Monarch is the most unusual and very gorgeous horse I have ever set my eyes on!


Deborah B. 

Chaz, is that 1st horse a leopard appaloosa?
5 years ago

gosh that horse has some beautiful spots!!!  i haven't seen one like that before, and someone told me, it might be a leopard spotted appaloosa?  is it?


so you ride alot chaz? awesomely well kept and shiny ...i a mean the horse, of course?  giggle


i love to see healthy horses and people that love horses.  i know i adore my boy and we are getting more bonded every day, i have only had my paint a few months.  so there has been some getting to know each other and behavior/communications understandings. 


Chaz do you have a favorite breed horse?  mine is tennesse walker, or actually any gaited horses. but i love the temperments of the tennessee's the best.



Me at my sisters Yard.. she has a whole bunch of horses...
5 years ago


Nothing like a Good roll.. this is Monarch from South Africa
5 years ago

Rise and Shine

once a tennesee never QH for me
5 years ago

been awesome on the trail rides.  after the smooth rides on our walkers, this has become my favorite breed! giggle...i love ALL HORSES, but the riding for me personnally, will always be the walkers.  my first horse was QH, i love him & ride near home short distances. but the all day & many hours nature & group rides you will see batman & me.  smile.

my own tennesse walker. batman
6 years ago


we are now the proud owners of two awesome tennessee walkers. 

this is batman, a much smaller horse then nashville, (whom is huge!), but this little guy is my special guy. he is named batman because of the white mark on his head, is the exact emblem of the batman signa..giggle giggle

nice smooth little ride, and very well seasoned and trained for trail riding, and pleasure riding.

we won't get either of our horses til xmas, but is our holiday presents to ourselves this year.  we are on a payment plan with these two horses. but also honey has to take riding lessons with his own horse, since he has only sat his butt in a saddle 5 times in his whole life.  but the nashville boy, will make a horse addict out of honey for sure! 

nashville is very well trained to compensate an inexperienced to me that is a excellent choice of horse for a newbie to the equine world and horse lovers circles. smile.

awe big ears!
6 years ago

that little katie is cute,  what colors is she? do you have more photos of her?

big ears on that girl too, and can see her sweet face a reason to fall in love with her. smile.


6 years ago

Kindle, I love your horses!

This is the love of my life, Katie. Or to give her her real name, Woodside Daddy's Girl. She is 22 now and I hope she lives forever.


NASHVILLE honey's new horse
6 years ago

this awesome guy is a registered BLACK gaited tennessee walker, out of cloud9 walkers, hardin texas.

we just bought this horse, and he will be with us come december.  STUNNING GUY!

NASHVILLE-husbands new horseNashville090409b.jpgNashville090409d.jpg

Hefty price tag, and i went back to working a job to pay for this sweetheart.

my honey has never really been interested in the horses, its my own thing for years, but lately he has gotten the bug to ride and be with the horse.  but did he go with something with a budget price tag? oh no...he had to go for the best of the best for his FIRST HORSE. giggle. 

but i am happy to see him be involved, to want to ride, and i am glad he has found a safe and sure horse, that is seasoned and well trained at the beginner level of riding and our style of trail riding.

so i work for the next 10 years to help pay for this handsome nashville, and get our budgets back on track. giggle.

i am happy that my honey is happy and joining with me in all the fun of having one's own horse. smile

this site, which is where nashville is right now, til dec. when we get him home. but also where i will be going today to look at the horses named batman, and reagan.


6 years ago
mail.jpg7676815.jpg7676791.jpgCODY GONZALES-MARCH 11-093.JPGcody.JPG
6 years ago

this little guy (3 mos old, really not little over 13 h.h. now)!


he loves his ball, and has since bit it and popped it, and i have to get him a new one.  he use to play with it every morning when it was still cool here in texas. smile

6 years ago