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~All About Pirates Yar-Arr-Arrrg!~
13 years ago
| Hot!
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Movie Poster
13 years ago


                   Great Link!

This Property Protected by Pirates sign

13 years ago


             Pittsburgh Pirate's Rule

             Rum Pirate

       Popeye the Sailor Man

Ahoy, Mate-eys!
13 years ago

Guess what I bought...on the pretext that it was for my granddaughter??

Johnny Depp cereal!

Kellogg's Pirates of the Caribbean Cereal

Naturally sweetened chocolate pearl shaped cereal with marshmallows shaped like pirate hats, cutlasses, treasure maps and cursed Aztec gold medallions. There are also three games on the back. Where else can you get cereal shaped like black pearls?

Arrrg! Get yer own...don't be tryin' to pirate mine, or I'll make ye walk the plank! Arr Arrg!



                  Yar harrrrr harrrg!

13 years ago

Mmmm, yummy ...Johnny ceral...


if this post shows up fifteen times...
13 years ago
it's because care2 is wacky.  hosts, please delete any dupes; i will not be offended in the slightest.

and now, the man you're all here for...captain jack sparrow!  walk this way, please...

and since we're talking about PIRATES...
13 years ago
i didn't think anyone would mind if i snuck these pics in...

13 years ago
You silly rascals...... heh      have an awsome day yes! -Rika
Hi, Belinda and Rika. Thanks, Lorraine!
13 years ago

Super pictures! Did you gals check out that link? Oh, you simply MUST! It's the absolute, best site! Lots of cool stuff!

I just read, and it's down where they have the casting...that there will probably be a THIRD Pirates of the Caribbean! One that WILL have Keith Richards as Jack Sparrows father!  

that is a great link!
13 years ago
i love this scene from "Curse..."

13 years ago

the      "I Capt. Jack Sparrow patch"!!

I want one for my Jean Jacket..

I  just started a collection of patches on it....

Where can I order oneE-bay?

13 years ago

Right here Belinda...all your Johnny and Pirate needs...and MORE can be found at this site! It's cool!

13 years ago



talk about a dead man's chest...
13 years ago

13 years ago
Cool sand art!  I think I'm going to have nightmares, though!
13 years ago

Pirates of the Caribbean~Dead Man's Chest

12 years ago

Going to see Dead Man's Chest today. I hear it's basically crap but hey , I may be petty , but the man in the pic above is the only reason I'm seein' the thing, so I could scarcely count that as a waste of hard-earned money now, can I?

Ech. Not a good look for Geoffrey Rush, is it? I wonder how Johnny would look as a shark ?

12 years ago
Oops. Upon seeing the movie today , I realize my mistake. That's not Barbosa, is it ? Davy Jones. Bizarre. The movie was a lot of fun, though. Confusing at times but fun.
12 years ago

I thought it was a brilliant film. Better than the first! And everyone I kow, except one, loved it.

Of course, I do need to watch it again, because every time Johnny was on I missed bits!

12 years ago

I found this and posting for the group.

capt jacksparrow.gif

12 years ago

Thanks Raine for that - its great!!

Luv Lau x

Keith Richards & Johnny Depp
11 years ago
Johnny DeppRolling Stone Cover - 2007

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