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Remember This.....?
9 years ago
.....and Johnny is just that unique. What a man.
9 years ago

Sorry. Couldn't resist throwing this in , as well. It's just too feckin' cute.

....and this....:
Damn, that skinny little french girl is lucky....

9 years ago
I really should get out more, shouldn't I? At the moment, though, I'm feeling a bit  
9 years ago

Debbie, you are terrific!  I just got home from an 8 hour evening work shift, to find these lovable video clips of my most favorite person in the entertainment field...bless you, darlin' girl! I owe you...

The kiss looked enviously delicious. The potato dancing was so funny and I just love his sweet face in Benny & Joon.

Hey, I just read in a mag-rag that Johnny and Vanessa are going to get married!  She is lucky! Have you heard anything about it or is it just a rag rumour?

Thanks for the Johnny smiles, Debbie!

Love & Peace,



9 years ago
Benny and Joon was one of those little feel-good films with one of the most beautiful love scenes ever to hit the big screen....and he did such a brilliant job of channeling Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. Great film....and what a genuine guy. As for his marital status, I haven't heard of any real changes regarding that...but I do recall him saying that he was leaving it up to her to decide if she ever wanted or needed the ring and the license.
9 years ago

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Beautiful film, beautiful song.

8 years ago
8 years ago
8 years ago
8 years ago
I LOVE Benny and Joon . There's a guy at work that reminds me of him...somewhat . Looks like a young , blonde Johnny and is nearly as off the wall as his Benny and Joon character Sam...minus the Chaplin/Keaton stunts....
8 years ago

My favourite is when he irons the toast lol

Here's Johnny on the much loved "Vicar of Dibley"

8 years ago

Wow...I watched that show almost religiously (pardon the pun) when I was still living at my parents' house...hilarious show....and I never saw Johnny....? I think it's back on again....Have to watch for that episode .

Hey...At least she was able to SPEAK . I would have most likely fainted dead away the moment he said " Hi " .  . That man is far too beautiful to be legal .

8 years ago
Oh...and that toasted cheese thing....?...Ya really shouldn't use too much steam doin' that . I found that out the hard way .
8 years ago

I can't believe you ironed your toast too! So you a V of D fan, awesome! Actually while reading your post, it got me thinking, Johnny did another guest appearance: The Fast Show, of which he's a fan it seems - suits you sir!

8 years ago

Yeah , I did...and never again will I attempt such a thing . It's harder than it looks . Gotta get it just to the right setting .

As for The Fast Show , my husband , who was born and raised in London , introduced me to that show . God, it's funny , isn't it ? Sooo much talent there...and Johnny fit right in . He's one of the few Americans I know who "gets" Brit humour . I have that dvd , actually , but...of course...have worn that particular bit of it out . Radiant !

Come to think of it, I heard once that he'd love to be on the Brit version of Whose Line Is It, Anyway . Ooooooooh , I would DEFINATELY watch that one.....

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8 years ago

Debbie, so you married a London boy I've been living in London since 00. On whose line is it anyway, now that I would love to see!! He definitely enjoys his brit humour. Have you seen Little Britain, it's too funny and takes the p by the bucketload.

8 years ago

Little Britain . Oooohhhh , that show is so wrong . Almost as twisted as The League of Gentleman . Now there's a disturbing but immensely clever show . Yes, my husband has given me quite an education in Brit entertainment . Gotta love him for that .

Warning to those not familiar with either show : Neither is exactly....politically correct Appologies to those who may be offended .

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