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11 years ago
I loved Johnny's look in Sweeney . Looked like a cross between Edward Scissorhands and Boris Karloff . Mad , macabre brilliance . As for Cohen....I've gotta admit I'm warmin' up to the guy . He was hilarious . Helena....? She was born to play the mad piewoman Mrs. Lovett . Fantastic . Finally , Alan Rickman....He does evil so well, doesn't he ? Great casting all always . Tim Burton is a true artist .
11 years ago


Micheal Keatons tousted top in the 1998 comdey Beetlejuice brings to mind Helena Bonham Carters hairdo as Mrs Lovett a women whose morals are as tangled as her mane

Burtons Willy Wonka(played by Johnny Depp,natch(in 2005 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory mirrors Sacha Baron Cohen look as the rival barber with the Tooti-esque bowl cut and top hat

Christina Ricci in 1999`s Sleepy Hollow and Jayne Wisener as daughter Johanna could be twins with their canary curls and alabaster skin. or at least patrona of the same 19th century colorist.

Edward Scissorhands orginal hideout boasts a great view with its strikingly slanted roof, while Sweeney Todd barbershop features a similar design-albeit a little and less airy.

Sweeney Todd`s stylized head of hair,palid complexion and fondness for sharp edges can`t help but to evoke Johnny Depp and Burtons first collaboration 1990`s fable Edward Scissorhands.

11 years ago
He's delectable, Debbie!
11 years ago
Helena looks fantastic for just having given birth . Ye gods, it must have been difficult making that film while she was carrying that kid around...but doesn't the godfather look as tasty as ever in this pic ? Yum .

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11 years ago
He's looking straight at us isn't he?
Another pic from the premiere
11 years ago
The Cast (Image © PA Photos)
Johnny meets fans at London premiere
11 years ago
Johnny Depp at the London premiere of Sweeney Todd

Johnny Depp chatted with fans lining the red carpet at the premiere of his eagerly-anticipated new film. Despite heavy rain, hundreds of people queued in London's Leicester Square, which was decked out with Gothic-style lampposts and hanging lights for the occasion, to wait for the heart-throb actor to appear.

Depp stars alongside Helena Bonham-Carter and Alan Rickman in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street, his sixth collaboration with director Tim Burton. Asked why he thought the pairing between the two was so successful, Depp merely pointed at Burton and said: "Tim. Tim is what makes it special, I love to work with him."

Bonham-Carter, who appeared in a red silk ruched dress, found she was pregnant with her second child while filming. "I wouldn't recommend it," she said. "I would have to concentrate and it was difficult, especially when I was suffering with morning sickness."

But her partner, Burton, had nothing but praise for her, despite the tough audition process she underwent to get the role. "I was a bit like Simon Cowell," he joked. "But, to be fair, she put in a beautiful performance. She was right for the role - that made it very easy to cast her in the end."

11 years ago

Barry Who?  LOL!

I think Johnny makes all ages swoon, he doesn't need Barry!  LOL!

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11 years ago
11 years ago
Ee Hee Hee .   You so crazy , Johnny . I loves ya . Barry Manilow .
11 years ago
Hehe, alive and I hope that Johnny was saying that just for kicks lol
11 years ago

Do you think that he was serious? Barry Manilow? Is he still alive?

Just jokin'

Just a little tidbit
11 years ago
Johnny Depp: I'd Sing for Tim Burton – and Barry Manilow MONDAY DECEMBER 31, 2007 01:20 PM EST

Johnny Depp, who had no formal singing training before taking the starring role in the musical Sweeney Todd, says there are only two men he'd sing for.

"I don't think I would have attempted this with anyone else" but director and pal Tim Burton, he told The Envelope.

"What if Barry Manilow asked you?" Burton then asked his leading man.

"That's a different thing," Depp quipped, "cause that might mean duet, and if that's the case, I'm in."

11 years ago
Ohhh, some new pics! Thanks, Debbie!
11 years ago

Just found this very interesting blog on the Tim Burton Collective website . WARNING : Substantial Spoilers

Thursday, November 29, 2007 has posted a whopping nine film clips, three featurettes, and behind-the-scenes footage of Sweeney Todd. The videos on the site feature interviews with the cast and crew on the film, and actual segments from the movie itself. There are also several new high-quality pictures from the movie on the link. I haven't looked at any of the videos myself, as to avoid any potential SPOILERS. But for those of you who just can't wait, there's plenty to offer from this website.

More can be seen and heard on the official website for Sweeney Todd, too, including song excerpts, production notes, a photo gallery, and downloads.
alan rickman, clips, helena bonham carter, interview, johnny depp, sweeney todd, video

11 years ago

Thanks Sam, that a good clip.

Lorraine...I'm totally cornfused...the link you posted, is the exact same one that I have on MySpace.

Quit messin' with my head, it's already on maximum capacity overload.  

So you sing, too? Must be heaven to be you...

~gasp~ You said, "i couldn't wait for him to die in The Libertine."

How could you say such a sinful thing! That's like sacrilige ain't it?  I loved that flick!

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11 years ago

how about this youtube on a johnny depp website

hey sam...
11 years ago
wassup? nice to have you here. i know i've been scarce, but i'm still around.

i have a feeling this movie will rock, but i also think it's going to be the darkest thing burton/depp/bonham-carter have done together. no doubt in my mind. after seeing The Libertine (which i hated), i wonder about johnny and the roles he's been taking.

i've found that the roles he comes across best in are roles that reflect his true character, which is to say that when he plays a man with an unbalanced mind and whose direction is "lost and/or tossed," i don't like either the movie or his performance. when his characters have a clear code of ethics (whether they agree with ours or not), he's at his best.

for instance, i thought Cry Baby and The Libertine were profound wastes of johnny's time. in both films, johnny's character had little direction. in both films, i thought of his character, "who cares?" i couldn't wait for him to die in The Libertine. in Cry Baby, i was just embarrassed for him.

a better way to illustrate what's wrong with those characters is to examine what's right with his successful characters. Captain Jack Sparrow, Roux, Edward Scissorhands, Sam, and Donny Brasco are not everyday people, but they all work, and johnny shines in those roles. they are consistent, and we respect them, because they have honor. even as George Jung, he was likeable. a likeable drug lord, imagine that.

i think this is going to be the case with Sweeny Todd. first, Sweeny Todd ran on broadway for years, so it's gotta have a hot plot/theme. there must be some attraction to Todd himself for theatre-goers to dish out their hard-earned ducats just to hear his story. and...everything tim burton touches turns to gold (tarnished, but gold nonetheless), especially when he adds johnny to his alchemy.

i can't wait to see this film, even though it looks gross. i have a feeling, especially after hearing the clip of johnny singing, that this will be one of his better roles and films.

11 years ago
johnny sounds like sh¡t in that "thing" you posted...sorry.


honestly, he sounds bad. he sounds better here. i'm a singer, and this is singing.

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11 years ago

There you are, Debbie! I was beginning to wonder if you'd gone on a vacation without me!

Yes, if I could live an eternity with JCD, I'd let him bite my neck. Did you see that video of Johnny singing on MySpace? He sounds terrific!

11 years ago
Thanks for your confidence . Can't seem to find the article she's on about...although I would have to agree...Johnny does have all the hypnotic , addictive charm of the ultimate vampire . Wouldn't mind him taking a bite out of me. Heh .
11 years ago
Ahhh, don't worry about it! What was the article about, Sam? Usually Debbie can find anything that needs to found when it comes to Johnny Depp!
11 years ago
 ppl i coukdnt find the article it just like dissappeared off the face of the planet
11 years ago

My Collie dog is named Zenbriel...Zen for short, (his ma's name is Zenobia and his daddy is Gabriel. Zen is teaching me the way of pooping on papers in the basement when I'm at work. (I don't do that anymore...since I had the powder room fixed. ) I feed him...he eats, he poops, and then I clean up after him. He really is a great dog, in spite of his constantly working orifices...but he is a lil, beggar boy, loves people food, and doesn't mind a bit if he drools on my shoes, until I share a bite.

He has Christ Consciousness...never, ever bit anyone...he has humped a leg or two when he was a young ladd, but I think the devil made em do THAT! It's all behind em now, that he's mature.

I try to emulate his good will...on occasion I do get the urge to hump the leg of a handsome man... but I just go inward and sing ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  

Now, drink up Lass...and have a hearty chuckle with me until Sam gets back.

And don't faint when ya hear this ol pirate say Namaste.

11 years ago

And an admirable gemini trait is is!

So you da zen dog?

Awesome clip, gave me chills!!!

11 years ago

Yo Ho Ho...n a bottle o rum! You pirate lasses should check out me MySpace...y'kin hear our Master Cap'n Jack sing a scary tune in a flippin freaky character known as Sweeney Todd! Don't ferget to stop the blues tune or ye'll be as cornfused as bum on rum!

11 years ago

       Coz I'm bluddy drunk, lass! Here's to hot tomatas!

Hey, if Johnny can morph into a zillion characters, why can't I? It's a Gemini thing...

11 years ago

No probs Sam... we shall drink ourselves silly in the meantime...  Demon Barber will be in cinemas on Jan 25th in the UK... that's a long time (and a whole lot more of drinking)

Mata dear, how come you've morphed into a Tomata?

11 years ago
im srry me mates i have not found thy atricle yet i was looking ever since i posted  my last comments about having one i honestly will fnd it even if it takes forever i will find it
11 years ago

Bring it up from the bollocks, yeah I love that one too

Hey Sam have you found that article yet?

11 years ago

i did have paper on y he is a vampire i think some reasons from the paper were

1. he hasn`t changed over the years

2. he a affect on women that no other man has and he doesnt even have to talk to them for him to cast a spell on him

and they rest of it i dont remember but the atricle was funny

buy once i find it ill post it on here dont wrry i wont forget

11 years ago
Where did you find that bit of info about Johnny being a vampire???
11 years ago

Lovin' that picture...So dark....Haunted...Reminds me of a punked - out classic horror character...Lorre...Cheney...Karloff...yes...Excellent look....I think I remember the Cheney film he refers to in the interview...Very disturbing , indeed...Lorre always did play a darkly sypathetic character...

" Sing from the bollocks..." I love that . Yeah, it would be too distracting to take singing lessons for that particular character...Really has to come from an emotional place....

Cohen being compared to Peter Sellers.......Yeah , I can see that in his interviews...Very quiet...Unusually gracious...The mark of a great actor , to be so completely different from the characters he portrays...

So great that Tim Burton was willing to stick with him and halt production till Lily Rose was well...Mark of true friendship and faith, that....

Must be a disturbing feeling, being immortalised in a Disney ride... Spooky...Surreal....Bizarre...

Doing another Hunter S. Thompson film....Fantastic...He was so much fun in Fear and Loathing...

I love the idea of him playing Barnabas Collins....Loved that show as a Dracula in a soap opera.......What a concept...

Depp does dark sooooo well...

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11 years ago
Yikes! Now THERE is the face of a troubled man....
11 years ago
Johnny Depp: Cutting Loose in ''Sweeney Todd'' Interview too long for me to copy/paste, so click here

11 years ago
11 years ago

:::sighs::: Mata , it really is strange....I do feel such a connection to the guy....but then, I'm sure a lot of his fans would say the same . Still....nice to have a dream....

Sweeney Todd Trivia
11 years ago
  • Johnny Depp suggested to Tim Burton that Tom Baker play the Gentlemen Ghost.

  • Composer Stephen Sondheim, notoriously protective of his stage works, had long prevented any adaptation of this musical. Sondheim finally relented when pleased with Tim Burton's vision for the film, though the composer maintained veto power when casting the lead actors. Both Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter had to personally audition for Sondheim, who nearly rejected Depp, considering his vocals "too rock oriented."

  • Helena Bonham Carter underwent extensive vocal lessons and studied baking in preparation for her role.

  • Annette Bening and Toni Collette both lobbied vigorously for the role of Mrs. Lovett, but lost out to Helena Bonham Carter.

  • During its first month of production in London, Johnny Depp had to take a ten-day leave of absence when his daughter, Lily-Rose, was rushed to a hospital due to a severe illness (which was never disclosed by the media). To accommodate his absenteeism, director Tim Burton filmed scenes that didn't feature Depp's character.

  • To prepare for the role of Adolfo Pirelli, Sacha Baron Cohen hired his personal barber as a consultant on shaving techniques, and took up to 16 hours to learn how to handle a razor.

  • Cyndi Lauper and Emma Thompson were also considered for the role of Mrs. Lovett.

  • Christopher Lee, a classically trained singer, was originally in negotiations to play one of the ghosts. However, after various script revisions and due to scheduling conflicts, the actor decided not to pursue the role.
11 years ago
Whoa!! Just watched the trailer, it looks wicked! Helena Bonham Carter also looks great. Thanks for sharing Debbie and belated Birthday wishes to you
11 years ago

You're welcome.  What did your brother, Johnny get you? Your own island?  I just love playin' around with that! So, when are you going to introduce me to your bro?

Love & Peace

11 years ago

Oh, Jack in limbo was the best part of the film . Absolutely inspired . Hilarious !

for the b-day wishes.

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11 years ago

I don't know about that, Debbie...I really loved the Deadman's Chest movie a lot! I even tuned into it in the dreamstate that had to do with the killer kiss.

I think the part about him being in limbo sounds sooo cool! I wish I'd seen it before it left the theators. I should go rent it.

Hope ya had a ton of rum fun on yer birthday!

Love & Peace

11 years ago
Yeah, I did . Pretty surreal in some parts . Strange , particularly with Captain Jack starting off in limbo , hallucinating . Crazy stuff . Not half as good as the original...but then , with the possible exception of that first Star Wars trilogy and , of course , The Godfather trilogy , sequels very seldom are as good as the original film .
11 years ago

I'm kind of embarrassed to say it, but I missed 'At Worlds End', but I'm going to buy it to add to my Depp films collection as soon as they release it next month. 

Did anyone else see it?

11 years ago

Incredibly dark, yeah....Burton's first " R "film.....and yes, he and Johnny have had a very close bond since " Edward " . Two of a kind, they are. Love 'em both to to speak...heh

11 years ago

I watched again and it gives me gooseflesh...

DreamWorks Pictures' Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Story about a grisly revenge by Benjamin Barker, a man unjustly imprisoned by a lecherous judge. Barker returns as barber Sweeney Todd and exacts revenge.

11 years ago

that voice it sounds like jack sparrow in sweeney todd the demon barber of fleet street it was funny b/c when my family came over i saw the trailer this movie is going to be awsome.

but following my family my cousin she was like wow i guess tim burton loves johnny depp and i was like yeah who doesnt lol

11 years ago

Whew!  That's really morbid. I don't think that I'll be taking my granddaughter to this one.

Even though she loves the Corpse Bride.

Thanks for finding it, Debbie.

Love & Peace

11 years ago

Forgive this outburst but......

Ahhhhhhh ! Sweeney Todd Trailer ! Sweeney Todd Trailer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This looks absolutely stunning !  Depp is just so impressive . Love him !

11 years ago

Hi Sam, thanks for the info. The KGB movie is going to be great to watch! Hearing Johnny sing in Sweeny Todd will be exciting, cause I'm really curious about how he sounds. I want to hear him play guitar!

Love & Peace 

11 years ago

i thought his films that he was doin later

after sweenet todd were

*Shantaram-is based on a drug addict who manages to escape from an australian prison and seeks redemption for himself

*Edgar Allen Poe-Forevermore,the last days of author edgar allen poe reportly whose life flashes right before his eyes as he`s dying

*Sahsa`s story----the life and death of a russian spy-a poisioning of an ex-KGB agent alexander litvinenko(but i think he wants to produce it and have james bond or daniel craig casted as litvinenko)

*Queen-freddie mercury lead singer of the band queen

*Rex Mundi-can`t tell you much about it srry

*Pirates of the caribbean 4- will it happen. thats anyone`s guess at this point,although johnny has said for the record many times that he would welcome the chance to continue to repise the captain jack sparrow.

source: life story johnny depp:his journey from rebel to role model

11 years ago

  The Gypsy Caravan already happened!

5 bands from 4 countries unite for the World Music Institute’s Gypsy Caravan 6-week concert tour across North America with the musicians astounding every audience they meet. Their musical styles range from flamenco to brass band, from Romanian violin and Indian folk to Raga and jazz. And with fire in their bellies and soul in their voices, they present an explosion of song and dance that celebrates the best of Gypsy music and the diversity of the Romani people. During the highs and lows of a whimsical fun-filled U.S. road trip, the artists befriend each other and share the majesty and glory of music whilst overcoming the prejudice that is part of their shared ancestry.
Also Known As:Production Status:ReleasedGenres:Documentary and Musical/Performing ArtsRunning Time:1 hr. 51 min.Release Date:June 15th, 2007 (limited)Distributors:

Shadow Distribution
Production Co.:
Little Dust Productions, Independent Television Service ( ITVS ), Fu Works, Fortissimo Films
U.S. Box Office:$191,925Filming Locations:
United States
Produced in:United States

Gypsy Caravan: When the Road Bends
When the Road Bends...tales of a Gypsy Caravan
When the Road Bends: Tales of a Gypsy Caravan

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11 years ago

Dark and foreboding! He looks a little like Edward Scissorhands all grown up and mad at the world!

Wow! I didn't know that he had two other movies coming out this year!

The delicate-featured Johnny Depp played with over 15 rock bands before turning to acting. While he could have been a conventional leading man, the charismatic actor has, instead, often chosen unusual and odd roles. Although he did not initially prove to be "big box office" for these quirky choices, Depp nevertheless won the respect of Hollywood and the critics as a serious and dedicated… See Full Johnny Depp Biography

Partial Filmography

Anyone know more about 'The Future is Unwritten' and 'Gypsy Caravan' ?

Love, Peace & Johnny Depp

11 years ago
Most definately stole my ability to speak.....let alone breathe...when I first saw it, as well .

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11 years ago
Yer welcome, guys . Oooooh, this poster makes me wanna camp out and blow my whole paycheck on the premiere....Heh....Beautiful....
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11 years ago
o my thats hot & sexy or watever you wanna call it but that i cant even speak its so awsome
11 years ago
thanks, deb!

11 years ago

I can't wait to see it, either! I'm sure it WILL be fantastic! Thanks for posting the picture, Debbie!

Love & Peace

11 years ago
Fanbloodytastic , ain't it ? Heh . Can't wait . Looks deliciously wicked....and I would LOVE to hear Johnny sing....
11 years ago
Too cool, Debbie!  Thanks!
The Demon Barber of Fleet Street ~flipped~
11 years ago
| Blue Label

Looky what I found....

( Click pic for larger image )

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