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Cherokee Prophecies
7 years ago

The Cherokee people have a prophecy about how the Great Spirit gathered all the people of the Earth then sent them to the four directions with a specific 'Guardianship' to learn the teachings of the earth. Each group was given two stone tablets of 'original teachings' and were told the people would be brought together at a later time to share that knowledge in peace and love. But if any group cast the tablets aside and forgot the sacredness of all things, all human beings on the earth would suffer for it.


This thread is dedicated to the discussion of the Cherokee Prophecy.

2012 Prophecies
7 years ago

Hi Delaney Thank you for the update I just received the information regarding the 2012 prophesis and wanted to place on Care2 without blinking an eye, being there are so many descriptions
of what's to come and not, I have been with Sylvia Brown for 28 years lisening to her every word, she is a remarkable woman with the highest of Intellectual powers and teaches what we all need to adhere to overcome the set backs so many are experincing..This has made my day Thank You, Another brick removed in the wall!
I do believe without a doubt there is an energy movement going on out there and "We" the people are experiencing most of what has been layed right before our eyes from Global Warming just being a mere dust particle in the sand in this lonely desert..We came into this world alone we leave alone, this time called life is meant to share.

7 years ago

I'd like to welcome you and encourage sharing. We all have gifts, pieces of the puzzle we have found along the way. Maybe as we start fitting them together a bigger picture will begin to appear. What I included above is just a quick summary of the actual prophecy which can be read in it's entirety at the web site below. It is considerably more involved and includes some very interesting aspects.

7 years ago

I also have a Cherokee ancestor, Princess Cornflower, but that is common here in Tennessee. I do know of the Cherokee prophecies, and have a couple of links to them. One of the amazing things that I have uncovered is that the Cherokee trace their ancestors back to the Atlanteans, who fled to the mountains in North America when Atlantis sank, and then farther back to the Pleiades. This all makes sense to me. I will look for the links.


7 years ago

Thank you, Lori. From the moment I read the Cherokee Prophecy I felt a link to the Mayan culture and a common origin of Atlantis. It was finding more and more related prophecies that inspired me to create this group. This it too much information to try and discuss in one tiny thread!


The Cherokee also make reference to five cycles! Cycle of the Mineral, Cycle of the Rock, Cycle of the Plant, Cycle of the Animal, Cycle of the Human Being.


They feel we are now at the end of Animal, going into Human Being, or at least that is what the source I found stated. I keep getting the feeling we are actually at the end of Human Being, the fifth cycle (as with the Mayan Calendar) and are begining a New Age.