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According to Dana
7 years ago

Let me start by explaning who Dana is. Dana is one of the Tuatha De Danann. According to some, Tuatha De Danann translates to The People of Dana and because of this she has been thought to be a Goddess of the Tuatha. Other translations feel their name means People of the Arts, since they were considered highly skilled in "the Arts" which at that time included: healing, astronomy, divination, blacksmithing, and many others.

According to Dana she was not a Goddess, any more than the rest of the Tuatha were. They were people, heros of the time. They were brought here from their home world of Tara after it was destroyed by dark forces motivated by greed and corruption. Dana fought along side her good friend Nuada to help the suvivors escape. She gave her life for her people, so The Children of Light became The People of Dana to honor her and Nuada became their first king.

The suvivors of Tara came to Earth via what Dana called a "Crystal Ship"; a ship capable of inter-galactic travel powered by a crystal and the sun. Their planet "Tara" orbited the star Antares in the constellation Scorpio and a chunk of Tara became the planet Pluto in our star system which is thought to be the ruler of the astrological sign of Scorpio. Which is rather appropriate.

The Tuatha De Danann arrived here on Earth during some of the last days of Atlantis. They saw what was happening and tried to do all they could to help. The Tuatha tried to stop the destruction by bringing the ways of light back to the people but it was too late. As on Tara a group of dark priests had taken over and filled the peoples heads with promises of prosperity and immortality. They practiced sacrefice first with animals then human sacrefice and claimed their ways were would transform the followers into gods themselves and make them better than those who did not believe as they did. The people were blindly led astray by greed; forsaking nature, balance, equality and the true paths of light and unconditional love. Their disregard for nature and self-centered greed eventually threw off the balance of the entire planet which began the cataclysmic storms, volcanic activity, earthquakes, and tidal waves that eventually destroyed their entire continent and caused it to sink beneath the ocean. Those who listened to the warnings and prepared for the disaster survived to start what they hoped to be a new and better world. They created messages in stone to leave to help future generations avoid making the same mistakes again. They told stories of the great destruction. They set aside a date to honor all who had died.

According to Dana # 2
7 years ago

Let me start off by saying that many sources list Dana as Danu. When she came to me in meditation she introduced herself as Dana, and that is how I refer to her out of respect. 


On the planet of Tara there were four great cities with centers of knowledge where many of their people studied. The cities were Gor, Finn, Mur, and Fal, the Romans added latin suffexes to them listing them as Gorias, Findias, Murias, and Falias. Each Center of Learning had a High Master and the students spent time at each school to aquire a well rounded education in all the arts. Tara was very much like our Earth, with vast seas, tall stately forests and blue skys. There was day and night, summer and winter, planting and harvesting. The people of Tara grew numerous crops, and raised livestock; including cows, sheep and chickens. They used horses and carts or wagons for transportation, and many walked. There were crystal lights that stored the power of the sun to light the dark hours, they did not rely fossil fuels as we do here. Cooking was done on wood fires, in fire pits, places or stoves. Everything was made by hand, by gifted and tallented crafts persons. There were no factories or industry. Most goods were traded for, using barter systems, for other goods or services. Every one was valued and respected. There was very little crime until the greedy forces of darkness began to invade and attempted to take control.


At each of the Centers of Learning there were huge stone libraries of manuscripts. Each manuscript was hand written by well trained scribes recruited from the schools upon graduation. Many pages were bound together in thick wood and leather books and were kept on tall shelves that required ladders to reach.


Buildings were made of wood or stone, with roofs of thatch or wood slab shingles. In hilly areas many were partially dug into the slope with grassy berm roofs. Most people grew much of their own food, even the Centers of Learning had gardens and livestock that the students tended. Nature was highly revered as a gift from the sun and the land. All gifts were to be cherished and honored, no matter how large or how small.


Men and women were equal on Tara. Both trained together at the Centers of Learning, both worked as crafts persons, and either could become a master or high master. At most times there actually were two males and two females who held the positions of High Master, in order to maintain equality of knowledge. Also Tara was governed by numerous teams of Kings and Queens who worked together in equal partnerships for the good of all the people.


For many, many millenium Tara was a haven of peace and beauty where her people thrived and were happy.

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