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Save Whales, Seals and Dolphins From Deadly Sonar
5 years ago

Whales and other marine mammals already struggling for survival desperately need your help. Newly proposed rules would allow the Navy to harm or harass marine mammals, including endangered species like Hawaiian monk seals, more than 30 million times during its training exercises off the Atlantic, Hawaiian and Southern Californian coasts over the next five years.

The Navy uses underwater detonations, sinking of ships, gunnery exercises and active sonar so loud and intense that it can seriously harm or kill marine mammals.

Whales and other marine mammals use sound for communication, locating food and reproduction. Sonar interferes with these basic functions and can also injure and kill the animals. The Navy's mid-frequency sonar has previously resulted in mass strandings of marine mammals in the Bahamas, Puget Sound and Hanalei Bay, Hawaii.

The effects of sonar on these animals aren't pretty. Exposure to sonar can lead to trauma, bleeding around the brain and ears, and the formation of large bubbles in the animals' organs.

Recovering the North Pacific Right Whale
5 years ago

North Pacific right whales are the most endangered whales in the world, devastated by whaling in the 1800s.

Today only about 30 animals swim Alaska's waters, with a few hundred more remaining in Russia. With such a small population, the species is at high risk of extinction.

While whaling may have largely ceased, other threats to the species remain. The risk of ship strikes grows each year as the Arctic sea ice melts from global warming, opening new shipping lanes in right whale habitat. Oil and gas drilling also threatens their waters, and right whales can be entangled in fishing gear.

Protect Northwest Orcas
5 years ago

The critically endangered population of Pacific Northwest orcas has been reduced to only 84 individuals. Now, they face a new threat from anti-environmental groups seeking to strip away their Endangered Species Act protections.

Tell the National Marine Fisheries Service that this unique population deserves full protection under the law.

Help save endangered blue whales!
5 years ago

The world's largest animal is at risk and we need your help to save them. Every year, majestic blue whales are accidentally killed by commercial ships that pass through the whales' feeding ground off the coast of California.

We can give blue whales a fighting chance by changing the route that these ships pass through. But the waters are controlled by the US Navy, who is refusing to open up the area to commercial ships.

Urge the Obama administration to establish a commercial shipping lane in the naval waters off the coast of California before it's too late for these special creatures.

10 years ago


Speak Out to Save Whales from Dangerous Navy Sonar

Urge the Obama Administration to Protect Whales from Bush’s Midnight Attack
At stake: Thousands of whales and dolphins.
The Bush Administration unleashed a barrage of last-minute rules that would allow the Navy to harass or injure thousands of whales and dolphins.

Speak out now to reverse this dangerous policy.
Dear Jacinthe,

As President Bush flew off into the sunset, his administration left behind three dangerous rules that would allow the Navy "to take" -- to harass, injure or kill -- marine mammals more than 10 million times over the next five years of sonar training.

We must speak out now and urge the Obama Administration to reverse this unconscionable attack on marine mammals.

If the Navy gets its way, its ships will flood millions of square miles of our oceans with mid-frequency active sonar -- without essential safeguards –- that is known to cause disorientation, hearing loss, stranding and death in whales.

The sheer scope of these dangerous rules is staggering, impacting many thousands of marine animals in the waters along the Eastern Seaboard, the Gulf of Mexico, California and Hawaii.

Killing even one whale is too much -- especially if it happens to be an endangered North American right whale. With only 300 or so right whales left, government scientists have concluded that the "loss of even a single individual right whale may contribute to the extinction of the species."

But harassing these vulnerable species more than 10 million times -- even by the Navy's estimates -- simply defies reason and conscience.

Make no mistake: the Navy does NOT need to put marine mammals at risk in order to protect the American people. It could take common sense precautions, such as avoiding whale calving grounds, migration corridors, and critical habitat.

These safeguards would in no way compromise the nation's military readiness. But, realistically, the Navy will continue conducting business as usual unless it's forced to change.

With a new administration taking office, we have an unprecedented opportunity right now to make sure that the Navy conducts its sonar training in an environmentally responsible manner.

Call on the Obama Administration to reverse the Bush rules so that thousands of whales and dolphins will be spared the ear-splitting noise of Navy sonar.

10 years ago

Center for Biological Diversity


Dear Jacinthe,

Click here to protect beluga whales.

In response to last week's news that Governor Sarah Palin would be filing suit to strike down Endangered Species Act protection for the Cook Inlet beluga whale, Center for Biological Diversity supporters contributed generously to our legal defense fund. Many also asked what you could do to help in urging the Obama administration to stop Palin's abusive tactics.

So we've developed a web letter to the incoming director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration -- the agency tasked with upholding the beluga's endangered status -- asking her to vigorously oppose Palin's lawsuit and retain full protection for the beluga.

Click here to sign and send a copy of the letter to Dr. Lubchenco today.
10 years ago
Campaign Memo TAKE ACTION
Tell the Government of Japan: If defending whales is a crime, arrest me.

Dear friends,

We wanted to let you know, before we tell the press, that we will not be sending a ship to the whaling grounds in the Southern Ocean this year. Instead, we will be directing all of our efforts toward work IN JAPAN, where we believe whaling will be ended forever, and where two of our activists face prison for exposing corruption and scandal in the whaling industry.

Turning the political prosecution of these two activists in Japan against the whaling factions in Tokyo will become the central focus of a mass mobilisation campaign against the Japanese Government’s whale hunt in the Southern Ocean Whaling Sanctuary.

Want to be a part of that mobilisation? Are you ready to go to jail in Japan for your role in saving whales?

Because if the Japanese Government believes that criticising its "scientific whaling" programme is a crime, then you and I are as complicit as our two activists, Junichi Sato and Toru Suzuki, who are being put on trial after exposing a corruption scandal in the whaling industry.

As far as I'm concerned, if the Japanese Government is going to start rounding up political prisoners for the crime of wanting to save the whales, they can start with me. And I suspect they are going to have to arrest a whole heap of us.

Tell the Government of Japan that if defending whales is a crime, you too should be under arrest.

10 years ago

In the last post, I have been made aware that the link for full contact details as been disabled,

Here is the new link for full contact details for the hotel


And this one is the article and picture

10 years ago


Claudia F.
Guys this is horrible, a young whale shark has been plucked from the ocean and dumped into a tank to entertain tourists at the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai. This poor girl will spend the rest of her life in a bowl after having the entire ocean as her home. Chances are that she will die, due to her immense size she will suffer hugely living in a tank and it is unlikely she will acclimatise.

All they need to do is just release her back into the sea again.

Please read the below info and write to the hotel with your complaints - they maintain that they "rescued" her but that is a LIE. The fishermen who "saved" her are employed by the hotel.
Funny that!

The hotel is hoping this will all just "blow over" but we can't let it - this is the same hotel that is "using" dolphins that were caught during the Japanese drive hunts!!!

Full contact details for the hotel can be found here:

Here is a sample message and links to email this hotel

Genesis Vegan A


Dear Sir or Madam,

I am alarmed and dismayed to learn of the whale shark being held captive at Atlantis-The Palm. Several top conservation groups have called for his release, and I wish to add my voice to their appeal.

Animals in captivity suffer greatly, denied as they are access to open land or sea, the opportunity to engage in natural behaviors, and the freedom to interact with others of their species. Moreover, whale sharks are listed on IUCN's 'Red List' as a species particularly vulnerable to extinction. 

Imprisoning a wild whale shark in a contrived environment does nothing to aid his species' future, as taxa are as much defined by natural habitat as they are by distinguishing biological characteristics.

All that's necessary to right this wrong is to release this shark back into his wild, native environment. I kindly and respectfully urge you to do this at once. Please set a compassionate precedent and encourage visitors to appreciate animals where they truly belong - in their natural wilderness homes.

Thank you, [YOUR NAME]


Whales Go to the Supreme Court
10 years ago


The U.S. Supreme Court will hear a critical case on Oct. 8. NRDC will fight to defend thousands of whales and other marine life from sonar exercises that disrupt their ability to navigate, find food and communicate.

Action Center
Tell the Navy to stop harming whales with high-intensity sonar

Melon-headed whale Although the Navy agreed to limit its use of low-frequency sonar, it continues to blast the world's oceans with mid-frequency sonar, which can be just as harmful to whales and other marine mammals. Tell the Navy to turn off the noise.

10 years ago

2:40 PM

Stop the dolphin and whale killings in Taiji


10 years ago

The whales need you more than ever…
please act now to keep whales protected

Help keep whale protection
a public issue
Dear Jacinthe,

We’ve learned about a secret meeting that could mean the end of years of whale protection.

From September 15-19, a group of member countries from the International Whaling Commission (IWC) will meet in St Petersburg, Florida to consider lifting the ban on commercial whaling.


The IWC is threatening decades of whale protection by holding this secret meeting.

Please take these 2 simple actions now to stop this from happening:

Tell Secretary of Commerce, Carlos M. Gutierrez, to keep whale protection
a public issue
Spread the word to family and friends about this new threat facing whales
I don’t need to tell you how high the stakes are for whales – you know the pain a whale endures as it is hunted… pursued to the point of exhaustion…shot by an exploding harpoon…and finally killed and dragged onto the deck of a whaling ship. You know that whale populations are just now starting to show signs of recovery, and this meeting could undermine all that has been accomplished for whales.

Yes, you know -- and you have spoken up before for those who can’t speak for themselves. So I know I can count on you to stand up for animals again by speaking out against this new threat to whales.

The IWC has their secret meeting…but the whales have a secret weapon of their own: YOU.

Please help IFAW ensure whale protection remains a public issue!

Thank you,

Fred O'Regan
President and CEO

10 years ago

September 15th International Whaling Commission(IWC) to overturn the ban on Whaling that has stood since 1982

Please take this time to contact the College as well as the Florida local newspapers. Write an email or pick up the phone to dial the college. Don't let them pass you off. Let them know of your disgust with what is going on. Save the lives of whales!
Damiano General College:
General Phone: (727) 553-1130
General Fax: (727) 553-1189
This is for the citizens of the WORLD...let southwest Florida's media know what you think of the fact that one of thier universities is hosting a meeting set to decide on whaling becoming legal again!
(Just copy/paste the name into the "to" field and copy/paste the subject into the subject line and then the body of the post. Thank you!)



September 15th International Whaling Commission(IWC) to overturn the ban on Whaling that has stood since 1982

Honorable Ladies and Gentlemen:

On September 15th there will be a closed door meeting of the International Whaling Commission(IWC) to overturn the ban on Whaling that has stood since 1982. William T. Hogarth, the Dean of the College of Marine Science, University of South Florida in St. Petersburg, Florida must hear our voices. We cannot allow this group to meet behind closed doors. This would mean that there would be NO government authority to control thier decisions, which would give the government all rights to turn thier heads and allow whaling to begin LEGALLY all over again.

With you're help we can allow public attendance to this meeting. Whales are endangered and belong to the world, not special interest groups! Then the media can get involved and everyone could see our government looking the other way while we allow stuffed shirts to sign the whales' death warrants.
Please take this time to contact them and demand an open meeting!
We need your help to save the whales from extinction! Very few of them remain. Please help us protect them!

Kind Regards,

10 years ago

Boycott Iceland

Save the whales

10 years ago

Boycott Norway

Signing this petition I pledge to Never Buy anything produced, slaughtered,
and/or created by a Norwegian, or any community within Norway ever!

10 years ago
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