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Comments re. Kwana Caregivers article May 26, 2006 4:11 AM

From: "Hercolena Oliver" Subject: Re: Comments re. Kwana Caregivers article Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 09:46:34 +0200 To: "Lorna Stuart" On Wed, 24 May 2006 13:51:03 +0200 "Lorna Stuart" wrote: >Dear Hercolena, >Thank you for your response to the article. > > The subject was the topic at a Workshop facilitated by a >Clinical >Psychologist on International Nurses' Day.Over seventy >delegates from as far afield as >Kokstadt and Howick attended this Workshop, which >high-lighted possible >reasons for challenging behaviour from the elderly - and >sometimes their >families - with the emphasis on how to deal with such >situations in an >emotionally intelligent and empathetic manner. >We realise that challenging behaviour towards care givers >is confined >neither to South Africa, nor to the elderly, but that >minimal research on >this topic has been carried out throughout the world. > >We therefore welcome any comments, opinions and >information on the >subject,and thank you for the interest you have shown. >We also wish to take this opportunity to extend an >invitation to you to visit our centre. >I may be contacted by telephone on 031-2051327. >Sincerely, >Lorna Stuart. > >----- Original Message ----- From: "Hercolena Oliver" > >To: >Sent: Tuesday, May 23, 2006 3:18 PM >Subject: Comments re. Kwana Caregivers article > > >> Greetings & Salutations >> >> I herewith wish to comment on front page article that >> appeared in Kwana, dated 12-18 May 2006. >> >> I was absolutely shocked by the very negative way that >poor >> old folks were portrayed as abusers. >> >> How can the heading stae, "Caregivers suffer at hands of >> the elderly"? >> >> In the first place, is it only the caregivers that >suffer >> and not the old folks also the wording "at the hands of >> the elderly" almost implies physical abuse until a >closer >> reading reveals the converse to be true. >> >> For people in their twilight years that should be taken >> care of and respected by the community it is both >appaling >> and tragic to be referred to as abusers, which amounts >to >> defamation of character. The writer's >> obvious pre-conceived ideas displays total ignorance for >> the plight of the elderly and also makes it evident that >> her reporting is absolutely biased and one-sided as she >> has only taken the view of one party into consideration. >> >> For the family of the elderly residents I suggest them >> immediately trying to find alternative accommodation, >for >> these poor old souls who are truely deserving of a bit >of >> peace and quiet in their last days on this earth and not >to >> be subjected to such emotional abuse as is evident >> from reading between the lines although the author >> obviously >> attempts her utmost to prove the reverse to be true. >> >> It is obvious that only the opinions of the so-called >> caregivers have been considered as they have been >portrayed >> as the victims. In fact, it is my honest opinion that >> people not skilled or equipped with the necessary >patience >> and love in their heart for these poor, lonely old >people, >> should not attempt becoming caregivers in the first >place >> or consider themselves as such. >> >> Apart from views expressed by staff, reasons for >behaviour >> of residents or what may have provoked such behaviour is >> not provided other than insinuations of the racial >aspect, >> as referred to in the last paragraph. >> >> Why should a workshop only be held now when proper >training >> should have been provided in the first place? >> >> Caregivers should consider that the funds paid by the >> elderly to cover their accommodation makes provision for >> wages of staff and as such they are entittled to having >> reasonble requests adherd to, in fact, had it not been >for >> the elderly, the caregivers would have had no jobs in >the >> first place. >> >> With sincere appreciation for your due consideration. >> >> Yours faithfuly >> >> >> Hercolena Oliver >> >___________________________________________________________________ >> >___________________________________________________________________ >> For super low premiums, click here > >> >> the South African FREE email >service >> >> >> >> -- >> No virus found in this incoming message. >> Checked by AVG Free Edition. >> Version: 7.1.385 / Virus Database: 268.7.0/345 - Release >Date: 22/05/2006 >> >> > Dear Lorna Stuart I wish to thank you for your reply. Please do not consider my e-mail at all as bearing any negative reflection on the valuable work you have done, more so as these people's actions may sometimes be misinterpreted as abuse towards caregivers when it might just be a cry for attention having been forgotten by families or where family members have placed them there for convenience sake as they do not have the time to fit into their busy schedule. Often high blood pressure can cause mood swings and when these old folks vent their frustrations on those close at hand it may really not be an intended abuse as usch, but really just their expression of hurt at a world that has conveniently cast them aside after they have served their purpose towards humanity. Therefore may I take this opportunity of commending you on the very valuable work you have done thus far and may God bless you for your kindness in devoting your  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
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