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Welcome, new members!
9 years ago

Come and introduce yourselves here!

2nd member:)
9 years ago

I am here 2nd member!! Wow that's kewl Thanks for the science group dale we need science in our world today!!


Love & Light



9 years ago

Gorilly has made it  I love science...I truley do just not very smart in its ways of


Big Gorilly Hugs

9 years ago

I guess I'm member number 4


I really like the concept of science being devoted to serving humanity instead of screwing it.   I suppose the first hurdle to overcome is the government sponsored oppressions (and hording) of science.


9 years ago

Good morning.

Thanks for the invitation, Dale.

This will serve as a study group for me. I haven't delved into science for years, not in depth. I'm interested in seeing the directions we'll veer into.

9 years ago

Ladies, make yourselves at home. And INVITE MORE PEOPLE! The more minds we have here, the more productive our dialogues can be.

9 years ago

I'm here too, your local unscientific minded guide...


Thanks for the invite.

9 years ago

I am here too!



9 years ago

Hi Dale, thanks for the invite!

9 years ago

Thanks, Dale for the invite. I love the layout with the Koi fish, which are an intelligent fish species frequently found in garden water features. I'll have to switch over to left-brain mode to be more analytical so I can have discussions with such an illustrious bunch of Internet friends.

This past Tuesday, I attended a support group meeting that just blew my mind. Our speaker happened to be a chiropractic neurologist. Very interesting to say the least.

9 years ago

Thanks for the invite!

Hello to everyone!

Hello everyone!
9 years ago

What a great group!

8 years ago

I made it in..Thanks for the invite Dale..

8 years ago

Thanks for my invite Dale.. Hey look! It's a smiley of me!

Nice to see some actual science on here


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