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6 years ago

"If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is: infinite." -- William Blake

Purity is an essential quality we must have in order to experience the Universal Presence in our lives. When blockages to the Universal or Divine Presence are removed, purity results - purity of thought, feeling, intention, and motivation, just to mention a few.

When something is pure it is understood to be free from anything which might degrade it, or diminish it, or make it in some way different from what its essence is. Pure gold means that there is nothing there but gold.

When a person is pure that person is true to his/her essence. It means that the person is transparent, that others can see who they are because there are no impediments or obstructions in showing their true self. It means that the personality does not distort the essence or soul from showing itself.

When the essence is thus revealed it is the Universal Presence that shines through the form or personality. The Presence can be seen or felt in such a person. One’s thoughts and actions then are soulful and resonate the soul in others. It can be said that such a person grounds or incarnates the Universal, the one through whom Spirit finds expression. This ‘grounding’ results in creating soul.

Purity is the sign of one who participates in the authenticity of living the material life in constant reference to the spiritual from which the material is created. Purity always results from an alignment of the personal will with the universal/divine will.

It is a dogma of the Catholic Church that Mary is the Immaculate Conception, which means ‘conceived purely’ or ‘conceived without sin’. The idea of the Immaculate Conception is not confined to the Church. It is, in fact, a universal myth or principle that is an aspect of soul consciousness. Sin must be understood in a non-religious sense as that state when material reality (form) is isolated from its spiritual reality, when the specific material form or reality is perceived as the ultimate reality without reference to anything greater than it. To be without sin is to be pure (immaculate). This means to be free from Original Sin.

‘Original sin’ is the perceived and experienced state of separation of the form from Spirit, interpreted as the separation of Man from God. One overcomes this original duality by becoming conscious - listening to the angel (Soul) announcing (the Annunciation) that Spirit wishes to express itself (Nativity) through our bodies - through living in the consciousness of Spirit and form united. This union enables us to experience reality as it truly is.

Impurity of the bodies inhibits our ability to experience reality. Our experiences are then based on illusions.

1.) Impurity of the physical body inhibits the experience of Life. (Examples of this might include not enjoying nature, not participating in group activities, not active in giving and receiving, being in a state of inertia.) Physical impurity can be caused by such things as stress, lack of good nutrition, inadequate exercise and rest, laziness, etc.

2.) Impurity of the emotional body inhibits the experience of Love. (Examples of this might include selfishness, insensitivity toward others, inability to accept love, not feeling loveable, not able to express love.) Impurity of the emotional body can be caused by such things as taking things too personally, anger, hatred, insensitivity, lack of self esteem, etc.

3.) Impurity of the mental body inhibits the experience of Light. (Examples of this might include not being able to think clearly, not able to be present, losing a good memory, lacking in clear thought and verbal expression, not understanding beyond the simplest things.) Impurity of the mental body can be caused by such things as lack of attention, confusion, anxiety, constant distractions, negative thinking, criticism, judgmental attitudes, cursing, etc.

Balance and Tension
6 years ago

Part #2

The greatest tension for expanding consciousness and ‘creating soul’ is the tension of opposites between personality and soul, such as the simultaneous presence of fear (personality) and courage (soul). The fear prompts one to fight or flight, while the courage prompts one to stand up to what needs to be faced. These opposite urges naturally and strongly seek resolution so action can take place. Tension would cease if either of the opposites was repressed or avoided. Both must remain equally present in order for a transformation to occur.

A similar tension that is experienced quite often is the basic fear-love opposition. The soul’s nature is love which constantly seeks union, cooperation, and support with the other. The personality’s tendency, rooted in a sense of separateness and fear, seeks security, individuality, control and independence. While the personality dominates there is no tension. When the personality is passive or not active and soul seeks to inspire or express, there is also no tension. There needs to be active participation on both parts, soul and personality, to create tension.

When there is wounding, crisis or even inspiration, the soul often becomes active and creates a tension with the personality. This tension seeks resolution, which is not a suppression of either side of the tension, but a union of the two to create something greater. This results in a deeply authentic expression of one’s true nature.

If we want to keep a creative process moving along, we need to ask the questions and be open to the answers that do not stop the process. Every resolution must give rise to a new tension to keep a process moving. If you ask: "How should I do this?" and you answer: "I don’t know," you have a resolution that does not create further tension. The process then stops. One answer that would create further tension might be, "I could be more open to ..." You do not have to give a final or definitive answer to questions, but an answer that is honest or plausible, but which can give rise to another question.

This same process must be applied when seeking to become more authentic. Ask questions related to authenticity, and give answers that create new tensions to keep the process going further and further into the centre of one’s being - to the transpersonal levels of life.

The most basic question to ask often regarding one’s authentic nature is: who am I? Obviously there is no definitive answer. But whenever we ask ourselves this question we must give ourselves an answer which can be questioned further. For every answer ask another question that takes you deeper into understanding and connection with your true self.


1. Identify some negative trait or tendency within your personality; then identify the soul quality (a positive opposite) that would create a tension within you. Practice being with both simultaneously.

2. Write a series of questions with responses that keep the tension going.

Balance and Tension
6 years ago

Part #1

We live in a world of opposites that we often experience as conflict. But fortunately everything eventually balances with its opposite - absolutely everything! The nature of duality implies an underlying unity. So whenever one side of duality is isolated, expressed or identified, the opposite is always a potential and immediately sought. One side of any duality cannot exist by itself, except through repression of its opposite. Or said another way, one side does not exist by itself and cannot be isolated except in a hypothetical sense. What holds a duality together to create a unity is tension.

Tension is the bond of opposites. It is because of tension that growth takes place and evolution is possible. There are always forces operating against each other, and it is this which makes life interesting, exciting, challenging, frustrating and fulfilling. All healthy and growing relationships embody this tension. Two people who are very similar might have a pleasant relationship but they are unlikely to be catalysts for each other’s growth.

When a person does something contrary to one’s nature or inherent goodness, there is an impulse to balance it with something natural and good. This is conscience, we say. But conscience is the voice of balance within the psyche. So, too, when a person does or expresses something in a positive or good way, there is an impulse toward the negative or dark side. Many people, because of their superficiality or ignorance, act on this impulse, manifesting it outwardly through negative behaviour. The result of the negative behaviour, which was considered acceptable because of rationalization when done, often leads to guilt or some self-recrimination, which then might lead to some positive choice or another negative act, depending on the consciousness of the individual. The negative impulse, following positive expressions, has the purpose of making us aware of some inner negative within our subconscious that is wanting to surface in order to be resolved. Through this kind of awareness, there grows the ability to express increasingly the light, love and power that naturally exists within each of us. Through awareness we become empowered and we eventually realize that we have choice in every situation, that we can choose to respond or to react.

It is interesting to observe the principle that all energy follows the path of least resistance. Another principle of life is that tension always seeks resolution. Putting the two principles together we can say that tension always seeks resolution through the path of least resistance. Examples of this might be that ignorance seeks awareness through the experience of not knowing what is needed or desired in any given situation; fear seeks courage through the experience of feeling inadequate; fear seeks love through the experience of being separate or isolated.

Whenever we want to create something, make some changes or expand consciousness in some way, we need to create the appropriate tension that will bring the results (resolution) that we are looking for. The question we ask must be the right question related to our goal or direction. This means we must choose our words carefully.

Law of Harmony
6 years ago

Laws are the dictates of nature. When adhered to, they produce harmony. Human laws ideally ought to reflect laws of nature. When they don’t, then disharmony is created.

When we think of harmony we typically think of music, as this is a clearly seen, or heard, expression of harmony. When sounds are harmonious they are pleasing to us. When notes are combined in different ways they can produce chords, which are used to produce pieces of music we can enjoy together. What is interesting about this example is that for a chord to be produced from a combination of notes, each note must contribute to that formation. Otherwise, discord results from the disharmony.

When a note ‘disregards’ the whole of which it is a part and does its own thing, discord results. When an individual disregards others and is focused just on doing his or her own thing, disharmony is often created. Just as the note finds its true value in relation to what it contributes, so too humans find their personal value and deeper satisfaction in their contribution to others.

This contribution does not imply conformity, however. When we conform we lose our individuality and our personal uniqueness and value. It is this unique value which is our most precious contribution to others.

Harmony implies that a living thing, including you and me, must contribute in a way that augments (we often say, empowers) others if harmony is to be created. What empowers are those universal qualities we have within ourselves that others need to have supported or awakened within themselves.

When the question of harmony is considered there are always two realities - individuals and a collection of individuals, be they notes, people, animals, etc. A collection of individual humans can be called a community. There are many words in different languages that relate to this fundamental reality of human nature - words like community, commune, communication, communion, common, the commons, commonwealth, and commonweal.

The principle law governing community is the Law of Harmony. A community is a natural reality, and the Law of Harmony is a natural universal law. One of the greatest difficulties we have on the planet is existence of communities in conflict. We have a real need to attempt to create more harmonious communities. Our ability to express ourselves adequately and fulfill our purpose for being depends upon it.

Community is an externalization of the reality we call soul. Literally, a community is a group of individuals living in unity. Most people do not think of unity when they think of community, seeing it more as a collection of individuals who happen to be together. When a community does not live in unity, the soul of the community is denied, and therefore unconditional love, which is the essence of soul, is thwarted. This deprivation of connection and acceptance, easily leads to fear, mistrust, isolation, and in many cases also to racism, hatred and war.

Unity is not uniformity. It therefore does not require conformity. Unity is a state of consciousness and therefore respects diversity of form and expression. It suggests unanimity, which means to be of one spirit or one soul. It is an inner identification with the other as oneself. We could say that it is the soul within recognizing itself in the other. For at a soul level we are one.

Harmony produces harmonics. These are resonances in other octaves. What this means psychologically and spiritually is that when harmony is present those experiencing it open themselves automatically to other dimensions of reality and other levels of their own being. Harmony awakens potentials and expands consciousness, bringing into expression through individuals such qualities as respect, acceptance, tolerance, understanding, empathy, compassion and unanimity.

Harmony awakens the soul and soul creates a community of people who live together creatively and purposefully through which the very best in human nature can unfold.


1. How do you promote unity in your relationships?

2. When do you conform in a way that inhibits you from expressing your uniqueness in support of others?

3. How and when do you create disharmony o

Soul Perspectives
6 years ago

When one is filled with hatred, so uneasy is their soul,which takes on another
vision of who they are.
When born into this spiraling illusion of no love, how deep is the wounds that crater your mind.
When no Love is present of birthing you my child, wipe the tears from your face and move quietly into the crowd.
When you cross over the Rainbow Bridge, your soul shall repent your wrong doings, forgive yourself if it was written in your chart.
When you decide to open your Heart then too your Soul will abide
giving you another chance to do right by your family and never look back
to see. Gain this recognition of how simple Life can be!

Part 2
6 years ago

Second, we need to rely on our own inner authority for what we believe and for the choices we make. We need to trust that we have the inner strength, intelligence and ability to be at peace and make appropriate decisions for our own well-being. By taking the time each day to relax deeply and/or go into a meditative state of mind, we reduce the amount of beta brainwaves that are heightened through fear and stress, and we produce an abundance of alpha brainwaves that make us feel peaceful and facilitate soul connections.

We cannot experience fear while we are producing strong alpha waves. In this relaxed meditative state our mind is receptive to soul impulse - the source of inner strength, love and intelligence. Through regular practice of this inner state of connection, we rely less and less on external authority, and gradually learn to trust the inner authority of soul. The choices we then make are more creative, compassionate and life enhancing for ourselves and others.


1. What thoughts have provoked fear in you to do with terrorism?
What is the truth of the matter?
What can you learn from this situation about yourself, your power and your relationships?
What choices do you need to consciously make in order to maintain balance and freedom from irrational fear?

2. When do you most frequently loose your connection to soul?
Are there any patterns that you notice?

Soul Perspectives
6 years ago
| Quotes,Inspirational

Fear of Terrorism

When a country is at war or when people are threatened with potential terrorism, most individuals lose their connection to soul. This can be seen most clearly in many soldiers who have fought in battle. Many become emotionally disturbed, a result of disconnection from soul. This is especially notable among those individuals who tend to be compassionate and tolerant toward others.

There are two parts of the brain that do not operate together. They are poles apart. There is the prefrontal cortex which is the highest part of the brain. Being consciously soul connected requires one to focus through this part of the brain. In order for this focus to prevail, one must be at peace, non-combative, and not defensive. Being fearful blocks this part of the brain from controlling.

When people are afraid, they do not think creatively, compassionately or independently. This kind of thought requires the use of the higher brain. If we have previously developed this part of the brain, and have a tendency to use it on a regular basis, it will continue to attract our attention to cope with situations.

What results when both the higher brain wants to be active, and the primitive, defensive brain is activated through fear, is a real conflict between the two. This conflict typically produces heightened stress, chronic anxiety, chaos, confusion and depression.

This confused and depressed emotional-mental state unconsciously seeks escape because this is an unnatural state. Drugs (including prozac and the like) can provide temporary escape for some. Violence can erupt as a way of acting out the tension. Inertia may be a defense mechanism used. Creating a scapegoat or enemy to attack may be pursued. Giving up and surrendering to a governmental or military power may also be a way out.

None of these escapes, however, resolve the inner tension. We are still left with the problem that is rooted in fear. Unless we deal effectively with the fear we will not have peace and will remain disconnected from soul.

There are two things we can do that would help resolve this issue of government/authority-induced fear. First, we need to acknowledge that the fear is aroused within us by believing what we are told by those we accept as an authority greater than ourselves. We then need to rationally and intelligently examine what is said to ascertain its validity. In other words, are we being presented with facts, with the truth, or does the ‘authority’ have some hidden agenda for saying what it does?